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XenguyI'm getting an error on Jessie when trying to:  apt-get update03:12
XenguyTried again and it worked03:16
XenguyFailed again on another upgrade attempt, oh well03:18
gnarfacenot your fault, problem with the mirrors03:21
gnarfacecould be broken or just updating03:21
XenguyMakes sense03:29
drwhitehi folks, anyone here have an issue with VirtualBricks where it can't find vde_router and qemu?04:21
skyroveRRHey gnarface :)05:54
skyroveRRgnarface: remember in July we discussed about me being unable to get my monitor to work at full res? Turns out, when I try to force the resolution, the display actually zooms in, rather than the06:07
skyroveRRrather than switching the resolution. Thoughts on this?06:07
furrywolfare you sure your exact monitor model can do that resolution?  does it have restrictions, like only at annoyingly slow refresh?06:13
skyroveRRIt's capable of full 1920x1080 for sure.06:14
skyroveRRThe screen used to be set that way, until recently.06:14
skyroveRRIn devuan itself.06:14
furrywolfno idea, then.06:15
TashtariAnyone here familiar with ARM systems?  I had a decent degree of success on my Veyron/Rockchip chromebook with the released image for Jessie, but it seems this isn't a target in ASCII.  Was it removed for a technical reason, or just lack of interest?06:15
nacellethe rapsberry pi's are arms, doesnt smell right that they'd ditch that arch06:16
TashtariYeah, that's why I'm concerned...06:16
TashtariOn a related note... how much do the various 'embedded' images differ, is it just the same thing repackaged for different bootloaders/media?  Or do they require different kernel/initrd/filesystem?06:19
nacellewhere are you looking ?06:21
nacelleyour mirror might suck06:21
nacellesorry, they mirror you used might suck06:21
TashtariNope, it's not there either06:21
nacellebut the pi image is... so...06:21
nacellei'm confused :-)06:22
nacellemy guess is you could find an arm image thats close enough06:22
TashtariWell, that was why I asked the second question :)  I mean, if it's just a matter of pulling the pieces out of one format and assembling them into the weird cgpt thing that depthcharge expects, I can likely do that06:23
TashtariBut... I mean, an RPi is not a chromebook, so it wouldn't seem like the craziest thing if the images had more specialization than that06:24
golinuxTashtari: Try #devuan-arm06:35
TashtariOh, that's a channel?  Fair enough.  Thanks.06:38
gnarfaceskyroveRR: some xorg.conf setting perhaps... i recall that being expected behavior in some case if the default resolution didn't match the max resolution07:01
gnarfaceyou mean you have a panning desktop right?07:01
gnarfaceif you mean the other way around (the desktop is stretched but all fits on the display) check the physical display settings for anything involving automatic aspect ratio handling07:03
skyroveRRgnarface: we discussed about this in July without identifying the cause :) the resolution isn't being detected right at GRUB :)07:38
gnarfacethis was an optimus laptop, right?07:39
gnarfaceskyroveRR: ^07:39
skyroveRRIt's an ordinary desktop :)07:40
gnarfaceoh, you're not the guy who was also having problems with glx?07:40
gnarfaceok, i don't remember if you ever got back to me about trying to specify a resolution manually in /etc/default/grub07:41
gnarfacethere should be a commented-out example in there you can edit07:42
gnarfaceyou can't always trust it to auto-detect right but sometimes you can force it07:43
gnarfaceif the example doesn't work, there's also the old vga= option that still might works07:45
gnarfaceregardless of that, the display settings could be stretching it too07:47
gnarfacedon't forget to check07:47
skyroveRRgnarface: will do.07:53
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LachezarHeya all. Devuan noob here. How does one install docker (as in docker-container, ot the docker WM) into a devuan machine?16:16
mcr1hi, I think that docker has serious systemd dependancies.  I use lxc (not lxd).16:17
Lachezarmcr1: Really? That'd be a shame.16:18
mcr1I haven't tried lately though. I think that there is a ssh foo | sh method of installing, but I hate those.16:18
Lachezarmcr1: I have a (throwable-away) devuan VM, that I'm going to use for the experiments, but I can't find a way to install it.16:22
benharriLachezar: have you tried the official docker docs?
benharrii haven't tried on devuan so i can't guarantee anything16:24
benharriwould definitely be a good idea to use that throwaway-able vm16:24
mcr1it's an extra repo, so I don't see why it wouldn't work, and they support wheezy, which is pre-systemd.16:24
benharrimight be worth just installed the package from the .deb16:25
mcr1I would personally like to see packages in devuan that just add the right repos.16:25
mcr1While add-apt-repository is nice, I would rather a less straight-jacket'ed system.16:26
Lachezar: Error starting daemon: Devices cgroup isn't mounted16:27
Lachezarbenharri: That's the one I am trying. Needs more cgoups stuff that might be over my know-how grade.16:30
benharriit does list 3 github issues about it :o16:30
benharricould probably figure it out but i don't have any need to run docker on devuan atm16:31
Lachezarbenharri: I have some time to test. Would like to have a less sysmetd-ed host.16:31
Lachezars/sysmetd/systemd/ wireless keyboard :(16:31
benharrithat's fair :)16:32
LachezarShould I use 'stretch' repo for 'ascii'?16:35
golinuxLachezar: Oops.  You might look at this which was posted in a thread on DNG:
golinuxThat was probably for jessie.  Don't know about ascii17:22
LachezarInstalling packages from docker repos (stretch) seems to work: 'This message shows that your installation appears to be working correctly.'17:26
* Lachezar grins17:26
benharriheh nice17:27
LachezarWhops. How does one reboot a VM with an encrypted disk wihtout a console? Is there 'ssh-to-boot'?17:27
LachezarGot help in #linux: successfully rebooted the Devuan VM and decrypted over SSH :)18:35
* Lachezar feels good.18:35
_stephen_What's an appropriate path to take to get installed under ascii?21:22
_stephen_I checked and it's in beowulf, ceres, and jessie-backports, but not ascii...21:22
_stephen_Now I feel like a tool.  I just pulled up the irc logs and I see that docker had been discussed just shortly before I posted my question.22:52
gnarfaceoh good.  now it's safe for me to warn you that it's probably the worst tool for the job amongst many.22:55
gnarfacethe time you spent trying to find a fix would have been better spent switching to literally any other alternative.22:55
gnarfacei would say vbox is a close second for poor quality22:55
gnarfacereally everyone should be using qemu-kvm (without libvirt/virtd/whatever)22:56
gnarfacethat's where the big money has gone into development22:56
gnarfacethat's where the mainline kernel developers are putting their efforts22:57
_stephen_It's convenient to be able to use docker-compose, though...23:00
_stephen_Is there another container package I should look into using?23:01
_stephen_I went with docker because other projects I worked on made use of it.23:01
_stephen_Also, I haven't tried to start up a container, but I managed to get dockerd to at least run...23:01
gnarfacei'm not familiar with docker-compose but i think qemu-img does the same thing?  i think i just usually make images with dd and debootstrap though23:02
_stephen_I'm a big fan of qemu, but I don't want an entire vm, just a container.23:03
gnarfacewell you could just use chroot for that23:04
_stephen_docker-compose makes it easy-ish to configure a container is all.23:04
_stephen_Oh, I suppose I could bind mount stuff into a chroot...23:04
gnarfacewell, i understand wanting to stick with something easier to use just because it makes it easier... until it doesn't anymore23:04
_stephen_That and the portability aspect.23:05
_stephen_I can throw deps into a container, mount in my project, test it, and throw away the container when I'm done.23:06
_stephen_And being able to hand the cotainer image to team mates is handy, too.23:07
_stephen_Looks like the docker-ce static image is working for now.23:16
_stephen_I followed the link posted earlier by benharri which lead me to ttps:// where I grabbed the latest ce tar.23:17
_stephen_I also installed cgroupfs-mount and added a docker group before running it.23:18
_stephen_I'm able to run the hello world, as well as import my existing images.23:18
_stephen_And it works with the docker compose from the repo.23:22

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