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xrogaanat last, debian people updated firefox esr to 60.00:45
AlexJones2024why not waterfox00:48
AlexJones2024ive found firefox and chrome are the worst browsers in existence, but i do webdev and such00:48
xrogaan'cause it's a joke00:56
xrogaanwaterfox is a fork of firefox by one individual. Most of what he's doing is backporting upstream changes.00:57
xrogaanI don't trust that individual more than mozilla. Why should I?00:58
AlexJones2024xrogaan: 1) never trust mozilla01:02
AlexJones2024they fire people over their personal voting01:02
AlexJones2024they sold out to google01:02
AlexJones2024lots of reasons01:02
AlexJones2024guy they fired has made Brave browser now01:03
xrogaanShut up, you trust your banker and the system that allows you to shop at a mall. If you want to make a stand, start where it counts.01:04
AlexJones2024i dont shop at malls01:04
AlexJones2024and i use a credit union01:04
AlexJones2024and im about to cancel all my mastercards01:04
AlexJones2024and by my first house with cash01:04
AlexJones2024go be a sheep somewhere else01:04
AlexJones2024commie scab01:05
AlexJones2024woops wrong window01:29
yellyFishhello. i've been searching for the snapd package but can't find it. am missing something?03:12
golinuxyellyFish: Yes you are.  It's is a banned package which requires systemd03:31
yellyFishwhy? not that i absolutely need it but wanted to install something more easilty that i found in snapcraft.io03:35
yellyFishmicropolis to be specific, i think the version in devuan is an old one03:41
gnarfaceyellyFish: do you know of a newer version?03:59
gnarfacethis is supposed to be the official version isn't it?04:00
yellyFishlast change was like a month ago04:00
gnarfacemaybe a fork?04:01
yellyFishi think but i found this git that is more updated04:01
yellyFishnot sure if a fork or just the git for the source code04:01
gnarfacei would use the version in the repo first unless it proves to have something wrong with it04:01
gnarfacejudging from this donhopkins page it hasn't been updated since 2007 and my best guess is that's what is in the repo04:02
yellyFishyeah, i am trying to compile but i am missing yacc04:02
gnarfacedid you try `apt-get build-dep micropolis`04:03
gnarfacemight make it easier04:03
gnarfacethe deps for the debian package and their source shouldn't be very different04:04
yellyFish'E: You must put some 'source' URIs in your sources.list'04:04
gnarfacejust for every "deb" line add a "deb-src" line04:04
gnarfacelike this^04:05
gnarfaceyou can get the source package from the repo too and build it directly if you wanted04:05
gnarface`apt-get source micropolis`04:05
yellyFishbut is the repo updated from the git?04:07
yellyFishbtw, still not working build-dep.04:08
xrogaando you need the update?04:08
yellyFishi mean i would love to play the newest version :). i am in the process of building it, just need this yacc package, not sure wich is it04:10
gnarfaceyellyFish: you re-ran `apt-get update` after changing the sources.list file, right?04:12
yellyFishgnarface: no. i did not... doing it now04:13
yellyFishthat was it04:15
gnarfacethe source package from the repo might then just build as easily as `dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc` but i can't speak for that git directory you found04:17
yellyFishused this guide
yellyFishit worked perfectly04:18
yellyFishjust got a cheeky complain from the game Darn, X display ":0" claims to support the shared memory extension,04:19
yellyFishbut is too lame to support shared memory pixmaps, so Micropolis will run slower.04:19
yellyFishPlease complain to your X server vendor, The X.Org Foundation04:19
yellyFishlol. not sure if that's normal from using xorg or i am missing something but the game works04:20
gnarfaceif that's something you know your hardware can do, it's possible you're using the wrong video driver to enable it04:22
yellyFishprobably because i am using noveau with my nvidia card. but i tried to install nvidia-drivers and couldn't make them work, i don't want to try again04:28
gnarfacecheck the support for the version04:32
gnarfacea bunch more cards were recently deprecated04:33
gnarfaceyou might have to switch to the legacy nvidia driver to get it to behave04:33
xrogaanyou can compile the software yourself, if the new version doesn't requires new libraries.04:34
gnarfacethis is the version he's compiled himself04:34
xrogaanoh, sorry04:34
xrogaanThere is a more recent version of nouveau in the backports04:36
gnarfacethat could actually help too in theory.  i just don't know04:37
gnarfaceif the card is older than a 500 series, he'll need either good luck with nouveau or good luck that the game will tolerate the legacy proprietary driver04:37
gnarfacethat's for ascii04:38
gnarfacei think it's cut off at the 600 series for unstable04:38
gnarfacealso, with nouveau i think sometimes certain stuff can be fixed with mesa updates04:39
xrogaanyellyFish: if you got an error, please copy the output and paste it somewhere like dpaste.com04:39
xrogaanthe more information you give, the better.04:39
xrogaanLike, is your driver properly loaded?04:39
xrogaanDo you have a integrated gpu thing?04:39
xrogaanthat kind of stuff.04:40
LiekeIs the eudev on Ceres now usable or should I still install the version from Ascii?10:28
guglicapI'm having an issue with apt pinning, I pinned ascii with a higher priority than beowulf, but it's trying to upgrade some packages (not all of them) to testing anyway10:51
CmdrWglsHowdy all.  Need a little help.17:51
CmdrWglsUsed to Debian.  Trying to find out which repo contains "snapd".  Tried a package search, couldn't figure out which repo to add.  Almost certainly my fault.  Help?17:52
golinuxOops.  Misfire18:22
unixman_homeIANAD, but. From my searching and looking at the github source, it appears that snapd requires parts of sy*md to work. So, it is not likely to be in a sy*md-free Linux.19:06
golinuxunixman_home: He didn't stay around long enough to get an answer.  Yes, snapd is on the banned list19:40
XenguyHuh, Ubuntu19:51
XenguyTried it for a year (drank the koolaid), then went back to Debian19:52
XenguyNo interest in their snapd19:52
yellyFishhey waddup. i have been messing with font config and i don't know what to use. what options do you guys use?21:10
MinceRslight hinting, no subpixel hinting22:24
Pr0metheusis anyone using the linux-libre kernel?22:55
yellyFishdoes anyone know how to disable antialiasing without fonts looking like shit in web explorers? maybe changing fonts or something?23:43
gnarfaceyou know what antialiasing is for, right?23:47
gnarfaceyou can change the way the hints work between a couple legacy options and the new way, or you can turn it off23:48
gnarfacea fundamental of the way truetype fonts work though is the anti-aliasing and hinting23:48
gnarfacewithout, it's the definition of jaggy edges and bitmaps23:48
gnarfacechanging fonts really may help though, depending on the font... some of them were designed for the old hinting type, or no hinting optimization whatsoever23:49
gnarfacesome of the newer ones though are designed using more advanced methods, and with LCD screens in mind23:49
yellyFishi have hinting enabled but don't like antialiasing, makes font blurry but also don't like how default fonts used in firefox look23:57

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