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alexandros_cgood day, does devuan support uefi installs? If so, what is the procedure for such an install?00:01
gnarfacealexandros_c: i *think* the answer is yes and disable secure boot?00:04
alexandros_cgnarface, what about the procedure?00:06
gnarfaceotherwise should be the same as any other install00:06
gnarfaceif you care about secure boot and your hardware supports adding your own keys you could do that instead00:07
gnarfacewhich installer image are you using?00:08
alexandros_cwith the livecd are you able yto choose the desktop environment that you want o install?00:12
gnarfaceno, the livecd's installer is quite limited00:12
gnarfaceit basically just copies the live install00:12
alexandros_cok I already have a net install iso00:13
alexandros_cgnarface, thanks for your help00:18
gnarfaceno problem alexandros_c00:21
gnarfacejust fyi though you know there's nothing you can't change after install00:21
gnarfaceyou could always use a livecd installer then change the desktop environment later00:21
alexandros_cI yeah I know that but I am not looking for extra work00:22
gnarfacefair enough00:24
golinuxalexandros_c: Default desktop on the desktop-live isos is xfce.00:49
* Xenguy recommends MATE instead, due to habitual thinking ...00:50
golinuxThat's not an option on the desktop-live00:50
XenguyBut XFCE is fine too of course, linux has always been, viva la difference00:50
XenguyI thought he was going to use the netinstall?00:51
golinuxIt is in the expert install.00:51
XenguyChoose what ye will00:51
golinux<alexandros_c> with the livecd are you able yto choose the desktop environment that you want o install?00:51
Xenguy18:14 < alexandros_c> ok I already have a net install iso00:52
Xenguy^^ touche00:52
golinuxLOL!  I didn't get that far / / /00:53
XenguyThe Devil is in the details, always >: -)>00:53
XenguySpeaking of the Devil...00:53
alexandros_cso can you install the de of your choice from the livecd?01:35
djphif "the de of your choice" is on the install media01:37
alexandros_cdjph, cinnamon?01:37
djphmight be.  i run mate tho01:41
golinuxalexandros_c: No.  Only from the netinstall.  Livecd has limited space.01:43
alexandros_cthanks, golinux03:08
alexandros_cwhat is the default init system on devuan?05:49
agrishas anyone tried setting up wireless in /etc/network/interfaces?08:43
agrisI'm encountering numerous bugs08:43
agrisfor example if i try to set the link MTU Devuan think's it's an ipv6 parameter and fails08:44
agrisalso there is no way to set HT08:44
agrisI've been looking into it. It appears /etc/network/interfaces is using iwconfig, rather than iw. Wasn't iwconfig deprecated in the 90s? 1999 or something?08:45
agrisIn the mean time i've had to hack in some pre-up scripts08:45
agriscan someone please let me know if something is indeed seriously wrong or i'm just doing something incorrect08:46
agrison an unrelated note, is it possible to use a newer kernel? Perhaps one that supports the latest batman-adv networking protocols?08:47
agrisis Devuan's wireless configuration just completely busted?08:50
KatolaZagris: you can use a backport kernel, if you like09:02
agrishow would i go about doing that?09:02
agrisi also see undocumented options in iw09:06
agrisiw set type p2p-go09:06
KatolaZagris: you should add ascii-backports to sources.list09:07
KatolaZ(I suppose you are on ascii)09:07
KatolaZthe just add ascii-backports09:08
KatolaZapt-get update09:08
KatolaZand then install a newer kernel09:08
agrisI've never done that in Devuan before09:09
agriswhat is the package-name?09:09
KatolaZascii-backports is a suite09:09
KatolaZa repository09:09
KatolaZnot a package09:09
KatolaZ(/etc/apt/sources.list contains the list of repositories)09:10
kyle__Do backports in devuan work the same as in deb?19:25
kyle__Groovy.  Thanks19:26
lead_dipperhaving trouble getting steam running...I need three different 32bit libs... anyone know a quick and dirty way to install them?21:15
pav5088lead_dipper, dunno...  Doesn't dpkg --add-architecture i386 work?21:17
lead_dippernot if the package is already installed I guess :\21:19
lead_dipperoof, using ubuntu has ruined me21:19
lead_dipperI've forgotten a lot I shouldn't have21:19
gnarfacelead_dipper: if you ran `dpkg --add-architecture i386` first, then you can install the 32-bit version of any package by appending ":i386" to the name21:26
gnarfacelead_dipper: (well, you also have to make sure to run `apt-get update` but THEN it will work)21:27
lead_dipperah ok I thought that hadn't worked - but now I see I did it out of order21:27
gnarfaceif you're using nvidia, steam needs libgl1-nvidia-glx:i38621:28
gnarfaceif you tried to install that without enabling multi-arch first, it may have removed the 64-bit one, which might actually drive you insane if you didn't notice doing it21:29
gnarface(because at that point, steam would work along with about half the games, but all the other opengl stuff on your system would probably break)21:29
gnarfacesimilar steps need to be taken for Intel/AMD/MESA gpus but i forget the exact package names involved, sorry21:30
lead_dipperhm, no install candidate for that nvidia package21:37
lead_dipperdoes it come with the proprietary driver? I could just install it again21:38
gnarfaceno, don't reinstall21:39
gnarfacethe proprietary driver is just in non-free21:39
gnarfacei assumed you would have enabled it already if you were using nvidia drivers21:39
gnarfaceby default it actually loads the open source driver for nvidia cards21:39
gnarfacedo you know the proper way to add contrib and non-free sections of the repo to your /etc/apt/sources.list?21:41
gnarfacethose would probably be on by default for ubuntu too, but for this it would have depended on your installation choices21:41
lead_dipperah, just append contrib and non-free after 'main'?21:43
gnarfacelead_dipper: yea, just like that21:48
gnarfacelead_dipper: (then `apt-get update` again)21:48
lead_dippergood good, new error! making progress! :D21:50
lead_dipperlooks like I'll need to probably reinstall proprietary nvidia since I probably did not build 32bit compat libs last time I ran the installer21:51
gnarfacealways make sure you install nvidia proprietary drivers from the repo; the shell script from breaks things21:52
lead_dipperWow I think that's it, that worked. Steam's running. Time to make a new personal Refracta snapshot.22:23

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