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ChankuHey, so I have a generic question for running Devuan on a Raspberri Pi 3B, what are the differences between the .tar.gz and the .img.xz files?01:54
gnarfaceChanku: i presume that the tar.gz file is the root filesystem contents, while the img.xz file also includes the partition layout01:58
Centurion_Dananyone here had success with intel cedartrail based systems running Devuan with X??12:05
FlibberTGibbethad mint then an early beta of devuan both running slooooowly on a 1st-gen atom but got rid of it ages ago, so sadly not :(12:11
Centurion_DanFlibberTGibbet: can you recall if you needed to do anything with firmware for the gpu?13:04
EHeM37.220.36.58 (one of the mirrors) is giving 403 errors.16:27
KatolaZEHeM: how are you conytacting it?16:30
EHeMHTTPS, `apt-get update`.16:30
KatolaZASCII or ceres?16:30
KatolaZI can't detect any fault on that right now16:31
KatolaZwhich file is missing?16:32
KatolaZEHeM: ^^16:32
EHeMThe Release files for security, updates, backports, and looks like the main one too.16:32
KatolaZEHeM: impossible16:33
KatolaZI have cheked all of them right now and they are present and updated16:33
KatolaZEHeM: are you hitting the mirror through
EHeMI didn't type that they were missing, what I typed was that they were giving 403 Forbidden errors.16:33
KatolaZEHeM: and I typed that I have successfully retrieved and checked them against pkgmaster right now...16:34
KatolaZcan you please try again?16:34
EHeMI nuked the cache so I hit another mirror and successfully retrieved them.16:34
KatolaZI will have a closer look then16:35
EHeMThat particular one has been routinely giving 403 errors whenever I get that one.16:36
KatolaZEHeM: I have tried from three different locations across europe16:36
KatolaZthree different networks16:36
KatolaZand can retrieve them and verify them16:36
EHeMI'm trying from North America.16:36
mns`say hello to the new boss: greg kroah-hartman16:36
EHeMmns`: Looks a bit different from the old boss.16:46
FatPhilyikes, my (laptop) jessie gparted is refusing to resize the partition on my (raspi) ascii bootable card17:01
FatPhile2fsck 1.42.12 (29-Aug-2014)<br />/dev/sdb2 has unsupported feature(s): metadata_csum<17:02
KatolaZFatPhil: you need gdisk17:02
FatPhilbr />e2fsck: Get a newer version of e2fsck!17:02
KatolaZexpert mode17:02
KatolaZuse "e: move metadata blocks at the end of the disk"17:02
KatolaZthen remove the partition17:02
KatolaZand re-create it17:02
FatPhilyay, text-mode too. fricken hate guiclickification of everything17:03
KatolaZFatPhil: I think some version of gparted won't have support for GPT metadata17:04
KatolaZI tried the procedure above on a couple of GPT ASCII images (ARM)17:05
KatolaZit works seamlessly17:05
KatolaZwe could actually provide a script for that...17:05
FatPhilUg, throws up a big warning about partition table types17:05
KatolaZFatPhil: are you using gdisk?17:05
KatolaZgdisk knows about GPT17:05
KatolaZfdisk will most probably bork the whole thing17:06
fsmithredI ran into that same error message yesterday.17:06
KatolaZfsmithred: from gdisk?17:06
FatPhilfreshly installed jessie gdisk 1.0.017:06
fsmithredI created a partition and file system on the hard drive using ascii (gparted)17:07
KatolaZwhich warning exactly?17:07
fsmithredthen I installed a refracta jessie on that partition17:07
fsmithredand when I booted into the installed system, fsck complained about unsupported features17:07
fsmithredso I reinstalled and let the installer format the partition17:07
fsmithredit's a filesystem issue, not a partition issue17:08
FatPhilFound invalid GPT and valid MBR; converting MBR to GPT format in memory. THIS OPERATION IS POTENTIALLY DESTRUCTIVE...17:08
fsmithredFatPhil, if you have an ascii live-cd, you can probably boot that and resize without problems17:09
FatPhilmight be simpler to just keep a system partition and have a separate one for all my stuff on the rest of the space.17:09
fsmithredthat's a good plan anyway17:10
FatPhilfsmithred: raspi - not CD anyway17:10
fsmithredcan you boot from usb?17:10
fsmithredI'm kinda clueless about raspi17:11
FatPhilnot that I know of. I've not yet booted this device yet, the old versions were hard coded to boot off the SD card.17:11
fsmithredhow are you trying to resize it? Where is jessie?17:12
FatPhiljessie's on my lappy that has a card reader17:12
fsmithredso either boot the laptop with ascii (usb or cd) or else re-format the partition with jessie17:13
FatPhilshould probably dist-upgrade, but g/f also uses it so don't want to change too much under her feet.17:13
fsmithredbut you probably want to save the data that's on the card, so reformat would not be an option17:14
FatPhiljessie's tools are complaining about the filesystem17:14
fsmithredyeah, if you don't need the data, let jessie make a new filesystem17:14
FatPhilit's the bootable card - it's not "data" it's "OS"!17:14
fsmithredbut I assume you have an ascii image on the card, so it's probably better to use ascii to resize17:15
fsmithredos is data in this context17:15
fsmithredsomething on the card you don't want to lose17:15
fsmithredso, boot ascii live media and resize17:16
fsmithredor do a debootstrap ascii install on jessie, chroot into ascii and resize.17:17
FatPhilresizing a partition should not have to involve installing OSes, or booting new kernels.17:17
fsmithredyou could make the laptop dual-boot jessie/ascii to make the transition smoother17:17
fsmithred(thinking ahead)17:18
fsmithredthere's a newer e2fsprogs in jessie-backports17:20
fsmithredyou could install that on laptop and then be able to resize, I think17:20
FatPhiloooh, yeah, I normally pull in backports, I notice I've not done that yet on this laptop.17:21
fsmithredI have to go. bbl.17:21
FatPhilgood idea.17:21
fsmithred(always looking for the easiest solution)17:21
FatPhilit's just a bit weird that the fs features were recognised by a jessie program, but not sufficiently manipulable.17:23
ejrhow can i stop devuan from searching for a network connection on startup when eth0 is not connected? it always says for one minute that it is waiting for a lock on ifstate.eth0 or something19:06
EHeMRecent versions of `fdisk` will work with GPT (and also a number of older niche formats) just fine.19:13
* EHeM did in fact use the Debian `fdisk` to setup a Sun table on a disk and was able to get it to boot.19:14
EHeM(and not by having the firmware load the boot-block from another device!)19:31
_abc_Re. I have the problem I described before, under certain circumstances, on ascii desktop, starting a new console from the iconbar icon start two of them. I instrumented x-termina-emulator (Perl script) to log it's actvations by the gui, and it is activated only once per click on icon. But it sometimes opens two x-terminal-emulator windows. Has anyone else seen this? Two app instances launched when clicking20:27
_abc_icon in icon bar?20:27
* _abc_ killed the channel?20:36
_abc_Is the tor package in the ascii distrib as up to date as the one on the tor website?20:41
FatPhilwell, RasPi3 boots the new ascii image, but looked like it took 3 attempts, I got no HDMI signal the first couple of times (and therefore no way of knowing what was going wrong).21:27
FatPhilHumourously, I notice the installation medium has an 'optional' systemd package which needs upgrading.21:38
gnarface_abc_: it's just slow here.  you're sure it's not the mouse, right?21:51
gnarfaceFatPhil: on the rpi1 image, i still needed to set up the config file just like on raspbian21:52
gnarface(mabye that would help you too)21:52
gnarfacei manually set the HDMI mode/resolution21:52
* gnarface sighs21:52
_abc_gnarface: yes, I made it log calls, it is called once only21:53
gnarfacethat's weird21:53
_abc_Indeed. And it only happens sometimes. Usually with high system load and or copious swapping21:54
_abc_I assume some smart kid coded the app start as a checked-start and re-starts it if it's not in the process table after x milliseconds "in case something kills it"?21:55
_abc_I have seen such things before.21:55
gnarfacei couldn't say, but that sounds possible21:55
_abc_There is no choice. I'll look at the Perl code again, maybe it's there.21:55
_abc_nothing intersting there22:02
_abc_only thing is, it's dbus-registered. Maybe that?22:03
gnarfaceyou're not running a custom kernel are you, _abc_?22:04
_abc_nope, vanilla22:04
gnarfaceif you stop dbus, will the terminal still launch?22:06
gnarfaceblaming it on dbus is as good an idea as any22:08
gnarfacedoes it also sometimes happen to applications you've set to auto-launch?22:09
gnarfacethe xfce forum suggests it may be a problem with ~/.cache/sessions corruption22:11
gnarfaceactually i found it in the arch linux forum, but they refer to the xfce forum22:13
gnarfacei'm wondering if you're maybe seeing it launch twice because you had just logged in and not realized it's auto-launching an instance from the last session without askinng you22:13
gnarfacesome people in the xfce forum are complaining of a bug with the sessions caching the programs to auto-launch even if you turn it off22:14
gnarfaceyou seeing any of that behavior?22:14
_abc_gnarface: no, I am logged in properly, and it happens depending on high load. High load, swapping, causes it to happen. Also it's always two copies, not more.23:36
_abc_I have not seen it with other apps but Firefox which is also launched from there got a wrapper from me (I wrote it), to launch single-instance in all cases, and open new tabs not new windows. Unrelated.23:37
_abc_So this is not related to auto-launching at all23:38
will_havenlmde/debian stable, removing systemd... doable?23:38
EHeMDefault Devuan installation lacks it, libsystemd is being slowly ripped out.23:41
_abc_gnarface: example: Thunar is started from the same place and never seem to start as a duplicate23:49

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