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gnarfacedamann: just fyi there are already devuan images available for raspberry pi01:56
gnarface(check any mirror under /devuan/devuan_ascii/embedded/)01:59
roothi there08:03
Guest27889my mate power management icon is not working what should i do?08:03
laurent__how can I setup usb automount in xfce4 ? simply double-clicking the drive as normal user gives "Not authorized to perform operation" popup09:58
xrogaando you have the proper polkit packages installed?10:04
laurent__nvm this worked
EagletHello, friends!14:57
EagletI can your help to me.14:57
EagletCan i blocked telnet protocol using u32 module for iptables? You help me?14:58
KatolaZEaglet: is that for your host or for a router?15:07
EagletKatolaZ: It`s for my home computer and my VPS. I have many nonautorized telnet connection to internernet. Please help me.15:08
KatolaZEaglet: do you have a telnet server running on your host?15:08
EagletKatolaZ: no, y not have telnet server.15:09
KatolaZso how should people connect?15:09
EagletKatolaZ: Not trolling, please help me.15:09
KatolaZEaglet: I am not trolling15:10
KatolaZif there is no telnet server, no telnet client can connect15:10
KatolaZbtw, how do you say that you have "many nonauthorised" telnet connections?15:11
EagletI have many telnet connection to many IP Akamai servers.15:11
KatolaZEaglet: how do you know that?15:11
debdogEaglet: are you talking about outgoing connections?15:11
EagletCan i fingerprint telnet connection with iptables?15:12
KatolaZEaglet: I don't understand what you mean15:13
fsmithredwhat process is making these telnet connnections?15:14
EagletKatolaZ: Ok, thanks.15:14
KatolaZare those connections from outside to your host or from your host to somewhere else?15:14
fsmithredand how do you know they exist?15:14
KatolaZEaglet: ^^^^15:14
Eagletfsmithred: It`s problem i find in current day. (((15:15
fsmithredyou read it in the newspaper?15:15
fsmithredit shows up in netstat output?15:16
fsmithredare you using firestarter?15:16
KatolaZEaglet: how do you know those connections exist in the first instance?15:16
EagletKatolaZ: Yes on wlan0 - my Wi-Fi Broadcom 4312 (15) rev. 1.015:17
KatolaZEaglet: "yes" what?15:18
KatolaZEaglet: how do you know that such connections exist?15:19
EagletKatolaZ: No, i not know application generating this connections. After i run Wireshark this connections stopped work.15:20
fsmithredwhat application or command shows you the connections?15:21
KatolaZEaglet: how did you know they were there?15:21
EagletKatolaZ: I run Wireshark and filter traffic by TELNET protocol.15:22
KatolaZoh finally15:23
KatolaZand which process generates that traffic?15:23
fsmithredmy guess is web browser15:23
KatolaZwireshark should tell you15:23
EagletKatolaZ: I not know, sorry.15:23
KatolaZEaglet: but are they incoming or outgoing?15:23
EagletKatolaZ: Its incomming and outgoining ((( bad boys works.15:24
KatolaZor ghosts, maybe15:25
KatolaZEaglet: if there is no telnet server running, there can't be any incoming telnet connection15:25
KatolaZEaglet: netstat -ltnp15:26
EagletKatolaZ: I see incomming telnet data traffic in Wireshark.15:26
KatolaZEaglet: netstat -lntp15:27
EagletKatolaZ: Running only: TOR daemon and HDDTEMP.15:27
KatolaZor we are talking of nothing15:27
EagletSorry i sleep 10 minutes.15:30
EagletI here. On my VPS running Apache2 and exim4 from Debian Jessie and again many TELNET connection to AKAMAI servers. My VPS has bin hacked - it`s i know.15:40
Eagleti check one source port telnet traffic  from my local IP. It`s port binding with firefox-esr.16:34
EagletI have officiall addons from Devuan 9 repository.16:38
fsmithredEaglet, install noscript plugin in firefox. It can block akamai and more.16:45
Eagletfsmithred: I current use NoScript and have this telnet connections.16:52
]BFG[lol Eaglet its probably systemd telnet backdoor back to redhat17:06
]BFG[Laughs Out Loud17:06
]BFG[pottering want all your porn17:06
Eaglet]BFG[:  I not use systemd, i use Devuan on my home computer.17:07
Eaglet]BFG[:  Systed - is very trojan for LInux.17:07
]BFG[but telnet?17:07
]BFG[what does tcpdump say whats going on that port17:08
Eaglet]BFG[: For you, my pcapng with telnet only: <> - traffic from Firefox-esr from Devuan 9 repository.17:09
Eaglet]BFG[: pottering very gay.17:11
]BFG[404 but why not just run tcpdump -XXX or ngrep and copy the plain text in the channel17:12
EagletPLease hekp me with blocking telnet traffic with iptables. I not know can blocking telent trafic with iptables. Regexp in iptables not work for string match.17:13
EagletString data, example: "...\277\275\357\277..."17:14
golinuxEaglet: Devuan 9 repository?  There is no Devuan 9.   There is only Devuan 1.0.0 and Devuan 2.0.017:16
Eagletgolinux: Sorry, yes, Devuan 2.0. )))17:17
]BFG[what is the destination ip and port?17:19
AchyllesI have tried to install "learning with text", using default mariadb on devuan, but to no avail. In debian I can install "mysql-community-server" through a sources.lists, but on devuan I used that sources.list installed myql-community-server - which removes mariadb, but did not work. So, I uninstalled it again and have mariadb back, but lwt does not work ->
AchyllesHas anyone installed lwt on devuan?17:21
fsmithredEaglet, do not post command output in this channel. If it's too big, you will get booted. Use pastebin or some other paste service.17:25
Eagletfsmithred: Ok, my friend!17:26
fsmithrednc 9999 < output-file17:29
fsmithredthen post the link17:29
rustyrHi everybody, does anyone here know what is the right way for installing OpenRC during automated installation with a preseed.cfg?21:00
rustyrJust add OpenRC to the additional packages in "d-i pkgsel/include", or anything else needed?21:00
fsmithredrustyr, I don't know about preseeding, but the installer will let you install openrc if you select it in the section that lets you add components to the installer. I think it's only in expert installs, but not sure.21:36
fsmithredif you install it after installling the system, there's a command you have to run to remove the sysv rc links21:37
rustyrfsmithred: Thank, I did that before and that's why I am wondering if there is any further action needed when preseeding.21:39
fsmithredI assume the installer will do that for you if you  tell it to load openrc at the right point.21:39
fsmithred"load additional components in the installer environment" or some such wording.21:40
fsmithredI don't know the internals of d-i very well.21:40
fsmithredyou might just have to try it, and you might be the first. So, if you succeed, please document it somewhere for others to see. dng mailing list or are good choices for that.21:42
rustyrOK, thanks. I will check the output of debconf-get-selections again and see what appeared there from my manual installation and yes I can document it when I succeeded.21:43

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