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xrogaangot some issues with slim+consolekit+mate, all of them vanished onced I migrated to lightdm+elogind01:31
golinuxxrogaan: Have you read the release notes?
golinuxEach of the 5 DEs available in Devuan comes with a recommended default02:09
golinuxcombination of login manager (either slim or lightdm) and session02:09
golinuxmanagement system:02:09
golinux  - XFCE: slim + consolekit02:09
golinux  - Cinnamon: lightdm + elogind02:09
golinux  - KDE: lightdm + elogind02:09
golinux  - LXQT: lightdm + elogind02:09
golinux  - MATE: slim + consolekit02:09
* TheBlueWizard notes the phrase "recommended default combination". Presumably other combinations are possible, but he gets the impression that something can get more not to jinx it unless one knows what happens under the hood and acts accordingly02:15
xrogaanslim+consolekit+mate was sort of buggy to me. That's what I said.03:54
xrogaanie. sometimes the system wouldn't shut down because "something" didn't thing it was right for the system to shutdown.03:55
xrogaanno right to shutdown, and slim restart.03:55
xrogaanI know people had some issue with lightdm/elogind and mate, but for me it's the reverse.03:57
xrogaanNo idea why.03:57
MinceRstartx > *04:03
xrogaanI have some weird stuff going on with ntp and invoke-rc.d at shutdown too. But there no boot/shutdown log no more?04:03
xrogaanbasically ntp wants to restart but invoke-rc.d say "yeah, no, we're going down". And that eats some time.04:05
xrogaanhuh, I don't have any /usr/sbin/policy-rc.d04:08
xrogaanis that normal?04:08
fsmithredxrogaan, I don't have that, either04:18
xrogaantoo late for me to search around, I'll try tomorrow.04:32
TheBlueWizardjust noticed in my Synaptics that 3 packages will be held back, no doesn't show which packages are being held back. How do I fiind out which ones?04:38
TheBlueWizardfound! just click om "Unchanged", and it shows three packages05:07
golinuxmtnman: Hi08:46
mtnmanhey golinux08:46
golinuxWhat's up?08:48
mtnmando you think it is possible for a beaglebone black powered by a "host" laptop to damage the laptop's ethernet adapter?08:48
golinuxI don't have any arm devices or lappie so haven't a clue08:49
mtnmanhah... i thought i was on #beaglebone!08:50
* mtnman is somewhat confused at the moment08:50
MarsanghasHi all! I'm a bit confused. (have to warn you, I'm a 1st time Devuan user).11:32
MarsanghasOn one page ( ) I read : Devuan uses sysvinit, offers openrc, runit, sinit11:33
MarsanghasOn another page : By default Devuan ASCII runs sysvinit but openrc is now an option at installation11:34
MarsanghasI have not seen any option during installation. And is there any documentation (I've looked) to switch from sysvinit to, say, runit (as I understand it is a dropin replacement)11:35
KatolaZMarsanghas: it's in expert install in ASCII11:36
KatolaZin expert install you can choose to use either sysvinit or openrc11:36
KatolaZby downloading the "choose-init" d-i component11:36
MarsanghasAha! Thanx!11:39
MarsanghasI'm encountering something really weird. Not seen this before. This concerns Sublime 3 (build 3176). Installed the .deb through the recommended method. Running it on Devuan ASCII.13:01
MarsanghasI have an OpenVPN connection to my server and have made a network drive in my filemanager (Caja, which I also used on Solus linux without a problem) to a samba share.13:01
MarsanghasWhen I have a file there, say, index.html, I rightclick and 'open with' and select sublime. Sublime opens but doesn't fetch the file. Opening the file from within Sublime doesn't work either.13:01
MarsanghasI can open the file when I put it on a local drive. I can also open the file from the samba share with other applications.13:01
MarsanghasAnybody seen anything like that? And more importantly: solved it? :P13:02
gnarfacewell the network share won't fetch the file13:05
gnarfacei know that much13:05
gnarfacei don't know what makes cp better than Sublime...13:05
KatolaZMarsanghas: you should ask the Sublime developers, I guess13:06
gnarfacemaybe there's an option in sublime13:06
gnarfacedo other browsers behave the same?13:06
gnarfacei assume this is a problem that can be fixed at either end13:06
gnarfacei think you can make the samba share pre-fetch the files13:06
gnarfacei don't know how13:06
gnarfacemaybe increase some cache variable and run a `find ./` on it13:07
gnarfacein theory you could:  cat [file] |program13:08
gnarfaceif the program accepted file contents on stdin...13:08
gnarfacei don't really know how realistic that is to expect of a browser13:08
gnarfaceif it was a video file it would be a different story13:09
MarsanghasThe weird thing is, I had a similar setup (MATE, Caja, OpenVPN and sublime edito) on Solus and Ubuntu 18.04 and had no problems. I also asked this question at the Sublime Text forum ofcourse.13:09
gnarfaceoh really?13:09
gnarfacewhat did sublime say?13:09
MarsanghasNothing yet.13:09
gnarfaceif they say nothing should be different, then check the samba mount options13:10
MarsanghasJust thought maybe someone here might have experienced something similar.13:10
gnarfacewas it the same samba host in both cases?13:10
gnarfacewere you dealing with the exact same remote mount point with both installs?13:10
MarsanghasSame host. Same share.13:10
gnarfacehmmm. interesting13:10
gnarfacemy best guess is samba mount option13:10
MarsanghasAnd other editors have no problem opening the file from the share.13:10
gnarfaceyea i wouldn't expect them to13:11
gnarfacebut a browser on the other hand, would expect you to click on a link13:11
MarsanghasSublime is a text editor, not a browser.13:12
gnarfaceit's also a text editor13:12
gnarfacei didn't get that13:12
gnarfacehmm, well that changes things13:12
MarsanghasI have no proxies that could interfere or anything like that13:12
gnarfacesee if you have a man page for mount.smbfs or whatever the other one is... mount.cifs?13:15
MarsanghasI'll look into that.13:17
Marsanghasthanx for your time. It's weird that one progam has a problem and the other doesn't.13:17
gnarfaceyea, it's weird13:18
gnarfacebut there might be a really simple fix13:19
KatolaZMarsanghas: it's called "bug" :)13:19
DocScrutinizer05strace is your friend18:37
mtnmangood to have a friend18:38
aitori'll push the new backend of simple-netaid in a few hours21:54
aitori promisse a good job21:56
aitorthere is an old post in the mailing list talking about how to rewrite the backend of simple-netaid adapting it to renamed network devices23:22
aitorthe post is dated on 2015!23:25
nacellewhat part is surprising?23:41
aitori've been looking at the code of the original backend, and it uses variables like ethx, wlanx; there is also a function testing if the name of the network device is valid:23:47
aitorint valid_wired_device_name(char * dev);23:48
aitorthe new backend will give you the names of the devices23:48
aitorfuture versions will support several wired/wireless devices23:49
aitorwlan, wwan...23:49

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