freenode/#devuan/ Monday, 2018-07-16

goo_hey, I'd need help solving an issue with apt on a debootstrapped ascii armhf system11:05
goo_basically, whenever I try to install something, be it by doing `apt upgrade` or `apt install <pkg>` it just hangs at 0% [Waiting for headers]11:06
KatolaZgoo_: which repos are you using?11:07
goo_I tried modifying the /etc/apt/sources.list mirror since it originally was `` and was not working11:07
KatolaZgoo_: are you sure you have internet connection?11:07
goo_I changed it to `` but it still isn't working11:07
KatolaZ(silly question, I know...)11:07
goo_also if I do like `apt install --print-uris <pkg>` and try to wget the resulting URL it downloads the package just fine11:08
goo_ask me for anything you need, I'd be very grateful if anyone could help11:10
KatolaZhold on11:10
KatolaZpkgmaster is working all right over here11:10
KatolaZand so are deb.devuan.org11:11
goo_I can try using the pkgmaster mirror again but I highly doubt that'll change anything11:11
KatolaZgoo_: it must be something on your side I guess11:11
goo_yeah I guess11:12
goo_but I can connect to the mirror just fine11:12
goo_like wget works, it's just apt that doesn't11:12
goo_pinging it works11:12
KatolaZgoo_: ping is not relevant11:14
KatolaZit could also be disabled :)11:14
KatolaZand you still could connect to the http server there11:15
goo_yeah it was just to say that it definitely isn't a connectivity problem11:16
KatolaZgoo_: apt-cache policy bash11:17
goo_bash:   Installed: 4.4-5   Candidate: 4.4-5   Version table:  *** 4.4-5 500         500 ascii/main armhf Packages         100 /var/lib/dpkg/status11:23
KatolaZgoo_: please use until we understand what's going on11:25
KatolaZ(despite it shouldn't make any difference at all...)11:25
KatolaZgoo_: are you able to do an apt-get update cleanly?11:25
goo_hang on a sec I will connect from my phone11:29
goo_yeah so apt update seems to work11:33
KatolaZave you tried apt-get install?11:34
KatolaZ(it shouldn't change much)11:34
goo_yeah same issue11:34
xrogaanbeen some cert update recently11:38
xrogaanoh, is unreachable because unsecure. Ironic.11:40
KatolaZxrogaan: goo_ is not using https11:41
KatolaZand there has been no cert update on pkgmaster11:41
goo_I think I might be missing some dependencies or library11:41
goo_can you make a list of apt dependencies?11:42
xrogaanI was talking about myself KatolaZ, sorry to intrude on the conversation.11:42
KatolaZapt-cache show apt11:42
KatolaZoh sorry xrogaan :\11:42
KatolaZgoo_: but that would be VERY strange11:42
KatolaZgoo_: do you have dselect installed?11:43
xrogaanI'm pretty sure I got some certificate updates.11:43
* KatolaZ resurrects dead bodies every now and then...11:43
goo_I don't think I have dselect11:44
goo_how to list installed packages?11:45
fsmithred dpkg -l11:46
xrogaangoo_: are you using ipv6 or ipv4? Might be silly, but the devuan mirrors under ipv6 are pretty slow on my end.11:47
goo_my ISP doesn't support ipv6 so I'm pretty confident it's not using it11:48
goo_unless that's actually the problem and it's trying to use it while it can't11:48
xrogaananyhow, during the update of ca-certificates this one got added: subject=C = CN, O = "GUANG DONG CERTIFICATE AUTHORITY CO.,LTD.", CN = GDCA TrustAUTH R5 ROOT11:49
xrogaanThat's quite suspicious.11:49
djphI don't think 'suspicious' begins to describe it.11:52
xrogaanGDCA TrustAUTH R5 ROOT, in the debian changelog11:53
xrogaanalso they removed equifax CA, so it's not all bad.11:53
fsmithredgoo_, did you post about this problem on the forum or the mailing list?11:54
xrogaangoo_: if your system is configured to use ipv4, it should default on ipv4.11:54
goo__nope I didn't post about it11:54
goo__yeah I checked and ipv6 is disabled11:55
xrogaanPersonally, I made a file /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/99force-ipv4 with `Acquire::ForceIPv4 "true";' in it.11:55
xrogaanI needed to sleep yesterday and the rate at which it was downloading meant I had to wait for an hour.11:55
fsmithredok, I think you're not the only one with this problem, but I'm not finding where I read it before.11:56
goo_it's as if apt doesn't follow redirects12:01
fsmithred0% (Waiting for headers)  - I'm sure I saw that posted somewhere recently12:03
fsmithredI'll check the mailing list as soon as I can get thunderbird to stop crashing12:06
goo_thank you12:06
gnarfacegoo_: are you running local DNS?12:10
gnarfacei had a thought about the ipv6 thing12:11
gnarfacei think bind9 used to get wonky if you didn't disable ipv6 in its own config when you had no ipv6 upstream12:12
goo_nope I'm using Google's dns12:12
gnarfacewell, i still have intermittent failures with deb.devuan.org12:14
gnarfacebut mostly it works if i retry once or twice12:14
gnarfacei don't think all the mirrors are actually ok12:15
KatolaZgoo_: are you sure your local debian repo is working?12:15
KatolaZI mean, what happens if you try to get to
goo_what do you mean?12:15
goo_it works, like, I can even manually download packages from it using wget12:15
rrqinteresting .. I get a 2 redirects, the last to with a 404 response..??12:54
rrqsame for pkgmaster as for deb12:55
KatolaZrrq: ?12:55
rrqjust trying 'wget -S -O/dev/null'12:55
rrqand 'wget -S -O/dev/null'12:55
KatolaZrrq: are you sure the package is there?12:56
KatolaZ(the one you are trying to wget)12:56
rrqno; I copied the url (from goo_'s image)12:56
rrqah maybe mis-copied....12:56
rrqno.. correctly copied (let me veirfy a 5:th time...)12:57
fsmithredI can't find the post I saw that had the same problem.12:58
KatolaZnot found here as well12:58
rrqok mis-copied... eventually 2 redirect and a download12:59
KatolaZhold on12:59
KatolaZyep it's a 40413:01
KatolaZI got the url from Packages.xz13:01
KatolaZoh ok13:02
KatolaZhe needs to get the updates I guess13:02
KatolaZparazyd: you around ^^^13:03
KatolaZbut that's really strange....13:04
KatolaZso it seems like the package is not available from Debian repos13:06
KatolaZoh no wait13:06
KatolaZit's there13:06
rrqevidently redirects to (with other path) then to (with that path), and I'm getting it from there13:06
KatolaZit's definitely there13:07
KatolaZI had mistyped the url as well13:08
rrqmaybe resolves slowly for goo_ ?13:09
KatolaZI can get it either through or through deb.debian.org13:09
* KatolaZ shrugs13:10
goo_KatolaZ: hey my connection dropped apparently but I think I've read something about ascii-updates?13:21
goo_oh i read the logs from botbotme14:08
goo_I think my problem is that apt doesn't follow redirects14:08
goo_like as soon as it gets a 302 it hangs14:08
parazydKatolaZ: What's up?14:19
KatolaZparazyd: goo_ ^^^15:06
parazydIs there something wrong with the url we're serving?15:08
KatolaZcurl/wget work fine15:15
KatolaZfollow the redirects and get the file15:15
KatolaZso no idea15:15
parazydapt might hang sometimes... goo_ can try an `apt update` again and installing the package again.15:15
filipdevuanhi, uhh finally home!! i tried antergos with KDE plasma and it was awful battery was running low like crazy!!! worse than windows 10 hahah16:46
filipdevuananyways im trying to run dvd movie under VLC but it wont load ;/16:46
filipdevuanin antergos open media from disc was sda1 i think or something like that but here my disc device is /media/cdrom016:47
filipdevuanand i remember i have had something like linux-firmware in my synaptic or something like that not sure if that was firmware though16:53
filipdevuanok nvm got it16:54
golinuxfilipdevuan: Try /dev/sr016:55
filipdevuanw8 ill reboot16:56
filipdevuanyeah well it reads the dvd cuz i have title of the movie but vlc just doesnt wanna play maybe its codecs16:59
filipdevuanokay its probably lack of libdvd-pkg im downloading it now from package manager and see if that does it17:02
golinuxlibdvdcss2?  To handle any decryption17:07
golinuxMine is from debian multimedia but I got it a long time ago.17:08
filipdevuanyeah libdvdcss2 now its stuck on processing triggers for libc-bin17:10
filipdevuanlibdvd-pkg: dpkg database is locked. You may need to use command "sudo dpkg-reconfigure libdvd-pkg".17:11
filipdevuanlibdvd-pkg: Building and installation of package(s) [libdvdcss2 libdvdcss-dev] postponed till after next APT operation.17:11
filipdevuanProcessing triggers for libc-bin (2.24-11+deb9u3) ...17:11
filipdevuanok it works now sorry for spam ;).17:12
filipdevuanyeah nice well i went for a bonfire party to my friends yesterday and i brought laptop with antergos KDE plasma and i was so disappointed with the battery lol, so i thought omg i have go back to devuan17:13
filipdevuantoday im going again so we're gonna watch movies properly on devuan ;P17:13
_stephen_Weird, I can't find xv...  anyone know what package provides it?18:03
_stephen_I tried apt-file but I still can't find it.18:03
_stephen_Which repo is that in?18:04
fsmithredwrong name - hang on18:04
fsmithredoh, I'm thinking of xz18:05
fsmithredyou're looking for compression or viewing images?18:06
_stephen_I was trying to debug an icon placement problem someone was having.18:06
_stephen_But I don't have it with other apps, so I wanted to install xv  where they were having the problem.18:06
fsmithredthere are some xview packages - not sure if that's what you want18:07
KatolaZ_stephen_: xv is not free-software, IIRC18:09
_stephen_I generally just use image magick for that kind of thing18:10
KatolaZthat should be enough, right?18:10
_stephen_Unfortunately it doesn't help me determine if the xv app is trying to set its own icon position if I can't actually run it.18:11
_stephen_I saw an email to the fvwm mailing list, it described a problem, I tested the same steps with a different app, didn't see the problem, and went looking for xv in the repos.18:14
_stephen_I found xloadimage with the "xview" command, but that doesn't have the problem either, so I don't know what happened to xv...18:15
goo__parazyd: tried re-running `apt update` and installing again, doesn't fix it18:24
_stephen_KatolaZ heh, apparently it's shareware/commercial, I went looking for source and found a credit card purchase option.18:30
KatolaZ_stephen_: it has always been like that18:33
KatolaZ(xv being proprietary)18:34
goo_oh, looks like if i chroot into the devuan system it works18:41
goo_this is so weird18:41
KatolaZgoo_: ...18:42
KatolaZyou must chroot into the devuan system, right?18:42
goo_i can also boot directly into it18:42
goo_and it doesnt work that way18:42
KatolaZgoo_: are you sure you don't have any strange mount options on /var for instance?18:43
KatolaZapt needs to create a couple lock files in there...18:43
goo_no, but I just noticed the loopback interface wasn't up18:45
goo_though bringing it up doesn't solve it18:45
KatolaZare you sure yo have networking whan you boot into your new image?18:47
KatolaZ(silly question I know)18:48
goo_well I'd assume so since i can wget stuff18:51
KatolaZgoo_: do you have a separate /var?18:52
goo_I tried reinstalling `apt` with `apt-get install --reinstall apt` and it doesn't make a difference, I also tried installing `aptitude` and using it and it still doesn't work19:40
goo_I had a look into the network config by comparing my normal debian system's `ip link` and `ip addr` output with the devuan system one and they're the same19:40
goo_/etc/resolv.conf are the same19:40
goo_I can't get my head around this19:41
Akulican someone check which version of iwyu does the latest devuan come with? i spent a long time trying to compile a new iwyu, and i might start using devuan on this system if the iwyu in the repositories turns out to be new enough for me19:56
KatolaZAkuli: pkginfo.devuan.org19:57
Akuliyay, new enough :D19:58
Digitwell, my xmonad has somehow gotten itself locked into fullscreen on all workspaces (idk, i didnt change its config).  so, i'm gonna use this time to do that upgrade i've been putting off.  n_n20:07
Digithere's to breaking everything running, & needing a restart.20:08
grillonhi there21:44
hiyaSo, I am done downloading it21:48
hiyaI want to make a live USB21:48
hiyaWhat command is good?21:48
hiyais what I have downloaded21:48
serenity_join biology21:50
* Digit is currently doing dd if=heads-0.4-amd64-live.iso of=/dev/sdg121:52
Digithiya, ^ similarly would be: dd if=devuan_ascii_2.0.0_amd64_desktop-live.iso of=/dev/sdg1   ... but make sure you have the right location.  dd is dangerous, wont ask if you're sure, n wont be stopped by things like permissions.21:54
hiyaFound it21:54
hiyaDone with it Digit21:54
hiyaNow, I need to reboot and check21:54
Digitsame.  tho i'm also waiting on an upgrade.  :)21:55
hiyaDigit, What upgrade?21:59
hiyayou want debian testing?21:59
Digitjust upgrading my devuan ceres.  long overdue.22:00
hiyaI am rebooting22:01
hiyameet you in 15-20 mins post testing22:01
Digitwell, managed to test mine on my laptop.  something didnt take.   ... wondering if i got ripped off on this pendrive, or if i didnt issue the command correctly, or... checking the list of things.22:05
debdogDigit is currently doing dd if=heads-0.4-amd64-live.iso of=/dev/sdg1  <-- shouldn't that be just /dev/sdg?22:06
* Digit snaps his fingers and points22:07
debdogalso, in many cases the cp command does the trick as well22:07
Digithopefully hiya sorted their own before i went advising wrongness.22:07
]BFG[key for a perfect system: dd if=/lib/systemd/systemd of=/dev/sda22:13
]BFG[everything you will ever need22:13
* Digit screams in horror, has a panic attack, projectile vomits, and spasms about in seizure22:14
Digit]BFG[: careful!   some of us are dealing with ptsd from systemdont.  ;p22:14
MinceRcan The Holy UEFI boot it that way?22:15

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