freenode/#devuan/ Saturday, 2018-07-14

bozoniusoh well, this is fun.  My VM is locked up, it seems.  I can ping it, but I can't get the mouse or keyboard to work?01:26
gnarfacecan you ssh into it?01:28
bozoniusthe VM is jessie, and it was running fine... at least until a moment ago when I went to check on it.  I got a email at 11:00 am PST saying that bareos (backup) could not talk to it01:29
gnarfacemouse & keyboard usually don't lock up on their own, usually its the video driver or Xorg that is actually freezing01:29
bozoniusNot even  sure if sshd service is running01:29
gnarfaceif there was a full i/o lock, it wouldn't respond to ping either01:29
bozoniusthe clock stopped at 4:29pm PST01:30
gnarfacedid it go to sleep?   could it do that?01:30
bozoniuschecking my other VMs...01:30
bozoniusthe rest are all working.  Just devuan jessie01:31
bozoniuswith the system being totally unresponsive, it is hard to know what is going on (or not)01:32
bozoniusis sshd enabled by default on devuan jessie?01:32
bozoniusI don't think I've ever changed it... idk 100% though01:32
gnarfaceit is not included by default01:33
gnarfaceits not included by default in a minimal install01:33
gnarfaceone of the taskman selections might enable it though01:33
bozoniusa lot of snpp on  vboxnet0, but not for that address...01:34
gnarfacewell you can port scan it to look for an open ssh port if you're not sure01:34
gnarfacenmap -p 22 [address]01:35
bozoniusonly open port is http01:35
gnarfaceso its still serving web pages?01:35
gnarfaceseems like its gotta be a video problem then01:35
bozoniuslemme see01:35
gnarfaceyou're running Xorg on that guest, right?01:36
bozoniusI can see the desktop, but it's frozen01:36
gnarfaceXorg handles all the keyboard&mouse input, so if it freezes while running then your mouse and keyboard freeze too01:36
bozoniusI had this happen with centos, actually, long time ago, and it recovered after a long time01:36
gnarfaceyea, sometimes low memory issue01:36
gnarfacesometimes it can get past it01:36
bozonius3G allocated to that VM01:36
bozoniusIt wasn't maxed out last night when I last used it01:37
bozonius(I do check htop frequently to check for memleaks, etc)01:37
bozonius3G and (I think) 1G swap?01:37
bozoniusvery little of the swap ever gets used though01:38
bozoniusthe host (centos 6.10 now, after recent update), is reporting a memory issue01:39
bozoniusthat was yesterday01:39
bozoniusand I ignored it because i thought it might be one of those one-off things01:40
* bozonius should NEVER ignore kernel errors01:40
bozoniusbad, bad, bozonius!01:40
bozoniusThere was a kernel update with the rest of the update to 6.10.  For now, gnarface, I am going say that is suspect!01:41
bozoniusand it is definitely related to Vbox01:41
bozonius /home/vbox/vbox-5.2.14/src/VBox/VMM/VMMR0/HMSVMR0.cpp(5773) void hmR0SvmAdvanceRipHwAssist(VMCPU*, CPUMCTX*, uint32_t)01:42
bozonius(smoking gun)01:42
bozoniusOTOH, there was also an update to vbox recently, though before the 6.10 update on the host01:42
bozoniusgnarface:  I will consult the vbox folks before going any farther here.  This is NOT a devuan issue01:46
gnarfaceok, noted01:47
bozoniusbtw, nix on the host kernel update -- I haven't rebooted since it was updated02:11
bozonius(prob need to)02:11
fsdfaXfce4-Netload-Plugin won't accept the 8 alpha-numeric string assigned to my usb wifi dongle. How do I corrent this?03:07
gnarfacedoes it give you any reasons?03:09
gnarfacealso, what is the string, exactly?03:09
fsdfaXfce4-Netload-Plugin: Error in initializing: Interface was not found.03:10
gnarfacewhen you say "alpha-numeric" does that include spaces?03:10
fsdfals /sys/class/net eth0  eth1  lo  wlxa854b22d868d\03:10
gnarfacethat looks weird too03:11
gnarfacei thought only symlinks go in that directory03:11
gnarfacefsdfa: what does 'ifconfig' report?03:13
fsdfabash: ifconfig: command not found03:14
gnarfacesorry, i meant: /sbin/ifconfig03:14
fsdfaeth0: flags=4099<UP,BROADCAST,MULTICAST>  mtu 1500         ether 00:15:c5:a9:e2:e8  txqueuelen 1000  (Ethernet)         RX packets 0  bytes 0 (0.0 B)         RX errors 0  dropped 0  overruns 0  frame 0         TX packets 0  bytes 0 (0.0 B)         TX errors 0  dropped 0 overruns 0  carrier 0  collisions 0         device interrupt 16    eth0:avahi: flags=4099<UP,BROADCAST,MULTICAST>  mtu 1500         inet  netmask 255.25503:14
gnarfaceok that's interesting too03:15
gnarfacebecause an ubuntu tutorial addressing this same issue suggested that 'wlxa854b22d868d' string should have shown up in this output as well03:15
fsdfai don't think it listed evgerything03:15
fsdfathe copy/paste03:15
gnarfacewell try this to be sure:  /sbin/ifconfig -a03:15
gnarfacewell you can paste it to me directly or you can paste it to paste.debian.net03:16
gnarfacebut i don't think it'll change my evaluation03:16
gnarfaceat this point, it *seems* like you just need to manually enter "wlxa854b22d868d" into the config panel, and that's what my google searches suggest the fix is, but since you have inferred that is what you were doing when you ran into this problem, something else must be wrong here..03:17
fsdfaI already tried that and I get the error03:18
gnarfacedid it work before?  maybe that device requires firmware you don't have installed.03:18
fsdfahmm now it works :/03:18
gnarfaceheh, i didn't do anything03:18
gnarfacelol you're welcome03:19
gnarfacenow i'm more confused than he is03:19
CorinHey, so, since Ascii was a lot faster than Jessie, should the next release be expected shortly after Buster?05:56
CorinAlso, wow, way bigger channel than when I last came here.05:57
gnarfaceCorin: don't expect anything and you won't ever be disappointed06:29
gnarfacei don't think there's any verdict or consensus or projections for Beowulf yet06:30
gnarfacefrom the talk i've heard, there is a lot more work to do than there was for ascii, but the same was said of ascii compared to jessie06:31
gnarfacein #debian they would say "sooner if you help :)"06:31
gnarfacesome people have already reported limited success upgrading to Beowulf, but stuff is still known to be broken there too06:32
gnarfacefor the moment you're probably better off running ascii06:33
gnarfacei've got a bunch of games working on ceres though, too06:33
gnarfacejessie -> ascii -> beowulf -> ceres06:33
CorinWell, I'm still using Jessie right now, and fine with that, but yeah, I was planning to upgrade to ascii in the next couple days.06:38
CorinBut congrats on speeding up the process a bit. Can't imagine how hard it is to make everything work without systemd.06:40
eyalrozCan someone help me "debug" why Cinnamon is crashing on startup (with ASCII)?08:55
gnarfaceeyalroz: only maybe.  got an error message?09:23
gnarfaceeyalroz: afk again... it's better typically to just ask the whole question instead of asking permission, that way if someone takes you up on it while you're afk, they have enough information to at least try to help09:25
gnarfaceit could be a lot of things09:25
gnarfacepermissions, odd display hardware...09:25
gnarfacethese days usually it is a conflict with video card drivers and compositing though09:26
gnarfacethat's where i'd place my bet at least, given no other information09:26
gnarfacebut a relevant error message from dmesg or the Xorg log would go a long way09:27
gnarfaceif you're looking in the Xorg log (usually /var/log/Xorg.0.log or ~/.local/share/xorg/Xorg.0.log) then pay attention specifically to lines containing "(EE)"09:28
]BFG[we should make a fuck systemd song similar to weird AI windows 9509:38
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aitorgood morning09:41
eyalrozgnarf_at_gollum: (and everybody else) - the question also appears here:
eyalrozThe ghist of it is as follows:10:45
eyalrozCinnamon crashes on startup, and works only in fallback mode.10:46
eyalrozMy system has on-board graphics, and an nVIDIA card which is not used for graphics/display at all (only for CUDA work).10:46
eyalrozStill it seems like nouveau is loaded (despite my best efforts); although I'm not sure nouveau is the cause of the Cinnamon crash.10:46
gnarfaceeyalroz: i'm not that other guy, just fyi.   i don't know if nouveau is the cause, but if it is an optimus laptop usually those pass through a Intel video card.  so maybe what cinnamon is complaining about is the intel driver, or perhaps something missing from it10:50
gnarfaceIntel video uses the mesa opengl libraries10:50
gnarfacethey may not have been installed by default10:50
gnarfacebut i think they'd be required for compositing to work10:50
gnarfacecinnamon's "fallback mode" means without compositing, am i right?10:51
aitorgnarface: i've never heard about Cinnamon fallback mode, but about Gnome fallback mode (classic session) no longer included since Gnome 3.811:23
aitori'm finishing simple-netaid today11:24
aitortime to take a coffee, bbl :)11:24
cr1mson_kingDevuan ASCII doesn't start the ssh-agent on login, right? I'm having to start it manually otherwise when cloning a repository through git, it doesn't ask for authentication and fails.14:01
cr1mson_kingI suppose on systemd distros they use gnome-keyring to start it, so it shows a graphical window asking for the private key passphrase.14:01
gnarfacewell neither the ssh server or client packages auto-start it14:02
gnarfacethat doesn't mean something else won't14:02
gnarfacemaybe if you can find an alternate gui keyring widget?14:02
cr1mson_kingI'm reading online people start ssh-agent through their .profile files, in a way that it dies when user logs out to protect data.14:04
gnarfaceseems possible14:08
gnarfacei think it drops a pid file by default if it's backgrounded without any command being run14:09
gnarfaceyou should be able to kill that from the bash logout script14:09
gnarfacemaybe not, maybe it makes an environment variable14:10
gnarfaceoh yea, the man page says it is SSH_AGENT_PID14:11
cr1mson_kingYep, i'll probably do that14:16
cr1mson_kingthe gitlab key has a standard name id_rsa, and it works without the agent, but the github key is named differently, and (idk?) it doesn't ask for password without the agent...14:17
cr1mson_kingMaybe the agent is already running, but the github key is not added. I need to try that.14:18
gnarfacewell its really easy to see if the agent is running14:20
gnarfaceps aux |grep agent14:21
cr1mson_kinggood, i'll try that at home14:24
fsmithredI think you can add it to the startup apps in your desktop14:34
fsmithredor, just run 'ssh-add /path/to/key'14:35
fsmithredif that fails, you can run 'ssh-agent ssh-add /path/to/key'14:36
fsmithredcr1mson_king, ^^^14:36
gnarfacehe wants to make sure it dies on logout too though14:37
cr1mson_kingfsmithred, sure, that would be easier14:37
gnarfacewill the startup apps do that?14:37
gnarfaceit backgrounds automatically so there isn't a window to close to imply exiting it14:38
fsmithredin xfce settings, I see GPG Password Agent listed (not checked here)14:40
fsmithredonly ways I know to kill it are to kill it or log out14:41
fsmithredI guess I don't need it. I use ssh every day, and I hardly ever have to invoke the agent.14:42
gnarfacei usually just open a terminal with it directly14:43
gnarfacethen it exits automatically when you close that terminal14:43
fsmithredthat makes sense.14:43
fsmithredI tend to leave my terminals open. I know I'm going to use them again soon.14:44
cr1mson_kinggood point, trusting excessive automation is a recipe for trouble. Always best to have control, when it doesn't use too much of our time, I think.14:50
cr1mson_kingcouldn't find snapd in the repositories. What happened to it?16:18
MinceRmy guess is it depends on systemd16:18
gnarfacewhat is it?16:23
cr1mson_kingfunny that flatpak doesn't have systemd listed as dependency, I thought it was even more closely tied to it, because Red Hat's involvement16:29
cr1mson_kingactually, it has libpam-systemd, which brings systemd16:30
eyalrozgnarface: It's not a laptop, nor does it have "Optimus" - at least not that I know of. And - yes, I think "fallback mode" means without compositing.17:34
eyalrozI can try to install mesa libraries,, but IIANM, there's some incompatibility between some nvidia-specific packages and mesa packages (perhaps w.r.t. OpenGL?)17:35
eyalrozBut beyond my specific case - it seems to me that:17:39
eyalroz1. All relevant libraries should be installed as dependencies for Cinnamon, or alternatively, it should not default to trying to use something it doesn't depend on; and17:39
eyalroz2. Even if Cinnamon needs a library and doesn't find it, it shouldn't "crash", there should just be a message saying "Cinnamon started in fallback mode since the foo library was not found at /path/to/" or something along those lines. And if Cinnamon doesn't do it, some other mechanism should.17:39
B3ta1Has anyone gotten Office 2013/wine working?17:43
furrywolfI'd answer that question by going and looking at winehq's compatability reports...17:51
eyalrozB3ta1: I remember the answer to be "Yes but not perfectly"17:53
B3ta1Acutally, on Linux Mint 2013 was without issue for me17:56
B3ta1thanks for replying17:56
B3ta1I'm not comparing them, but they are both debian derived17:57
furrywolfI don't get the point of why you've said anything you've said.17:59
eyalrozContinuing my previous comment regarding mesa and nVIDIA drivers conflicting:18:44
eyalrozIf I ask to install agi glx-alternative-mesa, one of the dependencies is nvidia-installer-cleanup,18:45
eyalrozand that, I suspect, will remove my nvidia drivers18:45
eyalroz... which I need for CUDA work18:45
eyalrozgnarface: ... so I'm hesitant about trying it.18:46
gnarfaceit would be likely that they can't be installed concurrently, yea....18:47
muepeyalroz: for opengl drivers, there is a quite special thing with there being multiple things that can be and possibly some other drivers as well19:06
mueper, other libraries19:07
eyalrozmuep: Well, I don't need an nvidia-driver-linked library being, but - I do need the nvidia drivers installed and working19:07
muepso with FOSS drivers you will usually want to use from mesa and with nvidia non-free driver the from nvidia drivers19:07
eyalrozbut it seems if I try to install glx-alternative-mesa, this will sweep all of nvidia's stuff away19:08
eyalroz(and I'm not even sure it will resolve my problem...)19:08
muepthe from nvidia drivers is essential if you want to use the nvidia driver otherwise19:08
muepI would guess that it has all the shared compilers and other interesting parts of the driver19:09
mueplikely the kernel module of the nvidia driver is a pretty thin shim that just provides the driver code (outside the kernel) channels for communicating with the GPU hardware19:10
muephm, meant shader compilers in the message before my last one19:11
eyalrozmuep: I don't think the from nvidia is essential, because I don't want to use OpenGL with the nvidia card, I want to use CUDA.19:40
eyalrozmuep: I never link with it.19:40
muepeyalroz: okay. I do not really know how CUDA works but my guess would have been that it can require also the right to be present20:01
eyalrozmuep: CUDA does not involve OpenGL at all, AFAICT. I never include nor link against anything with GL or gl in its name.20:05
muepthat does not mean that it does not need the infrastructure that also backs their opengl drivers20:08
muepbut I do not know. I just wonder if you positively know that all the things you run with CUDA are things that do not need nvidia's libGL.so20:10
aitorFreeCAD is cool, it's a great project21:55
aitordeveloped in Qt/C++ and python21:57
aitornobody here?22:01
golinuxMaybe nobody that cares about CAD22:03
* golinux is always here22:03
aitorgolinux is like god, he/she is always here22:06
golinuxaitor: There is no god.  Certainly not me.  ;)22:50
aitoroh my god!22:53
aitor we can be heroes, just for one day23:20
debdoghehe, having gods certainly worked out better than just having one23:21
golinuxIt's all just human imagination.23:22
aitorgreat david bowie :)23:24

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