freenode/#devuan/ Friday, 2018-07-06

peylightAny official docker image of devuan?11:18
debdog does not seem so. does that even make sense? isn't docker just for apps?11:30
M0E_lnxpeylight, I have built ascii images using vente-privee/docker-devuan with some modifications14:40
M0E_lnxand debdog, no docker is not just for apps14:40
M0E_lnxpeylight, if you're interested, I saved the modifications I made to get the ascii images built here.
epicmetalWhoever decided to include Linux firmware for Wi-Fi chips: thank you16:04
epicmetal(in the netinst)16:04
epicmetalWhy would this mailing list message be deleted?
epicmetalSame message for four other ML hits via Google16:53
epicmetalThe "Error while upgrading eudev" thread16:53
Leanderif I understood some of the comments here, messages are lost by the server, no one deletes them16:55
KatolaZthey are not lost on the server either17:03
KatolaZis the archiver/indexer that has a bug of hash collision17:03
epicmetalHmm, ok. So I'm looking for the ./debian directory of the eudev source package. Should this be under somewhere?17:07
epicmetalI mean devuan-packages17:07
epicmetalOh, forgot to switch branches :)17:08
KatolaZepicmetal: ?17:11
KatolaZal the packages are under
epicmetalKatolaZ: yeah, I forgot to select "suites/ceres"17:12
KatolaZyou should checkout the corresponding suite-XXX branch17:12
epicmetalI'm browsing via the web17:12
KatolaZepicmetal: IIRC eudev in ceres is behind the version we have in ASCII17:12
epicmetalTrying to figure out why eudev is borked on my system17:12
KatolaZepicmetal: define borked17:13
epicmetalinvoke-rc.d: unknown initscript, /etc/init.d/udev not found.17:13
KatolaZplease use the version from ascii17:13
KatolaZthat's a known problem17:13
epicmetalOk, but how does stable get a newer version than unstable?17:14
KatolaZit doesn't17:14
KatolaZthe version in unstable is 3.2.517:14
KatolaZ3.2.5-1, to be precise17:14
epicmetalBut you said that eudev in Ceres is behind the version in ASCII17:14
KatolaZthe problem is that up to ascii devuan did not follow the usual unstable/testing/stable flow17:14
KatolaZso we fixed stuff in ascii directly17:15
KatolaZand not all those fixes are in ceres yet17:15
KatolaZthe main problem there was the upgrade from a system with udev17:15
KatolaZthere are a few glitches in the path17:15
epicmetalSo add ASCII to sources.list, set preferred release to Ceres, then pin eudev from ASCII?17:16
KatolaZepicmetal: just download the deb from ascii17:16
KatolaZand pin it17:16
epicmetalOk, thanks. I'll try that out tomorrow when I'm awake (UTC+10)17:21
epicmetalKatolaZ: should I just avoid Ceres until all said fixes are in Ceres?17:24
epicmetalAnd if so, how do I know when that is17:24
* epicmetal passes out17:31
peylightM0E_lnx: Thanks, i will be checkout..22:16

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