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grillonhi gnarface, yes the replacement card is working like a charm. I have another card of the same vendor on another pi that had some problems but it was after a forced shutdown. I've lost files but I was able to repair so I still don't know for this one.07:55
telmichSanghee declared 50% off on devuan VMs today to honor the sysadmin day - jfyi14:53
abc32Hey guys, I just broke my network on a fresh Debian Stretch installation by apt-get update/upgrade/dist-upgrade-ing. Since my irc login data is stored on that machine I cant get into #debian on freenode or oftc. I was wondering if you would take a look. Error msg reads:16:25
abc32W: Possible missing firmware /lib/firmware/rlt_nic/rtl<different-numbers-on-multiple-lines>.fw for module r816916:26
debdogtry installing package firmware-realtek abc3216:28
debdogif it's not installed already, of course16:30
abc32debdog: I specifically recall that Jessie demanded network drivers during installation. Stretch went through any request and worked perfectly up until now. According to dpkg firmware-realtek isn't installed. I'll try that now.16:34
Leanderby the way, since this is Devuan here, not Debian, have you been migrating from one to the other?16:36
abc32Leander: I use both accross different machines, sticking to Devuan whenever I can. But this is a clean install.16:54
abc32so I run # dpkg -i on the .orig / .debian / .dsc file? Is there any difference?16:55
Leanderyou should have retrieved the .deb file16:55
Leanderthen: dpkg -i that_file.deb16:56
abc32Leander: since the machine in question is offlie, I have to download this via browser, the aforementioned file extensions are all the options available16:57
KatolaZabc32: ypou can run dpkg -i on a .deb file...16:59
Leanderif you can't find a .deb file, you're not looking at the right place on the archive mirror, I guess17:00
abc32Is this wrong?
Leanderthat's the package, I don't know why the page does not link to the .deb files themselves17:05
golinuxLeander: Why are you advising to get packages directly from Debian.  That is a nono and could break a system.17:18
golinuxThose packages should also be available via the Devuan repos in non-free17:18
Leanderfrom what I understand, abc32 is using Debian17:20
abc32# dpkg -i on the debfile runs through without error but network remains down after reboot. ip a reports "state DOWN". are there further suggestions or shall I find a backup?17:32
banshihello all17:33
banshiguys, is it possible to restore ext4 partition if gpt or mbr is totally wiped?17:33
golinuxLeander: So much for my early morning reading comprehension . . .17:46
golinuxbut I don't expect to find Debian questions/answers on this list.17:47
abc32golinux: #devuan was kind enough to give my problem a shot, because I couldnt get into #debin, because of missing irc login data (which resides on the machine I just broke)17:51
abc32I will now go for option "backup", thank you very much everyone.17:51
golinuxabc32: Hope you can get up and running soon.  Sorry for the noise.17:53
abc32golinux: if anything, I should be apologising for the occupation. thank you very much.17:57
gnarfacebanshi: yes, as long as the partition itself is not wiped18:00
banshignarface, any tools to automate it?18:00
gnarfacea few, i think18:01
gnarfacegparted should have a rescue mode18:01
gnarfaceyes, try device->attempt data rescue18:03
gnarfacei assume that should try to fit a partition table to the existing filesystems on the disk18:04
gnarfacei think the installer still has a recovery mode, too18:05
gnarfaceif you know the partition number, you can probably even get at it from a grub console18:05
gnarfacereally if all that happened was mbr was wiped, and you remember what the partition layout was, you can just manually recreate it exactly, and the filesystems should fit in place18:08
gnarfacegparted is probably easier18:09
Joerg-Neo900lunar eclipse21:02
nacellecant see it here 'cept online :(21:16
* nacelle wonders what good his taxes are if the country is on the other side of the ball when the shiney things line up21:16
* nacelle grabs a femur and beats on the mysterious black slab21:17
golinuxnacelle: LOL!21:43
* nacelle cant stop chuckling22:08
nacellenice link doc, thank you22:19
nacellei dont have to see hearts fluterring by on the screen with this one22:20
golinuxI nuked that chat box.  Very annoying22:22
Akulidoc's link reminded me of that22:53

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