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gnarfaceDigit: you could still have a completely unrelated problem with your cpu cooler too, but you shouldn't have needed to resort to 3rd party software to configure the nvidia driver right - i wouldn't have advised doing that, myself01:02
Digitsurely part of the problem, but was not the whole problem.  could definitely benefit from upgrading from the woefully inadequate stock cooler.01:04
Digit... sorry, not a "problem".  a "feature", ;), to let me know something's chewing up too much of my processory cores.  ;D01:05
Criggieabramovich: Good stuff dude.02:47
TashtariWell... except for the myriad other distros that are using it.  It's probably not in existential danger.02:52
TashtariIt is nice that Devuan gives us the option to eschew it, though.02:52
CriggieSomeone should release    systemd-nsa-agent  just on April 1 next year03:13
UsLhello vuans! I am on a 64 bit ascii and I need i386 support as well so I tried 'dpkg --add-architecture' i386 and then 'apt update' but it doesn't seem to do anything. What I am basically trying to do is install steam. 'dpkg -print-foreign-architecture' gives error 'unknown option'. dpkg version is 1.18.2515:13
KatolaZUsL: it's "-print-foreign-architectures"15:13
KatolaZwith a --15:14
KatolaZUsL: it's "--print-foreign-architectures"15:14
UsLan s.. that's what was missing..15:14
UsL: )15:14
UsLbtw, the sound problem I had some weeks ago with pa and alsa about headphones not muting speakers was actually a setting in alsa.15:22
UsLso, when I do the add architecture I should see i386 packets in apt or do I need to edit the source list as well?15:24
gnarfaceno sources.list change necessary15:27
UsLhm, I have as source list but I see no steam when searching15:27
gnarfaceyou need non-free too15:28
UsLit's in there15:28
gnarfacethere's no change for adding arch15:28
gnarfaceadding non-free is a change15:28
gnarfaceyou do have to re-run `apt-get update` in both cases15:28
UsLdone that as well. I'll re do it just to be sure15:29
gnarfacei'm not clicking on that link, but here's an updated sources.list for ascii:
gnarfaceyou probably want contrib and non-free. that would look like this:
UsLyep. Thats what mine looks like as well.15:32
UsLI had pkgmaster before. but changed it15:32
UsLoh, I can see steam in apt now but not synaptics. That is weird.15:33
UsLis that even possible..15:33
gnarfacei don't use synaptics, i don' know15:34
gnarfaceit probably hides other architectures by default?15:34
UsLa restart sorted it15:35
UsLthanks for helping guys!15:35
gnarfaceno problem15:35
damannExcellent work, people. Thanks.17:11
damannI want to bring minibian (small footprint Raspbian) into the devuan fold.17:11
damannIs the best way to start with the distro, replace the apt sources and update/upgrade?17:11
damannI can't find a license declaration for devuan as a whole anywhere on the website. Am I missing something?18:47
damannI can't find a license declaration for devuan as a whole anywhere on the website. Am I missing something?20:30
damannAm I doing this wrong? There doesn't seem to be any response to anything.20:31
]BFG[the license delcaration of devuan: GPL without garbate like systemD21:01
rustyrActually a Linux distribution like devuan consists of so many different components that I think there is no license for the whole distro.21:09
rustyrThere are some parts using GPL, others MIT or BSD license, others ...21:10
phoggdamann: you should look at each /usr/share/doc/*/copyright file. This should give an indication of license (but only covers software you have installed).21:23

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