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underd0gmy resolv is now changed to the00:00
underd0goh , wait00:00
DocScrutinizer05while I been mistaken regarding DNSmasq, it suggests >>put "nameserver" in /etc/resolv.conf<<00:00
underd0git is writen in the wicd00:01
DocScrutinizer05also you might want to `find /etc /var /usr -iname '*resolv.*' -ls`00:01
underd0gI think wicd is pushing DNS servers in00:04
DocScrutinizer05plausible and even likely00:04
underd0gnothing changed00:07
DocScrutinizer05so, did `grep -r '123.456.789.001' /etc` yield any results?00:08
DocScrutinizer05since obviously *somewhere* the IP addr of that immutable nameserver has to be stored00:09
DocScrutinizer05unless you get it dynamically via DHCP, but then it's not immutable00:09
underd0git was dhcp00:09
underd0gI don't get this00:09
underd0gthing is utterly broken00:27
underd0gand I can't remeber what I did00:27
underd0gfsmithred: you helped last time00:27
James1138Question... it is okay to purge/delete dovecot? Never plan to use my system as a POP3/IMAP mail server.00:47
DocScrutinizer05 sednit==APT2800:55
gnarfaceJames1138: yea, it's probably safe then01:27
gnarfaceif you also have exim4-daemon-heavy you might want to change it to exim4-daemon-light01:28
James1138Devuan is on my laptop... as I said <grin> not going to be a mail server01:28
gnarfacewell, for proper functioning the system still needs to send mail to itself01:28
gnarfacenot much breaks but you'll miss certain critical notices if you don't have the ability for root to accept system mails01:29
gnarfacehence exim4-daemon-light instead of heavy01:29
gnarfacethat doesn't involve pop3 or imap, and can be configured not to accept remote mail01:30
James1138Oh.. I was using the simplemail plugin for firefox.01:30
gnarface... which should be the default, actually... but if you had dovecot installed who knows...01:31
gnarfacei thought simplemail was about sending emails not receiving them01:31
gnarfacebut i don't know01:31
James1138It does both when using IMAP01:33
gnarfacea firefox plugin as a mail server... terrifying01:33
James1138Firefox using SimpleMail and NewsFox is a close I get to SeaMonkey and still watch Netflix01:34
gnarfacehmmm...  are you sure simplemail is actually your MTA?  skimming the webpage it looks like it's just a client.  you'd still need some or another mail server somewhere for this to work....01:34
gnarfacemaybe you're using a 3rd party mail server like google's?  you wouldn't want to send your root mails to that.01:35
gnarfacethere would be security implications01:35
gnarfacedovecot is an IMAP/POP server daemon but it still depends on an actual SMTP server like exim401:36
James1138I shall just leave it rather than risk01:37
gnarfacethat might be safe... but in theory exim4-daemon-light should work fine without dovecot for this purpose, unless something is really whack about your mail setup01:38
ServiceRobotheyo peeps07:27
ServiceRobotso after a ton of testing I got runit working with sysv-rc fine. that'll do until the devs implement a better solution09:15
ServiceRobotthe getty-run package needs a bit of an update. I found a problem that's fixed with the addition of 1 command09:16
HalfWordI was wondering, is Devuan ceres usable in the way Debian sid is?09:50
ServiceRobotI literally just got beowulf working so I assume so09:50
HalfWordI wasn't sure because I guess there is more flux in ceres than in sid because of Devuan's constant improvements...09:52
ServiceRobotI went for beowulf aka buster because it's the next release, so more stable than ceres09:52
ServiceRobotascii is too old for my tastes09:52
HalfWordI agree... as in Debian, stable is too old the moment it is released :)09:53
ServiceRobotat the moment I'm still not sure about it. I'm going to give it a go with a web server and some game servers and see how it fairs09:54
HalfWordI suppose that testing is pretty stable in dev1 as is in debian for purposes other than some heavy production use...09:56
HalfWordbut people have traditionally used sid for their personal machines... so what most interests me is if ceres is also usable the same way09:57
HalfWordhowever if it's not ready now, I believe it will be once the whole codebase stabilizes09:57
buZzimho ascii + ascii-backports for some stuff , is totally fine10:00
buZz(backports for stuff like newer nvidia drivers etc)10:01
ServiceRoboteh, I only plan to use it for hosting servers and software I want to code10:05
ServiceRobotone big reason is dnscrypt-proxy 2, which isn't available in backports10:05
ServiceRobotgetting runit working is a huge win for me. once I get everything setup I'll report my findings10:06
booyahsup buZz my niga o/10:31
James1138Minor question. I use Devuan Stable on my Thinkpad laptop and enjoy it. However... I noticed in startup processes something called dovecot. Checking synaptic - dovecot-core and dovecot-imapd (daemon) are for a mail server. I did try Evolution and Thunderbird but purge both from my laptop. I now check Gmail & Hotmail online or use the FireFox plugin "SimpleMail" - which allows offline viewing (very nice). To my question - Is it okay to pu17:45
James1138rge dovecot from my laptop? Synaptic says nothing appears dependant on it.17:45
James1138Sorry for the delay in getting back. Thanks Djph.20:26
James1138Be back in a little bit. Going to purge and reboot to be on the safe side.20:30
James1138I am back. Not have dovecot running in the background make the laptop more responsive!21:00
fsmithredJames1138, how did you even get dovecot? I don't think I've ever had that installed.21:14
James1138Must have installed when I added Evolution21:16
nacelleyou definitely dont need dovecot running in that instance and probably dont want to have it installed at all21:21
fsmithredis exim4 installed?21:23
James1138exim4-base installed21:30
fsmithredok, that would take care of your system mail (the stuff the system sends to root)21:33
James1138I will leave that as is21:33
fsmithredactually, I don't know if that one package is enough to do it. Normally, the system mail gets routed to the primary user, so there should be something in /var/mail/$USER or /var/spool/mail/$USER21:36
fsmithreda text file21:36
James1138I also have exim4-config and exim4-daemon-light21:42
gnarfacethat's correct21:46
gnarfaceexim4-daemon-light is the one that actually handles the mail but you need all 321:46
fsmithredmost of the mail you get there will be boring. (That's a good thing)21:50
James1138Good deal21:51
gnarfaceyea it should just be errata from major upgrades, but depending on configuration it may also be noise from stuff going awry21:51
gnarface(failing cron scripts and such)21:52
DocScrutinizer05it's a depressing read for me: >>check Gmail & Hotmail online or use the FireFox plugin "SimpleMail" - which allows offline viewing (very nice).<< Gor me email still is - and always been - a payload transport protocol/infra with both endpoints supposedly being Personal Computers literally. IMAP and even more so web mailers to me feel like "I call the post office to dictate th text of a few letters, then tell them which inbound letters I22:37
DocScrutinizer05want them to read out loud for me"22:37
DocScrutinizer05meh, *For*22:38
DocScrutinizer05on the pragmatic side, my PC never got rooted so far. Unlike the servers of 2 of my 7 email providers22:41
James1138I found rather than have 2 separate packages that one will do 95% of what I needed. I would perfer to use "SeaMonkey" instead of tweaking the heck of of Firefox but SeaMonkey does not yet play DRM like Firefox and I like watching NetFlix. I tried install Wideview and Pipelight but cannot get Seamonkey to work with NetFlix22:42
James1138Sorry - I use firefox instead of 3 packages. With Newsfox - I read RSS feeds instead of install LifeRea or someother RSS app22:44
James1138Less dependancies to worry about or bog down a system with 1 package instead of 3 packages and dependancies22:47
DocScrutinizer05instead of using a PC system with just web browser as single app to do everything from web browsing to web mail to netflix video watching to google docs office suite, it probably would already be smarter to have a single app VNC to a web service "MySystem"22:52
Hurgotronwell, maybe better x2go than vnc22:54
James1138single app is single app - VNC sounds like extra work22:54
furrymcgeetoday someone asked debian to make firefox depending on pulseaudio22:56
fsmithreddid debian answer?22:56
furrymcgeeits not a bug and already suggested22:58
furrymcgeepulseaudio is suggested in the firefox package22:58
fsmithredok, that should be enough22:59
* plasma41 was formerly NewGnuGuy23:06
DocScrutinizer05apropos SaaS and "one app does it all": extremely cute
fsmithrednoscript does not like that link (XSS attempt)23:18
plasma41Dillo does not like that link either (IFRAME and or requiring Javascript)23:19
plasma41s%and or%and/or%23:20
DocScrutinizer05what I linked first was a circuit of a 4bit delta-sigma A/D-Converter23:38
gaitei can't tell if i'm muted or not23:40
gaiteif not, i apologise for the spam23:40
DonkeyHoteigaite: not muted/quited23:47
gaiteah, ty!23:47
gaitei wanted to ask if there was some known issue with nvidia drivers23:48
gaitethey seem to be running, but various glx stuff is broken23:49
plasma41gaite: The known issue with the nvidia driver is that it is non-free and a GPL violation that no one is challenging them on.23:52
gaitenouveau is considerably slower23:53
plasma41but it is free and constantly improving23:55
gnarfacegaite: the nvidia binary driver is in several separate packages and the maintainers don't seem to actually understand the basics of how the dependencies work.  usually it works fine if you figure out which packages you're missing and manually add them.23:56
gaiteit already pulled in around 74 packages23:56
gnarface(if glx stuff isn't working that probably means you're missing libgl1-nvidia-glx:amd64 and/or libgl1-nvidia-glx:i386)23:56
gaitei'll check; ty23:57
gnarface(another gotcha is accidentally getting the mesa ones instead, which it will attempt to use, badly)23:57

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