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ServiceRobotdarn, 2.0 isn't in backports either. I may risk ceres in that case00:04
cehtehgolinux: nice00:04
ServiceRobothow functional of a system can I expect from ceres?00:07
ServiceRobotI'm fine taking some risks00:08
gnarfaceServiceRobot: did you look in /usr/share/doc/dnscrypt-proxy?00:30
gnarfacesometimes they include an example init script that's unfinished00:30
RyccardoServiceRobot: at least as far as my experience with debian sid was years ago, the most common problem is that a package may not be installable at a given time because not all dependencies are uploaded00:31
ServiceRobotdosesn't seem like there is an init script in /usr/share/doc/dnscrypt-proxy either. there may be in ceres04:29
ServiceRobotceres is essentially unstable and will never have a release like sid, correct? in that case I could give Beowulf a try but I heard it's a complete mess right now04:30
gnarfaceServiceRobot: yes, ceres corresponds to sid, and i don't see any sane reason for them to change that04:50
gnarfaceServiceRobot: you could also try backporting the ceres version of dnscrypt-proxy to ascii or beowulf04:50
ServiceRobotah, in that case I may take my chances with Beowulf to help with development04:50
ServiceRobotascii backports doesn't have it either04:50
gnarfacethe basic process for backporting hasn't changed from debian.  their documentation on it should still be accurate04:51
ServiceRobotyou mean using ceres backports on ascii? that sounds like the makings of a "FrankenDebian". I'd like to avoid that04:53
gnarfacei mean actually backporting from ceres to ascii yourself04:54
ServiceRoboteh, I think I'll give Beowulf a try and see what happens04:55
gnarfacegood luck, let us know04:56
ServiceRobotI'm probably playing with fire but I do that all the time. lol04:57
gnarfacejust make a backup first04:57
ServiceRobotthis is on a fresh test system. I'm not using it for normal use04:57
ServiceRobotI also plan to use snapper with btrfs snapshots if I need to go back04:58
Hurgotronhm, I wanted to ask if the isc-dhcp-client is known to have issues, but according to the channel logs it has...05:20
Hurgotronunfortunately I see no fix or workaround.05:20
ServiceRobotI was just about to use isc-dhcp-client instead of dhcpcd. what's the problem?05:20
HurgotronServiceRobot: static lease gets a DHCPDECLINE, clients wants a different address.05:24
ServiceRobotyour using ascii?05:24
HurgotronLooks like some kind of race. Rarely it works, and currently I have two IPs on the interface...05:25
Hurgotronascii, yes.05:25
Hurgotronprobably only in combination with OpenWRT, but I can't be arsed to try a different server when it worked before.05:26
HurgotronServiceRobot: search channel logs for DHCPDECLINE, unmy had the same issue.05:27
ServiceRobotwell I'm experimenting with the next release version so maybe it's fixed in that version? don't know05:28
HurgotronI wasted the whole evening on the issue, could have done without that :/05:29
ServiceRobotI waste my evenings doing this crap all the time. I have nothing better to do05:29
Hurgotronsometimes I really want to get other work done and I use Devuan so systemd doesn't get in the way :)05:30
ServiceRobotI want to use devuan to host my web server and game servers05:30
ServiceRobottaking one step at a time05:30
ServiceRobotthere's a lot of moving parts to what I want to set up. it's not just the web server and game servers05:32
ServiceRobotso we'll see what happens05:32
ServiceRobotso I'm testing out openrc 0.34. openrc-init freezes at "starting default runlevel". openrc itself works fine though when paired with sysvinit-core12:06
ServiceRobotnot exactly sure what's causing it to freeze at the moment12:06
HurgotronSo I debugged my isc-dhcp issue from yesterday. Recap: Got a static lease configured on OpenWRT / dnsmasq, this one gets a DHCPDECLINE from Devuan ascii client, clients wants a different address, gets it and then either configures the new address or *both*.14:56
HurgotronI solved it by commenting "allow-hotplug eth0" in /etc/network/interfaces and instead giving "auto eth0"14:58
HurgotronSo it's a hotplug issue, probably more than one configuration going on at once.14:59
HurgotronI lack the time to debug it any further, unfortunately. But I'm willing to run tests if somone know how to debug this, but can't reproduce the issue.15:00
unmyHurgotron, got same with isc client but most of the people were sure that my network/router is the issue15:01
Hurgotronunmy: Ah, you are there. I saw your comments in the logs, very helpful, thanks.15:02
unmyI installed udhcpd and got peace15:02
unmyand hmm I commented allow hotplug and didnt fix it before if I remember good15:03
Hurgotronunmy: My router didn't change and it worked before, so while it *could* be some incompatibility it didn't look likely. And what should the server have to do with the DHCPDECLINE from the client.15:04
unmyand you have to remember that after I think 10 minutes isc dhclient is abble to get proper IP address15:04
unmybut still I had 2 different IP addresses on PC/Laptop interface after that so it didnt solve anything15:05
HurgotronWell, things started working as they should since I replaced "allow-hotplug eth0" with "auto eth0"... no 2 different IPs on the client anymore, no DHCPDECLINE in the router logs.15:06
HurgotronYMMV, of course.15:06
unmyon debian with openrc was same, with systemd it didn't happen15:06
unmyand like you said, you didn't change anything and everything else and all other systems/devices working just fine15:07
unmynot even sure if sending bug to debian could change anything after when you mention that with systemd it works "fine" :/15:10
Hurgotronunmy: Well, it is a problem Devuan specifically has....15:15
HurgotronAbout the allow-hotplug - I'll likely set up another client today and I'll see if I can reproduce.15:16
unmyHurgotron, yep and soon will have more such a problems :/15:17
Centurion_DanHurgotron.. you should file a bug report15:34
HurgotronCenturion_Dan: since unmy couldn't confirm my workaround is effective, I'll first reproduce with another system. And I could need a suggestion where to file it.15:43
Centurion_Danallow-hotplug works for me... perhaps it's driver specific or a kernel bug, or you haven't installed the relevant firmware to get device hotplug support...15:45
unmyCenturion_Dan, with systemd there is no issue, switch to openrc and not working like should15:47
Centurion_Danwhat do you mean by switching?  different install, OS versions>15:48
unmydebian stretch15:48
Centurion_Dandid you do the full migration to Devuan?15:48
unmyI done fresh install of debian stretch and switched to openrc there15:49
unmyafter done fresh install of ascii and same problem like after switch to openrc on debian15:49
Centurion_Danso it's not actually devuan then?15:49
golinuxSo it seems15:49
HurgotronAnd it's probably somewhat dependent on the dhcp server software, too. Whyever.15:50
Centurion_Dandebians openrc is barfed I heard - migrate to devuan if you actually want a working openrc15:50
Centurion_Dananyway it's nearly 2am here... I need to get to bed.15:51
Centurion_Danhi golinux15:51
unmyI done fresh install of devuan ascii and got same problem like in debian stretch openrc, on both openrc was working basicly same because didn't see any other issues from that with isc dhcp client15:52
Centurion_Danunmy: if you switch to sysvinit do you still have the issue?22:49
unmyCenturion_Dan, omg, sorry, I was talking about sysvinit and writing openrc, ofcours it was all about sysvinit22:53
unmymy bad!22:53

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