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cmplstofBIs system requirements for Devuan desktop the same as that of Debian desktop?05:35
hoshinekoI think so, should be ye05:48
cmplstofBO.K. thank you, hoshineko05:49
cmplstofBBTW, are you Japanese? If not, I'm very sorry about it.05:50
cmplstofBoh, sorry05:59
OmegaPhilnice cat12:50
FlibberTGibbethi. a devuan pc on my lan specifies another local machine as its primary DNS server (running bind9, working i believe) in /etc/resolv.conf. the router is the secondary nameserver. when I use dig or nslookup though, the router is the server used unless i specify otherwise. any idea what i might be doing wrong?16:22
FlibberTGibbetah, donuts. using the wrong subnet number. as you were :)16:24
* FlibberTGibbet facepalms16:24
FlibberTGibbetcan dhcp-client overwrite /etc/resolv.conf, by any chance?16:27
djphpretty sure that's what it's supposed to do16:28
KatolaZFlibberTGibbet: yes, it definitely would16:28
KatolaZunless the file is chattr +a, for instance16:28
FlibberTGibbetaha. just noticed that the original typo was in my router config, which might explain why the error kept coming back like a late-night cheese sandwich16:28
FlibberTGibbetthanks djph16:29
FlibberTGibbetthank KatolaZ, might do exactly that16:29
FlibberTGibbetw00t. amended the router's entry and all working much better now.16:30
FlibberTGibbettype in haste, debug at leisure :)16:30
stqnlate night cheese sandwiches come back? I'll have to be careful16:34
FlibberTGibbetvery quickly indeed if they also contain pickled onions. lesson learned...16:35
DeFender1031FlibberTGibbet, donuts and late night cheese sandwiches... hungry much?16:37
FlibberTGibbetDeFender1031: trying to shed kilos, therefore unconsciously obsessed :)16:41
JudicialWatchheyo, got an issue18:09
golinuxJoin the club18:10
JudicialWatchat boot i have networking set to start, and wlan0 starts trying to get a dhcp lease, but then usb disconnects and reconnects18:10
JudicialWatchit usually ends up working, but is there a way to delay networking to start after this...usb thing, im not sure why the usb devices are there, then they go away for a split second...probably something to do with boot18:10
JudicialWatchive had it not work once, so its not reliable if the dhcp script fails because the usb device goes away for a second (must be doing something in boot)18:11
JudicialWatchits getting a SuprisedRemoved(1) status18:13
JudicialWatchhmm i think "pre-up sleep 15s" should work18:16
errandir_could be that bringing the network device up causes newer firmware to be loaded for wlan0, which could then trigger the usb reset18:19
JudicialWatchyea could be...the sleep didnt work at boot18:23
JudicialWatchdidnt help...18:23
JudicialWatchmade it worse actually :)18:24
JudicialWatchwireless at boot is totally unreliable18:26
fsmithredif you're using /etc/network/interfaces, are you using 'auto' or 'allow-hotplug'?18:26
JudicialWatchallow-hotplug for wireless usb18:27
fsmithredmaybe try auto18:27
JudicialWatchit works sometimes18:27
JudicialWatchbut i need it to work every time18:27
fsmithredallow-hotplug has udev bring up the interface, auto has ifup/down do it18:28
JudicialWatchi heard that the system wont boot though if i use auto and remove the usb18:28
JudicialWatchi dont need an unbootable system if the wireless usb is removed18:29
fsmithredit might hang for awhile trying to get a dhcp offer, but in my experience, ctrl-c will cancel that18:29
JudicialWatchthese are headless machines18:29
fsmithredthat makes it trickier to test stuff18:30
JudicialWatchwell im testing it now18:30
JudicialWatchonce i get it 100% reliable i wont have to test anymore18:30
JudicialWatchim testing auto to confirm18:32
JudicialWatchfsmithred: looks like it boots fine without it connected18:35
JudicialWatchnow im just going to reboot it like 10 times to make sure wireless always comes up when it is connected and i should be good18:36
JudicialWatchbut it looks like the default route doesnt update if i bring down eth018:38
JudicialWatchid expect wlan0 to become default route18:38
JudicialWatchlikewise if i disconnect ethernet, traffic doesnt default to going out wlan018:40
JudicialWatchhow can i make it so that both default routes are added18:42
KatolaZJudicialWatch: I am not sure that's what you want under all conditions18:43
fsmithredwould it work to set eth0 to allow hotplug and only plug in the network cable if you need it?18:45
JudicialWatchuh, if im working on a device over ethernet, and i set up its wireless, then i disconnect the ethernet cable18:45
JudicialWatchits offline18:46
JudicialWatchbecause the route doesnt update18:46
JudicialWatchit has an ip and everything but it cant find the internet18:46
fsmithredmaybe you can do what you want with custom scripts under /etc/network/if*.d dirs.18:51
JudicialWatchip route show shows18:52
fsmithredor in interfaces.d18:52
JudicialWatchdevault via dev eth0 linkdown18:52
fsmithredI have very little experience messing with routes, so I probably don't know the right answer18:53
JudicialWatchwhat would people do with a laptop18:53
JudicialWatchhook into ethernet, configure wireless, disconnect ethernet18:53
JudicialWatchno internet18:53
fsmithredI run wicd on my laptop18:53
fsmithredyeah, something like that18:53
KatolaZJudicialWatch: people should just rerun dhclient :)18:54
JudicialWatchit has to be automated, and reliable18:54
JudicialWatchjust wondering why it doesnt say, linkdown, why not use the other gateway18:54
KatolaZplease send patches :)18:55
JudicialWatchtwo dhcps = 2 gateways18:55
JudicialWatchKatolaZ: patches for what18:55
KatolaZ(that work in all possible situations)18:55
JudicialWatchKatolaZ: what am i patching exactly18:55
JudicialWatchlink me to where the bug is18:55
KatolaZI don't know18:55
KatolaZyou suggested that there was something to be fixed18:56
KatolaZ18:55 < JudicialWatch> it has to be automated, and reliable18:56
JudicialWatchyeah i just need to keep internet through the wlan when i disconnect eth18:56
JudicialWatchor vice versa18:56
JudicialWatchboth have dhcp gateways, but i guess it throws away one of them and never uses it?18:56
KatolaZif you are sure this is what you want, you should put appropiate pre-up/post-down in /etc/network/interfaces18:57
KatolaZI don't know how to do it in wicd/network-manager/whatever18:57
KatolaZI know that I have never been able to let it work reliably18:58
KatolaZwithout using /etc/network/interfaces directly18:58
KatolaZall automation with network stuff will eventually *suck*18:58
JudicialWatchthis is pretty basic though18:58
KatolaZI told you what I would do18:58
KatolaZwhich is pretty basic18:58
JudicialWatchim not sure what is appropriate pre-up/post-down18:59
fsmithredthis might get you started:
fsmithredthat came up on a search for 'custom ifupdown scripts'19:02
JudicialWatchso when one goes down i have to tell the other one to become defualt route?19:03
JudicialWatchthat doesnt sound right19:03
JudicialWatchon slackware it worked out of the box19:04
JudicialWatchmaybe it isnt working because the wlan and eth have the same gateway ip19:06
JudicialWatchill try it with different networks19:06
fsmithredJudicialWatch, two possible solutions here:
JudicialWatchi set a metric 10 and metric 20, for cost path routing, and have two gateways with different metrics, but it still tries to go out the linkdown interface @_@19:15
JudicialWatchshouldnt it go to a higher metric when the lower is linkdown ?19:15
fsmithredI have no idea.19:22
JudicialWatchgot it working19:29
JudicialWatchi set wlan0 to metric 0, and eth0 to metric 1019:29
JudicialWatchnow i can hotplug eth or wlan and it keeps pinging19:30
JudicialWatcheverything works in fact, so if you want it to work for you just use allow hotplug on eth0 and wlan0, and set eth0 to metric 10, and wlan0 to metric 0.  you can boot with nothign connected, and plug wireless and wired in and both get online, then you can ping to the itnernet, and disconnect wireless or wired and it keeps pinging20:09
JudicialWatchthen you can plug them back in or w/e and it all works20:09
JudicialWatchno patches or scripts required20:09
fsmithredwhat happens if you boot with both plugged in?20:10
JudicialWatchthey both get an ip20:10
JudicialWatchit just prefers the wireless for traffic by default20:10
JudicialWatchwhich is fine for me, as long as it stays online20:11
JudicialWatchim gonna try making eth default (lower metric)20:12
JudicialWatchlower, but not zero.  eth is metric 10, wireless is metric 20 for this test20:13
JudicialWatchnope it doesnt like that20:16
JudicialWatchonly works when wireless is a lower metric, but seems to cover all situations with this configuration20:16
leventehey, can I somehow install gcc7 from the repos and not manually compile it21:20
gnarfaceyes, it's possible.  you should use a chroot.21:26
gnarfacegcc7 is in ceres, but not ascii-backports21:27
gnarfaceif you install the gcc7 packages from ceres to ascii you will make a mess of your install21:27
gnarfacebut if you debootstrap ceres into a chroot, you can install gcc7 safely within that21:27
gnarface(should work for cross-compiling too)21:28
gnarfacebuilding it yourself will take up less space but won't necessarily take less time21:29
leventechrooting and all that stuff is a mess, I will just delete the ones installed by the package manager and manually install it ffs21:31
gnarfacei really wouldn't recommend that21:31
gnarfacechrooting is really much less of a mess because you can do it without corrupting your package dependency hierarchy21:32
leventewhat a mess21:32
gnarfacewell you could still try to backport it yourself. maybe it's not that bad...21:32
leventeI don't know enough about debian/devuan to do that21:33
gnarfacewell the process is fairly simple if it works21:34
gnarfacebut if it doesn't work on the first try there's nothing i can really do to help21:34
gnarfacewhereas the chroot approach will definitely work21:34
gnarfacewhat do you need 7 for anyway?21:34
leventecompiling some git projects21:35
gnarfacedon't mess up your install for this dude.  use a chroot.21:35
leventehow can I use different configs in a chroot21:36
leventeDo I install a separate OS in a damn chroot21:36
gnarfacewell it'll be a separate everything but the kernel21:36
gnarfaceall the rest of the configs will be separate21:36
leventeI have never in my life done that, seems interesting though21:36
gnarfaceit's fun21:36
gnarfacei can walk you through it21:37
leventethat'd be a bit of unecesarry spam, thanks for the offer though21:37
gnarfacealright.  suit yourself.  you'd need about 400MB space minimum for proof-of-concept.  probably 2GB-4GB free for a build environment21:37
gnarfacei mostly use it for cross-compiling21:38
leventeI think I will install a debian system in that chroot, because so much stuff supports it out of the box21:38
gnarfacethe nice thing is stuff you do in there won't touch the host system's package tree21:39
gnarfacein theory it could be any linux distro compatible with the host's kernel version21:39
gnarfacei've really never tried it with systemd involved though so i dunno what that'll do21:39
leventeah true21:42
leventeI don't think the init system has an effect on it though21:42
gnarfaceit shouldn't, systemd also pollutes authentication and permissions21:43
gnarfacedevice permissions i dunno what will happen21:43
gnarfacethere might be unforseen gotchas with diverging defaults21:44
JudicialWatchone issue is that every hour when new dhcpreleases are requested, i guess they go out the wrong interface or something because both interfaces get new ips...probably mostly because they are on the same network with same gateway address....23:48
JudicialWatchill setup a guest wireless to see if the problem goes away23:48
JudicialWatchcould also be that i had lots of leases in the /var/lib/dhcp/ files, probably conflicting leases for the same ips on different interfaces...i cleared the files out also23:58

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