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crimson_kingI ran 'sudo rm /etc/rc3.d/S02mysql' to disable the service (so it doesn't start automatically), but it didn't work and now those files were lost forever in vain. What is the correct way to disable/enable services and how to recover the file I deleted?00:55
crimson_kingin short, how to disable a service with sysvinit?00:56
KatolaZcrimson_king: the original file is still in /etc/init.d/00:57
crimson_kingall right00:57
KatolaZ/etc/rc?.d have only symlinks00:57
KatolaZcrimson_king: you should use update-rc.d00:57
crimson_kinguse update-rc.d? sorry, how use it?00:58
KatolaZthat's a command...00:59
KatolaZyou use it by running it00:59
crimson_kingright, hehe, sorry I imagined it was some path, because of .d01:00
XenguyThere used to be some easier tools than update-rc.d , but I don't even actually know the status of any of them anymore.  Been too long since I used any.02:44
Pr0metheusI had only epiphany-browser and palemoon (manually installed), I tried to remove epiphany-browser and installed firefox-esr. Now if I try to remove firefox-esr it wants to install epiphany back:P13:36
Pr0metheusnever thought libreoffice-help would require epiphany-browser or firefox-esr or chromium!13:56
mescalito_Hello! Is Devuan using own repos or Debian's?13:58
mescalito_Nvm, found an answer :)14:00
XenguyPr0metheus: For palemoon, are you using the bzip'd tarball?16:51
Pr0metheusxenguy no I've connected to a repository, I solved the removal of other browsers by removing the help files of libre office16:52
XenguySounds good16:53
Pr0metheusyeap thanks:)16:53
Pr0metheusis clamtk any good? is it useful?21:07
buZzi dont see much use to linux AV , no21:09
buZzunless you're running a mailserver for some windows users21:09
Pr0metheusok thanks21:10
buZzPr0metheus: behaviour is a way better virus deterrent then any AV tool21:12
buZzaka, run webbrowser in a jail setup , dont store passwords , etc21:12
Pr0metheusI agree21:12
buZzfirejail is nice21:12
nacelleheh, i like knowing when someone has sent a virus, even if it wont impact me21:13
buZznacelle: if you do 'normal consumer' and click around in linux, you might end up with a system that can execute .exe or .vbs attachments21:13
buZz(wine and that kernel support for it)21:13
buZzso, behaviour will always remain important21:14
buZzfor instance, if you install ubuntu and just enter-enter-enter-next finish21:15
nacelletalk about not knowing your audience :-)21:15
* nacelle giggles and wanders off21:15
buZzhey might not be for you specifically , the audience is 'all the lurkers'21:15
nacellethen dont address me!21:15
buZzwhy, you joined the conversation21:16
buZzwith a helpful pointer on how some ppl might not be aware of being possibly impacted21:16
Pr0metheusfirejail is a nice suggestion21:17
Pr0metheusI installed firetools, so I don't forget its existance:P21:17
buZzmost virusses run really shitty in wine though :P try to overwrite some libaries that dont exist , etc :P21:17
buZzPr0metheus: \o/21:18
buZzi did find a .scr virus once , or well, a cryptocurrency miner pretending to be a 'cool screensaver'21:18
buZzwhich worked flawlessly in wine21:18
buZzwe found that .scr on a public FTP at cccongress :P21:19
Pr0metheuswell I had 1-2 times a virus in my system in 20 years of windows usage, it's a matter of how you run it21:19
buZzso probably person who was behind it was also there21:19
buZzhmhm, my last virus that i know of was back in msdos days21:20
Pr0metheusI think those viruses were real viruses, now it's mostly scripting21:20
buZzbut i only ran windows from ~96 till ~9921:20
sixwheeledbeastAnti-virus is too late really, you are already infected...21:20
buZzWinME was enough to make me go full-on linux21:21
buZzsixwheeledbeast: there's a rumor that mcafee, to sell his first AV copies, actually produced and released virusses in the wild to companies he would visit21:21
Pr0metheuswell tried linux in 1996 and the gui crashed constantly...then back to windows until 10 came out. But you can't leave windows, there are so many specialized applications missing21:22
buZzi could leave windows just fine21:22
buZzbut most specialized software i have is just stuff i wrote21:22
Pr0metheusif you are only in computer science yes21:22
sixwheeledbeastI wouldn't be surprised21:22
buZzPr0metheus: i never had a education really21:23
Pr0metheuswell if you are civil engineer there is no CAD software in linux21:23
sixwheeledbeastTo find a virus you have to know and locate it, so AV is too late. I can see ClamAV/TK being useful for some applications tho.21:23
buZzPr0metheus: hehe yeah, but wine is really good nowadays21:24
buZzwine 3.x has directx11 support even (iirc)21:24
buZzor 12?21:24
buZzand, can even render directx to vulkan21:24
buZzfor supreme speeds21:24
Pr0metheusuh tried wine, then installed all applications in a virtual machine21:24
buZzthe wine in devuan is still pretty old compared to upstream wine21:25
Pr0metheustried wine in debian stretch last year21:25
buZzyep, same thing21:25
Pr0metheusyou got a good memory:P21:26
buZzi hope so , it costed a sweet penny21:26
Pr0metheustoday I switched from evolution back to thunderbird, wanted to get rid of gnome keyring but then skypeforlinux stopped me:P21:26
buZzoo skype, nice , thats the voicechat that even does speech-to-text on serverside, according to snowden :P21:27
Pr0metheuswell all my colleagues and friends use it, making them switch is like starting a new distro:P21:27
buZzall my friends use irc, much easier :)21:28
Centurion_Dansixwheeledbeast: I used to use clamav as a filter on smtp servers I used to run.22:00
Centurion_Danwhen skype dropped support for alsa, it became too hard to be bothered with letting the NSA listen to my conversations... all 5 of them...22:03
andi89giHey everybody:) How are you?23:56
gnarfacenobody does small talk on irc andi89gi23:59

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