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g011umthunar freezes when I use shred, anybody else have this problem?03:51
g011umit freezes when I use bleachbit too03:52
g011umwhy do u fucks sit in this channel if u don't talk?04:41
gnarfaceto listen04:43
g011umfor what? NSA fireflies?04:43
g011umu won't find nefarious activity here04:45
Xenguyg011um: IRC ain't what it used to be; and mind your mouth please04:46
g011umumm, sure, now how about that shred/bleachbit issue, any ideas?04:47
g011umI have custom right-click shreds in thunar, works fine in other OSes/Xfce, bleachbit shouldn't freeze up thunar either04:49
XenguyJust use what works, that's my motto anymore04:49
XenguyLinux is like that:  lots of choices, but lots of searching also04:50
g011umit does work, but it freezes up thunar, it's a real-time thunar refresh problem04:50
XenguyI dunno, do some research, or report a bug I suppose?04:51
g011umand pulseaudio as a default is a huge mistake too, I hate being asked in tor to install it, don't like Lennart or Red Shat04:52
XenguyWe used to be so naive and think there was an occasional bug; but then we found out they're everywhere04:52
furrywolfyes.  I would love to see pulse gone.04:52
XenguyPreaching to the choir here04:52
g011umpulse and systemd are by the same author/corporation04:52
g011umpulse in tor is a backdoor, creepy $#1+04:53
g011umI uninstalled pulse, but still manage to have a full set of system sounds, including kb tickity tackity04:54
g011umone more curiosity, ff multi converter is available in rpm based distros, am I gunna have to 'alien' that $#1+ myself or what?04:59
g011umI m guessing it's a dependency issue05:00
g011umsorry for bitching, my neighbor cheezed me off, will try a few things and report back, the thunar freezing is very weird, didn't do it in Devaun 1.0, the systemd cabal is no longer a conspiracy theory, it's the erosion of FOSS from the inside05:05
g011umpeace out05:05
Centurion_DanI hate pulseaudio too... that's why it's always the first thing to be uninstalled...06:05
Centurion_DanOnly problem is xfce no longer has a panel volume control that works for alsa...06:05
furrywolfI would love to have no pulse as one of devuan's goals06:05
furrywolfapulse the volume control?06:06
Centurion_DanI did find a project that provided one but it was written in vala and used a proprietary build tool...06:06
Centurion_Dang011um: "ff multi converter"?? whats that??06:08
Centurion_Dang011um: I find any significant activity in thunar is slow and appears to freeze it until the process is complete....  probably some gnomeish dep that's introduced that behaviour...06:10
golinuxCenturion_Dan: He's gone.06:14
golinuxAn hour vefore you arrived.06:15
Centurion_DanHe'll learn nothing if he doesn't ever lurk for a response....06:15
ServiceRobotello amigos07:32
ServiceRobotare there any getty initscripts available? I can't seem to find an agetty service anywhere07:33
ErRandirI'm on sysvinit and getty is called from /etc/inittab, so no initscript or service needed08:00
ServiceRobotwell I'm testing openrc 0.34, which includes openrc-init08:02
ServiceRobotsince I want to boot openrc directly and avoid sysvinit entirely08:03
ServiceRobotthing is because it boots openrc directly the gettys aren't started08:03
ServiceRobotthere should be an agetty service along with a config file in /etc/conf.d, but conf.d is missing along with the service08:03
ServiceRobotfrom looking at how debian does it, they don't provide these services since they assume I'll be using sysvinit-core?08:05
KatolaZServiceRobot: that is currently the case08:08
ServiceRobotwell that's dumb. it even stays that way in sid and buster. is there any possibility for the devuan devs to support sysvinit independence?08:11
ServiceRobotit actually wouldn't be that hard to add at this point08:12
golinuxServiceRobot: Talk to SteveLitt about alternate init options.  He's done a lot of experimenting.  You'll sometimesfind him on #debianfork08:12
ServiceRobotyou think he's there right now?08:12
KatolaZServiceRobot: any help is appreciated :)08:12
KatolaZsince you are working on it, sharing your results would be useful08:13
ServiceRobotall it would take to get openrc without inittab is an getty initscript08:13
ServiceRobotalso netifrc could be supported as a replacement to ifupdown08:13
ServiceRobotI'll share my findings with him08:13
KatolaZServiceRobot: feel free to shout on DNG as well08:14
KatolaZwe will get there sooner or later08:14
KatolaZand any contribution is welcome08:14
KatolaZServiceRobot: the mailinglist08:14
ServiceRobothow do I contribute? is devuan accepting packages that aren't provided by debian?08:15
KatolaZServiceRobot: sure08:15
KatolaZthey will go in experimental first08:15
ServiceRobotceres you mean?08:16
KatolaZI mean experimental08:17
KatolaZall new packages go in experimental08:17
KatolaZget tested08:17
KatolaZand then percolate down08:17
ServiceRobotwell I just learned a new word. I guess experimental isn't public then?08:18
KatolaZit is08:19
KatolaZhow could people test packages in there if it were hidden? :)08:19
ServiceRobotnot exactly sure how I would enable "experimental" if it's not a release?08:20
KatolaZServiceRobot: it's a suite, not a release08:27
KatolaZyou just include it as you would include "ascii-updates"08:27
KatolaZonly, it's under /devuan, not under /merged08:27
KatolaZlook for "experimental"08:29
ServiceRobotI assume pkgmaster is just a mirror?08:30
KatolaZthere is no pkgmaster on that page08:31
ServiceRobotright, but on another tutorial I used on the site it used as the repo link08:32
KatolaZServiceRobot: is the recommended one08:33
KatolaZit's a pool of mirrors08:33
ServiceRobotso runit works perfectly fine since it uses its own getty scripts as well. I actually prefer runit over openrc so I'll use that instead. I hope I can help improve support before the next release09:07
gnarfacecan i get an invite back into #devuan-arm?14:33
aslan8649Handbrake in ascii is at 0.10.X in beowulf it is 1.1.1. how stable is Beowulf?15:42
aslan8649ToffeeYogurtPots, that is a unique nickname15:43
aslan8649anyone here and awake?15:46
gnarfaceit's safe to assume beowulf is not currently stabel15:48
aslan8649any guesstimate when Beowulf will be released15:57
aslan8649How tightly coupled is Devuan to Debian release time schedule?15:58
gnarfaceno estimates15:58
gnarfaceonly thing i can tell you for sure is it won't be *before* debian's release15:59
aslan8649gnarface, okay thank you15:59
aslan8649so if debian sticks to their past history, buster will not be released until summertime 201916:02
aslan8649debian appears to be on a two year cycle.16:02
gnarfacethat's just the approximate amount of time it always takes to clean it up16:03
gnarfaceit's not predetermined in any way16:03
gnarfacethe primary factor is volunteer participation16:04
gnarface(which varies much more wildly for devuan)16:04
aslan8649that is understandable16:04
aslan8649i barely keep my own things running without trying to do volunteer stuff anymore.16:05
aslan8649too old, too many medical issues.16:05
g011umI will never surrender to the corporate backed spyware cabal16:48
Leandermy laptop's ext4fs went nuts, got remounted read-only, I couldn't do anything (system utilities failed to start) so I had to reboot, but now of course, there's nothing in the log16:58
gnarfacegood ol' ext416:59
gnarfacereliable as ever16:59
Leanderyes, "why is that still a thing?"16:59
gnarfacei dunno17:00
gnarfacei stopped using it17:00
Leanderit is still the default fs, so I kept it during install, but now of course I regret17:01
MinceRi switched from ext3 to ext4 when the kernel developers decided ext4 was so mature they threw out ext317:02
MinceR(still needs the nodelalloc option to not be retarded though)17:02
gnarfacesometimes it seems to just be allergic to cheap SD cards, but there's also a known issue with the e2fs tools version in jessie that causes this on filesystems made with later versions17:02
gnarface(and it's not immediately apparent; the corruption can happen days or weeks later)17:04
gnarfacefrankly i think it's also fairly hard on flash17:05
gnarfacei mean, journaling filesystems are known to be, but i think ext4 is significantly worse somehow17:05
G40greetings. new here. so when I read about devuan in the register some good while back I smiled and rolled my eyes. This morning, trying to assemble a Ub* RFS for an embedded ARM 64 gadget clarity struck me like a gold club18:52
G40so thanks all.18:52
G40the SDK thingies look well cool - has anyone else done work on Arm64?18:54
gnarfacework, no, not really, but i've booted devuan on a pinebook18:56
gnarfacethat's arm6418:56
SuicideJunkieI'm getting a 404 when trying to install the imagemagick package through synaptic.  Has something happened recently?23:23
SuicideJunkieAh, never mind, it was just my local settings.23:31
SuicideJunkieA little caffeine helps a lot.23:32

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