freenode/#devuan/ Monday, 2018-06-11

gnu_srs1Hi, congrats to the ascii release. Now it is time to make progress and introduce stable (ascii), testing (beowulf) and unstable (ceres) repos and workflows :D00:01
targzaitor: hi ( #devuan-mx te extraña XD )00:04
aitorhi, targz00:04
aitori've been missing this weekend00:04
aitorworking :)00:04
aitori've built an image with runit and vdev using the live-sdk00:05
aitori'm uploading it00:05
targzaitor: did you contact jobregon?00:06
aitorstill not, i don't forget00:07
aitori'll contact with him this week00:08
aitorone change is needed after the installation of the image:00:15
aitorat grub menu type ‘e’ and append init=/sbin/runit-init to the kernel line00:15
aitorthe line should be something like this:00:16
aitorlinux/boot/vmlinuz-3.16.0-4-amd64 root=UUID=d6ff61e9-ddbc-458a-ad4e-e1664953f69d ro  init=/sbin/runtit-init00:16
aitorafter that, press ctrl+x to boot the modified boot definition00:17
aitori also need to add this init definition to the isolinux/live.cfg file for live sessions (i forgot it)00:18
aitoryou can also test the popupmenu in this image, it works00:20
aitorthe terminal doesn't work for the live user (only works for root during live sessions); this is due to vdev00:21
aitorbut it works after a hard disk installation00:21
underd0gso 2.0 is officially out ?00:21
underd0gwe no longer beta ?00:21
Centurion_Danunderd0g: yep the final release is officially out00:22
underd0gso anyone tested upgrade path ?00:22
underd0gI had a rough year , and haven't been payin' too much atention to anything going on with things I hold dear00:23
KatolaZunderd0g: look at the announcement00:23
KatolaZthere are links to doc about upgrading00:23
KatolaZand yes, many people have tested them00:24
underd0gI got things set up00:24
underd0gwould hate to ruin this box00:24
underd0gbut hell , I'll just jump into it00:25
KatolaZunderd0g: please follow the instructions provided00:26
underd0gwill do00:26
underd0gI know how to apt-get upgrade00:26
golinuxIt's a little more than that this time.00:28
KatolaZunderd0g: please read the instructions anyway00:28
KatolaZespecially if you are upgrading from Stretch00:28
Centurion_Danthe only caveat I know of is pulseaudio... and that can simply be uninstalled or pinned out - there is no out of the box panel volume control for alsa but I'll work on that soon as I need it for my home theatre pc.00:28
underd0gI am on jessie00:29
underd0gand , yes I have read the instructions00:29
underd0gthere's this lil thing I was wondering if someone knows00:29
Centurion_Dan... that's in xfce... don't know whether other DE's have the issue..00:29
KatolaZunderd0g: what is it about?00:30
underd0gthis box00:30
underd0git's been going since your first beta00:30
underd0gso I kinda forgot the first steps I didi with it00:30
underd0gI can't edit /etc/resolv.conf00:31
underd0gI got opennic server writen in there00:32
underd0gand it works00:32
underd0gbut can't edit it anymore00:32
KatolaZwhat do you mean "can't edit it"?00:33
underd0gI usualy fire up nano00:33
underd0gand just edit it00:33
underd0gto get my own dns servers00:33
KatolaZlsattr /etc/resolv.conf00:33
KatolaZif you have an "a" anywhere, then you need00:34
KatolaZchattr -a /etc/resolv.conf00:34
underd0gI don't00:34
KatolaZwhat do you have there?00:34
underd0g----i--------e-- /etc/resolv.conf00:34
underd0gbut I also have /etc/resolv.conf.dhclient-new00:35
KatolaZit's immutable00:35
KatolaZchattr -i /etc/resolv.conf00:35
KatolaZyou do that when you don't want a file to be modified externally00:35
underd0gis it controled by dhclient in devuan ?00:35
KatolaZe.g., by dhclient00:35
KatolaZit could00:36
KatolaZbut if you make it append-only or immutable, you are safe00:36
underd0gI'll study dhclient first00:37
KatolaZdon't need to, tbh00:37
KatolaZdhclient will modify that file if it is given a DNS server with a lease00:37
underd0ghow do I do that00:37
underd0gadd a dns to dhclient00:37
underd0gI mean , I have written that /etc/resolv.conf myself00:38
underd0gand it has the line I put in it00:38
KatolaZdo you control the dhcp server?00:38
underd0gI want to realise when and how didi the file become immutable00:38
underd0gno I do not00:39
KatolaZunderd0g: probably you made it immutable00:39
underd0gI am hooked to some corporate network00:39
KatolaZunderd0g: dhclient won't make it immutable00:39
underd0gKatolaZ: why would I do that00:39
KatolaZunderd0g: because you wanted to use a specific set of DNS servers00:39
KatolaZand not those provided by the dhcp server00:39
underd0gI do not remember that00:40
KatolaZ00:32 < underd0g> so I kinda forgot the first steps I didi with it00:40
KatolaZ00:32 < underd0g> I can't edit /etc/resolv.conf00:40
KatolaZyou said00:40
underd0gI just made it writeable00:40
underd0gand guess what00:41
KatolaZnow dhclient will mess with it00:41
underd0glost my opennic00:41
KatolaZI told you00:41
underd0gand I am sober00:41
KatolaZit's just the dhcp client00:41
KatolaZthere are no ghosts00:41
underd0gif I add my dns to wicd , will it resolve ?00:42
KatolaZyou can try00:42
KatolaZI don't use wicd00:43
KatolaZso I don't know00:43
KatolaZI normally use my own resolv.conf00:43
KatolaZand chattr +a /etc/resolv.conf00:43
fsmithredyou can also add a dns to /etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf00:43
KatolaZyou could also remove "domain-name-servers" from the "require" line in /etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf00:44
KatolaZbut I find chattrs easy to remember00:44
KatolaZand to tinker with00:45
KatolaZI think it's "request" not "require"00:45
KatolaZit's "request"00:45
underd0ghow do I chattr it back to imutable ?00:46
KatolaZchattr +i00:46
KatolaZbut chattrs +a / chattr -a should be enough00:47
KatolaZchattr +a / chattr -a00:47
underd0gI did -i to make it wiriteable00:47
underd0gI want to reverse that00:47
KatolaZchattr +i00:48
underd0gokay thx00:50
underd0gI'll prolly forget this again00:50
underd0gbumped into a disk with my old lmde install the other day00:51
underd0gthere's things there that make it much more useable than devuan , yet as far as I can tell , it did not change to systemd after a full upgrade00:53
KatolaZunderd0g: you should use whatever distro ypou like the most00:56
underd0gI'll stick to devuan00:58
underd0gjust sayin00:58
underd0git's strange00:59
KatolaZwhat is strange?01:00
underd0gyou guys seem far more paranoid about certain things than they (mint folk) are01:00
underd0git's strange that lmde upgrade didn't leave me with systemd01:01
* KatolaZ shrugs01:01
KatolaZI don't even know what lmde is :)01:01
underd0gbut debian edition01:02
KatolaZunderd0g: I stopped trying out distros around 200201:03
underd0gI switched from red hat in maybe 201201:04
KatolaZI left RH in 2001...01:04
KatolaZor maybe 200201:04
underd0gtook me a while to accustom myself to debian01:04
KatolaZright after RH 8.0 came out01:04
underd0gso I was on mint for a while01:04
KatolaZI see01:04
underd0gbut it's bloated with ubuntu shit01:06
underd0gand mint had a debian edition01:06
underd0gso I gave it a shot and sticked to it01:06
underd0gswitched to devuan only cus u guys have the guts to stand up against RH01:07
underd0gRH and buntu are destroying linux01:07
KatolaZunderd0g: I glimpsed that already when I left RH, back in 200101:08
KatolaZbut I didn't imagine it would have gone that far, TBH01:08
underd0gwell , it has01:09
underd0gdon't think it will ever go back to being better01:09
underd0gso if and when devuan shuts down , I'll become a bsd guy01:11
nacellethere are other non-systemd linux than those01:23
* nacelle shrugs01:23
nacelledo 'em all01:23
nacelledont limit yerself01:23
nacellethe relative cost of entry is low other than your time01:24
underd0git's not about systemd02:03
underd0git's about other shit red hat has rained upon linux too02:03
underd0glike that ugly gnome02:04
DocScrutinizer05>>RH and buntu are destroying linux<< s/buntu/Canonical/02:17
* Xenguy goes to the devuan web site in search for news (apparently I am not smart enough to be on a mailing list)03:29
XenguyIt's too bad, IMHO, that GNOME jumped the shark.  I don't pretend to understand how that could happen.03:30
XenguyHeh, /topic03:32
XenguyWell I'm contemplating an upgrade from Jessie to ASCII03:38
XenguyCongratulations everyone, also03:38
XenguyThanks also for continuing the i386 builds03:39
XenguyI must get it together and migrate to 64bit03:39
XenguyInstructions look simple here:
EHeMMigrating to proper AMD64 has gotten much better over the past few years, though is still an interesting process.03:59
* EHeM was dealing with such an issue due to a system image which had been through many updates over the years.03:59
EHeMXenguy: An *olde* set of i386->AMD64 instructions is here, things have gotten much better, but some of the overall bits are similar:
EHeMXenguy: Instead, first do `dpkg --add-architecture amd64` then you more or less simply go through and tell APT/Aptitude/other to upgrade every i386 package to the AMD64 variant.04:06
EHeMXenguy: Those instructions are useful for packages which you want to hit first.  Really, installing the AMD64 variant of dpkg, apt and your prefered manager (aptitude or other) should be first, then go through all non-library i386 packages and tell it to install the AMD64 variants and there shouldn't be any need for forcing, when you're done `dpkg --remove-architecture i386` should work.04:11
xrogaanfsmithred: sorry about yesterday. Command is aptitude changelog PKGNAME04:17
fsmithredwas that yesterday?04:18
fsmithredI did apt-get download pkg, then apt-listchanges pkg.deb04:18
xrogaanyeah, apt-get changelog does work. Not aptitude though.04:19
EHeMWhat is the current version of devuan-keyring?04:25
EHeMThanks!  (okay, already on current)04:26
fsmithredI'm updating to see if there's a newer one04:27
fsmithrednope. That's the newest one.04:29
* tom13 ponders04:55
EHeMDevuan's apt package really should depend on devuan-archive-keyring instead of debian-archive-keyring...06:27
golinuxIt does06:28
XenguyEHeM: fascinating, I had never heard it was possible to upgrade from 32 to 64 bit online like you describe06:28
golinuxFor devuan packages.06:28
XenguyThanks for the tip.  It does sound like it could be a potentially major surgery, but I will look around for more information about this possibility06:29
EHeMBack when that was written it wasn't supposed to be, now it isn't talked about much, but pretty well worked fine.06:29
golinuxBut Devuan also pulls in pkgs from Debian so yes, you need that key.06:30
EHeMWhen I did it to my server I had to go hunting i386 packages and manually telling apt to install the AMD64 versions of all the various executeable packages (this was distinctly painful since it immediately listed both as broken, so I had to manually tell it to remove the i386 version).06:31
XenguyWell I have an empty hard drive here anyway, so that's another way to accomplish this (I really need to verify my backups tho)06:36
EHeMThe mirror which was in the round-robin was having trouble (gave 403 a few hours ago).08:00
lastaidhello there. i was wondering if the embedded raspberry pi version of ascii is using the mainline or raspberry pi foundation kernel?!09:59
golinuxlastaid: Try #devuan-arm10:01
lastaidgolinux:  will do10:02
EHeMWell, I'll find out in a number of hours how much broke during the upgrade attempt...10:14
* tom13 points to devuan running fine and gives thumbs-up sign14:00
cgdaehello. does anyone know whether lilypond is available as a package on devuan ascii? i can't find it with apt search.14:12
buZzanyone have an idea where i could find help using fbtft-device driver from Staging? :P14:14
KatolaZ(lilypond is in ascii btw)14:14
tom13lilypond - program for typesetting sheet music14:14
cgdaethanks. i installed devuan on may 10, so it's not official ascii release. it's odd, i have frescobaldi installed fine, and it needs lilypond.14:15
buZzactually, my install tries to grab lilypond from stretch-backports14:16
buZzoh! there's a ascii-backports now aswell? <314:17
cgdaemy /etc/issue has 'Devuan GNU/Linux ascii/ceres'. do i need to add something to /etc/apt/sources.list?14:17
KatolaZbuZz: there has always been....14:17
tom13who does all this work making sure systemd dependencies are pulled-out14:17
buZzKatolaZ: well, TIL :P14:18
tom13can i send them a beer14:18
KatolaZcgdae: apt-cache polict lilypond14:18
buZztom13: haha yes you can!14:18
KatolaZcgdae: apt-cache policy lilypond14:18
KatolaZcgdae: which repos do you have in sources.list?14:18
buZzfor the value of a beer, bitcoin is probably the cheapest method to donate14:19
tom13i thought bitcoin fees were high now14:19
cgdaeI have: deb ascii main non-free contrib, deb-src ascii main non-free contrib, deb ascii-security main non-free contrib, deb-src ascii-security main non-free contrib14:19
buZzthey have been high briefly during november14:20
buZzcurrently , 0.01 usd is a typical fee14:20
cgdaeapt-cache policy lilypond says: lilypond: Installed: (none), Candidate: (none), Version table:14:20
KatolaZcgdae: you need to add ascii-backports14:20
KatolaZcgdae: pkginfo.devuan.org14:20
tom13donated.  no beer for me this week.14:21
cgdaeKatolaZ: thanks, will try that.14:21
buZzcgdae: > deb ascii-backports main contrib non-free14:21
buZzor whichever mirror you use ;)14:22
toproHi there, first of all congratulations to the 2.0 ascii milestone!14:27
cgdaebuZz: thanks for that - i'm always hazy about syntax of sources.list. it works - i now have lilypond! thanks for the help, much appreciated.14:28
toproI'm trying to upgrade a kde desktop machine from devuan jessie to devuan ascii.14:29
toprodist-upgrade gives me a conflict I'm not able to solve...14:29
KatolaZtopro: do you have only devuan repos?14:29
toprowell, there is a ceph repo and a private one but none of them should add any packages that cause that kind of trouble14:30
KatolaZtopro: which is the package in question?14:31
KatolaZtopro: you should use14:33
KatolaZapt full-upgrade14:34
toprothought that is a synonym to dist-upgrade ?14:34
toproyes it is. just tried with same result14:34
KatolaZthat's strange14:36
KatolaZyou might try to remove kscreen and then reinstall it afterwards?14:36
KatolaZis this the only dependency problem?14:36
KatolaZtopro: apt-cache policy libkf5screen-bin14:36
toproremoving kscreen removes close to EVERYTHING desktop related.14:37
toprothats what I'm tying to avoid14:37
KatolaZtopro: ^^^14:37
tom13there's always rm ;)14:37
parazydIt should be possible to forcefully remove the package with dpkg.14:37
parazydWithout removing the rest, I mena.14:38
KatolaZit should not be necessary14:38
KatolaZtopro: how comes that you have libkf5screen installed?14:39
KatolaZthat one is not in jessie14:39
KatolaZtopro: apt-cache policy libkf5screen-bin14:40
parazydKatolaZ: I don't think that's the issue. He has kscreen that would break with installing libkf5screen14:41
KatolaZnope parazyd14:41
KatolaZhe has a vcersion of libkf5screen that is not in jessie14:41
KatolaZtopro: why are you using the /devuan repo?14:45
KatolaZit's /merged14:45
KatolaZnot /devuan14:45
toprowell, thats a local mirror at our place as you can see fro m the url, it mirrors /merged14:46
KatolaZif you are sure it does that correctly...14:46
KatolaZtopro: apt-cache policy kscreen14:47
toproKatolaZ: deb-amd64 ascii main contrib non-free14:48
KatolaZno topro14:48
toprothats the url we are mirroring14:48
KatolaZyou shouln't mirror auto.mirror.devuan.org14:48
KatolaZyou should use deb.devuan.org14:48
toprowhen did that change?14:49
KatolaZwith ASCII14:49
toprooh well then...14:49
KatolaZit's in the Release Notes14:49
KatolaZ(dunno if the problem is there though)14:49
toprolet me see...14:49
KatolaZ(just saying, since auto.mirror will eventually be discontinued)14:49
toproso ?14:49
toproI'll try...14:49
KatolaZ(again, maybe this is not the problem)14:50
KatolaZtopro: what if you just `apt-get install kscreen=4:5.8.5-2`14:51
toproKatolaZ: you already solved it :/ seems to do the trick...14:52
topro1873 upgraded, 897 newly installed, 107 to remove and 0 not upgraded.14:52
toprothank you very much14:53
toprowill have to rebuild my mirror. apt-mirror takes ages whenever you change the url :/14:53
buZztopro: i use aptcacheNG at home14:54
buZzmuch simpler, no need to pre-download stuff14:54
buZz1 time grabbing the packages offers them to all my nodes at home through the cache14:55
toprobuZz: could be a viable solution, will have a look. thx14:55
buZztopro: benefit is , it allows you to mix various distros aswel14:55
buZzi have some debian nodes aswell, which can just use the same cache14:56
filiphey is anybody there?14:59
tom13ty buZz - interesting utility14:59
tom13filip: no14:59
buZztom13: welcome \o14:59
buZztom13: i run ~30 LXC systems at home, i suffered 'install same updates 30 times' couple too many times ;)14:59
filipi have two issues with my freshly installed devuan the first one is how can i access bluetooth i have packages bluez and bluetooth downloaded but cant seem to find bluetooth settings on my system another issue is i wanna edit using vi command and i know how to edit it but dunno how to save and quit and how to edit text files as root as well pls help :(15:00
buZz'download same updates 30 times'15:00
buZzfilip: bluetoothctl in terminal like every other distro?15:00
toprocan I use for jessie as well?15:00
filipoh yeah and what i do lol15:00
buZzvi 'save and quit' is 'escape :wq enter'15:00
filipwhats :wq?15:00
buZz3 keys on your keyboard15:01
buZzpress em after each other15:01
buZzfilip: why not use nano ? its installed by default and has much easier working15:01
filipand whats nano?? :<15:01
buZzvi is nice, but kinda hardcore15:01
buZznano is another texteditor15:01
buZza simpler one15:01
filipnano edit?15:01
buZzjust 'nano'15:01
buZznano /etc/apt/sources.list15:02
filipok ill have a look what about my bluetooth i wanna download some pics from my nokia e72 on bluetooth but dont know15:02
buZzctrl-x to exit15:02
buZzwow e72 :D nice retrophone15:02
buZz100 points to you15:02
buZzi'm not too sure about OBEX support for bluetooth15:03
filipyeah i love this phone, not fan of touch-screen smartphones xD15:03
buZzthat stuff is always so vague15:03
buZzfilip: huh, e72 has touchscreen, doesnt it?15:03
filipi previously had KDE installed devuan and i had bluetooth menager there15:03
filipjust the button in the middle is on touch screen is not touch15:03
buZzyeah many desktop environments have bluetooth tools15:03
filipokay yeah nano omg i need to remember this command15:04
filipokay done15:04
filipthanks :>15:04
buZzthere is a commandline tool called 'obexftp' which might do what you need for those photos15:04
buZz( i just noticed this on )15:05
filipbash: obexftp: command not found15:07
buZzsudo apt install obexftp15:07
filipyeah i use default devuan desktop15:07
buZznever installed that :P15:07
buZz'obexfs' in devuan repo seems to allow even mounting the phone as filesystem :)15:08
filipfilipdevuan is not in the sudoers file.  This incident will be reported.15:08
filipiv had that issue for a while i dont know why cant use sudo15:08
buZzsudo usermod -aG sudo filipdevuan15:08
buZzoh eh, become root first ;)15:08
buZzthen > usermod -aG sudo filipdevuan15:08
buZz(then reboot computer)15:08
filipokay see you in a bit *rebooting* :D15:09
buZzi'll be here ^_^15:09
* tom13 is gonna run devuan on the Dragonbox Pyra15:11
buZztom13: ha, i have one pre-ordered aswell :D15:12
tom13i think we might get them this year15:12
buZzyeah, my guess is christmas :P15:13
tom13why do you have so many computers at home buZz15:13
buZztom13: this year, i decided to go make my own linux portable , to 'race EvilDragon'15:13
buZzlol no clue tom13 , guess i'm just a nerd ;)15:13
buZzthe LXC containers you mean? they're almost all running blockchain fullnodes15:13
buZzits my 'bank' ;)15:14
tom13oh they are containers15:14
tom13i didn't know LXC15:14
buZzLXC is like docker but less dumb15:14
tom13should i be running firefox in some kind of container / jail?15:14
tom13firejail is broken here15:15
buZztom13: just dont shit where you eat ;)15:15
tom13got it15:15
filipdevuanokay im back but i forgot why i rebooted15:15
buZzdont have valuable stuff on the computer you use for webbrowsing15:15
buZzfilipdevuan: to get sudo15:15
buZzcheck 'id' in terminal15:15
filipdevuanohh ok to get bluietooth?15:15
buZzyou should have sudo now15:15
filipdevuanyeah (27)sudo?15:16
tom13filipdevuan: i have e71 and e72 and the e71 has nicer build quality.  but a stupid headphone jack15:16
buZzi used to use e61 , i think15:16
buZzor e61i perhaps15:17
buZzyeah, e61i15:17
tom13what do you use now15:17
buZzhehe, back in those day i had 'no limit, max speed' simcards paid by my boss :D15:17
buZztom13: i stopped using GSM15:17
buZzi realized the service was not ment for users15:18
tom13so, just LTE or what15:18
buZzjust wifi15:18
filipdevuanhow can i run bluez program for bluetooth??15:18
buZzfilipdevuan: thats not a program , did you try installing obexftp?15:18
tom13did you have a N900?15:18
filipdevuanoh no so its install sudo obexftp?15:18
buZzyeah, i have a pile of n900s15:18
filipdevuanokay i have this topic saved15:18
filipdevuanill have look15:18
buZznever used them with a simcard though :P15:18
* tom13 also has a pile of n900s15:19
buZzfilipdevuan: sudo apt install obexftp15:19
buZztom13: they run native devuan nowadays :P15:19
tom13i will have to try that15:19
topronow I feel mainstream with only a single n90015:19
buZztom13: oh but, 15:13:27 < buZz> tom13: this year, i decided to go make my own linux portable , to 'race EvilDragon'15:19
buZzbut, sadly, i won15:19
buZzmy portable build is now working15:19
filipdevuanokay its installing15:19
buZznot running devuan yet though, there's no sunxi64 image of devuan atm15:20
tom13brilliant buZz15:21
buZzalso, i hate devicetree with a passion :(15:21
buZzsuch annoying stuff15:21
tom13  just reading for the first time // seems like a sensible idea?15:22
tom13by the way topro you can run linux on the Droid 4 (xt894) for an 'upgraded n900'15:23
toproI just recently stumbled upon droid 4, didn't know it existed. but "upgraded" is still quite legacy nowadays...15:24
filipdevuanoh my god how can i send pics from my nokia to xfce devuan using bluetooth!!!!15:24
toprofilipdevuan: does it have to be bluetooth?15:24
_stephen_Is that a rubber band holding your "portable" together? buZz15:25
filipdevuanactually  not sure but im having problems with connecting my nokia to wifi and my laptop doesnt detect my nokia through usb :(15:25
tom13topro: 4x RAM and 4x CPU compared to stock N900.. 1080p video.  Much better keyboard.15:25
toprowell, I got used to 4G, Qi charging, water resistant, barometric sensor, ... ;)15:26
toprowireless charing15:27
buZz_stephen_: correct :P i havent ready enough 'design guides for plastics' to fully understand 'snap-fit pins'15:27
buZzbut, i'll get there before i release that casedesign to the people15:28
buZz_stephen_: also, the case is like '1 size too small tshirt' for the stuff thats inside ;)15:28
buZzneed to learn to design to give myself more space :P15:28
tom13websites should run on a 200mhz cpu, by law.15:34
tom13maybe the law should be that any text content should be served optionally with plain html15:35
tom13for blind people, for e.g.15:35
tom13what is the problem with devicetree buZz ?15:37
KatolaZno tom1315:37
koollmantom13: there are laws for that. They are usually not applied, or applicable only to a subset of services (typically, government/public services must have accessible stuff)15:37
KatolaZbroswers should work on a 200Mhz CPU by law...15:37
buZztom13: its a ridiculous mess15:37
tom13not a good idea KatolaZ ?15:38
KatolaZwhen your browser runs on a 200Mhz CPU, you appreciate the meaning of 'information' vs 'garbage'15:38
buZzi want SPI support, but for a -kernel- driver, but , only way to get that is to enable -USERSPACE- SPI support which then fails to init15:38
tom13yes yes15:38
KatolaZyou said websites15:38
buZzso, devicetree requires me to create errors, just to have normal functionality15:38
KatolaZI thought you meant the server :)15:38
tom13sorry for confusion15:39
tom13let's build a portable with a physically seperate RAM+CPU+javascript engine that only can accept clicks and keyboard, and serve a bitmap as output to the display server15:42
tom13sorry, far offtopic. i stop.15:42
buZzyou wanna physically seperate RAM and CPU?15:48
buZzgood luck :P15:48
buZzoh, for running a browser seperated from your OS?15:49
buZzever heard of virtualbox? :P15:49
tom13this could be done over usb i guess15:56
_stephen_Damnit, snapd needs systemd... forget that nonsense.15:56
tom13what's the smallest SBC that can render a webpage fast (faster than a RPI)15:56
tom13  i still don't understand what snap is for15:58
buZztom13: sure. g_ether to a pi-zero16:00
buZzfaster than a pi .. hmm , CHIP is a bit faster16:01
buZzbut unpurchasable now16:01
buZztom13: how about
buZzbut low on ram , most ARM boards are16:01
tom13buZz: i have not gotten usably fast + secure browser on pi3... except non-js ones like dillo16:01
buZzno clue what 'secure' means for a browser, but chromium works fine?16:02
buZzmake sure to run 64bit OS on pi3 though16:02
buZz32bit is slow af16:02
tom13i have not seen any benchmarks showing speed gain with 64bit on pi316:02
buZztry cpumining ;)16:02
tom13except for one synthetic benchmark16:02
tom13can you crosscompile for pi316:03
buZzyes, gcc still exists16:03
buZzwhat do you mean16:03
tom13maybe ptitseb's palemoon would be faster than firefox16:04
buZzptitseb's version of anything is highly optimized yeah :P16:04
tom13a planet of justice would make a statue of him in his hometown16:05
buZzno clue where he's from , poland?16:05
buZzah, france16:06
tom13france i think16:06
buZzpandora as his avatar :D16:06
tom13ok i try to fix retroarch for my phone16:07
tom13be useful16:07
_stephen_checked out ptitseb github... discovered barony was open sourced in 2016, and ptitseb made it work with opengles... I have to try this on my devuan tinkerboard...16:17
buZz_stephen_: he's legendary in the 'retro / emulation' corner16:19
filipdevuanokay i still wonder if i can get bluetooth manager for devuan xfce...16:23
filipdevuanokay got it i downloaded some packages, easy!! :P16:36
jguillenhi, noob question. How can I enable wicd so wicd-client ,loads with gui everytim ?17:07
tom13you want the gui to launch on login to X server?17:11
tom13there's no 'wicd' command for the user17:11
jguillenfinnally managed to do it17:14
jguillenupdate-rc.d wicd defaults17:14
jguillenso wicd-client will launch when entering GUI17:14
jguillenthanks anyway :)17:14
filipdevuanhey is devuan downloading newest nvidia drivers using xfce or i should update them or even install them manually?17:28
tom13i can not get the nvidia working17:38
tom13intel hd is fine tho17:38
KatolaZtom13, filipdevuan there are threads about nvidia drivers on dev1galaxy.org17:38
filipdevuanok ill have a look cheers17:38
filipdevuancould u give me exact link please i have free drivers nvidia are nonfree so maybe ill stay with free drivers17:39
_abc_Hi. fsmithred?19:27
_abc_I have almost everything working but the live persistence mount is not ok, it leaves the persistence volume umounted dirty at the end of the session. This could be fixed from inside persistence but I need a hint if you have an idea how to go about it.19:28
_abc_fsmithred: live-boot options nofastboot seems to imply that using this enables fsck on boot.19:52
_abc_fsmithred: where in the running system are there variables which indicate one has booted from live media and persistence? Apart from /proc/cmdline ?19:55
_abc_This channel seems to be dead. Too early? Bad day?20:04
muep_it's not dead, just smaller than some other channels20:06
tom13devuan works too well20:06
_abc_tom13: hush, this brings bad luck20:08
tom13you know how in the early days of cars, people could maintain and repair their car, but no-longer so much today?  i fear computing will be like that20:09
_abc_tom13: that's why you switch to devuan before switching to freebsd etc ;)20:09
muep_I feel computing is just becoming a bigger mess all the time20:09
_abc_my initrd.img on live contains only kernel microcode. Hmm20:09
_abc_muep_: yes but there are cleaner areas to it20:10
_abc_(we are in a cleaner area of it now)20:10
KatolaZ_abc_: it just seems that nobody has the kind of problems you experience :D20:14
_abc_cpio -i </lib/live/mount/rootfs/filesystem.squashfs/boot/initrd.img-4.9.0-6-686 yields just kernel microcode in the initrd?!20:16
_abc_32MB initrd yields 12 kBytes of microcode?!20:16
_abc_Something is not right20:17
_abc_is cpio -i <initrd.img the correct command to temp unpack the initrd?20:17
KatolaZ_abc_: your initrs is not there20:19
KatolaZis in the syslinux folder20:19
KatolaZmost probably20:19
bozonius2congrads on the release of ascii.  Sorry I was not able to keep up with the testing.  Good news is I will have test box in a short time.  I will be happy to set up tests there.  Thank you for creating and supporting cysticd-free Linux!!!20:19
KatolaZif that was the case, you wouldn't be able to boot20:19
_abc_great /etc/init.d/rc runs /lib/startpar/startpar -v ; where -v is not documented as an option in the manpage20:31
_abc_(even if CONCURRENCY="none" at that point in the script)20:32
_abc_ it scares me that this are belong to microsoft now20:43
muep_microsoft was free to distribute linux source code before as well20:44
_abc_you mean embrace and extend?20:44
muep_nope, but that too20:45
_abc_I don't understand where the script is, which mounts the overlayfs in a live system. Inside the kernel?20:45
KatolaZ_abc_: which overlays?20:50
KatolaZthe / partition?20:50
_abc_live fs's overlay union etc20:50
_abc_ reading20:51
_abc_man live-boot and /bin/live-boot are useful reading21:02
fugitivehey guys! just dropped by, to say thanks for ascii stable, and kudos for devs ;-) Rock on.21:32
Wonkasometimes, I wonder a bit about stuff... why is there a newer base-files in testing than in unstable?21:44
Wonka_abc_: just for the records, is just another distribution channel to Linus. Work happens on
WonkaE: Repository ' ascii InRelease' changed its 'Suite' value from 'testing' to 'stable'21:46
Wonkawhy is that an error now?21:46
_abc_ /lib/live/boot/ makes for interesting reading fsmithred -- and is the place where one can start to think about adding a fsck before mounting?21:52
* _abc_ leaves for tonight, hoping the intended recipient will read the above in his logs ;)21:53
tsewell I'm leaving for the day as well, but, just like fugitive, just wanted to congratulate you guys on the release :)23:42

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