freenode/#devuan/ Wednesday, 2018-10-03

* Xenguy fucks an apple...02:40
golinuxXenguy: You're in a mood . . .02:48
XenguyIt was an involuntary moment = )02:49
hollalike you stumbled and impaled it with your manhood? gosh, you had too much of those blue pills i'ld say ;)03:05
XenguyAn interesting mixture of metaphors03:05
XenguyNever yet had the pleasure of viagra, but much prefer the red pill in any case : -)03:06
holla'we need apples - lots of apples ...' - won't shout out the g-word in public - you could never know wheter Agent Smith is listening ;)03:17
furrywolf... huh?03:18
XenguyMillions of peaches, peaches for free!03:29
XenguyLook out!03:29
* golinux wonders what this channel is coming to . . . 03:30
XenguyBeyond the Pale03:34
nemohm. so. radeon appears to be missing my driver's info14:15
nemoI'm willing to try patching the driver, but while I looked for help on #radeon  I figured I should fall back to fglrx14:16
nemois there a recommended method for getting this?14:16
nemoshould I stick to manually installing the .deb? I'm guessing adding jessie to my sources could lead to surprises14:16
nemohm. I guess more to the point, any particular reason this isn't in ascii already?  is it about minimising scope of what you guys have to review?15:13
nemoor repo size?15:13
nemothat could be the problem15:17
nemowelp. let's see if ATI maintains something usable15:18
nemolooks like no. crud. aight. nothing for it. #radeon is my only hope15:20
nemoFWIW, I was missing the AMD firmware15:53
nemoapt-get install firmware-amd-graphics15:53
furrymcgeeamd has less troubles OCthan nvidia drivers i guess15:54
nemoseems well behaved now15:57
nemokinda surprised debian doesn't recommend that package15:58
nemoprobably most every card needs it15:58
nemoI guess the non-free is sticking point for recommend. and WAG ubuntu just installs it, which is why I never noticed this until now15:58
nemobut will keep this in mind in future when supporting Hedgewars users - seems like an easy thing to miss15:58
man_in_shackew amd graphics (:16:06
nemoman_in_shack: heh. well it's either that or put up with a fuzzy display and CPU emulation of opengl16:08
nemoman_in_shack: and I have zero say over this laptop's configuration16:08
man_in_shackew, laptop graphics16:08
man_in_shackkernel upgrade "fixed" bios bug behaviour16:09
nemobut I gotta say, I'm feeling pretty damn smug these days as the intel trainwreck continues.  AMD has had some problems, but they have not been as bad by far16:09
nemoless cheating16:09
nemoman_in_shack: anyway. I have both a tower and a laptop here - both were issued by my workplace almost a decade ago16:09
nemoI'm doing my damndest to keep them functioning 'cause all the other devs on the new generation of machines are basically crippled16:09
nemoman_in_shack: they have to do all their work in VMs since the laptops are locked down and windows 1016:10
man_in_shackyay, another bios bug has resurfaced16:12
man_in_shackthis is fuuuuun16:12
man_in_shackooh, less severe this time though16:13
cehtehmhm . whats the best way to migrate from squeeze to ascii? :)16:32
cehtehstepping up debian until jessie and then ascii?16:33
nemocehteh: that sounds considerably less insane than my decision to try jumping straight from ubuntu 14.04 to devuan ascii which crashed and burned ☺16:36
debdogIIRC I did debian wheezy -> devuan jessie -> ascii16:36
cehtehyeah i am not sure if i want debian or devuan jessie in that sequence16:38
cehtehah devuan .. currently thats a vserver kernel, container host, want to migrate that to libvirt/lxc16:39
cehtehand debians libvirt needs systemd, that was some pain some time ago on another box16:40
Centurion_Dancehteh: devuan's libvirt doesn't depend on systemd.16:52
cehtehyes i know16:52
cehtehhence devuans jessie, not debian16:52
nemohm... ascii still doesn't have gimp 2.9/3.0 ?16:54
nemooh. haha16:54
nemoI thought it had been released. clearly not16:54
nemoeven 2.10 was only april of this year16:55
nemobut. guess if I want 2.10/3.0 I gotta build it myself. oh well16:55
nemonot at all unusual w/ debian and its variants16:56
nemoI guess the difference is that under ubuntu I could rely more on PPAs16:56
nemohrm. they do have a flatpak16:57
nemowish I didn't find that entire concept distasteful16:57
nemoesp in something with as huge a surface area as gimp16:57
man_in_shackceres doesn't have gimp 4.0 yet? >:(17:00
nemoman_in_shack: I've been hanging around the gimp dev channel too long17:01
nemoI kind of think of 3.0 as something that's existed for years17:01
man_in_shackwell tell them to get on it then :D17:01
nemoand the 2.10 release seemed longer, but it's been a busy year for me17:02
fugitiveHi. I've ran into some issues while trying to install qemu. . Problem seems to be libc-bin23:09
plasma41fugitive: There's a dev meeting at the moment. Wait just a few minutes then there should be plenty of people to help you.23:15
fugitiveOkay, NP!23:15
gnarfacefugitive: i'm not one of the devs so i can try to get you started pointing in the right direction.  i took a look at your screenshot and right off the bat i can tell you something has gone massively wrong.  nothing in the repos installs to /opt so you've already broken the rules by mixing distros/repos in some potentially hazardous way.  maybe i can help you back yourself out of the corner if you can tell me exactly what23:28
gnarfaceyou did that lead up to this.23:28
gnarfacedid you try to install qemu from a 3rd party repo?  you should have used the native package.23:29
gnarfaceif you're not sure, pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list23:29
gnarface(if you're relying on commercial software in /opt that is known to work, a common beginner's mistake is to forget to add /opt/bin and /opt/lib to the proper environment variables)23:31
fugitiveWell, I had qemu installed from Jessie, but qemu-img wasn't working. ldd-ing binary shown broken libs, this is one of sshots from my xterm, so I tried to do apt --reinstall qemu, to see if that would fix anything, and all fun come from there. Natively, qemu is installed from repos, i don't remember myself compiling it23:32
fugitivepls ignore thing with /opt, it is not related :-)23:33
fugitivecurrently i am on ascii (for couple of months already)23:33
gnarfacehmm. when you did the upgrade from ascii to jessie, is it possible you forgot to do one final `apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade` to make sure you don't have vestiges from jessie laying around?23:34
gnarfaceif you had used jessie-backports some of those could be blocking upgrades too23:34
gnarfacethat could definitely cause this type of thing23:35
fugitiveman who knows, did that very long time ago :-(23:35
gnarfacewell try it now23:35
gnarfacelemme see your sources.list first23:35
gnarfaceto make sure we're not just gonna make it worse23:35
golinuxGood idea23:35
gnarfacewine-staging goes in /opt too, so mabye that's harmless23:36
gnarfacehmmm ok that's messy23:36
gnarfacelemme fix one up for you23:37
gnarfacefugitive: change it to this:
fugitivethis is from sources.list.d/ (cat-ed all) but those are 3rd party sources23:38
gnarfaceget rid of all those for now23:39
gnarfacei dunno what they do so it's an unnecessary risk.23:39
gnarfacebut back them up somewhere in case you need them later23:39
gnarfacenext we run this:  `apt-get update && apt-get upgrade && apt-get dist-upgrade`23:40
gnarfacejust like that23:40
gnarfacebut don't just say "Yes" blindly23:40
gnarfacemake sure it's not marking anything to REMOVE23:40
gnarfaceunless it's being upgraded/replaced23:40
fugitivesure, i am always cautious23:40
gnarfacewhat may have happened is you may have included something from jessie-backports or one of those 3rd party repos that has a newer package version than the ascii one23:41
gnarface(or from a 3rd party repo that just has nonsensical dependencies)23:42
fugitiveseems dead end23:42
gnarfaceno, that's good.  say yes to that one23:42
gnarfaceafter that, it will ask again.23:42
fugitivesame thing.. like with my old sources23:43
gnarfacesomething seems wrong with that libc6 package23:44
gnarfacehang on, lemme look up the version23:44
fugitiveiF  libc-bin                                  2.24-11+deb9u3                                 amd64        GNU C Library: Binaries23:44
fugitivesee dpkg status ^ - ``iF''23:45
gnarfacehmmm. yea, it is the version in ascii.23:45
gnarfacetry this:  `apt-get clean && apt-get update && apt-get install libc-bin`23:45
gnarfacei expect an error, but maybe a more helpful one23:45
fugitiveyep smt is **cked23:47
gnarface"Illegal option --"23:47
gnarface"Illegal option -e"23:47
gnarface^ these look highly suspicious23:47
gnarfacelike it's hitting a parsing error in the package scripot23:47
fugitiveyea, those are extremely weird to me as well23:47
fugitivehave an idea which script to investigate?23:48
gnarfacebut i would expect other people to have run into the same issue if the problem was the package23:48
gnarfaceso i would lean more towards a version mismatch with whatever was processing the scripts23:48
gnarfacehave you done anything weird with your python install?23:48
gnarfaceupgraded it to a 3rd party version maybe?23:48
fugitivepython? nop, nothing like that23:49
gnarfaceok well we can look at the script23:49
gnarfaceit says it's the post installation script23:49
fugitivebut where are those located? trying to find it atm..23:50
gnarfacei have to look it up23:50
gnarfacedo you have the package source downloaded?23:51
fsmithred theyre in /var/lib/dpkg/info/23:51
gnarfaceah, thanks.  it's probably /var/lib/dpkg/info/libc-bin.postinst then23:51
gnarfaceoh shit23:52
gnarfaceset -e on the second line23:52
gnarfacedid you swap your default system shell for something other than BASH?23:52
gnarfacezsh, or dash perhaps?23:52
fugitiveyea, zsh23:52
fugitivelooong time ago23:52
gnarfacei'm betting that's what is breaking this23:53
gnarfaceeither someone forgot to make zsh sh-compatible, or someone forgot to make this shell script sh-compatible23:53
gnarfaceprobably choking on a bashism23:53
gnarfaceluckily that's probably an easy thing to fix23:54
fugitivek, lemme change shell23:54
gnarfaceswitch your default system shell back to bash, and from now on only use zsh as your regular user.  boot with bash.  update packages with bash.23:54
gnarfacewell, they say bash or dash is safe for that, but in my experience dash isn't always as safe as bash23:55
fsmithredlooks like it might be choking on 'ldconfig --verbose' too23:55
gnarfacefsmithred: yea, possibly, but this pacakge update could be blocking binutils23:55
gnarfaceso that could be a red herring23:55
fugitiveyea, one of things fsmithred: ldconfig -v doesn't output anything23:55
fugitiveand.. same thing with bash..23:56
gnarfacei feel like this is the second time we've seen this.  i wonder if the zsh people know it's a pitfall23:57
fugitiveone sec.. i was still in zsh..23:57
fugitiveno, it definetly not shell..
fugitiveok, i **cked something badly..
gnarfacehow sure are you that you've actually returned the system shell to BASH?23:59
fugitivechecked $SHELL env var23:59
gnarfacels -l /bin/sh23:59

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