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gnarfacegaite: if it's still not working i'm gonna need more specfics00:02
gaitelibgl1-nvidia-glx:amd64 was indeed missing00:02
gaitebut it didn't change anything00:02
gaitewhat specifics?00:03
gnarfacecard model, kernel version, what you tried, what you expected, what happened instead00:03
James1138What about for drivers?00:05
gnarfacedon't use 3rd party ones, they'll break apt/dpkg00:06
gnarfaceand the shell script installer isn't even dependencyaware.  it'll do even worse things00:06
gaitenvidia geforce 960m, 4.9.0-8-amd64, installed kernel headers + nvidia-driver + libgl1-nvidia-glx (amd64 ver)00:08
gnarfacegaite: did you run glxgears and glxinfo as a test?00:09
gaitethere's an error on boot (error running install command for nvidia), but x works00:09
gaiteglxgears and glxinfo both return the following:00:09
gaiteXlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0"00:09
gaiteError: couldn't find RGB GLX visual or fbconfig00:10
gaitethat's how i noticed there was an issue00:10
gaiteglxgears returns this:00:11
gaiteXlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0".00:11
gaiteError: couldn't get an RGB, Double-buffered visual00:12
gaiteseems to be referring to the same thing though00:12
gnarfacethat doesn't look right00:12
gnarfacecheck the xorg log, maybe it's not loading the nvidia driver00:12
gnarfaceit could be loading another driver accidentally00:12
gnarface(nouveau, vesa, or some framebuffer thing)00:13
gnarfaceand make sure your user is in the "video" group, it might matter00:16
gaiteit seems to be trying to load quite a few of them00:16
gnarfaceyea but the question is what does it settle on?00:16
gaitei'm not sure00:22
gnarfacegaite: sorry, i gotta step away now but i'll be back later if you haven't figured it out.  if this is one of those dual-gpu "optimus" laptops, you could have additional complications due to it trying to pick the *intel* card first00:22
gaiteit is :(00:22
gnarfaceyou might need to look into something called bumblebee just to get the nvidia part working00:23
gaitei see00:23
gnarfacebut also this xorg log you just posted suggests it's loading nouveau00:23
gnarfacewhich means nouveau isn't blacklisted00:23
gnarfacein general, bumblebee completely aside, the nouveau and nvidia drivers don't play nice together, and you need to blacklist whichever of the two you're not planning on using00:24
gaitecould that be what it's trying and failing to do on boot00:24
gnarfaceyea, possible00:24
gaitei'll try to do it manually, then00:25
gaitethank you for the help :)00:25
gnarfacesorry i couldn't stick around longer, good luck.00:25
gaiteended up reverting to nouveau00:57
gaiteit'd be nice to see the people responsible for the nvidia drivers try to troubleshoot that mess00:58
* Digit wondering what workarounds/fixes may be available for and if anyone else's mpv's filling their hd to crashing terminals/tmuxes spamming output.03:21
* Digit on ceres, upgrades (some gstreamer stuff), just in case that's all that's needed (99% sure it wont be)03:23
XenguySeems like a decent bug report, but what do I know?03:37
DocScrutinizer05@all: when you feel a strong affiliation to devuan and you're interested in getting a devuan IRC cloak to show this affiliation, please holler11:03
FatPhilDocScrutinizer05: holler!12:44
nailykhi all. Am tempting some suicidal upgrades from debian 7 to devuan ascii. Any tips on how to proceed please?13:51
nailyk(obviously it is a critical install for me ;) )13:52
fsmithrednailyk, here's a guide for that:
koollmannailyk: obviously, backup first, then. :)13:54
koollmannailyk: is it on a local, or remote machine ?13:54
nailykremote, not fun if it was local :p13:56
nailykyes, I took a snapshot. Thanks for the guide13:56
nailykMachine upgraded. Obviously, the only package which wont upgrade is the critical one: postfix :p14:43
nailykThanks all for the tips14:43
HumanGeekHello, somebody know if trouble can occurs with devuan and apache mpm itk mod ?14:47
DocScrutinizer05FatPhil: for now please /join #devuan-community-cloak14:58
fsmithrednailyk, what's wrong with postfix?15:10
nailykthe whole 'old' configuration prevent it to start again while upgrading15:10
nailykremoving the whole /etc/postfix folder solved the upgrade proccess15:10
fsmithredwow, ok.15:11
nailyksame problem for opendkim, dovecot, fail2ban, etc... xD15:12
fsmithredthey should all prompt you about new configs when they upgrade15:12
nailykbut there where too many differences15:14
nailykI backuped all the prompted diff between files, now am applying again my changes15:14
fsmithredyeah, ok.15:15
l337f00lnot sure if this is the place to ask but I'm trying to get acestream to work, I have the engine installed but I'm not sure how to get acestream-player installed so I can use it16:01
premobosshi. after some weeks for test, now devuan is my primary OS. Good work, Devuan Team.16:40
XenguyDocScrutinizer05: I'd be interested in the cloak you offered (currently mine is 'unaffiliated'), but I have to leave soon.  Should I just catch up with you when I get back later on?19:05
XenguyDocScrutinizer05: Heading out, will check back in with you when I return.19:13
DocScrutinizer05Xenguy: see my reply to FatPhil19:19
DocScrutinizer05also see backscroll at
DocScrutinizer05obviously the date (29, so today) is not applicable anymore19:23
AMDmi3hi, I'm maintainer22:14
AMDmi3we support Devuan too, but there are frequent 403 fetch errors for package data22:15
AMDmi3I though this should be reported22:15
KatolaZ_AMDmi3: how frequent is "frequent"?22:46

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