libera/#devuan-eudev/ Saturday, 2021-09-11

joergparazyd: would you please set jr-logbot +V in ACL?19:51
joergand add the URL to /topic19:52
joergwell, the latter I can do19:53
bb|hcbI have prepared a draft announcement for this effort, please review at
bb|hcbPlease set topic to Let's keep eudev maintained20:03
golinuxLooking now20:04
joergnote you can directly link to particular timestamps in chanlogs, the tome tags on right end of line are stable links20:17
joerglinke this:
joergwell, damn, I guess that was an example how to mess it up ;-)20:19
Arsenno more secrets here I guess20:19
joerglike this:
Arsenhm, the links on the latest page should probably also be to the non-latest page20:20
Arsenthe emitted file could link to <filename>#ts instead of just #ts, since latest appears to be a symlink20:22
joergArsen: yeah, a flaw in mgedmin's code20:25
joergpatches welcome20:27
rktaWhy does it still have freenode in the link?20:27
joergbecause ... I'm lazy ;-D20:28
rktaThat's the most valid reason ;)20:28
Arsenjoerg: could do that in a few days20:28
ArsenI'm on a break right now, I'll put it down on my task list20:29
joergand it was wrong either way. Either the old files are in "libera" despite  them being freenode, or - with no additional effort - I simply changed the server names of the "freenode" network and kept all scropt and config files and data file names as they are20:29
parazydHave fun20:29
rktaI suspected something likes this.20:30
joergArsen: great20:39
joergI didn't change the original mgedmin code much, just a tiny patch for search20:39
joergplus I added some filter script to keep out the unwanted "technical" messages like join/part etc20:40
joergthat's orthogonal to the web generating code though, and I admit it's not as nifty as I thought it could be, doesn't use make20:41
bb|hcbjoerg: It does the job like this - the most important parts are not to miss a discussion when offline and to easily recall what is said...20:43
joerganyway here it is gets called periodically by cron21:01
XenguyMy 2 cents as a native English speaker:  On the announcement Pad, golinux seems to have improved the language of the original announcement.  The announcement looks good.  I didn't see a way currently to edit that Pad BTW.21:14
golinuxJust type in it like any other pad21:17
XenguyI'll try again21:17
golinuxBut please work off of a copy.21:18
bb|hcbjust changed two minor things21:36
joergI'm out :-) cheers. Arsen, /query me any time if you got a patch, I provided the edited version of serach in though I think that should be irrelevant21:39
Arsenjoerg: got it! have a good day21:39
Arsenoh, close enough21:39

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