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Use patched openmode kernel to get full root access! Until we investigated further.

This is about installing a better develsh, that allows you to gain _real_ root
permissions on your harmattan system. It is working on any harmattan system, 
once you installed the .deb - however for installing the .deb you need to run
the system in open mode, which is done by booting from an open mode kernel that
gets loaded to RAM for a one-time usage. You'll *not* flash that kernel and on
next boot your system is back to whatever (usually the stock) kernel been installed.

In Expression:
** Get either the patched aegis-neutered kernel zImage in ../, or 
** the unpatched one in ../unpatched_openmode_kernel/
btw you also could install the old (more powerfull than new one) original develsh 
pkg from Nokia same way, if you don't like allmighty opensh. 
N9#> echo rootme | devel-su -c " apt-get --reinstall install develsh;sync;reboot"
However this not yet tested, calls apt-get and thus does lots of "things", and may 
get nuked on next SSU, so I recommend opensh anyway. Not doing the download part
in open mode might be a better approach.


[quote anon]
Prerequisite: install developer-mode on N9 PR1.1 40-4, afterwards boot to open-mode with:

Linux#> sudo ./flasher -l -b -k zImage-
** Wait for device to boot up and choose "SDK mode" and open SDK connectivity with USB. 
** Do not update your email accounts etc passwords, they will be back to normal when 
you boot back to secure-mode.
Linux#> scp opensh.deb developer@
Linux#> ssh developer@
N9#> echo rootme | devel-su -c " dpkg -i /home/developer/opensh.deb;sync;reboot"

Now it will be rebooted back to normal secure-mode, but you now have opensh (which 
is basicly root develsh, but with all cababilities and as it has 
different package name so it doesnt get overridden on PR1.2 SSU/OTA update).
After booting back to normal secure-mode you can test the capabilities by:
N9#> opensh
N9#> accli -I

If you only do this one command line in open-mode, the 'open-mode' malf should never 
happen, but no guarantees, if you get MALF then hopefully you have backups or use 
troubleshooting to solve it. If you run any other commands than reboot after the 
dpkg you will most likely get malf. If you get malf, then please follow 
troubleshooting and "cat /mnt/n9/var/malf" to forums and try to 
"rm /mnt/n9/var/malf". Please also tell if you tried with patched or unpached kernel.


[<joerg>: many thanks to <anonymous>!]