freenode/#devuan/ Sunday, 2018-05-27

KatolaZ(well, in the section of your wlan device, obviously)00:01
fsmithred_abc_, what file did refractainstaller leave in your home? (should be the error log)00:02
_abc_That's it.00:04
Juestowhy many configuration stuff missing00:04
Juestoi don't get it00:04
_abc_Does that mean that it errored out or is that done anyway fsmithred00:04
KatolaZJuesto: ?00:05
Juestodone, wlan0 was commented in interfaces00:06
KatolaZJuesto: did you configure and use wlan at install time?00:06
fsmithredno, it always puts it there00:07
JuestoKatolaZ: it's maemo leste vm image00:07
fsmithredunless it crashes before the script is finished. Copying the log from /var/log to the user's home is the last thing it does.00:07
KatolaZJuesto: so how should it know that you want to use wlan?00:07
fsmithred_abc_, if you have ideas about the installer, pm me so we don't disturb the others. I'm definitely interested in any problems that anyone has with it.00:09
Juestohow do i start the system without being forced to wait for dhcp00:09
_abc_fsmithred: okay. So, again, is it normal to have the script log in $HOME on success? I interrupted the process 2-3 times for reasons until I went to the end.00:10
Juestothat isn't good it aborts the entire processing i think, fsmithred00:10
KatolaZno Juesto it doesn't00:10
fsmithredyes, Juesto it stops it from trying to get an address and continues booting00:10
fsmithred_abc_, yeah, the log should get copied there normally00:11
_abc_fsmithred: the most important points here and now, wrt refracta in ascii on devuan desktop live: a) make sure package grub2 is installed b) add some blurb page/screen on commands to install grub2 from the chrooted cli, I missed that twice until the coin dropped.00:11
fsmithredthat's the more difficult way to do it00:11
_abc_The warning is confusing, it should say "you need to issue commands in the cli to install grub2 else there will be no boot loader"00:12
fsmithredif you use a devuan or refracta live iso...00:12
Juestofsmithred: but there's more stuff to execute after eth0 dhcp attempt00:12
fsmithredyou don['t need to issue commands00:12
_abc_fsmithred: desktop live is different?00:12
fsmithredJuesto, I've done it many times - when the DHCPDISCOVER message keeps coming up, ctrl-c will stop it from trying to get an address, and the boot will continue00:12
_abc_fsmithred: anyway: I installed from a live system as above with persistence, i.e. there was a LOT more on it than on the iso image00:12
fsmithredyou can get the address later00:12
_abc_And it worked fine00:13
Juestofsmithred: openrc reports a sighup on it00:13
fsmithredyeah, the installer uses rsync to copy the running system00:13
fsmithredoh, I never tried it with openrc. sorry.00:13
Juestocommenting the dhcp stuff did make boot faster00:13
_abc_fsmithred: It was a little over-enthusiastic, I kept some large backups on the persistence media and it tried to copy those in too.00:13
fsmithredyes, that's what it would do00:14
fsmithredyou can edit the rsync excludes file for that00:14
fsmithredhang on, my brain needs to sync00:15
fsmithredabout grub00:15
fsmithredif you boot in uefi, the correct grub is already installed00:15
fsmithredif you boot bios, the installer will recognize that and look for grub-pc deb00:16
fsmithredin devuan desktop-live and refracta isos, the grub pc deb is in the root (/)00:16
fsmithredand there will be a button that says 'Copy files'00:16
fsmithredselect that, and grub-pc will be installed. debconf will ask you where you want the bootloader (in the terminal)00:17
fsmithredif the deb is not there, it will cause an error (fixed in next version)00:17
Juestoapparently disabling the dhcp line invalidates the interface00:18
Juestoifup says unknown interface eth000:18
KatolaZJuesto: ifconfig eth0 up00:19
JuestoKatolaZ: it goes down afterwards because it's not plugged00:21
Juestowell there it goes00:21
Juestouninstalled firmware-misc-nonfree00:22
Juestogreat now00:23
Juestonow it's not as annoying00:24
JuestoI've ignored the dhcp line because it's not necessary because it's usually unplugged00:25
Juestoand I've made the wifi go before ethernet00:25
KatolaZJuesto: you should have it "allow-hotplut eth0" maybe00:26
Juestohmm maybe00:26
fsmithredor just use 'dhclient eth0' when you want to use it00:26
Juestoyeah that too00:27
Juestousing the hotplug one sounds better00:27
Juestoalong with ignoring dhcp00:27
Juestoalso, /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf is the default00:27
Juestowpa_supplicant itself says in the example00:28
KatolaZJuesto: not in Devuan/Debian00:28
Juestoand it's the file it tries when not using parameters00:28
JuestoOh well00:28
KatolaZthe default is in /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf00:28
Juestowhat i should do?00:29
Juestobut it conplains when the config file doesn't exist00:29
Juestowhich seems to be the case by default?00:30
KatolaZJuesto: how are you starting it?00:30
KatolaZif you included the wpa_conf parameter in /etc/network/interfaces, it will use the conf file you specified00:30
Juestoand if not?00:30
Juestoit's not used?00:31
KatolaZwhat is not used?00:31
Juestowhat happens if the config line is omitted00:31
Juestowpa_conf parameter00:31
KatolaZthat wpa_supplicant is not run automatically when the interface comes up00:32
Juestoif the dhcp line is not in interfaces file or commented00:39
Juestoifup complains it's unknown00:39
Juestoi don't need autoconfigure00:39
Juestoand the Ethernet just connected fine without needing to run dhclient00:40
JuestoI'm undecided at how i should leave it00:56
DoNutUsing devuan ascii on a Pi3 bluetooth notworking. Boot raspbian and bluetooth works. What am I missing.01:07
JuestoDoNut: firmware drivers01:17
Juestocheck packages01:17
DoNutUsed firmware from raspbian01:18
DoNutShould dmesg show firmware load on the Pi. It does for a USB dongle on a AMD system.01:20
Juestowhat if you instead migrate your installed raspbian to devuan maybe instead?01:20
DoNutCompiling linux on a Pi zero 16hrs. Cross compile on a amd system 12 mins.01:38
aitortoday i've been packaging linux-libre-4.6.103 for jessie01:42
JuestoDoNut: check in lspci, etc01:43
gnarfaceDoNut: i think the answer to both those issues comes down to kernel configuration, however i can't be certain raspbian01:45
gnarface... can't be certain raspbian's firmware will work with other kernel versions01:46
gnarfaceit may even require an accompanying kernel patch01:46
gnarfacei'm not sure about that, but i think other people *have* got these working with Devuan01:46
DoNutIt's something simple I am overlooking, I am sure.01:47
DoNutmodules both builtin and modprobed are the same except one I'll try that.01:49
DoNutRight now I am doing a full upgrade of ascii to see if that changes something.01:52
aslan8649fsmithred, in answer to your question what mirror is being used. for all hosts listed in /etc/apt/sources.list02:07
aslan8649fsmithred, so from my point-of-view devuan is still not ready for primetime. definitely not even beta. perhaps alpha.02:08
fsmithredaslan8649, if you're still having trouble upgrading vlc, change to and try again. I'd be interested to know if it makes a difference.02:08
fsmithredpkgmaster updates more frequently02:08
aslan8649fsmithred, why should i change again.02:08
fsmithredwhat did you change from?02:09
fsmithredfrom auto.mirror to packagemaster?02:09
fsmithredaslan8649, what repo were you using before packagemaster?02:11
aslan8649fsmithred, last time you said to use instead of us.mirror.devuan.org02:12
aitorfsmithred, are you awake?02:12
fsmithredI would have said pkgmaster not packages02:12
fsmithredvery much awake02:12
fsmithredI dont think I've ever told anyone to use packages.devuan.org02:12
aslan8649fsmithred, so you do not remember what you have said in the past?02:12
aitor20:12 in boston02:13
aitortime to bed02:13
aslan8649devuan is a failure02:13
fsmithredanyway, auto.mirror, us.mirror and the like are mirroring packagemaster.devuan.org02:13 mirrors, which uses a newer version of...02:14
fsmithredoh, I thought maybe he wanted to help. silly me.02:14
Juestowell stuck waiting for eth003:10
Juestosigint is sent to openrc in that case when ^C is sent03:10
Juestoi don't get it how to get the configuration right03:15
Juestois there a way to get openrc to give ttys while services are starting?04:16
Juestoapparently it's not doing that until all services are started at least in the current runlevel04:17
gnarfacesorry, i'd help but i don't know openrc, Juesto04:23
aslan8649fsmithred, stitching to and then upgrading vlc produced a vlc with is completely and utterly awlful.05:13
aslan8649fsmithred, it is not usable. the interface is distorted and the playback is totally wrong in video settings05:14
fsmithredyou got 3.0?05:14
aslan8649ii  vlc                                                         3.0.2-0+deb9u1                              amd64        multimedia player and streamer05:14
fsmithredyup, that's the right one05:15
fsmithredI haven't tried that version05:15
fsmithredyou want to hang around for a couple minutes while I do that?05:15
aslan8649fsmithred, you know better05:15
fsmithredwhat do you mean?05:16
gnarfacei had a problem with it having something more minor in the UI glitched, and deleting the old ~/.config/vlc directory fixed it05:16
aslan8649fsmithred, you know what is broken and what is trash05:16
fsmithredno, I don't know everything about every package05:16
aslan8649fsmithred, go for it upgrade vlc05:16
fsmithredI stopped using vlc a few months ago on my jessie05:16
fsmithredok, gimme two minutes05:17
aslan8649fsmithred, you sure act like it.05:17
fsmithredwell, I say things that I know, when it's appropriate, and I don't talk much about the things I don't know05:17
aslan8649off to down grade to a usable vlc05:18
fsmithredhang on05:18
fsmithredso far, it's working fine.05:22
fsmithredI'm looking at it in openbox. It looks normal. I'll try in xfce.05:29
fsmithredlooks normal in xfce, too. play with the settings or try what gnarface suggested05:33
aslan8649downgraded to ii  vlc                                                         2.2.7-1~deb9u1                              amd64        multimedia player and streamer05:39
fsmithredwhat theme are you using?05:41
fsmithredor is it the side-panel that's bothering you?05:41
fsmithrednm, I switched back and forth. Yeah, that's pretty bad.05:42
fsmithredok, I had to play with the settings a bit to get it to look like yours. It's not a theme problem. It's just that the new vlc is fugly.05:44
aslan8649fsmithred, "fugly"?????05:45
fsmithredfucking ugly05:46
aslan8649fsmithred, why yes it it05:47
fsmithredlooks like they succumbed to the new ui fad05:47
fsmithredthe playskool look05:48
aslan8649fsmithred, how that was released into the wild is anyone's guess.05:48
Jjp137regarding vlc, found a related bug report here:
fsmithredbed time for me. good luck.05:50
aslan8649videolan broke it? why!?!?!?!05:52
aslan8649devuan is not worth the frustration.06:00
aslan8649a bunch of pre-schoolers have a play day.06:01
Xenguy.oO( Someone please ban that idiot )06:33
HumHi! I get when doing apt-get update I get NO_PUBKEY BB23C00C61FC752C. How can I fix it?08:02
buZzdid you add some repo?08:14
buZzdid you update devuan-keyring ?08:14
buZzi just checked, and i do have that key08:14
JuestoHum: import the devuan key08:31
aitorgood morning09:48
aitoras i said yesterday, i'm building linux-libre-4.9.103 for devuan jessie:10:16
aitorneed to reboot10:18
HumJuesto: the devuan-keyring 2017.10.03 is installed11:13
aitorlooking at the tutorial about the autotools in i've found the following joke:11:30
aitorA physicist, an engineer, and a computer scientist were discussing the nature of God...11:30
aitor�Surely a Physicist -said the physicist-, because early in the Creation, God made Light; and you know, Maxwell's equations, the dual nature of electromagnetic waves, the relativistic11:31
aitor�An Engineer! -said the engineer-, because before making Light, God split the Chaos into Land and Water; it takes a hell of an engineer to handle that big amount of mud, and orderly separation of solids from liquids...�11:31
aitorThe computer scientist shouted: �And the Chaos, where do you think it was coming from, hmm?�11:31
aitorfrom system?11:34
aitorfrom systemd?11:34
HumI know it in german with god must be a ... since he made the humans like a ...: the construction engineer said: Who else would build a wastewater tube through a leisure park11:38
buZzaitor: nice joke :)12:30
buZzwere you hunting for jokes in GNU documentation motivated by stallman's libc joke? :P12:30
aitorstallman belongs to the first group, he is phisicist12:32
aitori have had problems installing libpng in devuan jessie, i've packaged it again12:34
aitori want to build an image of gnuinos this week12:36
aitorfeatures: runit as init system, vdev as device manager, linux-libre-4.9.103, amprolla3... and build with the live-sdk12:37
aitorphysicist, i meant12:46
msiismi've done a few installs of the ascii rc during the last days and one problem that keeps coming up is automatic network device configuration after the installation. i have just installed ascii with only the standard system tools select in tasksel and got the following problem:16:05
msiismwhen i boot up the system, i'll get the following message at some point: "[...] Configuring network interfaces...ifup: waiting for lock on /run/network/ifstate.eth0"16:06
msiismthen there's a pause of maybe a bit more than 30s and after that i get: "ifup: interface eth0 already configured." and "done"16:07
msiismok, i just used the "noapic" kernel parameter on boot. it seems to cure the problem.16:11
msiismit does, indeed.16:12
trflassuming I install ascii-rc today, will it transition into the full final release of ascii through regular updates over time?16:31
trflor is there a chance I could end up with issues that would not have happened if I'd wait for the final ver16:32
Juestomsiism: i got that when using allow-hotplug eth0 but not when using auto eth016:32
gnarfacetrfl: anything is possible but that is not what most would consider a risk16:39
gnarfaceDebian is designed to be continually upgraded, not re-installed16:40
trflsweet, I'll give ascii a try then. Thanks!16:40
gnarfaceno problem.  if the installer works for you there's nothing you stand to gain by reinstalling later.16:40
gnarfacethere's almost nothing you can't reconfigure a system to do, post-install actually16:42
gnarfacemaybe nothing at all, actually, now that multi-arch mostly works16:42
gnarfaceyou used to have to reinstall to go from 32-bit to 64-bit userspace16:43
gnarface(you could kinda fudge it but you'd make a mess)16:44
msiismJuesto: ok, i have allow-hotplug eth0 in my interfaces file. it works fine for me, if i boot with "noapic". (not doing that will often result in the machine stopping with hw-related errors during boot.)17:01
Juestooh huh17:01
msiismJuesto: i'm not sure if sth is broken there. but the other distros i've installed on this machine lately didn't display the error. so, it's probably a standard debian kernel vs. some special hw requirement (or lacking feature) issue.17:03
msiismbut still, what's a bit annoying is that you don't get to see the usual messages during network device config on boot anymore. i suppose this has sth to do with how eudev does things.17:07
msiismok, i just replaced "allow-hotplug eth0" with "auto eth0" in my /etc/network/interfaces file. it now shows the network config messages as usual.17:17
Juestohey19:00 isn't very useful19:00
Juestohow do i manually make my wifi connect to the network19:01
Juestoi have it constantly scanning19:01
KatolaZJuesto: ?19:04
KatolaZwhat's the problem?19:05
Juestointerface is up but no wifi associated19:05
Juestonot even the saved one19:05
KatolaZJuesto: are they enabled?19:05
Juestoyes i assume19:05
KatolaZJuesto: have you added a new network?19:05
Juestoyes i have a network19:06
KatolaZwhich file is setnet using?19:06
KatolaZwhich config file?19:06
Juestoit's using it's own file19:06
KatolaZthe default is to *not* use /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf19:06
Juestobut it does affect wpa_supplicant correctly when used19:06
KatolaZJuesto: have you restarted wpa_supplicant from setnet interface?19:07
KatolaZJuesto: have you?19:07
KatolaZbecause if you had wpa_supplicant running already, that would not see changes made through setnet19:08
KatolaZ(well, it depends on how you are using it, tbh)19:08
Juestoyeah but it associates when requested19:08
JuestoI'm using /etc/network/interfaces19:08
KatolaZand you have a wpa_conf in there?19:08
Juestohow do i tell wpasupl to try connecting?19:09
Juestoto a wifi remembered in config19:09
KatolaZJuesto: hold on19:09
KatolaZdo you want to use setnet?19:09
Juestowhatever works19:09
Juestoi don't know whatever i want to use setnet19:09
KatolaZJuesto: have you ever used wpa_supplicant?19:10
Juestoi could change the path in interfaces to use the setnet config19:10
Juestointeracted, no19:10
KatolaZthen stop please :)19:10
KatolaZdo you have a running wpa_supplicant?19:11
KatolaZand do you have a wpa_conf in /etc/network/interfaces?19:11
Juestovia the mentioned config19:11
KatolaZwhich mentioned config?19:11
KatolaZJuesto: I am trying to help, but I am not in front of your terminal...19:12
Juesto... i just answered your question beforehand actually, KatolaZ19:12
KatolaZ19:13 < KatolaZ> and do you have a wpa_conf in /etc/network/interfaces?19:13
KatolaZok Juesto19:15
KatolaZI'll summarise it here19:15
KatolaZif you want to use setnet, just comment wpa_cli in /etc/network/interfaces19:15
JuestoKatolaZ: i said I'm using the interfaces file and wpasupl is running so that's a yes, if the wpa_conf wasn't there there wouldn't be a wpasupl running19:15
KatolaZno Juesto19:16
Juestoyeah then i have no wpasupl running and everything fails19:16
KatolaZthere could be a wpa_supplicant tun by you19:16
KatolaZand I can't know that19:16
KatolaZif you want to use setnet you shouldn't use wpa_conf19:17
KatolaZin /etc/network/interfaces19:17
KatolaZsetnet can restart wpa_supplicant with the correct config19:17
Juestosetnet doesn't do anything unless used19:17
KatolaZwell, no program does anything unless used... :|19:18
KatolaZJuesto: setnet is meant to simplify the creation of a working conf file for wpa_supplicant19:18
KatolaZand to run wpa_supplicant with it19:18
KatolaZit is not like wicd19:18
KatolaZor network-manager19:19
KatolaZit's a stateless tool19:19
KatolaZit does nothing, unless you tell it to do anything19:19
KatolaZJuesto: maybe you need wicd-curses instead19:20
Juestotoo much to install19:20
* KatolaZ shrugs19:21
KatolaZwpa_supplicant is driven through wpa_cli19:22
KatolaZthis is exactly what setnet does for you19:22
JuestoKatolaZ: restarting the interface via setnet made it connect19:25
Juestoi should put Ethernet after wifi :/19:26
Juestobecause im doing ^c during boot at dhcp thing19:26
NewGnuGuyping gnu_srs gnu_srs120:55
KatolaZNewGnuGuy: he is afk20:58
NewGnuGuyKatolaZ: Know what timezone he's in?20:59
KatolaZNewGnuGuy: he is FK20:59
KatolaZfor a week or so20:59
NewGnuGuyHas he posted anywhere else in that time?21:00
KatolaZNewGnuGuy: what do you mean?21:00
NewGnuGuyDo you know what he's up to?21:02
aitorgnu_srs (aka svante signell) is missing21:03
NewGnuGuyaitor: Does Gnuinos have ASCII repos yet?21:06
aitorthere are some backported packages, but only my own backports21:07
NewGnuGuyI want to switch to Gnuinos, but I don't won't to switch back to Jessie from ASCII21:08
aitorlinux, kernel-wedge, tar, dpkg-dev, squashfs-tools...21:08
aitoronce it has released, gnuinos ascii will not take long21:11
aitoriḿ more deeply concerned about the lack of gnu_srs21:12
mchasardwho is under fluxuan a devuan derivative  ?21:13
aitorgnu_srs is more deeply concerned about my clock21:13
mchasardi like the minimalist fluxbox desktop21:14
mchasardbut i have some rights troubles to use usb key as user21:14
mchasardit  works unly as root21:14
mchasardhow to be able to open ,write etc users  ?21:15
mchasardotherwise all is fine for the moment21:15
Digithi devuan. :)  hows things since the new release?  lots of joy i presume.  :)  i dont suppose it makes much difference to us rolling on ceres, does it?  i certainly saw no mention of it in anyway.21:19
KatolaZNewGnuGuy: you can downgrade to jessie using a pin...21:20
KatolaZDigit: differences in ceres will be felt as soon as we do a few more things for Beowulf :)21:21
KatolaZhopefully positive ones though :)21:21
_abc_Another systemd/pulseaudio victim:
_abc_"removed with unix support". Byebye systemd21:57
_abc_We're parting ways.21:57
_abc_Does anyone know what it takes to port / compile bluez-alsa in ascii ?21:58
_abc_ more victims22:01
muepthat looks more like an upstream change, rather than something decided by debian22:04
golinux_abc_ try apulse.  It's in the devuan repos22:06
_abc_apulse is installed but no binary called apulse. Looking22:07
muepapulse likely will not to turn a pulseaudio output backend into an alsa output plugin22:07
golinuxIt's a substitution for pulseaudio.  I've heard is also works in FF22:07
msiism_abc_: are you keeping a list of these things?22:07
_abc_Oh that's by KatolaZ22:08
golinuxSearch the dng mail list and the forum for some hints how to do it.  I have not22:08
_abc_msiism: yes it seems to grow constantly.22:08
Digitthanks, KatolaZ.  that's helpful. :)22:08
muepmy impression is that apulse is just for providing a pulseaudio-like interface for applications that expect to output their audio via pulseaudio22:08
_abc_/usr/share/doc/apulse/README.Debian -> very funny KatolaZ22:08
_abc_yes, it's like a wrapper. And no manpage.22:09
_abc_apulse --help -> exec: --help not found ;)22:09
_abc_I understand what it does. But I can't use it for the bluez-alsa22:09
muepI'd not expect apulse to provide all the pulseaudio interfaces. if you need a program that provides all the pulseaudio interfaces on top of alsa there is already a program called pulseaudio available22:10
_abc_ this is the way to try22:12
_abc_muep: I need bluez-alsa not pulse22:12
muepI head that. I was just describing why I'd not expect apulse to be helpful for it22:13
_abc_So I'll try the compilation way to do it. Should work. Or did I misread the version they support?22:15
_abc_bluez5 I hope22:15
muepbased on their description, to me it seems like this bluealsa project is intended to contain the features that also pulseaudio provides in order to support bluetooth audio22:16
_abc_Maybe but what I need is bluez-alsa.22:17
muepat least that bluez-alsa repository contains a tool called bluealsa. Are we still talking about a different thing?22:18
_abc_I am not sure. I'll tell you after I go through it tomorrow some time. Need to sleep in a bit.22:19

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