freenode/#devuan/ Thursday, 2018-06-21

gnarfacei like this04:10
gnarfacethe dead silence suggests nothing is broken04:10
tinkeringSince the term Linux generally refers to the GNU Project combines with systemd, would Devuan just be a UNIX-like OS which is similar to Linux?05:07
syco_its still a distro .. just without systemd05:19
syco_we survived 20 years without systemd05:21
tinkeringOkay. Cool.05:41
Uberiustinkering, Devuan is basically a fork of Debian without systemd.06:03
Criggietinkering: devuan is a distro based on a linux kernel, bundled with open source apps from various sources.06:10
syco_its a distro06:10
Criggie(add in "gnu" wherever you like)06:10
Criggietinkering: with or without systemd does not affect the kernel.06:11
Criggiea distro could use sysVinit or upstart or systemd or whatever and still be linux.06:11
golinuxHey all . . . tinkering keeps trying but gets no traction for his silliness here.  ;)06:20
AcaciaI myself and looking forward to a future in which everyone runs Systemd/Emacs06:25
syco_emacs/sytemd :p06:27
Xenguytinkering: It's about 'init freedom'.  Repeat that as a mantra for 2 weeks, then we can discuss06:53
negevhi, after switching from debian 9 to ascii i find that networking doesn't start on boot07:22
negevservice networking restart seems to fix it07:22
negevi've enabled the service with update-rc.d and the interface has an auto clause07:22
negevwhat could be causing this?07:22
MinceRthat's not Linux, that's systemd-kerneld :>08:07
filipdevuanhey last week i installed wine to run games like diablo 2 or oblivion. i have optimus intel and nvidia gpus and diablo 2 and oblivion were working fine but then i installed new nvidia drivers to run diablo 3 and path of exile. they both run now but after new drivers installation diablo 2 or oblivion have issues that i think are related to 3d direct3d or just gpu in general :/. what can i do??11:11
gnarfacewhere did you install the new drivers from?11:12
gnarfacefrom the repo?11:12
gnarfaceusually the old version is still in the repo for a while and you can downgrade or uninstall it and reinstall the old version11:13
filipdevuanyeah from synaptic i think11:13
gnarfaceit also could have been something entirely unrelated that blizzard broke11:13
gnarfacethey are known to do that11:13
filipdevuanbut oblivion now crashes as well ;/11:13
filipdevuanit sucks cuz i feel like my laptop is not really a linux machine. they give me 2 gpus and one geforce 940mx is quite okay but then they give me 4gb ram... so i feel like i paid 600 dollars for just crap laptope with geforce 940mx and thats it ;/11:14
gnarfacewell i would have told you not to buy optimus if you'd asked me11:15
gnarfacebut your issue may still be fixable11:15
gnarfacemaybe the install didn't complete or missed packages or something11:16
filipdevuanyeah it is the easiest way is to reinstall devuan and install wine again however i remember oblivion and diablo 2 werent working freshly after wine installation11:16
gnarfacebring up a terminal and check the versions of all the nvidia packages to make sure they match11:16
filipdevuanbut then id be like okay i dont need to run windows programs i have linux but how am i supposed to use nvidia geforce gpu for linux apps and linux games??11:16
gnarfacewell, did you have a chance to make a backup?11:16
gnarfacei probably should have told you to make a backup when you had it all working11:16
filipdevuanno i haven't. it's fine... i still manage diablo 3 to get working but i dont understand why diablo 2 crashes now when i start and it worked11:17
gnarfacedid you also update wine?11:17
gnarfaceit's more likely wine than the nvidia drivers but anything is possible11:17
filipdevuannew games run now but old ones dont its frustrating xD11:17
gnarfacedpkg -l |grep nvidia -i11:17
gnarfacedpkg -l |grep nvidia -i11:17
gnarfacetry this in a terminal11:18
filipdevuanyeah i have lots of em installed11:19
gnarfacethe versions11:19
filipdevuandual gpus is a joke11:21
gnarfaceso, those package versions11:21
gnarfacethey should all match for the most part11:21
gnarfaceif you see that you still have some stray ones from the previous version around, upgrade them manually11:22
gnarfacealso, check the wine wiki to see if there's new issues11:22
filipdevuanok cheers11:22
gnarfacesometimes with the nvidia packges, a couple get left behind for some reason11:25
gnarfaceor at least i've had that problem on ceres11:25
filipdevuanit is frustrating because i wouldnt even bother with wine and windows game but then how am i supposed to make usage of nvidia geforce 940mx???11:26
gnarfacelook, the lesson is that you're supposed to make a backup when you get everything working right11:26
filipdevuanok ;p11:27
gnarfacesome of those dual-gpu laptops have a proper bios toggle for them11:27
filipdevuanyeah ill have a look later...11:27
gnarfaceit's rare11:27
gnarfaceusually you have to pay extra11:27
gnarface$600 is pretty cheap really for that rig11:27
gnarfacethe thing is, the optimus tech, it punishes other operating systems' support by design11:28
gnarfaceit does suck, i'm sorry you have to deal with it11:28
filipdevuanyeah id just get another laptop for linux or build pc but being poor won't allow me this is why i have to deal with this ;pp11:28
gnarfacethere's always a slim chance the nouveau drivers will behave better for you11:29
gnarfacebut it would take a lot of work to find out11:29
filipdevuanyeah but i think i couldnt get newer games running on them properly...11:29
gnarfaceand i can't help11:29
gnarfaceyou'd have to ask for help in #nouveau11:29
filipdevuanits fine thanks ;)11:29
filipdevuancheers ;p11:29
gnarfaceyou'd be surprised, you might be able to get newer games working even, depending on the particular card11:30
gnarfacebut yea, i would have told you not to buy one of those too11:30
filipdevuanare there any native linux app that needs geforce 940 gpu?? :S11:30
filipdevuanyeah i should have bought more ram and perhaps with just integrated gpu... but well....11:31
filipdevuanits a shame that u cant make a backup of purchase11:31
filipdevuani should be happy that i can run new games and i was happy but well older games seem to be much more entertaining to me than the new ones11:32
gnarfacedid anything else break besides diablo2?11:33
filipdevuanbut well im gonna get 4gb more ram then and i suppose id have to ignore fact that i have nvidia gpu on my laptop. well anyway thanks1! :) i think ill try noveaudrivers again\11:33
filipdevuanyeah the elder scrolls iv oblivion doesnt wanna run. but it run. but it desn't matter anyway. ;p thanks!!11:33
gnarfacedo what ever you have to, but i do think you can get the nvidia card working again if you had it working before11:34
gnarfaceyou were using bumblebee?11:34
gnarfaceor optirun or ?11:34
gnarfacei'm not even sure how people get them working11:35
gnarfacei've heard mixed results11:35
filipdevuanthe truth is i think i had diablo 2 and oblivion working before i installed bumblebee because OS was only detecting nvidia gpu and not nvidia in terminal. so when i installed new drivvers and bumblebee it started to detect nvidia gpu but now old games dont work and i think this is what caused the issue11:35
filipdevuanso perhaps i think i should get back to noveau drivers again\11:36
filipdevuanand just try to stick to free software as much as possible11:36
Humpelstilzchenfilipdevuan: how many graphic cards does lspci show you?11:36
filipdevuannon free software causes problems11:36
gnarfacewell it could still be just a completely unrelated wine regression too11:36
gnarfacewhich wine version are you using?  wine-staging, or wine-development?11:36
gnarfaceor just regular wine?11:36
filipdevuanwine staging as well11:37
filipdevuanhumpelstilzchen: 3d controller is nvidia device11:37
filipdevuanbut i think before it was intel and old games worked lol its weird...11:37
filipdevuanxD but anyways i dont care ;D thanks ;D11:37
Humpelstilzchenfilipdevuan: and how many? lspci | grep -c VGA11:38
filipdevuanits weird cuz it shows 1 lol11:38
Humpelstilzchenfilipdevuan: then you have only one and bumblebee is not the for you11:38
Humpelstilzchenfilipdevuan: it probably messed up your DRI11:38
filipdevuanu mean bumblebee?11:38
filipdevuanyeah this is possible... whats DRI?? i think id just reinstall all drivers and get back to nouveau...11:39
Humpelstilzchennvidia and intel need different glx libraries. In its default state bumblebee uses the intel version which do break the nvidia 3d accel11:41
filipdevuanyeah that is probably the issue so maybe i should just uninstall bumblebee??11:42
filipdevuancuz im sure that diablo 2 issue is cause of 3d not running properly11:42
gnarfacei would assume you just change the bumblebee config11:43
gnarfaceor at least try that before blowing it out the airlock11:43
gnarfaceyou're too quick to go to red alert11:43
filipdevuanok thx11:43
Humpelstilzchenyes uninstall bumblebee. For you its only trouble11:43
filipdevuanyeah thanks ;)11:43
gnarfacewine and nvidia both suck on their own and could have broken diablo2 without the help of your hardware choices, too11:44
gnarfacebut you have to be systematic about how you try to fix stuff instead of just flying off the handle11:45
gnarfaceor you'll never be able to distinguish between software regression and self-inflicted emotional trauma11:46
filipdevuani know ;p11:46
gnarfacebut definitely, be really careful and take backups, i can't emphasize that enough11:46
gnarfacei've got an old tv capture card that has worked in linux since the 90's, but i've owned multiple nvidia cards that all the kings horses and all the king's men couldn't keep working on a week-by-week basis even when they weren't obsolete11:49
gnarfaceand that's not even with optimus11:50
filipdevuanlol ;p11:50
filipdevuanwhat do you do on your linux machines??11:52
filipdevuanfor me computer is just playing games and this is crazy11:53
gnarfaceit might be crazy11:54
gnarfacenobody cares if it's crazy11:54
filipdevuani install fresh devuan or other linux distro and im so bored and i dont know what to do so i just feel like playing windows games and it only causes trouble at the end...11:54
gnarfacewell you should have made a backup when you were bored11:55
gnarfacethere's lots of stuff to do11:55
gnarfacebut it might look like fun11:55
gnarface*might not, i mean11:55
gnarfacethere's literally thousands of tools to learn11:56
gnarfaceyou can do all kinds of cool stuff11:56
gnarfaceyou can even run windows in a VM11:56
gnarfaceand you don't have to pay extra for the VM!!11:56
gnarfaceimagine that11:56
gnarfacethere's also a lot of network security and hosting related tools that have become industry standard over the years11:57
gnarfaceworth looking into stuff11:57
gnarfacemedia transcoding is a big one too11:57
gnarfaceif you're bored of games, there's definitely reading to be done11:57
filipdevuanyeah i really wanna get into native linux games but im so used to windows ones its bad11:58
gnarfacewhich wine-staging version did you say broke d2 for you?11:58
filipdevuani think i have newest one11:58
filipdevuanill try to reinstall everything agian and see what happens11:59
gnarfaceit would help more to know the version11:59
filipdevuanim not sure how to check it11:59
gnarfaceyou might be able to roll back to the previous wine version more easily11:59
gnarfaceyou can run: dpkg -l |grep [anything]11:59
gnarfaceso: dpkg -l |grep wine12:00
gnarfaceor, for case-insensitivity: dpkg -l |grep wine -i12:00
filipdevuananyways even when iv had diablo 2 running i couldnt open it was stuck on checking version i think it has something to do with admin privileges... ;/. its so bad to run windows games and run everything working properly12:00
filipdevuanits 3.1012:00
gnarfacethanks for checking12:01
gnarfaceone common mistake with wine12:01
gnarfaceif you run something as root once12:01
gnarfaceit changes the ownership of a few files12:02
filipdevuandamn ;P12:02
gnarfacethen if you run that or anything in that same prefix as the original user, they don't own it anymore, and you can run into problems like this12:02
gnarfacebut if you know you did that, you can probably fix it by chowning the wineprefix back to your self12:02
filipdevuaniv played windows games so much that when i cant play them im extremily bored... if i had any fun on using computer without playing windows games wouldnt have issues but im just to stupid and my knowledge is limited...12:04
gnarfacewell everyone has to start somewhere12:05
gnarfacebut if you have the patience to read for long enough it's all available for you to learn right there in your install12:05
KatolaZfilipdevuan: the cure to limited knowledge is called "learning" :)12:07
gnarfacelinux is all about free knowledge12:07
KatolaZall knowledge is limited12:07
gnarfacefilipdevuan: tar is useful for backups.  rsync is popular, too.  there are various other tools.  reading about just those would keep you busy for a couple days easily.12:11
filipdevuanor just resist from using windows apps and get myself familiar with linux much more12:15
gnarfacewell those tools are all great places to start12:16
gnarfacebut the best way i found to get into linux was to ask people what they used in place of common windows tools and toys i had used12:16
gnarfaceyou'd really be surprised how much stuff is in the repo12:17
filipdevuani mainly just played games...12:17
filipdevuanmostly online rpg ones...12:17
gnarfaceyou're boycotting steam though?12:18
filipdevuanwell yeah and CEO of it gebe newell too... now they require you to give them your number to play games lol12:19
filipdevuani dont trust steam12:19
filipdevuanphone number i mean12:19
filipdevuani like games where i can fight with other players12:20
filipdevuandota 2 is nice game but steam ugh...12:21
gnarfacei wouldn't really call dota2 "RPG"12:21
gnarfacebut it's immaterial12:21 does have some linux games12:21
filipdevuanwlel its not rpg but its pvp in all aspects ;p12:21
gnarfacea more limited selection than steam, but some12:21
filipdevuanwell i think repo has much more to offer than gog and steam ;p12:22
filipdevuanbut im like omg i cant stand these old linux game with my geforce 940mx gpu!! i should play something with better graphics!!!!12:22
filipdevuani play old school runescape now its ok12:23
DocScrutinizer05happy solistice12:45
filipdevuanokay i deleted bumblebee i opened diablo 2 in -window mode and it works but when i try open it in full screen mode it says cannot initialize 3d but its fine ill sort it out, cheers for help ;)12:53
filipdevuanhi i get that when i press sudo: filipdevuan is not in sudoers file the incident will be reported pls help i dont remember the command for adding myself into sudoers14:43
ivanshmakovfilipdevuan: # visudo ?14:43
ivanshmakov(As root, naturally.)14:43
filipdevuanis sudo just basically su...?14:54
gnarfacewell, yes14:55
filipdevuani mean if i put su and then commands i dont have to put sudo then14:55
gnarfaceyes, you can use su instead of sudo14:56
filipdevuani did reinstall of devuan installed mate and now configuring everything for diablo 2 and old school games and i think im leaving wine that way... not worth effort to try run everything14:56
gnarfaceyou do not require sudo14:56
gnarfaceyou don't even require su but it helps a lot14:56
filipdevuanyeah, this sudo is weird i dont like this word lol14:56
filipdevuansomebody said its something lazy that came from ubuntu?14:56
gnarfacethe program sudo probably pre-creates a sudoers group14:56
gnarfaceyou can add yourself to the sudoers group with the addgroup command (see the man page)14:57
gnarfaceer, adduser14:57
gnarface"If called with two non-option arguments, adduser will add an existing user to an existing group."14:57
gnarfacethat's from the man page ^14:57
gnarfacethe groups are stored in the /etc/group file though14:57
gnarfaceyou could just edit it directly if you knew what you were doing14:57
gnarfaceit's a very simple text format14:58
gnarfacesudo predates ubuntu by a long way14:58
gnarfacebut it's popular with people who don't like to remember more than one password14:58
filipdevuanomg that pisses me off i have got a file in /filipdevuan/downloads so i type cd /filipdevuan/downloads and it says no such file or directory15:00
gnarfaceleading slash15:05
gnarfaceyou're probably mistaken and actually do not have a /filipdevuan directory15:05
gnarfaceyou probably have a /home/filipdevuan/downloads directory15:05
gnarfaceor maybe /home/filipdevuan/Downloads15:05
gnarfacefor that sudo thing, you may *also* have to edit the sudo file (which can be done with visudo)15:06
filipdevuanyeah its so confusing lol i got it. on other distros i had open in terminal option when i pressed right click and that was just lazy15:06
gnarfacei forget whether the default file has the sudoers line commented out or not15:06
filipdevuani don't know sorry ;P15:07
filipdevuanokay i managed to download wine now through terminal, cheers buddy. its bad how i have got a problems with writing directory properly in terminal is like having problems with 2+2=4...15:07
filipdevuanill try to survive without sudo ;P15:08
gnarfacethe terminal can tab-complete file and directories in the current path15:10
gnarfacethe tab key is your friend15:11
gnarfaceif you start typing the first few characters of something and hitting [tab] won't auto-complete it, then you're probably looking in the wrong place15:11
gnarfaceit's pretty handy, really15:12
gnarfaceespecially when you've forgotten the exact spelling of something15:12
gnarfacebut it can also speed up your effective typing speed at the command-line a lot15:12
gnarfaceyou'll find that it's actually rare to need to type more than 3 letters15:13
gnarfaceif there are multiple possibilities, hitting the tab key again a couple times will show them15:14
gnarfacetry it15:14
gnarfacetype "ch" then hit tab twice15:14
gnarfaceyou might hear a beep or see a visual cue too15:15
filipdevuani can write really quick i did writing test once and i had 97 words per minute :P15:16
gnarfaceanother thing you can do if you're really bored is learn emacs15:17
gnarfacethe documentation is entirely built-in15:18
gnarfaceyou'll never run out of stuff to do with emacs15:18
_stephen_or if you don't have extra digits and the ability to type with your toes, you could learn vim15:18
filipdevuanwell how do i exit from root on terminal???15:18
gnarfaceor probably just typing "exit" or "logout" will work too15:19
gnarfacemaybe even "quit"15:19
gnarfacelike everything but the one that works in DOS15:19
filipdevuanok cheers ;)15:19
gnarfacei always just use ctrl+d though15:19
MinceRi thought exit worked in DOS too15:19
_stephen_isn't it control z in dos?15:20
MinceR^Z is EOF in DOS15:20
MinceRi never tried to exit COMMAND.COM with it though15:20
gnarfacefilipdevuan: the shell is called "bash" and has a extensive man page of it's own with all kinds of bad stuff15:21
filipdevuanemacs as text editors??15:21
filipdevuanyeah i know15:21
gnarfaceyea, emacs is a text editor15:22
gnarfacebut it also has a built-in terminal15:22
gnarfacemail and irc clients...15:22
gnarfacea tetris clone...15:22
filipdevuanoh fuck15:22
filipdevuanso you saying i could get into this irc channel using emacs?15:22
gnarfacei've seen it done15:23
filipdevuanthat's sick. is it that one:
gnarfaceyea, that's the one15:23
filipdevuansounds cool ;D15:24
gnarfaceit used to be considered an exercise in excess, and in many ways still is, but modern computers have gotten so fast that it's no longer really the slowest performing option15:24
gnarfacestuff like eclipse and visual studio take the cake there15:25
MinceRemacs is an operating system15:25
gnarfacestill, yes it's a lot bigger than vim15:25
MinceRbut a decent text editor is apparently available for it, called "evil"15:25
james1138Question about installing apps. How does one force Devuan ASCII (if possible) to install a older version of a certain app? Example - Banshee Media Player. If I do not like the current version... is it possible to tell Devuan to install the previous version??15:31
gnarfacejames1138: check the apt-get man page for full syntax, but i think the general idea is: apt-get install [package name]=[version number]15:34
gnarfacesearch for something called apt pinning to set a freeze on a specific version, so subsequent updates won't replace it15:35
james1138Thanks for the tip Gnarface. I knew in Ubuntu, that Synaptic has the option "Force version" but that seems greyed out in Devuan.15:35
gnarfacenote that it could cripple updates for all the dependencies too15:35
gnarfaceif you're having a problem with the new version you should file a bug report15:36
KatolaZjames1138: do you have configured repos with the "older" version?15:36
gnarfacethe previous version might still be on the repo currently though, no?15:36
gnarfaceif it just changed recently...15:36
james1138KatolaZ... I do not know how.15:36
gnarfacedebian has something called snapshots15:37
gnarfacedoes devuan have any snapshots?15:37
gnarfaceanyone taking snapshots?15:37
james1138The version of Banshee is in "Wheezy" repo.15:38
gnarfaceyou know, you should really try to get the source package for it and build it15:38
KatolaZjames1138: ...15:39
KatolaZthere is little probability that you'll be able to run it under ASCII, TBH15:39
KatolaZunless you rebuild it your own15:39
KatolaZyou can try enabling Debian's wheezy repos15:40
filipdevuanwine asks me to download directx 9 as a superuser15:55
xrogaanyou really shouldn't use wine too much16:05
filipdevuanwhy am i so bothered about running windows game on linux goddamn...16:05
filipdevuanyeah i know16:05
gnarfacei think you're having a user error with wine16:05
gnarfaceeither the program you're trying to install is asking to install directx916:05
filipdevuanyeah diablo 216:05
gnarfacedo you know about setting the WINEPREFIX environment variable?16:06
filipdevuannah its too much fk wine and windows games ;P16:07
filipdevuanthanks for helps anyways but its too much16:07
gnarfacehere, at least read this16:08
gnarfaceyou can make multiple prefixes16:08
gnarfaceif you make a fresh one, wine will initialize it automatically on the first run16:08
gnarfacedo it as your user, put it in your home directory, and make sure never to run it as root, and you can be sure you're not running into permissions problems16:08
james1138I started.... but it looks like way too much trouble for me just to keep using a older version. Thanks for all the help anyway.16:09
gnarfacethat'll also help you check to see if winetricks or a directx installer hosed your prefix16:09
xrogaanwhy do you play diablo 2 when torchlight 2 works natively on linux?16:10
filipdevuanyeah fuck knows how much is torchlight 2?16:11
james1138Installing directx...   what about typing winetricks d3dx9_43 into terminal?16:11
filipdevuani downloaded them from winetricks im fed up with this now dont care about wine and it doesn't exist for me anymore im gonna delete in in a minute16:12
gnarfacethe problem with winetricks is the tricks that work for some games often break others, so you have to manage multiple wineprefixes with different winetricks combinations for different games16:13
filipdevuanyeah... its true. but i cant be arsed anymore. i didn't ditch windows 10 just to play windows games but on different os, i know linux can run everything but im fed up with windows and windows game right now.16:14
xrogaanfilipdevuan: aptitude search '?tag(game::strategy)'16:15
xrogaanwesnoth is nice, but outdated on the repo. I use the steam version (because I'm bad).16:17
filipdevuanbut im a bit more familiar with terminal compared to last week. i read info much more and i find it a bit easier to navigate on it, last week i didnt know how to install .deb file but now i know i remember that it's dpkg -i. i definietely need to get a notepad and a pen and start write down most imporant commands for me right now and remember them16:17
filipdevuani know its nothing special to remember dpkg -i but i already feel a bit more familiar with terminal hahah ;P16:19
filipdevuanonce i get more experienced ill feel more familiar with linux right now im just spammer16:24
UsLhi peoples! Thanks for devuan 2.0. I was wondering though where the torrent downloads went?17:32
UsLis this working? I haven't used irc since xmpp..17:45
KatolaZit's working17:45
KatolaZthe torrents are under files.devuan.org17:46
UsLooh, I see it now. Thanks KatolaZ17:48
UsLI was on the first ascii beta and have updated and upgraded since then and my system says ascii/ceres but I am pretty sure it means ascii 2.017:53
KatolaZUsL: which repository are you using?17:53
UsLI wanted a clean image for a friend now. Or actually several friends..17:54
KatolaZif you have updated properly, it shouldn't say "ascii/ceres" any more17:54
KatolaZjust "ascii"17:54
UsLlooks like this:
KatolaZyou can delete L22-2417:56
KatolaZand it is recommended to use "" starting with ASCII17:56
UsLI see. So s/pkgmaster/deb and delete lines 12-2417:59
UsLand the "/merged/" should stay?18:00
KatolaZdelete 22-2418:00
KatolaZ /merged stays, yes18:01
UsLgot it,thanks!18:03
UsLif I wanted to try beowulf or even ceres I replace "ascii" only. The rest stays as is?18:04
UsLI should read the site carefully instead of asking the same questions btw..18:05
KatolaZUsL: maybe avoid beowulf atm18:08
KatolaZor, do not expect sparks and whistles18:10
KatolaZwe have just started working on beowulf18:10
KatolaZso there might be bumps18:10
UsLI see. Thanks, super happy with ascii btw. Not a single fault despite messing with it some. And no screen tearing watching any vids. Something I can't seem to remedy on my moms Ubuntu Mate instalaltion18:12
KatolaZcool UsL :)18:12
filipdevuanwhat do i type to install tar.gz sorry im beginner :(18:29
KatolaZfilipdevuan: it depends18:29
KatolaZif it's an archive of source files, you have to compile them18:29
filipdevuanits a game18:30
filipdevuanman compile doesnt work :P18:33
KatolaZfilipdevuan: whwre did you get the tar.gz from?18:33
KatolaZthey should have instructions18:34
KatolaZanyway, a tar.gz is a compressed archive18:34
filipdevuanClone the flare-engine repo and build the executable. <- i have no idea how to do this18:49
filipdevuannah i don't get this completely...18:59
KatolaZfilipdevuan: then don't do it :)18:59
filipdevuanexactly im not going to ;P18:59
filipdevuanis something like steam?19:11
golinuxSolstice greetings to everyone!  Now the other side . . . shorter days.19:52
filipdevuanplease help i added two link to source.list and i get that when i type apt-get update not sure why :/19:54
KatolaZfilipdevuan: if you mix repos without knowing what you are doing, you are up for troubles19:59
KatolaZand you will run into them20:00
filipdevuanwell i dont mind reinstalling20:00
KatolaZreinstalling will not increase your understanding by a single bit, unfortunately20:00
filipdevuanbut the more i reinstall the more i care about my OS being clean, wine and winetricks messed really bad with my laptop20:01
filipdevuanwhat trouble do u mean?20:02
KatolaZfilipdevuan: why did you included those repos in the first instance?20:02
xrogaanKatolaZ: yeah, it will. It'll teach what not to do.20:02
KatolaZno xrogaan, if you don't understand what broke20:03
xrogaanWhen I started with mandrake, I reinstalled multiple times because I toasted the system beyond my understanding.20:03
xrogaanfilipdevuan: I hope you have a dedicated /home partition :)20:03
filipdevuanbecause i want to install two apps20:03
filipdevuandedicated? :P20:03
filipdevuanwell the truth is i wanna have clean and safe OS but the more i read howto's about installing some game some software some program the more i mess in repos20:04
filipdevuanand after a while i end up with reinstalling agian and again ;D20:04
filipdevuanit's fun20:04
xrogaanso, you can segregate your hard drive into partitions.20:05
filipdevuani think i can however i never do this during installation but maybe i should start20:05
xrogaanThat's useful if you want to keep part of data but erase other. Like you want to remove the system but keep the users's data.20:05
filipdevuanwell yeah...20:05
xrogaanI have /dev/sdd1 mounted as / and /dev/sdd3 mounted as /home20:06
xrogaanmeaning I can format sdd1 without fear of losing any meaningful data.20:06
xrogaanSo I can fuck up my system, since I can reinstall it's not a problem.20:07
xrogaanKatolaZ's warning about repos is a bit scary, but most of the time there is little to fear.20:08
filipdevuanyeah i never considered that because i never have any important data apart from pictures i download from internet20:08
KatolaZxrogaan: sure?20:08
xrogaanWhat KatolaZ meant was to not use something dedicated for ubuntu on your devuan system20:08
filipdevuanbut when i had windows 10 i had 30gb of .wav music ripped straight from CD's it's a shame that i lost them20:08
KatolaZmixing Ubuntu's and Devuan's repos wothout understanding what you do? :)20:08
KatolaZyou're my guest then :)20:08
xrogaanDon't mix the streams.20:08
filipdevuanwell i get installation guide for debian/ubuntu in one20:09
xrogaanFor instance, sublime text provides a repository for debian-based system. And it's fine to use it.20:10
filipdevuani wanted to try this
xrogaanshould be safe-ish. It's a repository that contains only the itch app.20:11
xrogaanalternatively you could download the .deb directly:
xrogaanand see if dpkg can install it properly20:12
filipdevuanThe requested path was not found.20:12
filipdevuanwhere did u find it20:12
xrogaanremove the ':'20:13
filipdevuancheers for that!!!20:13
xrogaanyou can use dpkg to install elsewhere than the system20:14
xrogaanYou can install in $HOME/.local/ instead20:14
xrogaanso the package doesn't "contaminate" your system20:15
xrogaanand you don't need to be root20:15
fsmithredwow, I didn't know you could do that20:15
xrogaanconfigure your path correctly, I presume?20:16
xrogaanI have $HOME/.local/bin in my $PATH :p20:17
KatolaZxrogaan: you are giving a chainsaw to a person who is barely able to use a pocket knife :)20:18
xrogaanactually, you do need to be root so that dpkg register the existence of the package20:18
filipdevuanyeah i just pressed dpkg -i itch.deb and it seems like everything has installed but dunno where it is20:18
filipdevuanoh no sorry i got it20:18
fsmithredprobably /usr/bin/itch20:18
filipdevuanand it works now as well, thanks!!20:19
filipdevuanit would be easier if they all had .deb downloads everywhere xD20:19
xrogaanfilipdevuan: be wary though, you won't get updates20:19
xrogaanor bug fixes20:19
xrogaanor security fixes20:19
xrogaanI would remove that package and use the repository instead.20:19
xrogaan(they use it as a vector of update)20:19
xrogaanfor updates?20:20
filipdevuanis repository the location of where packages are20:20
xrogaanalso, downloading the .deb isn't really to install it but to look at what is in the archive.20:20
filipdevuansorry iv been on windows for 10 years and on linux for 7 days20:20
fsmithredrepository is where the packages repose20:21
filipdevuanoh yeah20:22
filipdevuanso links i have in sources.list are repos?20:22
filipdevuanso i have repo from itch in my sources.list20:22
fsmithreddo you have the key?20:22
filipdevuanwell yeah i had their key appeared on terminal but it was really long key20:23
fsmithrednah, it's just one package20:23
filipdevuanwget -O - | sudo apt-key add -20:23
filipdevuani have no idea whats apt-key add - ...20:24
filipdevuanbecause when i type it nothing happens20:24
fsmithredyou have to run that whole command20:24
fsmithredit should download the keyfile and install it20:24
fsmithredthen 'apt-get update'20:24
xrogaanfilipdevuan: KatolaZ isn't totally wrong, if you continue hacking around you should be prepared to find yourself with a broken system :P20:24
xrogaanThat doesn't mean you should stop though ;)20:25
filipdevuanwell im just installing apps20:25
filipdevuanyeah i pastied that line and now i cant write anything in terminal its just stuck on something20:25
fsmithredyeah, all these outside repositories don't test their stuff with all the other outside repos20:25
filipdevuani had a key before i think i already messed it up20:25
xrogaanyeah, and with mandrake I was just trying to set a wallpaper for the login manager.20:26
xrogaandisplay manager*20:26
filipdevuanbut well these two apps from repos are working now20:27
xrogaanwhat you intent to do and what you are actually doing are two entirely different things :P20:27
filipdevuanand now im stuck with intel hd graphics while geforce doesnt run i think bumblebee gonna do the trick20:29
xrogaanis the itch "sandbox" thing better than fakeroot?20:37
filipdevuani think its something like steam but for indie games20:37
xrogaan> firejail intercepts syscalls and even has advanced functionality like exposing a virtual filesystem so that changes can be recorded and later committed or discarded20:37
xrogaanso dumb. Just fakeroot!20:38
filipdevuanwhats fake root?20:38
xrogaanfirejail seems to be a layer in between. chroot is a whole virtualized system.20:40
filipdevuanso u saying this itch app is crap20:41
filipdevuani blame search engines for messing up in repos i may actually stop using them at some point20:48
filipdevuancuz i usually type download something in search engine and then i get all these instructions wouldnt happen without them20:48
filipdevuannext time when i reinstall devuan im gonna just try to configure my nvidia gpu, i dont wanna even use this intel dedicated, this dual gpu is a joke20:51
xrogaanyou should though21:01
xrogaanbecause the intel integrated gpu uses less power, thus saving your battery life.21:01
xrogaanah fuck me21:32
xrogaanrm on the wrong folder21:33
* refracta_noob oops22:01
xrogaanextundelete is unhelpful :(22:05
xrogaanI don't get the after/before option. Which direction do they mean?22:49
xrogaan"looking back after timestam"?22:49
grillonhi there23:05
grillonI would like to boot devuan on orange_pi_pc but I have a black screen just after kernel booting message. What can I do to see more? I have tried to add disp.screen0_output_mode=EDID:1280x1024p60 on my boot.cmd but nothing change23:09
xrogaanI don't know what a orange_pi_pc is.23:09
ChuangTzuany error messages?23:10
grillonnothing a black screen23:11
golinuxgrillon: #devuan-arm23:11
grillonorange pi pc is a SBC(single board computer as raspi)23:11
grillonohh ok sorry23:11
grillonthank you golinux23:11
golinuxgrillon: It's OK to post here too but the dev has a better chance of seeing it there.23:13
grillonOK, so I'm trying both :) golinux any suggestions? I would like to seem something a message an error but I just have a black screen after booting kernel message23:14
golinuxsorry. I have never played with an arm board.23:20
fsmithredI no nothing about arm, but when I boot to black screen, the first thing I try is add nomodeset to boot command23:23
grillonI have used uart module and I can see kernel boot23:56
grillonI got this : sunxi-mmc 1c0f000.mmc: fatal err update clk timeout23:56

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