freenode/#devuan/ Tuesday, 2018-07-10

saciozall quiet it seems..01:23
xrogaanso with systemd out of the picture, how do we get /var/log/boot back?16:58
fsmithredinstall bootlogd16:59
xrogaanntp doesn't have a syslink in /etc/rc0.d/, which I assume is what is creating the weird behavior at shutdown17:03
xrogaanrc0.d is when the system shutdown, is it not?17:03
xrogaanfsmithred: thanks, did not know that existed.17:04
fsmithredyeah to rc0.d17:05
m712say it with me:22:33
rsCan runit be chosen easily during install?22:43
KatolaZrs: not so far22:44
rsbummer. Is the debian wiki a good source to follow?22:46
VallHowdy everyone.22:47
VallWriting a pendrive to boot from the Devuan ASCII DVD iso to a USB pendrive: dd bs=1024k <devuan_ascii_2.0.0_amd64_dvd-1.iso >/dev/sdd22:47
VallDoes it need isohybrid to work from a USB pendrive instead of an optical drive?22:48
KatolaZVall: all images are isohybrid22:49
VallKatolaZ: you mean, isohybrid has already been run on them, and therefore doesn't need to be run again?22:50
AcaciaVall: no idea if devuan uses isohybrid, but devuan images can sefely be burned to both optical media and external storage and they'll boot if the motherboard can boot external storage. By the way using dd for this is the oldschool way, you may find cat writes faster.23:01
KatolaZVall: I mean that all the Devuan images you find on are isohybrid23:07
KatolaZyou can use them in a DVD or in a USB stick23:08
VallKatolaZ: thanks for the clarification, so no need to run isohybrid for it to boot from the pendrive. Will proceed with the pendrive after just the 'dd'.23:10
VallKatolaz: thanks for the info re: `cat` vs `dd`. I'm a really old school guy, from the Unix v7 days, and those times (in fact, until relatively very recently) there were *character* device nodes and *block* device nodes (aka 'raw' devices) for all block devices. Writing to raw devices was much, much faster, but had to use `dd` in order to do I/O with the specified block sizes.23:12
Vall(as a consequence of long years and ingrained habits, the very notion of using `cat` for writing images to disks is utterly strange and profoundly disturbing to me(23:13
KatolaZVall: :)23:23
aitorVall: all the images are isohybrid and this means that they are valid for both a DVD or USB23:30
aitorthe glue: isohybrid images are not compatible with all the BIOS23:31
muep_are they EFI bootable?23:34
aitori don't think so..., there where some EFI bootable images of refracta, i seem to remember23:35
aitorit's still a work in progress in the live-sdk23:36
muep_covering all this stuff would be good
aitoroh! i just remembered EterTics, the images are compatible with EFI (i'm not pretty sure); they have been built using live-build23:40
aitoron another subject: i'm trying to record one video showing some bugs in the status icon of wicd, but i can't play them23:41
aitori tryed with a few different formats, the system is refracta ascii23:42
aitorffmpeg installed from ascii and simplescreenrecorder installed from gnuinos jessie23:43
aitorparazyd had a script for ffmpeg shared somewhere23:44

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