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Digitok.  my head is spinning and imploading trying to fathom what to do, even trying to fathomn what this means: Run "nvidia-installer --uninstall"?    the paragraph before the question is likewise unhelpfully helpful.  do i say yes?00:20
Digit"The nvidia-installer program was found on this system.  This is probably left over from an earlier installation of the non-free NVIDIA graphics driver, installed using the NVIDIA *.run file directly.  This installation is incompatible with the Debian packages.  To install the Debian packages safely, it is therefore necessary to undo the changes performed by nvidia-installer."00:22
Digiti thought it was just when sleepy i was struggling to understand that.00:23
Digitso... if i say yes, it gets rid of the direct *.run nvidia, n i get the package manager friendly nvidia, yes?  ... but then this sends me back to doubting... is that even what i want to do now?   *lost*00:24
debdogwhat I did back when I've had a nvidia card: remove the packages and run the installer. before upgrading the system (esp. kernel wise) remove the driver, update devuan, re-run the installer00:26
debdogof course I am not using a display manager. so I boot into the console. (i logged into tty100:27
debdog* when loggig into tty1 X starts automatically00:27
Joerg-Neo900bleb: gnarface: files.d.o is images (files ;-P ).  mirror.d.o is a (set of) repository(s) for apt et al03:37
Joerg-Neo900bleb: I think the ascii installer downloads stuff from the repositories like everything else does. The installer itself however is in files.d.o03:39
Joerg-Neo900now that's embarrassing. bot dead since 10 days and nobody noticed?03:42
Joerg-Neo900oops nope, damn 'german' date format :-S03:44
XenguyFor once the germans were wrong ; -)03:52
XenguyISO is the way to go (even from just a file management point of view)03:53
gnarfacei tend to agree but just because that format doesn't require additional conversion to be a mysql DATESTAMP03:54
gnarfaceor DATE or whatever the type is called03:54
XenguyI did not know that03:55
gnarfacesaves overhead in the middle-tier when you don't have to call date objects to do string conversions03:55
XenguyMakes sense for system admin03:55
MinceRit's also easier to sort08:21
Joerg-Neo900xes: ISO is the recommended standard for Germany, alas nobody cares10:54
Joerg-Neo900xenguy ^^^^10:54
Joerg-Neo900I wish there was a sane ISO de_DE locale10:55
Joerg-Neo900but the only ISO locales I can find are - like - wbp_AU, wa_BE, ken_CM etc, all with M07 instead "Juli" or "July"10:58
Joerg-Neo900gnarface: MinceR: Xenguy: it's totally irrelevant how easy it's to code or maintain. This is about MMI aka UI and the only thing that counts is convenience for user which for me is maximum with ISO since my wetware search/sort algorithm doesn't like the extra complexity from YY-DD-MM or "martes, 31 de julio de 2018"11:05
Joerg-Neo900then  once you takle that stuff, you run into idiocy like Konversation: which allows adding random cruft like "bla hh Hours doodle mmMinutes" but not change the date format at all. WHY THe HECK didn't they simply follow the canonical date(1) format parameter syntax?11:12
scaniatruckerHello. Maybe who knows what happened to Dev1Galaxy Forum? For some time it's unavailable ...15:20
gnarfaceseems to be working for me15:22
rrqscaniatrucker: your IP address?15:22
scaniatruckerrrq: IP adress is
rrqmmm need your external IP address .. the address that sees15:32
scaniatruckerrrq: sorry, my mistake. Should be
scaniatruckerrrq: external IP adress is
scaniatruckerI do not know how, but I can go to the forum again. Thank you for your attention, rrq!15:42
rrqsomehow your browser wanted to access the "/req_message" path, which is enough to trigger a "dubious" classification. I've cleared it now, but you might have "a talk" with your browser.15:42
rrq.. it should say "want to" somewhere in that.15:43
scaniatruckerrrq:Thank you. I will try.15:44
scaniatruckerrrq:by the way. My browser is Firefox-esr :)15:45
saptechhello all19:16
saptechI have devuan installed on my system along with a couple of other distros in their own partitions. I haven't used devuan in quite some time and now when I ends up at a prompt19:17
saptechat this time, I'm not able to get the exact error messages. but it seems to not find the boot device /dev/sda819:20
saptechsomeone mention to chroot into it and see if updating devuan will fix the issue. What commands do I run to update it?19:21
saptechwhen I run 'apt-get update' I get this message about, Could not resolve ''19:31
saptechhmmm, it seems my internet is not working, it's a wired connection19:55
saptechenp0s25: <BROADCAST,MULTICAST,UP,LOWER_UP> mtu 1500 qdisc pfifo_fast state UP mode DEFAULT group default qlen 1000    link/ether 00:23:ae:9c:3a:e5 brd ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff19:56
HestbenHi guys. Maybe a noob question. How do I extract the image in the .xz archives, such as devuan_ascii_2.0.0_armel_raspi1.img.xz20:12
TashtariHestben: `xz --decompress filename.xz` if you're on a linux system that has xz installed.  If you're on Windows, 7-zip will do it.20:14
HestbenOh, now reading the README, there were instructions20:14
HestbenTashtari: Thanks20:15
saptechTashtari, any idea why my wired net connection not working while i'm in devuan with chroot?20:30
Tashtarisaptech: Not off the top of my head.  At what point does it stop working?20:32
Hestbensaptech: Are you sure network works in the host system before chrooting?20:32
saptechyes, i'm using it now with host distro20:33
saptechTashtari, as soon as I chroot, but ip show it's UP20:34
saptech# ip link show dev enp0s2520:35
saptech2: enp0s25: <BROADCAST,MULTICAST,UP,LOWER_UP> mtu 1500 qdisc pfifo_fast state UP mode DEFAULT group default qlen 1000   link/ether 00:23:ae:9c:3a:e5 brd ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff20:35
TashtariIt continues working in other terminals?20:35
Tashtari(Ones not chrooted)20:35
Hestbensaptech: ipv6?20:35
Tashtarisaptech: ..Hmm.  Can you ping an IP address, like
saptechI pinged no go, let me try the numbers20:36
Hestbensaptech: then, you don't seem to have an IP address assigned to enp0s2520:36
saptech4.2.2.1 work20:37
TashtariAha.  I'm betting it's because your resolv.conf is not set up properly in the chroot.20:37
TashtariYour adapter works fine but it has no idea what DNS server to talk to to resolve names.20:37
saptechyes, your're right20:38
saptechunder chroot it's showing my old Belkin router, but under the host it's showing my provider20:39
saptechi'm not using the router anymore20:39
saptechdo I set /etc/resolv.conf in chroot to the same as the host?20:42
saptechok I got it sorted out, net is working20:51
saptechnow to reboot. thanks for the help Tashtari, Hestben20:59
saptechwell, the update didn't work21:23
saptechduring booting, I get a bunch of these, Begin: Running /scripts/local-block ... done21:24
saptechthen it say 'gave up waiting for root device'21:24
saptechcheck root. I check root and /etc/cmdline, I think that was it but it did show root device listed as /dev/sda821:25
saptechwhich in the end it say /dev/sda8 does not exist, dropping to shell21:26
saptechany ideas how to fix this?21:27
saptechit is /proc/cmdline21:28
Hestbensaptech: looks like the device enumeration might have changed since you installed grub22:15
Hestbenwhich may be a little work to find out what it should actually be.22:15
Hestbengo searching for grub restoring.22:15
Hestbenupdate-grub and such stuff.22:15
Hestbengood luck, I'm leaving now ...22:16
golinuxsaptech: auto.mirror is deprecated
saptechgolinux, my sources.list is still using jessie. would I change ascii to jesse from the link?22:49
fsmithredsaptech, yes, change 'ascii' to 'jessie' to keep jessie.22:50
fsmithredif you haven't done an update/upgrade since last fall, you might need to do that, or just do 'apt-get install devuan-keyring' before changing sources.list, just to make sure you have the newest keyring.22:53
fsmithredI think the latest is from last october or november.22:53
saptechwell the whole issue is I can't boot normally. I tried chrooting but nothing changed22:54
fsmithredcan you get to a grub menu?22:54
saptechI'm not using devuan's menu, i'm using mageia grub, it's my main OS22:55
fsmithredany grub will work22:55
fsmithredyou could use grub command-line to manually boot devuan22:55
fsmithredor you could add devuan to mageia's boot menu22:55
fsmithredassmuming you can still get to mageia22:56
saptechwhat are the commands? devuan is in mageia's menu. mageia, voidlinux work only devuan have this issue22:56
fsmithredlook at the devuan entry in mageia's grub.cfg22:57
fsmithredmaybe it's wrong (as mentioned, drive order or uuid changed)22:57
fsmithredor play on grub command-line22:58
fsmithredat boot menu, press c22:58
fsmithredthen type...22:58
fsmithredwait - how many hard disks in the box?22:58
saptechone hdd, separate partitions22:59
fsmithredgood, and which partition has devuan?22:59
fsmithreddos partition table, or gpt?22:59
fsmithredand are you using uefi or legacy bios?23:00
fsmithredactually, that last one doesn't matter23:01
fsmithredset root=(hd0,23:01
saptechdos, legacy bios23:01
fsmithredset root=(hd0,msdos8)23:02
fsmithredlinux /vmlinuz ro root=/dev/sda823:02
fsmithredinitrd /initrd23:02
fsmithredinitrd /initrd.img23:02
fsmithredis the correct line23:02
fsmithredyou can use tab-completion23:03
saptechdo I do all this at the boot menu?23:05
saptechand it is grub223:06
fsmithredwhen you type 'c' it will drop you to a grub prompt.23:08
saptechthanks a lot...going to try it23:09
saptechfsmithred, it worked. thank you a thousand times23:23
fsmithredyou're welcome. I learned about grub command line early in my linux use, and I've used it *many* times.23:25
fsmithredand again, you can use tab-completion to help you find the right drive or partition. Hit tab twice and it spits out all the possibilities.23:26
saptechso now ascii is the stable branch? I should do a dist-upgrade23:34
fsmithredyes, ascii is stable. Whether you want to upgrade or not is your choice. I'm still on jessie on two of my three computers.23:41

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