freenode/#devuan/ Thursday, 2018-10-11

man_in_shack<fsmithred> oh, you want to watch movies from a remote machine?   << yah00:42
fsmithredI tried it with sshfs and it didn't work00:43
fsmithredI got broken audio and either broken or no video00:43
KatolaZit works for me (TM)00:44
fsmithredoh, I tried copying the file to the local machine and playing it, and that doesn't work, either00:44
KatolaZsshfs on the server00:44
KatolaZand then streaming with vlc00:44
fsmithredI tried that00:45
fsmithredwhat do you mean by streaming?00:45
KatolaZthe server must have sufficient outgoing bw though00:45
man_in_shackKatolaZ: libdvdcss needs access to the device node00:45
KatolaZman_in_shack: is that a dvd?00:46
KatolaZthen just stream the thing from the machine that has the dvd attached00:46
man_in_shackbut then how to navigate the dvd menus? :D00:46
KatolaZthen login on the remote machine00:47
KatolaZthrougl X00:47
man_in_shackremote machine is headless00:48
man_in_shackit's quite frustrating that there are multiple systems that seem like they SHOULD work but don't00:48
man_in_shackATA over Ethernet, network block device, iscsi00:48
fsmithredif I stream it, what do I put for the url?00:48
fsmithredserver is the laptop that's right behind me00:49
man_in_shackfsmithred: you have to log in to remote system and set up vlc to transcode to a network stream00:49
KatolaZman_in_shack: just xdm on the headless server?00:50
gnarfacewait that's all you were recompiling your kernel for, man_in_shack??00:50
man_in_shack  << examples00:50
gnarfacei wish i had known, i went through all of this in detail00:50
gnarfacegave up on vlc00:50
gnarfacesettled on a combination of ffmpeg and mplayer00:51
man_in_shackew mplayer :P00:51
gnarfacevlc should work but navigating the minefield of their undocumented transcoding glitches proved to be the bigger roadblock00:51
KatolaZman_in_shack: I guess you have tried this already:
man_in_shackclosest i've come to this solution is the in-kernel iscsi server, using pscsi00:52
man_in_shackbut that's giving me a nice big crash00:52
man_in_shackKatolaZ: ew dvdsimple00:52
gnarfacehmmm. my solution didn't account for dvd navigation00:52
gnarfacebut i didn't need any fancy in-kernel network block device patches00:53
man_in_shacklooks like i just gonna have to use remote box to rip00:53
gnarfacei'm just streaming the data over a network pipe00:53
gnarfaceover ssh actually00:53
gnarfacebut initially i was using netcat00:53
KatolaZman_in_shack: xdm on the headless server00:55
* man_in_shack glares at KatolaZ00:55
KatolaZjust tell xdm to have no local X servers00:56
KatolaZand login to the remote machine through xdm00:56
KatolaZyou just need to mangle with Xservers00:56
man_in_shackbut then i gonna need a window manager and stff00:56
KatolaZon the server00:57
KatolaZnot at all00:57
KatolaZthe server won't have any X server running00:57
KatolaZjust xdm00:58
KatolaZman_in_shack: first hit00:59
KatolaZit's from 10 years ago, but it should still work I guess ;)01:00
man_in_shackx11 hasn't changed in 98700 years01:00
KatolaZthat's why it might still be "the way" ;)01:01
KatolaZ(maybe you have already tried it and it's not satisfactory, but in a LAN that should be OK)01:02
man_in_shackyah well i have a dedicated gigabit line between remote and local boxen01:05
man_in_shackwill give it a try01:05
man_in_shackeither that or ssh x11 forwarding i guess01:05
fsmithredI got choppy video and no audio with ssh -X01:09
booyahfsmithred: well duh02:21
booyahVNC that shit (after fixing vnc's brain-dead "Security" by tunneling it)02:21
booyahdeveloper of VNC who come up with MAXIMUM 8 char password and cleartext transfer should be trialed in Geneva srsly02:21
gnarfacei found all kinds of pitfalls02:43
gnarfacelots of them to do with unexpectedly high cpu load in transcoding, coming from weird places (the audio driver itself, not the actual video encoding process?!?!)02:43
gnarfaceeventually people in #mplayer who work on ffmpeg were able to help me figure out which combination of options would fly02:44
gnarface(i was able to get mencoder working too, but only with mpeg4 video)02:44
gnarfaceffmpeg -f video4linux2 -channel 2 -video_size 768x480 -pix_fmt yuv420p -thread_queue_size 4096 -i /dev/video0 -f alsa -thread_queue_size 16384 -i hw:0,0 -f matroska -vcodec libx264 -crf 12 -preset ultrafast -aspect 16:9 -r 29.97 -acodec libmp3lame -q:a 3 -02:45
gnarfacecurrently using this02:45
gnarface-thread_queue_size is probably completely useless here, i was just trying to quiet some warnings02:45
gnarface-preset ultrafast is mandatory unless you have an 8GHz core cpu02:45
gnarface(or some sort of hardware encoder)02:46
gnarfaceand -f matroska is the only option that won't run into an invisible file size limit wall while streaming to stdout like this02:46
gnarface-acodec could probably be anything compatible with the format, i just like the way the lame encoder sounds02:47
gnarfacei put that in a script that gets run remotely over ssh, returning the data stream via stdout directly to mplayer (where i can use vdpau with mplayer and my video card's hardware decoder)02:48
gnarfaceoh, and "-crf 12" is complete overkill for most people's purposes02:49
gnarface(i was chasing visual anomalies in the decoded image post-line-doubling and window-scaling)02:49
gnarfacebut yea i would have to come up with something different to work with dvd navigation.  that wasn't a concern here because the video feed is a tv tuner card connected to a dvr i have a separate network remote for02:51
DRWhiteHi folks. I have a small issue that I'm trying to resolve and I don't know if it's Devuan 2 or the actual software. I've installed ASCII, and also everything that I've needed. I install VirtualBricks, and it says it can't find VDE_Router or QEMU. Under settings it says it can't find the binaries, yet they are installed and are there correctly. Has anyone had issues with this before?02:54
gnarfaceDRWhite: can't say i know anything about VirtualBricks but make sure you have all the relevant qemu packages.  maybe you have some but are missing others?  qemu-user-static perhaps?02:55
gnarfaceor maybe VirtualBricks is looking in the wrong place?02:56
gnarfacenot all distros agree on default paths and names for stuff02:56
DRWhiteI've set the paths, checked via file browser.02:56
DRWhiteI've got pretty much everything installed..02:56
gnarfacehow about versions?  make sure they're in range?02:56
DRWhiteyes they are02:56
gnarfacerunning out of ideas here02:57
DRWhiteI've spent a week debugging this so far02:57
gnarfacewhat about amd64/i386?  sometimes you'll need i386 versions of libraries even on an amd64 install.02:57
DRWhiteand still it keeps finding no qemu or vde02:57
gnarfacecould it be a permission thing?02:57
gnarfacemaybe the user running virtualbricks just can't execute qemu?02:58
DRWhiteI have full disk priviledges, qemu group and all02:59
DRWhiteI can run QEMU fine, but not virtualbricks02:59
gnarfacehmmm. what about the i386 thing?  virtualbricks is some sort of virtualization software right?02:59
DRWhitei386, x86, x64, arm, arm64, sparc32 sparc64, and many more... all installed03:00
gnarfaceand multi-arch is enabled for it, right?03:00
gnarfaceoh, i know!  make sure /etc/init.d/binfmt-support is running03:01
DRWhiteit was.03:02
DRWhitesame issue03:02
gnarfacei'm sorry i don't know anything about virtualbricks03:02
gnarfacewhat does it do that you can't just do with bare qemu-kvm?03:02
gnarfacenevermind i can look it up myself03:04
gnarfaceDRWhite: where did you install virtualbricks from?  the devuan repo or did you get a version from elsewhere?03:05
DRWhitedevuan repo03:06
DRWhiteVirtualBricks is a gui interface to deal easily with virtual environments and networking quickly and efficiently for testing03:07
gnarfaceyou know it's ironic, but i've literally never met one that was03:07
gnarfacequicker or more efficient, that is03:07
DRWhiterouters, firewalls, switches, hubs, tunnels, proxys... the lot..03:07
gnarfacebecause of all this03:07
gnarfacebecause it never works out of the box03:07
gnarfacelibvirt was the same way03:08
DRWhitelibvirt works 100% for me03:08
gnarfacepresumably it must for lots of people03:08
DRWhitevirtualbricks is the only one I ahve an issue with on devuan03:08
DRWhiteeverything else installed fine03:08
gnarfacebut by the time i figured out how to get it working for me, i no longer needed it.  in fact, fixing it, taught me everything i thought i needed it to do for me.03:08
DRWhiteand worked out of the box03:08
gnarfacebut to be fair that was years ago, before devuan03:09
gnarfaceneither here nor now03:09
DRWhiteI used Qubes for many years03:09
DRWhiteBut they aren't ging to get rid of systemD.03:09
DRWhiteNor make a version tat doesn't require SystemD.03:09
DRWhiteSo time for a change, and VirtualBricks does what I need.03:09
gnarfaceso, either there's only one other person who has come in here complaining about this that i know of, or that was also you03:10
gnarfacebut that's not proof anyone else has even tried it03:10
gnarfacecan you do a sanity check quick?  can you just exit it, run "sync && sync && sync" as root, then try again?03:11
gnarfaceoh also run "ldconfig" too03:11
gnarfaceas root03:11
gnarfacethen try it again03:11
gnarfaceyou don't have to try it twice, you can test those together03:13
gnarfacethe only other thing that comes to mind is maybe the guest image is actually missing it03:14
gnarfacewhen doing this with a chroot, you have to copy one of the qemu binaries into the chroot install manually03:14
gnarfacemaybe virtualbricks guests need the same or similar treatment03:15
DRWhiteWhat does "sync && sync && sync" do?03:15
gnarfacejust commits a bunch of cached stuff03:16
gnarfacei don't even know what all it does but importantly here, it forces the writeback cache to flush on removable drives03:17
DRWhite... thanks03:17
DRWhitenothing worked03:17
gnarfacesorry :(03:17
DRWhiteI'll just have to reinstall devuan.03:17
gnarfacei don't think that's it03:17
gnarfacecheck your guest images first03:17
DRWhiteI have03:18
DRWhiteQEMU is not found03:18
DRWhitethat is devuan + instal03:18
gnarfaceyou haven't mixed repos with any other distros, ahve you?03:18
gnarface*have you?03:18
gnarfacea few ubuntu packages?  backports even perhaps?03:18
gnarfaceor installing anything from beowulf/ceres?03:18
gnarfaceor leftover packages from jessie even...03:19
gnarfacea reinstall in theory would fix most of that but the real risk here is that if you don't understand the past you're doomed to repeat it...03:19
gnarfaceand also it might be overkill when the real answer could be just a quick `apt-get update && apt-get upgrade`03:20
DRWhiteI'm using devuan ascii repository, so if it has, not my doing.03:21
DRWhiteall gotten from devuan repo03:21
gnarfacehmm. lemme see your sources.list?03:21
gnarfacedon't paste in here03:21
gnarfaceuse a pastebin, or paste it privately03:22
gnarfacethe /etc/apt/sources.list file03:22
gnarfaceguys, should "" be current?03:31
fsmithredI don't think the country codes actually do anything yet03:35
gnarfaceso it should all be the same actually?03:36
gnarfaceor are you saying that's completely undefined behavior?03:36
fsmithredno, I think it just puts you in the round-robin03:36
gnarfacegot it03:36
fsmithredthere aren't enough countries with servers for it to make sense03:37
fsmithredat some point in the future, they'll be routed to regional servers03:37
man_in_shackgot xdcmp working with vlc05:36
man_in_shacknow how to get audio05:36
man_in_shackactually using pulseaudio for networked audio06:01
man_in_shackaaaaand in 1080p fullscreen it's laggy as fuck :D06:05
man_in_shackthis is fuuuun06:05
man_in_shacktrying direct X instead of using Xephyr now06:06
man_in_shackproblem solved, using xvideo instead of x11 :D06:20
man_in_shacktrying to find an icon-based launcher thingy that doesn't depend on gtk07:07
man_in_shackpcmanfm-qt pulls in gtk libs07:07
man_in_shackall the fuckingaround but it works07:48
man_in_shacki even got the bluray working08:18
man_in_shackit's sluggish but it works08:21
gnarfacewhat's the video card again?08:23
man_in_shackthere isn't one (:08:23
gnarfacei mean in the client machine08:23
gnarfacenot the encoding machine08:23
gnarfacedid you have the official drivers for that?08:23
gnarfacesee if you can enable vdpau hardware scaling and deinterlacing in vlc for decoding (those are separate settings in mplayer)08:24
gnarfacei'm not sure if vlc needs to be patched for that or not08:24
gnarfacethat will switch on the video card's decoder08:25
gnarfaceshould make high-def less cpu heavy08:25
man_in_shackwill fiddle around with it08:25
gnarfaceit should also make windows stop using more cpu the larger they are08:25
gnarfacethere might be video codec constraints on what it can actually decode that way08:26
man_in_shackbut i'm only doing optical media08:26
gnarfacewell mpeg2 is one thing they all do08:27
gnarfaceeven my old 650 will do h264 too though08:27
man_in_shackvdpau probably doesn't like going over networked x1108:28
gnarfaceno, vdpau would be client-only, this isn't happening at the server side08:30
gnarfacethis is for decoding08:30
gnarfacein mplayer you'd use something like "-vo vdpau:deint=4,hqscaling:9"08:31
man_in_shackyah but i'm not streaming now, i'm actually running vlc on the remote system :P08:32
man_in_shackusing xdmcp08:32
gnarfaceoh, i see.  well that will probably kill vdpau, you're right08:33
gnarfaceat that point you might want to just use the sdl one08:34
gnarfacethere's a sdl video output module in vlc too, right?08:34
man_in_shackthere is opengl08:35
gnarfacealso worth a try08:36
man_in_shackno luck with opengl08:37
man_in_shackwell main thing is dvd playback seems to be fine08:53
man_in_shackand bluray playback is mostly watchable :P08:54
KatolaZman_in_shack: X rulez ;P09:00
man_in_shackjust had an idea09:48
TomKahi, upgrading a jessie box to ascii fails completely for me. after reboot no keyboard, no mouse, even no network is there. switching back to devuan jessie. probably it has something to do with udev -> eudev?10:25
TomKawhat can i check directly after upgrading (then the box is working)?10:26
man_in_shackok, i have no idea how the bluray disc is getting decrypted10:42
man_in_shackeverything i've read says i should have entries in KEYSDB.cfg or ~/.cache/aacs/vuk10:42
man_in_shacki have neither10:42
KatolaZTomKa: how have you upgraded?10:51
KatolaZTomKa: have you followed the upgrade walkthrough?10:51
TomKafollowed this upgrade guide:
TomKais there another one?11:00
* man_in_shack flails at man_in_shack11:45
furrymcgeedo you have any documentation about the systemd replacement? how is eudev used in devuan?11:58
KatolaZTomKa: nope12:09
KatolaZTomKa: which mirror are you using?12:09
KatolaZTomKa: what kind of problem you have, exactly?12:21
TomKano keyboard, no mouse, no network after reboot the fresh upgraded box12:25
TomKai see the login screen and can do nothing12:25
TomKahave to switch off the box12:26
KatolaZcan you please reboot passing "noacpi" to the kernel line?12:26
TomKaok, i have one try ;-) meanwhile i restored the backup and did the upgrade once again12:27
TomKathere is nothing which i can check now?12:28
KatolaZTomKa: are you doing a "dist-upgrade" right?12:29
KatolaZand you don't have any other non-devuan repo in sources.list12:29
KatolaZand/or pin?12:29
TomKai have two non-devuan repos with special software (virtualbox and opsi), but both are commented now12:30
TomKaonly sometimes i activate them to upgrade this software12:31
TomKaafter finishing i deactivate this sources immediately12:31
TomKaok, adding "noacpi" to /etc/default/grub in "GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT" is the right way?12:32
KatolaZwell, first try out from the grub console12:33
KatolaZat boot12:33
KatolaZbefore making it permanent ;)12:33
TomKanothing changed, after reboot the keyboard is completely dead12:38
TomKaok, after booting in 'recovery mode' keyboard does work12:55
man_in_shackjust can't get away from gtk :P12:58
TomKaKatolaZ: pebkac13:01
TomKasorry for the inconvenience13:04
darkcrystalHi there, does Devuan installation process supports partition encryption out-of-the-box?13:21
gnarfacei think there is that option13:25
gnarfacei might be wrong13:25
gnarfacei remember people were doing it13:25
fsmithreddarkcrystal, yes. It's the same as the debian installer.13:25
gnarfacemaybe you need to be in expert mode13:25
fsmithredno, just select manual partitioning13:26
darkcrystalGreat, that is awesome.13:26
fsmithredif you use one of the live isos, it's a different installer, but you can encrypt partitions with that, too.13:27
darkcrystalAnd do you have to choose during installation which Init you are going to be using? Or is it something default?13:27
TomKaKatolaZ: upgraded box is running ;-)13:28
fsmithreddefault is sysvinit.13:28
fsmithredif you want openrc, choose expert install13:28
fsmithredand then you can select openrc13:28
darkcrystalNice, I really can't tell the difference anyway :P13:30
darkcrystalI'm just buying into this trend that systemd is bloated and I'm curious on trying something different13:30
fsmithredopenrc seems to show more colors in the text that scrolls by at boot13:30
fsmithredother than that, I haven't noticed a difference, either13:31
darkcrystalhehehe, that is an improvement13:31
KatolaZTomKa: no worries ;)14:13
xrogaanso I get this when using steam: .local/share/Steam/ ligne 106: VERSION_ID : unbound variable14:31
xrogaanmaybe VERSION_ID should be set in /etc/os-release14:31
xrogaanline 106 is (. /etc/os-release; echo $VERSION_ID)14:31
amarsh04is anyone around who can tell me the /etc/apt/sources.list lines for getting the Devuan equivalent of Debian unstable, with testing and stable also available?15:03
amarsh04I have:15:03
amarsh04deb ceres main contrib non-free15:03
amarsh04deb ascii main contrib non-free15:04
amarsh04deb jessie main contrib non-free15:04
KatolaZamarsh04: just use "deb unstable main15:04
KatolaZwhy on Earth do you also need testing and stable?15:04
amarsh04 thanks KatolaZ15:04
KatolaZBTW, stable is "ascii" not "jessie"15:05
amarsh04I like having older versions around if something breaks15:05
KatolaZand "testing" is "beowulf" not "ascii"15:05
KatolaZyeah but you don't have "testing" there15:05
amarsh04fixing now15:07
_abc_Hello. Can someone please tell me the major:minor of /dev/lp0 ? I deleted it by mistake.16:49
fsmithredcrw-rw---- 1 root lp 6, 0 Oct  7 11:58 /dev/lp016:49
* man_in_shack stares at udev16:50
_abc_Also, what creates /dev/usb/lp* or usblp*? I have a PL2305 usb to IEEE1284 cable and it is detected but no device is created for it16:50
_abc_udev should be systemd'd16:50
_abc_thanks fsmithred16:50
* man_in_shack glares at _abc_16:50
_abc_Wait, that's 6, 0 right16:50
man_in_shackudev works reasonably well when it's configured right16:51
_abc_I keep hearing that man_in_shack, now let's hear how to make it work when it does not work16:51
_abc_So the driver loaded is usblp but no device is created.16:52
_abc_I found a slackware relevant thread which describes this, it is a rule change in udev, linux-wide?16:52
fsmithredI only have /dev/usb/hiddev0. Nothing else under /dev/usb16:52
_abc_Ah! now /dev/usb/lp0 was created16:53
_abc_Apparently the /dev/lp0 confused something.16:53
_abc_fsmithred: when I plug in the cable /dev/usb/lp0 is created which is correct16:53
fsmithredwhat kind of cable is it?16:53
fsmithredI'm confused by usb/lp16:53
_abc_fsmithred: USB to parallel IEEE128416:53
fsmithredoh, ok16:53
_abc_It has a Prolific PL2305 in it16:53
* fsmithred is still using lpt port for printer16:54
* man_in_shack compiles his kernels without lp support LIKE A BADASS16:54
fsmithredmy HP4L refuses to die16:54
_abc_It's MUCH beter to mkdir /dev/usb so udev does not create it and delete it16:54
_abc_fsmithred: no parallel port on laptop16:55
man_in_shackwrite a udev rule that creates /dev/usb (:16:55
_abc_man_in_shack: it's already there, I don't want it to be *deleted*16:55
_abc_Confuses the h* out of some code16:55
_abc_There is clearly anarchy at work. When a usb serial adapter is created, it is not created in /dev/usb/ttyUSB0 etc but in /dev16:56
man_in_shackmake /dev readonly? ;)16:56
_abc_and immutable? I am tempted.16:57
_abc_udev must die.16:57
_abc_It's rules are almost as bad as sendmail rewrite recipes16:57
* man_in_shack throws devfs at _abc_16:58
* _abc_ freezes devfs and udev in carbonite16:58
darkcrystalKatolaZ: Can you please help me? I've just downloaded Devuan from the following mirror
darkcrystalthe package is devuan_ascii_2....amd64_dvd_119:59
darkcrystalbut the checksum doesnt check with the ones on the mirror19:59
KatolaZdarkcrystal: then the image is corrupted19:59
darkcrystalKatolaZ:  uhm, okay I will download it again then. Thx :)20:01
KatolaZmaybe try another mirror?20:01
darkcrystalIt took very long to download the dvd_1. My internet is shitty today. I will try the netinst this time.20:02
KatolaZmaybe it's better20:03
KatolaZdarkcrystal: have you verified the cechsum signature?20:03
KatolaZ(just in case)?20:03
telst4rat least the netinstall is smaller and downloads just what you tell it to. if the internet is a bottle neck.20:04
darkcrystalKatolaZ: I'm not sure what you mean. What I did was, once the downloaded ended, run $ md5sum file.iso and then compared the result with the numbers listed on the mirror. Is there something eles?20:05
darkcrystaltelst4r: Yes, the only problem is when your internet card is not recognized... but it dont think this should be a problem20:07
telst4rdarkcrystal, well, there's that in some corner-cases. But I doubt he would suggest netinst if that was an issue.20:11
darkcrystaltelst4r: I also don't think so, at least with debian it was fairly smooth.20:13
telst4rThe kernels + modules are more or less same, aren't they?20:17
KatolaZdarkcrystal: it's not md520:19
KatolaZit's sha256sum...20:19
KatolaZdarkcrystal: sha256sum -c SHA256SUMS20:20
KatolaZyour image is probably OK20:20
darkcrystalKatolaZ: That explains a lot hahaha20:20
darkcrystalToo bad I allready deleted it20:20
KatolaZdarkcrystal: do not hesitate to read the readme ;P20:20
darkcrystalKatolaZ: you're right :P20:21
KatolaZand/or the release notes20:21
KatolaZdarkcrystal: look at the first section in the release notes20:21
telst4rhah that happens a lot20:22
darkcrystalbut you really don't need to read any of those, is written fairly big SHA256SUMS20:22
KatolaZafter "In order to check..."20:22
telst4rnot big enough apparently :)20:22
KatolaZwe'll try figlet(6) next time :P20:23
KatolaZdarkcrystal: sorry, I couldn't resist this one :)20:23
KatolaZhappy to see that you got around that, anyway20:23
darkcrystalKatolaZ: hahaha, no problem20:23
mchasardi'm running kdevuan rom ...23:15
mchasardit seems to be interesting23:16

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