freenode/#devuan/ Monday, 2018-09-24

saptechhey all. I just dd command, the live iso to a thumb drive, twice and each time, the menu would show but once I chose to start, it would show the kernel info and then loop back to the menu. What could be wrong and how to fix it? Do I need to try a non live iso?01:44
Psud0nymsaptech: did you check to see if the image was completely downloaded?01:48
saptechit boot to the menu screen01:54
saptechi also downloaded iso from two different mirrors01:55
saptechthe first was the netinstall and second was desktop iso01:56
Psud0nymI'm not familiar with the live iso's, but past experience has taught me that an incompleted image may behave like this. and what you say would also indicate the iso might actually be the issue.01:56
Psud0nymwhat os are you currently using to write the images?01:57
saptechhmmm ok01:57
saptechmageia 601:58
Psud0nymwell, there is etcher. it only does writing images to usb01:59
Psud0nymit uses appimage, so you dont even have to do anything strange to install it. just open it.02:01
saptechok, i can check it out02:01
Psud0nymhave you used dd before?02:01
saptechplenty of times02:02
saptechi've never seen an incomplete install boot, it usually stop with an error before getting to the menus02:03
Psud0nymI was just trying to see if there was more help on dd02:04
saptechI think last time I installed devuan, I used a cd/dvd disc02:05
saptechPsud0nym, I appreciate your help02:06
Psud0nymI did this install and a server the day after, just this week. Were you trying to install ascii?02:06
saptechyes, ascii02:06
Psud0nymhmmm. netinstall was what I used. try that image with etcher02:07
saptechi'm flashing it now02:09
hollasaptech: what's the sha256 for the iso you dl'd?02:10
Psud0nymI didn't even check it.02:10
Psud0nymi can do that though02:11
saptechholla, "61059445afc6f41ed54e2c99c95e22c689dc55e8bf7fe9c6a1870d504eecf63b"02:12
hollasaptech: for desktop-live?02:13
saptechafter mageia updates are finish I'll try the stick02:13
hollawhich iso is it?02:13
saptechholla, no for the minimal-live02:13
Psud0nymok. I only used the netinstall.iso02:14
saptechthat sha was for the 38602:14
saptechhere is amd6402:14
Psud0nym1db7c38a88ae3051d711c794500ee61792f3c51b  devuan_ascii_2.0.0_amd64_netinst.iso02:16
hollasaptech: kk, so your dls are intact. could you try to boit in a vm, like qemu?02:17
saptechno, this machine sucks using vms02:17
saptechit's old02:17
hollaPsud0nym: cc05...6fe8 is minimal-live amd6402:17
golinuxsaptech please wait for fsmithred to walk you through it02:18
golinuxHe does the installer for the live isos02:20
Psud0nymgolinux: i was just hanging out and trying to help.02:21
golinuxI'll try to ping him02:21
golinuxI know that and thank you02:21
golinuxfsr has probably done 100s of installs using his installer so knows it better than anyone else.02:22
saptechthere is no big hurry, though it's 7:22pm here02:22
golinuxHe's at 8:2202:22
saptechhe must live on east coast of states  :)02:23
saptechi'm in mid-america02:23
golinuxHopefully he'll show up before too long.02:24
saptechPsud0nym, that etcher is pretty neat. it's my first time using an appimage file02:25
golinuxPsud0nym: Sorry if I seemed ungrateful.02:26
golinuxI'm useless with uefi.  Have always used legacy.02:26
saptechI use legacy too02:26
Psud0nymetcher eliminates a lot of the cli02:26
golinuxBut I know who I'd ping if I got into trouble.02:27
Psud0nymI've been doing efi for a couple years now.02:27
Psud0nymfirst step is to boot efi... that seems to be the only way that it works.02:28
golinuxampimages are not something devuan encourages.02:28
Psud0nymgolinux: you're good. I didn't feel any slight.02:29
saptechi'm currently using mageia with plasma (gulp)02:29
golinuxPsud0nym: Thanks.02:29
golinuxHave you read the install notes?02:30
saptechno I haven't02:30
golinuxDuh!  Have a look!
Psud0nymI have skimt hrough. perhaps I will peruse further.02:31
Psud0nymthat was a spectacular typo02:32
golinuxsaptech: also this
golinuxThere may be other nuggets there too.02:34
golinuxSorry all I can do is refer you to documentation.02:34
fsmithredwhat's going on?02:35
* golinux really doesn't like to do installs.02:35
fsmithredjust got back02:35
golinuxHi!  The cavalry has arrived02:35
golinuxCan you read the scrollback?02:35
saptechcan I install without installing grub? I want to use mageia grub bootloader02:36
golinuxsaptech is having trouble dding to usb.02:36
fsmithredyes, you can install without grub02:36
fsmithredare you on efi or bios?02:37
Psud0nymI had no problems on either of my using systems. netinstall.iso to usb using etcher. asus laptop and a HP Desktop both using efi.02:37
golinuxI'm thinking he might have to zero the beginning of the drive02:37
saptechwell, I dd the iso and it booted to the Menu, once I select to start, it show the first two lines of kernel info and then loop back to the Menu02:37
golinuxsaptech: you're in good hands.  I'm off for a while02:38
saptechok thanks for the help02:39
saptechfsmithred, i'm using Bios02:39
fsmithredI don't think I've seen that happen02:39
golinuxI'll bbl02:39
Psud0nymlater golinux02:40
fsmithredyou're using the amd64?02:40
saptechfsmithred, it happen with the minimal-live & desktop-live isos02:41
fsmithredI've seen it go right back to the menu before, if the kernel is missing (or if the path is wrong in the boot menu)02:42
fsmithredusing ascii, right?02:42
saptechwith a usb stick02:42
fsmithreddid you check the sha256sum?02:43
fsmithreddd if=<isofile> of=/dev/sdX02:44
fsmithredwhat other options did you use?02:44
saptechI didn't I used the bs=1M conv=sync options02:48
saptechI'm fixing the wife dinner, so I'll answer if not right away02:48
fsmithredI'm going to try it here02:48
fsmithredjust had to figure out which usb stick to use02:48
saptechI did*02:48
fsmithredyou used those options?02:49
fsmithredI've never used conv=sync, and I don't know what it means, so I don't know if that is relevant to the problem02:50
saptechit's suppose to make sure all data has sync to the drive after it's done02:53
saptechI have used it before with other distros02:54
fsmithredpad  every  input  block with NULs to ibs-size02:54
saptechlast week I stupidly wiped my complete hard drive and now doing reinstalls of my distros on different partitions02:55
fsmithredanyway, I'm preparing a stick now02:55
saptechand my backups was wiped too02:55
fsmithredsorry to hear02:56
fsmithredI'll be back in a few minutes02:57
saptechok, thanks02:57
saptechPsud0nym, have you ever used fsarchiver to backup partitions?02:59
fsmithredsaptech, it boots here. Maybe try without the conv=sync03:14
fsmithredor a different usb stick03:15
saptechno different stick but I can try without the sync03:19
fsmithredjust run sync afterward03:20
saptechwhich iso did you use?03:20
fsmithreddesktop-live amd6403:20
fsmithredbooted on bios03:21
fsmithreddo you have another debian-based linux installed?03:26
saptechI have ran debian before03:27
fsmithredI was thinking you could make a live-usb using refracta2usb, but it needs to be installed in something that has debian live-boot and live-config03:28
hollasaptech: you should really try sth like 'qemu-system-x86_64 -usb -usbdevice disk:/dev/sdX' -- if you run into the same problem you know your stick is broken03:29
fsmithredgood idea03:29
fsmithredbut you need a running linux to do that03:30
fsmithredI don't think we're there yet03:30
fsmithredcat you burn a dvd?03:30
saptechI don't believe the stick is broken, I used it to install Mageia & Artix distros recently. Now I'm using it to install Devuan03:30
fsmithreddo those two distros support uefi boot?03:31
saptechnot sure about artix, Im new with it. I would assume Mageia does03:32
saptechI just installed all these distros last Thursday03:33
fsmithredwell, if you can ever get devuan booted, it'll be a fast install03:33
saptechI think last time I installed it, I burned to cd/dvd03:36
saptechok, let me try it03:45
saptechfsmithred, I was able to get the thumb drive to work and installed, but I messed up during the install05:41
saptechI used the live minimum iso. during installation and following this doc,, I left out the keyboard & mouse drivers....silly me05:42
saptechplus I wanted lxde instead of xfce, which I was able to get installed. when I boot into devuan, no mouse/kb working05:43
saptechI also messed up on the locale configuration05:44
saptechI tried changing root into the system and that's when I noticed locale is not setup correctly, I wasn't able to install the mouse/kb drivers05:45
saptechchanging root = chroot05:46
saptechholla, any ideas?05:48
saptechI guess a reinstall is next05:48
fsmithredyeah, reinstall is probably fastest05:58
fsmithredsaptech, I'll warn you that the minimal-live is very minimal05:59
fsmithredlxde may be tricky when it comes to balancing all the polkit-shit06:00
saptechI understand minimal is bare basic06:01
saptechso does the desktop live come with xfce?06:01
golinuxIt has a darkpurpy theme.  :D06:02
saptechI'll try it. nothing against xfce06:03
golinuxIt should work OOTB06:03
golinuxThat's the whole idea . . .06:04
fsmithredyou can change it later06:07
fsmithredif you want to get fancy, you can change it during the installation - chroot and remove/install whatever you want06:07
saptechwell I'm giving plasma a chance with mageia I guess I can run's been awhile  :)06:10
saptechI always install openbox as my main environment. I just use something else for the family06:10
saptechbbl, trying it again. thanks for the help06:14
saptechI'm up and running with devuan. Thanks to all07:30
KatolaZxrogaan: there is no list of IPv6 addresses for the round-robin...07:32
xrogaanwhat am I hitting then?07:33
xrogaanthe debian's own servers?07:33
KatolaZxrogaan: what are you putting there?07:52
KatolaZif you just give "host" you don't have any IPv6 address...07:52
KatolaZand there is no AAAA entry in that zone07:53
KatolaZ(so far)07:53
xrogaanyeah, but doesn't redirect to debian repo for regular packages?07:53
xrogaanwould explain why I get out of sync, maybe?07:53
KatolaZso that must be the debian mirror having problems, maybe07:54
KatolaZwhat do you mean by :get out of sync:?07:54
xrogaanI update the repo, do an upgrade and the packet isn't there.07:54
xrogaanHappens quite often.07:54
xrogaanEnough for me to grumble here :P07:55
KatolaZxrogaan: looks very strange07:55
KatolaZ(to me)07:55
KatolaZmirrors are monitored constantly07:55
KatolaZespecially those behind deb.devuan.org07:55
xrogaanwell, the stuff from debian is lagging.07:55
KatolaZmaybe the local debian mirror you are hitting has issues07:56
KatolaZmaybe just the IPv6 one has issues instead07:56
xrogaanmmh, the backport repo from debian also had issues with a mate upgrade some time ago.07:58
xrogaanI may not be lucky a lot of time and upgrade when stuff isn't propagated enough.07:58
LiekeI usually have to call upgrade twice ever since the switch to because the first time more often than not gives 40408:04
LiekeAnd I don't have v6 enabled08:05
xrogaanah, I'm not alone!08:05
fugitiveHello. Seems there are issues with newest Skype on Ascii 4.9.0-8-amd64, I am getting segfaults.12:13
fugitive05] skypeforlinux[19870]: segfault at 8 ip 00007f9e81889bb0 sp 00007ffde5ee4818 error 4 in[7f9e81870000+4c000]12:13
fugitivefrom dmesg ^12:13
fugitiveskype version:
djphno surprises that msft writes bad code.12:13
underd0gwhy bother with skype12:14
KatolaZfugitive: report it to skype12:14
KatolaZ(no kidding)12:14
fugitivehave to, using it bcz company12:15
underd0gmake a winblows vm12:16
fugitivemeh, less hassle is to explain to my supervisor that skype won't run atm :))12:17
amarsh04any reason why there have been no updates to Devuan unstable in the last 10 days?14:20
KatolaZamarsh04: which mirror are you using?14:56
amarsh04KatoiaZ auto.mirror.debian.org15:24
amarsh04directs to packages.roundr.debian.org15:25
KatolaZlet me check15:28
amarsh04sorry, should be above15:28
KatolaZyeah got it15:28
KatolaZstrange, since the mirror seems to be working fine15:29
amarsh04I have in my /etc/apt/sources.list15:29
KatolaZbeowulf is receiving updates15:30
amarsh04e.g. deb ceres main contrib non-free15:30
KatolaZamarsh04: amprolla is merging it correctly, apparently15:30
KatolaZthere was a glitch on the mirror a couple of days ago15:31
KatolaZ(see email on DNG)15:31
KatolaZbut we thought it had been solved15:31
amarsh04sorry, I don't know how to find it15:31
KatolaZ(well, actually it was solved)15:31
KatolaZfind what?15:31
amarsh04the email you refer to15:31
KatolaZ <- amarsh0415:32
KatolaZamarsh04: are you giving apt-get update && apt-get upgrade? (sorry for the silly question)15:33
amarsh04aptitude -u15:33
KatolaZthis should just update the package lisy15:34
KatolaZthis should just update the package list15:34
KatolaZit won't install packages, right?15:34
KatolaZI guess you should use either `aptitude safe-upgrade` or `aptitude full-upgrade`15:36
KatolaZ(sorry, not an aptitude expert)15:36
KatolaZafter you have given `aptitude -u`15:36
amarsh04so any ascii or ceres line in /etc/apt/sources.list should replace with ?15:38
KatolaZamarsh04: yes, but this is not the issue here15:39
KatolaZaptitude -u is only updating the list of available packages15:39
KatolaZIIRC it won't install new packages automatically15:39
KatolaZsee above15:39
amarsh04seems to be working now, thanks for your help!15:41
KatolaZ(I haven't done anything, actually...)15:43
AchyllesWill linux kernel break over the linus issue and the whole opensource community suffer a blow defeat? Including devuan? I know it is an off-topic question...16:36
sxpertAchylles: Linus just needs to take a break. there are plenty of deputies that actually do the work...16:38
sxpertAchylles: he's only directing the "vision" at this point, but the work is done by those other people16:39
furrywolfwhy are people making such a mountain over what appears to be a small molehill?16:41
KatolaZAchylles: the last time Linus took a break, the world got "git" as a result16:41
KatolaZ <- Achylles16:42
djphKatolaZ: you say that like it's a bad thing.16:43
KatolaZ <- Achylles16:43
KatolaZdjph: quite the contrary16:43
KatolaZwhere does it sound like "a bad thing"?16:43
DonkeyHoteigit is arguably more important to the world of tech than linux16:43
nemowell. that's mostly thanks to github16:44
KatolaZI just meant that so far only good things have come out of Linus taking a break :)16:44
nemoif it wasn't for the facebook of code, there's nothing in particular that would have given git dominance16:44
djphKatolaZ: Just the way I read "last time X we got Y" (e.g. "last time pottering got bored, we got systemd"16:44
KatolaZdjph: a bit of bias, or a bad day? :)16:45
nemoback when mercurial and git were launched there were solid reasons for facebook, mozilla, google code etc picking mercurial16:45
djphKatolaZ: bias in reading that turn of phrase, mostly.16:45
KatolaZoh OK djph16:45
KatolaZI am not a native speaker16:45
djphKatolaZ: it's alright, English is imprecise :)16:46
KatolaZdunno if something sounds good or bad to some listeners16:46
djphKatolaZ: and it's difficult without body-language / inflection.16:46
KatolaZI know :)16:46
KatolaZthat's why I tend to use emoticons, when possible16:46
furrywolfthere's nothing inherently negative about that wording.16:46
djphit's neither inherently negative nor inherently positive16:47
KatolaZfurrywolf: it's the same in UK, but dunno about the other side of the pond16:47
AchyllesI, myself, think that people are making a big fuss over this issue. For me, the fact that he is taking a break and other people taking the lead is a good sign. After all, he has to prepare leaders to take the project, because one day he will pass away.16:47
furrywolfI'm a native english speaker, of the american variety.16:47
djphall depends on the tone of voice and everything else.16:47
KatolaZyeah djph, unless we don't have tone of voice on IRC :)16:48
KatolaZanyway, hope it's clear now16:48
djphAchylles: Linus taking (another) break, meh, no biggie.  Linus taking (another) break, plus SJW "rules(tm)" on the project now ...16:48
DonkeyHoteithey have tone of voice on irc in chinese16:48
djphKatolaZ: wait, you're a Brit?16:49
furrywolfI've learned that anyone who uses the term "SJW" isn't worth having a conversation with, speaking of tone of voice...16:49
djphfurrywolf: guess I'm not worth having a conversation with then :/16:50
djphfurrywolf: I disagree, but then again, I am somewhat biased toward myself16:51
furrywolfif you're going to call your opponents names and be dismissive before the discussion even starts, there's no point in a discussion.16:53
KatolaZdjph: I don't think I qualify as such ;)16:53
nemois SJW derogatory?16:54
nemoI thought people used it to label themselves?16:54
nemogot no idea, I try to stay out of that whole thing16:54
furrywolfKatolaZ:  are you in some part of the world that has curry?  I want a mutton vindaloo.  hot.16:54
furrywolfno curry here.  :(16:54
VajbHey. Im having a problem with my Asus laptop and mate-powermanager. It wont suspend my laptop after certain period of time. Also panel icon was showing only yellow triangle with exclamation mark. Is there anything I can do to fix this issue?16:54
DonkeyHoteithere's a part of the world with no curry?16:54
furrywolfmost of the US.16:55
DonkeyHoteiah, the "red states"16:55
Vajboh and also it doesn't suspend if I close the lid16:55
fsmithredVajb, some mate users are using xfce4-power-manager instead16:55
Vajbnor does it wake up if I open the lid16:55
fsmithredthere are a couple discussions about it at dev1galaxy.org16:56
nemoDonkeyHotei: japan would be my wager from the poor reaction the exchange student in our kendo campus group had to eating out at DC area restaurants16:56
nemowas not a fan of indian or ethiopian16:56
Vajbfsmithred: oh, I just uninstalled xfce4-power-manager. I thought they will mix each other16:56
djphnemo: it's somewhat of a derogatory term yes, I believe the group prefers something other (although, hell if I know what it is).16:56
fsmithredapparently it works better than mate-power-manager16:57
DonkeyHoteinemo: have you never heard of japanese curry?16:57
djphfurrywolf: is there a better term to use then?16:57
fsmithredbut you probably won't get suspend on lid close16:57
nemoDonkeyHotei: but curry is everywhere in US, north, south, middle... esp since indian immigrants have been enormously successful in the hotel business16:57
nemoDonkeyHotei: no actually16:57
djphfurrywolf: uhh, actually, that's probably more better to chat about in the other channel, no?16:57
DonkeyHoteii am aware that curry is everywhere in the US16:57
Vajbfsmithred: thanks for the hint. I'll purge mate manager then and install xfc4 manager instead16:57
fsmithredVajb, are you on ascii or jessie?16:58
nemoThe phrase originated in the late 20th century as a neutral or positive term for people engaged in social justice activism.[1] In 2011, when the term first appeared on Twitter, it changed from a primarily positive term to an overwhelmingly negative one.16:58
nemoah.. so it was basically people's reaction to it that changed the connotation16:58
Vajbfsmithred: ascii. Installed it at the weekend from the  .iso16:58
nemooh well whatev16:58
fsmithredok, check the discussions. I don't know if you'll have to fiddle with polkit stuff.16:58
VajbI did read some conversations about the isuue, but couldn't find definitive fix16:59
fsmithredok, try it. If you have problems, ask more questions.17:00
Vajbthere was succestion to instal never mate-power-manager from some other repo17:00
fsmithredfrom hezeh?17:01
Vajbbut I didn't feel like adding new repo17:01
VajbI think that was the name17:01
nemowait. mate-power-manager requires systemd now??17:01
fsmithredyou could try it. That's Antofox's repo. He does cinnamon and mate.17:02
fsmithrednemo, that's not what we're saying. Did you hear that somewhere else?17:02
fsmithredhezeh has 1.20 in ascii17:03
Vajbin some forum was mention of systemd and mate-power-manager17:03
VajbI found while researching info about my problem17:03
Vajbfound it*17:03
nemoguess I misunderstood the bit above about using alternate power manager17:03
fsmithredI don't see any versions with devuan in the name, so I guess it's still safe17:04
fsmithredI checked the Depends on mate-power-manager in sid/ceres/buster/beowulf, and it requires policykit-1 or systemd17:05
nemooh. this sounds familiar.17:06
nemoI think I asked the #mate folks and they said it was a debian error17:06
nemobad dependency flag17:06
fsmithredlooks like the one in jessie requires consolekit or systemd17:06
nemowas starting to freak out since I use MATE on everything these days, and was busy transitioning over from ubuntu 14.04 to devuan...17:07
Vajbfsmithred: Thanks for the help and bye fo now.17:10
fsmithredyw, bye17:10
* amarsh04 has curry in Japan but mostly from the Indian/Nepali restaurants17:58
AchyllesThere is a package called sympa in my devuan that is causing me trouble. I have tried to purge, uninstall, remove all their files by hand and other methods, but it is like a cancer. How can I finally purge this plague?18:52
fsmithredAchylles, 'aptitude purge sympa' should do it. Do you get an error message with that?18:57
fsmithredwhat files are left after removing it?18:58
Achyllesthen I update and it says that I have to "apt install -f" and I do that and everything reinstall again including sympa and I am trapped into a loop and sympa does not go away.19:20
KatolaZfurrywolf: once I was denied a mutton vindaloo by the waiter19:25
KatolaZhe said I was not able to cope with it19:25
KatolaZhe was disappointed by facts19:25
furrywolfas a white person, it usually takes me a couple meals at a new restaurant to convince them that when I order something hot, I don't mean white person hot.19:29
furrywolfonly some places will actually tell you this, but it seems just about every place has a different "white person hot" compared to "us hot".19:30
Achyllesfsmithred, here is the whole trap -->
furrywolfI got a good rant about this from the girl at the vietnamese place...  "white people order hot.  we put in ONE PEPPER.  one.  Back to the kitchen!  too hot!  every time, back to the kitchen!"19:30
furrywolf"back home, we put in handfull!  just right!"19:31
furrywolfthe girl at the thai place told me the magic words there is to order "thai hot", which lets them know I want hot-in-thailand-hot, not white person hot.19:32
furrywolfsame with the indian place, back when we had a real one...19:34
furrywolfas a white person, I get discriminated against at every restaurant I go to.  :)19:35
fsmithredAchylles, did you try reinstalling sympa and then removing it?19:37
Achyllesmany times19:42
fsmithredand do you still get the message that it's in an inconsistent state?19:44
Psud0nymgood afternoon.19:45
fsmithredI think maybe you need to get it out of the broken state before you can remove it19:46
Psud0nymI'm tinkering with Jenkins for the first time. is there a way I can make this help Devuan?19:46
Psud0nympackage install failed?19:47
fsmithredpackage removal failed19:47
AchyllesWhen I issue "apt install -f" as dpkg suggests, it reinstalls sympa, but it remains in system as a broken package -->
KatolaZAchylles: are you mixing repos?19:48
AchyllesAm I?19:48
Achyllesfsmithred, see here -->
Psud0nymyou could try doing the steps from the source packages manually.19:49
AchyllesHave done before...19:49
Achyllesby hand...19:49
Achyllessee the posts above19:49
fsmithredlooks like there might be a problem with the pre-removal script19:52
Psud0nymit is pre-removal.19:52
fsmithredI'm gonna take a look at it19:53
Psud0nymit's not finding a file to remove "/usr/lib/sympa/bin/"19:53
fsmithredmaybe 'aptitude reinstall sympa' will be smarter about it19:53
Psud0nym"touch '/usr/lib/sympa/bin/'"19:53
Psud0nymit should stisfy the pre-remove19:54
Achyllesmy sources.list -->
Psud0nym"is this thing on?"19:58
fsmithredyes Psud0nym I see you19:59
Achyllesaptitude reinstall sympa -->
Achyllesand I do not have this folder "/usr/lib/sympa/"  :(20:01
fsmithreddid you manually remove it?20:01
Achyllesyes, I think, 2 weeks ago...20:02
Achyllestouch /usr/lib/sympa/bin/sympa_wizard.pl20:03
Achyllestouch: cannot touch '/usr/lib/sympa/bin/': No such file or directory20:03
furrywolfyou may have to make the directory just so it can delete it...20:04
fsmithredoh, you need the directory to exist20:04
Psud0nym:) It's complaining that "/usr/lib/sympa/bin/" is missing. (which would be explained by that parent directory not being there as well.20:04
fsmithredmkdir -p /usr/lib/sympa/bin/20:04
fsmithredthen touch the file20:04
Achyllesnow it says I do not have permissions to such and such. How can? If the file belongs to root? -->
fsmithredare you root?20:11
Achyllesyes -->  # whoami20:13
fsmithredwhich command gives that error? mkdir or touch?20:13
Achyllesthe file was created20:13
Achyllesand the dir as well20:14
Psud0nymmaybe set the permissions to the file to 777 ?20:14
Achyllesaptitude reinstall sympa20:14
Achyllesgave that error --> the last pastebin20:15
AchyllesPsud0nym, will change that20:15
fsmithredpostinstall script actually runs the wizard20:16
Psud0nymfsmithred: are you looking through the source package?20:17
fsmithredbut I think it's not the same version, because I find mention of the wizard on line 80, not line 9320:17
fsmithredI'm looking at the ascii version, apt is trying to install the ascii-security version on your box20:18
fsmithredmaybe try installing sympa=6.2.16~dfsg-320:18
fsmithredjust guessing here20:19
Psud0nymso you asked if he had mixed sources? reasonable. maybe he has .list files under /etc/apt/sources.list.d20:19
fsmithredgood question20:20
Achyllesit worked to some extent, after chmod 777, but stopped here:
Psud0nymseems like the package is missing.20:26
fsmithredparts of it are missing20:27
fsmithredtry reinstalling the same version20:27
Achyllesmy sources.list.d have got 3 files -->
fsmithredwhat comes from nodesource?20:34
AchyllesI will open synaptic to see.20:35
Achyllesalso, it says that I do not have mysql installed20:35
Achyllesoh, no. I do have it --> which mysql20:36
Psud0nymnode.js  comes from
Achylles_comes from that repo20:45
fsmithredyeah, I checked the versions of some of the js packages that got removed/reinstalled - they were all ascii versions20:45
Psud0nymI'm guessing reinstalling didn't work?20:45
Achylles_Could the problem be in mysql package?20:46
Achylles_I remember that some time ago I installed that from community, for trying to install lwt20:47
Achylles_but, I think I purged that and reinstalled the one from ascii20:48
Achylles_not sure...20:48
Psud0nymdo you have wwsympa installed?20:48
Achylles_Anyway my mysql.list is all commented20:49
Achylles_I will see20:49
Psud0nymit's not available from ascii that I can see, but the package says that it conflicts.20:50
Achylles_I just installed that20:51
Achylles_So, where is that coming from???!!!20:51
Achylles_But, got lots of errors related to sympa20:52
Psud0nymi looked at the package info for sympa.20:52
Psud0nymit just has it listed in that info as a conflicting package for sympa.20:53
fsmithredhave you tried installing or reinstalling the older version?20:55
fsmithredapt-get install sympa=6.2.16~dfsg-320:56
Achylles_ --> do not work :(20:59
Psud0nymmaybe a bad package in the cache?21:00
fsmithredapt-get install sympa=6.2.16~dfsg-3 --reinstall21:02
Psud0nymI found a page online discussing how to manually remove a broken package21:03
Psud0nymis it ok to share here?21:04
Achylles_did not work -->
Achylles_this sympa is a real cancer in my devuan :(21:06
Achylles_Psud0nym, where is the link?21:07
XenguyPsud0nym: Why not, please share21:08
Psud0nym    I was lo0king over the details21:08
Psud0nymlooks like the the solution is to manually remove/relocate the scripts for the package. the force dpkg to remove it from the database.21:09
Achylles_cannot open the link21:09
Achylles_is this right?21:10
Psud0nymPAQUET being sympa:21:11
Psud0nymmv /var/lib/dpkg/info/PAQUET.* /tmp/21:11
Psud0nymdpkg --remove --force-remove-reinstreq PAQUET21:11
Psud0nymof course as root21:11
Psud0nymi think PAQUET is French for package.21:12
* golinux hasn't read the backlog so that may have already been posted.21:13
Psud0nymgolinux: did you mean to post the link to CI?21:14
golinuxYes.  You mentioned jenkins.  It is part of our build process.21:16
golinuxYou wanting to do some packaging?21:16
Psud0nymah. I installed a standalone on my box here. just wondering how to use the devuan-glue repo contents21:17
Psud0nymI have done some for Mattias Klumpp & and Tanglu.21:17
Psud0nymbesides. I wanted to build Astroid MUA and it has some requisites not available in devuan as yet.21:18
Psud0nymand that's just to try it out.
Psud0nymI never did dput anything however.21:22
Achylles_Psud0nym, fsmithred thx a lot the PAQUET thing did the trick. The sympa deamon and all his legions finally went away --> Long life to France! Yup! -->
Psud0nymI'm glad!21:23
fsmithredI copied those commands for later use21:23
Psud0nymthink I'll just add that to my tools of last resort pile.21:23
Achylles_I will make a scrypt on how to remove a broken package with those two commands...21:23
Achylles_But, I couldn't open the link21:24
Psud0nymnot sure why you couldn't open the link.21:25
fsmithredlink works here21:25
Psud0nymI've been had to copy and paste the links manually on my browser, but works.21:26
Psud0nymand I think I just added a wiki entry to my todo list.21:29
golinuxPsud0nym: Nice!21:32
Psud0nymgolinux: please clarify.21:33
golinux<Psud0nym> and I think I just added a wiki entry to my todo list.21:34
golinuxThe wiki welcomes new additions!21:34
Psud0nymyeah. I'm in the market for some wiki wiki work.21:35
Psud0nymbeen talking with a few of the people involved with wiki. It seems on hold for now, and waiting for blinkdog to return.21:37
Psud0nymI'll try to host it local and have someone look it over before going live with it.21:38
Achylles_Psud0nym, fsmithred just a contribution for the time spent with me to solve the sympa issue. I have tested the script with "alien" and that worked. Others can copy and test if they want -->
grillonhi there22:04
etech3what are people using for backup in Devuan bare metsl, clone etc22:47
unixmanWhat is this "backup" of which you speak?22:49
etech3bare metal like mondoarchive or Relax and recover22:50
unixmanI was making a joke. ;)22:50
etech3Rear is using systemd22:51
unixmanFrankly I backup data and config files from my netbook running Devuan to a flash drive and to storage on Dropbox. I do not back up anything else on it as the system can easily be reloaded.22:51
etech3so what are you doing for system crash running Devuan iso again?22:53
gnarfaceseatbelts :)22:53
unixmanIf the system completely crashed, I would do forensics (if the drive still worked), then reinstall from ISO.22:53
gnarfaceetech3: i still just use tar22:54
unixmanAll I really care about is the irreplaceable data.22:54
unixmanYup, tar FTW.22:54
gnarfacethere's no automatic recovery method but it's fine, i don't lose systems to "crash" often22:54
etech3I got mondoarchive to work on Devuan Jessie. Had to drop the swap out of fstab and the mondo RESTORE works fine.22:55
gnarfaceso most the time when i'm going into the backups it's just to recover some config file changes that got left behind in an upgrade22:55
etech3This is more for testing stages22:56
gnarfaceetech3: i think the popular open source ones are called amanda and backula22:56
gnarfacei've never heard of mondoarchive, i assume that came from out-of-repo...22:57
unixmanI've run bacula. It works okay, but is a bit hairy to set up./22:57
etech3been a long time since I used amanda22:58
unixmanThe bling in bacula is it can be run as a distributed backup service.22:58
unixmanNot relevant for a single system though.22:58
etech3mondoarchive used to be in Debianetch I think, don't know when it got dropped out of Debian22:59
gnarfaceoh, i think someone also made one that works like apple's "time machine" feature but i always forget what it's called...22:59
etech3mondo bare metal to DVD, USB and to NFS22:59
gnarfacemaybe rdiff-backup?22:59
gnarfaceyea, i think it's rdiff-backup...22:59
gnarfaceincremental backups might be useful... i don't really get that feature from tar23:00
etech3mondo and Rear both do incremental backups too23:00
etech3just that systemd thing...23:01
hollagnarface: good ol' rsync?23:06
XenguyI used to use rsnapshot for incremental backups; it seemed to work fine.23:07
gnarfaceholla: clients like it but for myself i'm rarely in a position where it's helpful for backups unless i'm trying to recover data from dying disks.  i use it more often for automating inter-server processes23:08
gnarfaceholla: (it's useful for example for stuff like syncing working image directories between machines in a cluster)23:09
golinuxrsync ftw.  I would use refractasnapshot as I have always done but I can't get the iso under the 4gb limit even with just about everything excluded.23:11

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