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gnarfacewell it's easy to fix the default fonts00:04
gnarfacejust install some better fonts00:04
yellyFishany recommendations?00:06
gnarfaceare you used to the windows ones, is that the problem?00:06
gnarfacethey're in some package in contrib or non-free... i forget exactly what it's called00:07
gnarfacesomething about core web fonts or some crap00:07
gnarfacebut there's so many options00:07
gnarfacei like the bitstream ones but i don't think they're the most popular00:07
gnarfacetry these commands00:08
gnarface`apt-cache search ttf-`00:08
gnarface`apt-cache search fonts-`00:08
gnarfacethat should show you most of them but there may be others...00:08
gnarfaceit will probably show you a couple things that are not fonts too, sorry about that... don't just blindly install every package that gets listed00:12
gnarfaceoh and FYI you can change the hinting with `dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig-config`00:18
gnarfacei think that should still work anyway00:18
yellyFishyeah i did00:19
gnarface   - this page says to do it like `dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig fontconfig-config` to regenerate caches00:20
gnarface(i know that's a debian wiki link but none of that should be different in devuan)00:21
golinuxWhy is synaptic showing me upgrades for linux-image-4.9 etc. from bpo even though I do not have bpo enabled in my source.list?01:17
golinuxI've never seen that before.01:18
gnarfaceforgot to run apt-get update after taking it out of your sources.list?01:25
gnarfaceor it's in one of the sources.list.d/ files01:25
gnarfaceor it's already installed...01:25
gnarfaceno i guess that wouldn't be it01:25
gnarfaceoh, it could be in your cache maybe01:25
gnarfaceif you had started installing it then canceled before it completed maybe?01:26
golinuxgnarface: I did it the old-fashioned way and got it sorted.02:08
golinuxThe bpo kernel upgrades weren't listed in the update and disappeared from synaptic after the upgrade was finished.02:10
golinuxMust be a synaptic issue02:11
yellyFishnow this is wierd. yesterday i installed micropolis and it worked fine but now i can't make the heatmap work in the minimap...02:47
yellyFishi am not sure what i changed02:48
yellyFishmessing around it seems to work but sometimes03:00
xrogaanfor some reason, x-www-browser launch chromium instead of firefox for some apps, and I have no idea why.07:18
xrogaanI assume it's because of the session, but if that's the case it's stupid.07:18
xrogaanI made some changes in the alternative, restored the original firefox instead of the one I installed myself.07:19
xrogaanbut for some reason the system doesn't recognize it properly07:19
xrogaanyeah, so, not x-www-browser but xdg-open07:20
xrogaanbecause of this nonsense: $ xdg-settings get default-web-browser07:21
xrogaanWhy does it store a stupid .desktop file. NONSENSE.07:21
xrogaanHonest, I forgot about xdg-open07:26
gnarfacexrogaan: x-www-browser is defined by the "alternatives" system... it isn't different from debian.  can't tell you about the .desktop files08:41
gnarface(the important point is you can change it)08:42
gnarface(if it's different and you don't know why it probably has something to do with install order)08:43
xrogaangnarface: there are two level: system and DE.11:10
xrogaanI restored stuff at the system level, but the DE was still misconfigured.11:10
hoshinekoibus doesn't seem to be working in firefox, anyone?, i'm not using a DE, only a wm, if that's relevant11:15
hoshinekoanthy btw11:35
hoshinekohuh, nevermind, I was just missing ibus-gtk311:45
xkr47I hate how installing openrc on devuan is so simple as `apt-get install openrc` that there is no webpage to tell me how to do it :D18:01
telst4rhaha, perhaps you should write one18:03
xkr47yeah, just for people like me....18:03
telst4rI thought it would be a bigger task, since an init system is kinda crucial part.. afaik18:06
xkr47yeah, kindof boring that there aren't a ton of problems to manually resolve :D18:07
telst4rYou miss the redhat dependency hell days?18:08
Lydia_Kxkr47: Sounds like you'd enjoy Gentoo :)18:11
xkr47Lydia_K, I DO!18:13
xkr47at home, I have two machines with gentoo, one with devuan, and one of the gentoo machines hosts a lot of VMs, most of them running debian but I just converted one of the debian jessies to devuan ascii, mostly smooth18:15
xkr47and in the cloud I have one fedora and one debian18:15
Lydia_KAwesome :)18:15
xkr47but devuan is just smooth, I hope to convert all debians to devuan18:17
xkr47and feels good when the first step of the migration guide is apt-get remove systemd :)18:18
Lydia_KAwesome :)18:18
Lydia_KThat's really good to hear!18:19
xkr47there was some bug during upgrade of initramfs-tools that crashed the "dist-upgrade" step but I unfortunately forgot to document it18:20
xkr47I was able to resolve it with apt-get -f install or something18:20
xkr47oh yeah18:20
xkr47/etc/udev/udev.conf was missing18:21
xkr47there was a udev.conf.dpkg-new and something else else in the dir18:22
xkr47so I renamed that to udev.conf and then apt-get -f install and then apt-get dist-upgrade again18:22
xkr47dunno how that situation emerged tho18:23
xkr47interestingly, I have a snapshot of the vm before the upgrade18:44
Pr0metheusanyone uses libre linux kernel has any idea if irqbalance getting removed has any effect in performance?19:01

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