freenode/#devuan/ Thursday, 2018-07-05

roundduckmanOk, I've been stuck for the last few days on trying to install Nvidia drivers for a mobile 1050 Ti. Gnarface helped a bit, but I do need some perspective from one who recently used Nvidia on Devuan on a laptop. I need help, I'm stuck and I end up having to load a new backup after each screw up that ends up in dependency hell.00:07
yellyfishhey. i am kinda confused. i tried to install libsdl2-dev but it depends on libudev-dev. I have libeudev1 installed so i tried to also install the dev package for eudev but it need an older version?00:35
yellyfishit says it depends on libeudev1( = 3.2.2-13) but i have 3.2.5-100:36
yellyfishhow do i downgrade and is it wierd that i need to? or am i doing something wrong?00:39
debdogmayhap installing libudev-dev solves that. it's a transitional package so it should not actually change anything regarding e/udev00:55
debdogif not, what is the exact error message when attempting to install libsdl2-dev?00:57
yellyfishdependency conflict01:01
yellyfishThe following packages have unmet dependencies:01:01
yellyfish libsdl2-dev : Depends: libudev-dev01:01
yellyfishE: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.01:01
debdogyou have backports enabled?01:08
debdogsorry, i am out01:08
debdogdon't have an Ascii vm atm and I don't want to mess with my production system :/01:09
yellyfishno problem :)01:10
yellyfishi am tinkering meanwhile to make it work01:10
gnarfaceDeeEff: in order to preserve expected behavior from lets just call it "Debian Classic" a number of the limitations of the system are also inherited.  downgrades not being a supported action is one of those, unfortunately.  nothing is tested for downgrading.01:16
gnarfaceyellyfish: yea there's some tangle there you have to force out manually.  for some people, just deleting the /etc/init.d/udev script worked, but before i heard about that i had to fix it by uninstalling the running kernel out from underneath the system briefly01:17
DeeEffgnarface: I think I've noticed this. Fortunately though, it can fix some issues. I had a dependency graph problem fro my initial ceres install (from back when devuan was barely even a mailing list topic) that persisted to present day. Downgrading actually fixed a _ton_ of issues and allowed me to use eudev and elogind instead of the systemd variants.01:17
DeeEffI managed to solve my issue by the way01:17
gnarfacethat roundduckman guy gets nearly there and panics and hoses it every time.  if filipdevuan comes back and those two are both here at the same time, maybe try to get them to talk.  they have similar optimus hardware01:18
DeeEffThere's a (silent) kernel panic when you try to start X with Nvidia driver 390.67 with kernel 4.16.0-201:18
DeeEffIs a 650ti Optimus?01:19
gnarfacesorry, no that wasn't to you, DeeEff, that was more just to the channel in general01:19
DeeEffI think it's partly that Nvidia hasn't updated their driver to support 4.16 yet, since the panic appears to come from the module01:19
yellyfishso delete udev script and restart?01:20
gnarfaceDeeEff: they have similar hardware to each other - your situation is different01:20
DeeEffIt seemed to work with 4.16.0-1, but that may have just been a fluke. A new ABI would be enough to kill it.01:20
gnarfaceyellyfish: you shouldn't even have to restart, but it didn't work for everyone.  some people had to uninstall all dependencies of udev before eudev would go in01:21
yellyfishthen just logout/login?01:21
gnarfacenot necessary either01:21
gnarfacebut you probably want to test the reboot process anyway to make sure none of the init scripts got hosed while you were doing this01:22
yellyfishk. be right back01:22
DeeEffAre you on ascii?01:22
DeeEffHuh, weird. I had similar Nvidia problems recently (see above). I had about five issues in total but the last one burnt about 3 full days for me.01:24
gnarfaceDeeEff: it is possible that if you're using nvidia packages from ceres, they might not work well/stably with the ascii kernel - you'd want to make sure that you got the nvidia driver version and the kernel version from the same place01:25
DeeEffFunny that he has issues with udev, ascii seems to use eudev properly and packages it to make things easy enough to switch from systemd-udevd.01:25
gnarfaceDeeEff: so if you're using the ceres nvidia driver version, the kernel needs to be from ceres as well.  if you're using the one from ascii-backports, then the kernel needs to be from ascii-backports as well.  they're only tested in pairs like that upstream, so any other combinations may have unexpected behavior and instability.  make sense?01:26
DeeEffgnarface: its the opposite I think. Ceres uses the latest kernel, and the changes to 4.16 are all the final mitigation to spectre and meltdown. I think the ABI change that those changes necessitate broke the driver01:26
DeeEffThe latest Nvidia package has backwards compatible ABI interfaces and will work as far back as 3.6 IIRC01:27
DeeEffThe problem is the kernel doesn't work that way just for Nvidia specially.01:27
gnarfacewell on ceres stuff is known to be frequently broken without notice for weeks at a time. Nvidia drivers are particularly misbehaved in this way.01:27
gnarfaceif you're just trying to get recent enough nvidia drivers to play steam, it would have been safer to try backports than ceres01:28
DeeEffYeah, I mean, I don't blame the devuan project for ceres being unstable or broken01:29
DeeEffBut to say it's just broken and unusable would be wrong. I've been using ceres since the beginning and this has been my first major issue.01:30
DeeEffHappy to help test that claim if it's needed though :)01:30
gnarfacei've been using sid longer than ceres, and i can confirm nvidia has single-handedly ruined my day with their sloppy package management dozens of times01:30
gnarfaceright now i'm running a custom kernel on my ceres box though so i can't report on compatibility with the stock one01:31
gnarfacefor the last several versions though i've had a mystery source of some sort of runaway memory leak01:31
gnarfaceit doesn't happen all the time but some combination of firefox and other opengl programs seems to trigger it01:32
gnarfacewhat i would have recommended in your situation i guess would have been to just stay on ceres but downgrade the *nvidia drivers* temporarily01:33
gnarfacesometimes if you're quick you can do it before they pull the old ones out of the repo01:33
gnarfaceotherwise you have to resort to digging through the debian snapshots repo01:33
gnarfacei don't think there's devuan snapshots yet but i could be wrong01:33
DeeEffHuh, well I suppose that's a reasonable reaction01:37
DeeEffI will say though, the sid devs are also the same devs who decided they wanted systemd sooooooo01:38
DeeEffAll in all I've been pretty happy and I'm glad that my issues are solved now just by downgrading my kernel.01:38
yellyfishi don't think much changed.01:44
yellyfishi tried downgrading libeudev1 but it wants to uninstall lots of xorg packages01:45
gnarfaceyellyfish: yea getting the switchover from udev to eudev for me did require uninstalling a lot of packages, but that's the part that's supposed to work if you just delete the /etc/init.d/udev script instead, after stopping udev.  worth a try anyway.  (if you go the "remove everything" route though, make sure after it's done you put the kernel back in before you reboot)01:47
gnarfacethe process it *wants* to follow involves uninstalling the running kernel right out from underneath yourself01:48
gnarfacewhich is risky, but should work actually if you don't lose power at an opportune time01:48
gnarfaceinopportune time, i mean01:48
yellyfishhow do i save all these packages on a file to reinstall after?01:50
yellyfishi mean just the names01:50
terrycQ: my "eth0" has gone missing. defined in /e/n/interfaces. ?? after migrate to Devuan-ascii. Stumped01:50
gnarfaceterryc: you mean it's no longer in the interfaces file, or just doesn't show up despite being in it?01:51
gnarfaceyellyfish: you could get a list of the installed packges with `dpkg -l` and just redirect that to a file01:52
gnarfaceor you could copy&paste the terminal output from the package conflict message in there01:52
gnarfaceif those are packages that are being removed as dependencies of udev i expect most will come back automatically as dependencies of eudev though01:53
gnarfaceyellyfish: do you need hints like this?  `dpkg -l > installed_package_list.txt 2>&1`01:57
terrycThe migration borked static networking and invoke dhcp using eth1. removing dhcp leaves no networking. doing 'ifup eth0'='what eth0'  ifquery reads interfaces okay. brain fade to making static work01:57
fsrapt-get blah blah }01:58
fsrapt-get blah blah | tee myfile01:59
fsrI hate this keyboard01:59
gnarfaceterryc: sorry gotta go for a bit but that info should be the same as from debian (also you could just read the man page: "man interfaces")02:03
yellyfishi shouldn't worry about autoremoved packages right? those are dependencies not required anymore, right?02:03
fsryellyfish, generally, yes.02:04
fsrterryc, what does ifconfig show?02:04
fsror 'ip a'02:05
terrycAs far as I can tell, everything for static is still there, so contents of /etc/network/interfaces is fine with no change. i just can not get ifup or reboot to use static networking again.02:05
fsrwhat interfaces does ifconfig say you have?02:05
fsrthe interfaces file will say whatever you put in there02:06
fsrthe system (udev/eudev) will give your physical interfaces names, regardless of what you put in the interfaces file02:06
terrycifconfig: now with dhcp running shows lo & eth1. Reboot with no dhcp and just lo and I can not get eth0 loaded.02:10
yellyfishlooks like it worked, for now. I'll have to see when i restart the machine if it all is fine02:11
fsrterryc, if there's a file named /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net look in it02:13
fsrum, do you have two wired interfaces, or did eth0 get renamed?02:14
terryceth0 got renamed by dhcp.  i'll fiddle with udev and be back.02:17
Criggierenaming ethernet interfaces is something systemd would do02:22
Criggielets not do that.02:22
nacelleudev does it02:26
nacelleits not just a systemd thing02:27
fsrif you're on ascii, you should have eudev, and that will use the traditional names02:28
fsrif you want to use the "predictable" names, add net.ifnames=1 to the boot command02:28
terrycSOLVED: fsr and gnarface thanks. Problem solved. It was due to udev. Somehow the eth0 spec was commented out during migration.02:30
fsrcommented out where?02:31
nacelleI usually blow away 70-persistent-net.rules and reboot to fix the boxes I usually hit the issues on, fwiw02:31
nacellemuch easier than trying to sort it all out02:31
fsryeah, that works on jessie02:31
fsrbut that file doesn't exist in stretch/ascii02:32
nacellei've never seen this before,  but I'm seeing it on my ascii boxes02:32
nacellewill have to learn eudev02:33
fsrI haven't had to do anything with it02:33
fsrbut I've never had to write any udev rules02:33
nacellei've written too many :(02:34
fsrsorry to hear02:34
nacelleI worked with a software/hardware product line that always expected the hardware to have nics in a particular order02:34
terryccommented out in /etc/udev/rules.f/*net*.02:34
nacelleeth0 had to be the nic for the mgmt port, etc.02:34
nacelleI dont have any rules.d/ files on ascii02:35
fsrseems like that would work well with the predictable names02:35
nacelleanyways, they got a motherboard series in where the mgmt port was hard wired up as eth2 under the kernel they booted... so they hacked in some udev rules to always remap when they detected that kind of motherboard02:35
nacelleand I got really used to hacking around udev at that point :-)02:36
nacelleyeah, it did02:36
nacellebut when jumping kernel versions, it gets tricky02:36
nacellethey do shit like change the pci scan order, so nics come up different between 2.4 and 2.6, etc.02:36
terrycnacelle, thanks for the tip. it usually is only a problem with a 'boxen" migrates motherboards, but this wasn't the case. just a OS migrate from debian-stretch to devuan-ascii.02:36
nacelleah yeah, in that instance always blow away 70-persistent-net.rules if it exists02:37
terrycI might have to adopt that if hardware becomes more unreliable. Usually it is just a fiddle with mother board replacement.02:52
gnarfaceterryc: hey sorry about that, glad you figured it out.  usually it won't do that unless it thinks you changed ethernet devices.  did you?  i think it just goes by MAC address.  you can either delete that persistent-net.rules file or you can correct it by hand04:28
gnarfaceit just iterates ethN every time it sees a new mac address, and the file itself is the record04:28
gnarfaceit seems dumb but it makes more sense if you imagine the behavior for multi-homed servers04:30
gnarfacebut i admit that's caught me before too, when doing concurrent hardware upgrade at the same time04:31
gnarface- change motherboard during debian upgrade, suddently eth1 with no eth0 in sight, wtf?04:34
gnarfacei know that feeling04:34
gnarfacebut basically it just was expecting you to still plug the old one back in04:35
gnarfaceif the hardware is all the same, something went wrong04:36
terrycgnarface: thank you for that background. Explains stuff.08:11
x2sdna27does devuan include thinkpad_acpi?08:12
terrycThere is acpi stuff in the packages list, but nothing specifically for thinkpad.  qiuet time now. You could wait, ask the mailing list or on the forum08:56
terrycIs this any help;
gnarfacewell he's gone now but there is a kernel module called thinkpad_acpi that maybe he was thinking of09:36
gnarfaceas far as i know it's included still09:36
gnarfacethe x86 kernels haven't been altered09:37
_abc_When I installed git-deamon I got a git daemon started on every boot. It is not controlled by /etc/init* ; can someone say how it is turned on/off when installed? At boot time? I.e. disable autostart?09:57
gnarfacei can only guess maybe something else controlled by init is starting it, like inetd10:01
gnarfacecould be rc.local but i think packages aren't allowed to use that10:01
gnarfacebut it could have been put in rc.local by hand10:01
_abc_It's not in any rc script I could grep -Rl10:03
_abc_I'll have to read the package source install scripts to see what is going on, no time now10:03
_abc_Please suggest a way in xfce4 to un-maximize applications. If one maximizes it, it loses decorations and there is no way to undo it for most appls, other than restart from cli with -geometry XxY10:23
_abc_I did something with devilspie to automate this in part but it is a nasty hack10:24
_abc_Is there a central way to set do-not-undecorate-maximized-windows? Basically clicking maximize causes the apps to go fullscreen not maximized.10:24
_abc_bbl I'll ask that again. Thanks10:25
epicmetalSo is Ceres on par with Sid in terms of reliability/QA? As in, a lot of Debian users use Sid on their workstations. Is Ceres usable like this or is it more like Fedora Rawhide?15:39
KatolaZepicmetal: ceres is sid15:53
KatolaZapart from the packages forked by devuan15:53
epicmetalKatolaZ: okay, so do the packages forked by Devuan cause it to be more unreliable?15:54
KatolaZepicmetal: it's usually the opposit15:55
epicmetalAnd are there remnants of systemd in Ceres, given that it is presumably pulled from Sid and is essentially a rolling release?15:55
VlijmenFileerAbout to try out current Devuan.  Is any list available of packages missing compared to Debian, preferably highlighting the popular ones?15:55
epicmetalIn other words, because Ceres is presumably continually importing Sid, does it have systemd in it because Devuan hasn't removed it yet15:56
epicmetalI should just try it shouldn't I...15:57
KatolaZepicmetal: the only stuff related to systemd is libsystemd16:04
KatolaZbut, as I have explained several times, that is pretty innocuous16:04
KatolaZsince it does nothing if systemd is not running16:04
KatolaZepicmetal: systemd cannot enter Devuan repos16:05
KatolaZand packages that depend directly on systemd are banned from Devuan repos16:05
epicmetalWhat are the chances of Devuan adopting runit?16:06
KatolaZepicmetal: as a default?16:06
KatolaZthere is a plan to support runit as an option16:06
epicmetalKatolaZ: yeah, like in the future16:06
KatolaZmore or less as openrc is an option in ascii already16:06
KatolaZ(and will continue  to be in beowulf)16:06
epicmetalSo it will just support alternatives as options but keep sysvinit as default?16:07
KatolaZepicmetal: the important is to have alternatives :)16:08
KatolaZnot to change the default16:08
KatolaZand leave users on their own...16:08
KatolaZthe plan is to let user choose the init they want16:09
KatolaZand to support as many of them as possible16:09
epicmetalOk. I just assumed that sysvinit would be increasingly hard to support as time goes on16:10
epicmetalDon't ask me why I think that, I didn't pay close enough attention to the Debian debates ;)16:10
KatolaZepicmetal: don't assume16:12
KatolaZwe must solve problems when they become real16:12
KatolaZand not before16:12
KatolaZwe don't have enough energy for that16:12
epicmetalI appreciate that16:12
epicmetalKatolaZ: so Ceres still installs libsystemd0?18:05
epicmetalNevermind, I have to disconnect18:13
KatolaZepicmetal: yes18:13
KatolaZwell, if any of the packages you use is linked against libsystemd018:14
KatolaZwe are working on that as well18:14
KatolaZbut again, is like having link2 built against libsvga2 and not having an svga terminal available18:14
KatolaZ(I just realised that the example might be obscure in some camps, sorry...)18:15
epicmetalKatolaZ: what's the plan for that?18:17
KatolaZreplacing libsystemd0 with a nooped version18:19
epicmetali see18:19
KatolaZapparently people continue to freak out when they see "libsystemd0"18:21
KatolaZreally for no reason at all18:21
KatolaZsince it does absolutely *nothing* if systemd is not running as init18:21
epicmetalprobably because they don't know what it does18:22
KatolaZyou can fear only what you don't understand18:22
epicmetalit's pretty opaque to a non-dev18:22
epicmetallibrary has functions, who knows what they do18:22
KatolaZyeah sure18:22
epicmetalthey could theoretically do bad things18:22
epicmetali.e. side effects18:22
KatolaZthey might suck your sould while you sleep18:22
KatolaZwho knows!18:22
epicmetalthere's no way to know without inspecting it18:23
epicmetalthere's nothing stopping upstream from adding code to libsystemd0 that is functional without systemd running18:23
KatolaZepicmetal: come on...18:26
KatolaZwhat shoudl this code do, exactly?18:26
epicmetalKatolaZ: who knows18:26
epicmetalthat's the point18:26
epicmetalI'm just speaking hypothetically18:26
epicmetalI should really sleep now18:28
xrogaanin the end, what is in ascii? polkit or policykit?18:34
xrogaanI ask so I can hack around.18:34
xrogaanthe structure ressemble policykit18:35
fsrxrogaan, the release notes have some information about which kits go with with desktops18:35
fsrfor xfce, you'll have consolekit, policykit-1, policykit-1-gnome and some libpolkit packages18:36
xrogaanThis is a mess. Which is it?18:36
fsryou're being polite18:37
fsrwhich desktop do you use?18:37
xrogaandoesn't matter.18:37
fsryeah, it does18:37
KatolaZit actually does xrogaan18:38
xrogaanI want to write polkit rules, it's independent from the desktop.18:38
fsrunless you're ok with some missing functions like logout buttons18:38
xrogaanI have a mate-polkit installed, but also policykit-118:38
xrogaanthose are different names, doc on the internet differ if you search for polkit or policykit.18:39
xrogaanI don't know what is what.18:39
fsrwhat desktop are you using18:39
KatolaZxrogaan: *-polkit packages normally are just policykit stuff for a specific desktop18:39
xrogaanfor the moment, mate18:40
xrogaanso we're using policykit structure then?18:40
KatolaZpolkit == policykit18:40
xrogaannot it ain't, 'cause polkit requires some javascript ruleset while policykit is more akin to an ini file.18:41
KatolaZthen you know more than me18:41
KatolaZI have no clue of why all this stuff is deemed *necessary*18:42
fsrsee Session management and policykit backends18:42
KatolaZit just looks like a lot of cruft, if you ask me18:42
xrogaanfreedesktop had a project named PolicyKit, it evolved and became polkit18:42
xrogaanand now everything is messy because everybody uses some "version" of the project, but don't tell you which.18:43
xrogaanthe newer polkit has a javascript format for their .rules files.18:43
KatolaZxrogaan: if it were on my hands, I would have removed all this nonsense18:43
KatolaZbecause just nonsense it is18:43
xrogaanand it's actually being used in /usr/share/polkit-1/rules.d/18:44
xrogaanbut if you take a look at the structure of local config (/etc/polkit-1), it actually uses the older stuff.18:44
fsrwell, we're based on debian, so everything is a little bit old18:44
xrogaanyeah, well:
xrogaan`ToDo: explain how it works. '18:46
xrogaanThis is on par with all the systemd nonsense.18:47
fsrdamn, I'd love to see that explanation18:48
fsrIi've read the man pages, and I still don't get it18:48
KatolaZI have the impression just a few people (if any) has really understood how it works18:49
KatolaZthis is typical of stuff that lacks documentation18:49
KatolaZif documentation is not there, it means that there are not enough people who have understood it18:49
KatolaZand who can explain it to others18:49
fsrIn ascii desktop-live (xfce) I have /usr/share/polkit-1/rules.d/org.freedesktop.packagekit.rules and no other files18:50
fsrthere are still files in ../actions18:50
xrogaanyeah, that's the system rules. You shouldn't touch that.18:50
xrogaanthe local admin should use the /etc/polkit-1 directory18:51
fsryeah, if I knew what to put there...18:51
xrogaanthing is, the etc thing differs from the system one and that's just crazy.18:51
fsrascii version of Refracta is held up because of this crap18:51
fsrsynaptic starts without authentication and lets users install software18:52
xrogaanlatest reference manual:
xrogaanwe seem to be using 0.105 though, which is old.18:52
KatolaZxrogaan: we seem to be using it, which is *wrong* :D18:53
xrogaanIf I understand correctly, old policykit uses "polkit" as a name for specific things. But the genius at freedesktop thought it smart to rename the whole project polkit.18:54
xrogaanand also change the way rules are written.18:55
xrogaanand then debian comes along and say "we'll use that version for the next 2 decades."18:55
xrogaan[DIR]0.105/2012-04-24 16:47 << which isn't too far off the truth.18:56
xrogaanproblem is, the polkit doc about system config do not match ascii's system.19:14
xrogaanascii uses the new rules.19:14
AlexLikeRockBUG !:19:48
AlexLikeRockDROPBOX at  devuan jessie :19:49
AlexLikeRockdropbox: load fq extension '/home/alex/.dropbox-dist/dropbox-lnx.x86-52.4.60/'19:49
AlexLikeRockDropbox isn't running!19:49
AlexLikeRockany one can write  the  bug ??19:49
AlexLikeRockthey run , but  , the icon at SYSTEM TRAY "not appear (non visible) "19:50
xrogaanAlexLikeRock: it's a dropbox issue19:55
xrogaancontact the maintainer/developer of the dropbox software you are using.19:55
AlexLikeRockxrogaan,    you are  right   , its  external   program19:56
xrogaanI don't personally use dropbox, so I cannot help.19:57
xrogaanalso, jessie is old. Consider upgrading towards ascii.19:57
AlexLikeRocki need  stability ,  i love  jessie19:58
KatolaZAlexLikeRock: ascii is stable...19:58
xrogaanascii is the stable channel. Jessie is old-stable19:58
AlexLikeRockjessie  its more  stable than  ascii19:58
AlexLikeRocki now that19:59
AlexLikeRocktanks  by the way19:59
TashtariHi all.  I'm having problems with `apt-get source`, I get signature verification warnings when I try to download a package.  The debian-keyring package is installed already, and none of the solutions to do with debian seem to work for me - wondering if this is peculiar to devuan.20:24
xrogaanit should check against system keys21:27
xrogaanin there > /usr/share/keyrings/21:28
Tashtarixrogaan: I agree, it seems like it should.  But maybe it -is-?  One of the things I did was try copying /usr/share/keyrings/debian-maintainers.gpg (and also devuan-keyring.gpg) to ~/.gnupg/trustedkeys.gpg, and all that did was get rid of the error about the missing file.21:30
xrogaanno, no21:38
xrogaanit shouldn't look into your home folder. Do you run the software under root?21:38
xrogaanI have no idea what is going on.21:39
Tashtarixrogaan: No, I'm running it as an unprivileged user, apt-get source isn't doing anything that should require root.21:41
TashtariThough I -could- run it as root, I suppose...21:41
TashtariNope, same error.21:42
xrogaanwhich version of devuan are you on?22:00
xrogaantry : apt-get update; apt-get install --reinstall debian-keyring devuan-keyring debian-archive-keyring22:01
xrogaanare there stuff in /usr/share/keyrings?22:02
TashtariJessie.  And ok, I'll give it a shot..22:07
TashtariThere are things in /usr/share/keyrings - several debian*.gpg and devuan*.gpg files.22:08
TashtariNope.  Tried reinstalling, to no avail.22:12
Tashtarixrogaan: The thread you linked only seems to suggest installing that package, which is installed already. D:22:14
golinuxsources.list please22:17
KatolaZTashtari: you should already have all the needed keyrings22:30
TashtariKatolaZ: I totally agree.22:32
TashtariBut I'm still getting the errors.22:32
KatolaZTashtari: are you running apt-get source as regular user?22:34
TashtariYes, though I've tried running it as root, too, with the same error.22:35
xrogaanthe thread I linked actually say that if a package is signed with an expired key, you'll get some kind of error.22:36
KatolaZTashtari: can't reproduce it on ascii22:38
Tashtarixrogaan: Really?  I don't see that in the linked thread...22:40
TashtariHm.  Okay, if the key is expired, though, how can I confirm this?22:42
KatolaZTashtari: I have just tried on ascii using jessie repos22:42
xrogaandunno, try another package?22:42
KatolaZand it works without errors22:42
KatolaZTashtari: apt-key list22:42
KatolaZbut the jessie key is not expired22:42
KatolaZit expired in 202222:42
TashtariI just ran `apt-key list | grep "expire"` and all of them expire 2019 at the earliest...22:43
KatolaZoh ok22:44
TashtariI mean, I don't see any expired keys there22:44
KatolaZyep I got it22:44
Tashtarixrogaan: Just tried getting the source for nano, same error.22:46
KatolaZTashtari: you must have an error somewhere then22:46
TashtariSure, the question is where?22:48
KatolaZTashtari: can you see that Key ID in the list provided by apt-key list?22:48
TashtariWhich key ID?22:48
KatolaZthe offending one22:48
KatolaZthe ID of the key that signed the package22:48
Tashtariah, let's se...22:49
KatolaZthis is what you posted22:49
KatolaZhold on22:49
KatolaZlet's see who does that key belong to...22:49
TashtariNope.  `apt-key list | grep C8D648BD` returns nothing22:50
KatolaZthat;s not a valid key, I guess...22:51
KatolaZwhich mirror are you hitting?22:51, by the looks of it.22:51
KatolaZno I mean the Debian one22:52
TashtariI'm not hitting a debian mirror, I don't think.  This is my whole /etc/apt/sources.list:
KatolaZTashtari: actually you are22:55
KatolaZeverybody is22:55
KatolaZTashtari: devuan packages that have not been forked from debian still come directly from debian mirrors22:55
TashtariWhen I do my `apt-get source grub2`, though, it only hits
TashtariNo mention of debian.22:56
KatolaZit's transparent :)23:00
TashtariHow do I answer your question, then? :)23:00
KatolaZyou don't have to23:02
KatolaZI should23:02
KatolaZhold on23:02
KatolaZwell, it seems you would hit deb.debian.org23:02
KatolaZwhich is the correct cdn23:03
KatolaZthis is pretty weird...23:03
TashtariThat is certainly true.23:03

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