freenode/#devuan/ Saturday, 2018-10-06

cehtehindeo: The initramfs will attempt to resume from /dev/zram101:00
cehteher doh completion .. but funny what this automatism picks :)01:00
haxmeisterhello devuan01:48
haxmeisteris there a webpage I can visit, where I can search for available packages?01:49
haxmeisterthank you01:51
haxmeistermight I suggest linking that to the home page?01:52
debdogit's a tad hard to find, i have to admit01:53
Nematocysttrying to install chroot.  what's the most minimal package for devuan? is devuan-baseconfig the best I can do?01:53
phoggIs there a reason there isn't an analog of packages.{debuan,ubuntu}.org?01:55
* phogg braces for "Because you haven't volunteered to make it"01:55
golinuxhaxmeister: That link is on several pages of the website including the download page01:56
golinuxphogg: Because maybe 98% of the devuan repos are redirects to the debian repos.  You can access devuan specific (forked and original) packagespackages01:59
golinuxOops typo.01:59
phogggolinux: aha, not much point then02:01
haxmeisterthank you golinux02:02
golinuxphogg: You might get some ideas here:
FatPhilOoooh, sneaky rumours are that Ian Jackson (ex. Debian project lead, and technical committee member until his systemd-related resignation) is thinking of migrating his systems to Devuan.14:49
system16is it possible to run a bitcoin miner on my sftp server ? ( devuan without any DE)16:29
system16i dont want it to use all of my netbook power tho16:30
system16only 5 to 10 %16:30
fsmithred system16, I don't know about bitcoin mining, but I do know you can run cpulimit to keep a process slow.16:33
system16oh great. can you give me a link to a guide ?16:33
fsmithredman cpulimit16:33
fsmithredafter you install it16:33
system16oh lol. thanks16:33
fsmithredit's pretty simple16:34
system16apt install cpulimit ?16:34
fsmithredyeah, I think so16:34
system16i just have to find a client that can run on a GUI-less OS16:34
golinuxFatPhil: That would be really cool if Ian joined our camp.  Reference?17:32
saptechhello all19:14
saptechI just added a new user's account. looking at the /home/newuser, there are no directories. How can I add directories without logging into the acct and manually adding them?19:15
saptechI added the user using the adduser command. Is there a GUI app to add users?19:16
saptechI'm running xfce419:17
fsmithredsaptech, are you using pure devuan or refracta?19:39
saptechI installed using refracta19:40
fsmithredtake a look at /etc/xdg/user-dirs* and xdg-user-dir command (or xdg-user-dirs-update)19:41
fsmithredok, I turned off those extra dirs in /etc/xdg19:41
fsmithreduncomment the defaults you want19:41
saptechhmmm, ok19:41
fsmithredthen, I think you can run the update command.19:41
fsmithredmake sense? I need to go outside.19:44
saptechok, thanks19:44
saptechfsmithred, I only had to edit the ones I didn't want, in "xdg/user-dirs.defaults"20:09
fsmithredthe ones you didn't want?20:09
saptechyes, mine wasn't commented out20:12
saptechI didn't want the Public folder20:12
fsmithredok, I thought I commented out most of them20:13
saptechit was some at the bottom of the file, "Documents/Music" etc that was commented out20:13
saptechat least for me20:14
fsmithredrefracta9 beta3 iso?20:14
saptechI don't think it was the beta320:15
saptechit was the devuan_ascii_2 live desktop iso20:16
saptechxfce4 version20:16
fsmithredthat one has the default settings. Did the new user get any dirs?20:17
saptechnow there's a problem with xfce4 clock in top panel. When I open the properties and change clock to 12 hour format and click Close, it closes the clock completely out, removes it from the panel20:22
saptechI got it with the new user and my user also20:22
saptechweather looks like it may storm. it was sunny and warm earlier20:24
fsmithredyup. clock just disappeared.20:31
fsmithredno, it's there, but very thin.20:31
fsmithredand it's set to custom format, even thought that's not what I chose20:32
fsmithredsaptech, for anything other than the default format on the clock, it looks like you have to define a custom format20:33
fsmithredsaptech,  %I:%M %p20:37
saptechyep, that brought it back20:38
l337f00lhas anyone ever gotten acestream-player to install on Devuan and if so how, I have acestreamengine but thats about it23:06

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