freenode/#devuan/ Saturday, 2018-10-13

systemdleteEXT4-fs error: 12 callbacks suppressed    apparently this error recurs from time to time from what I've been reading04:48
systemdletethis is happening in a VM; there is no evidence of any hard error in the host04:48
systemdleteI'm getting tons of these in my ascii04:49
systemdletesystem seems stable enough though (uptime 51 days)04:49
systemdletelinux 4.9.0-7 kernel and I've rebooted since update04:50
systemdletewonder if anyone else here has seen this...04:51
mchasardi'm running crowz devuan open box and i would like to get locales  all in french and all the software program07:43
holla# dpkg-reconfigure locales07:47
debdogmayhap "dpkg-reconfigure locales" (as root) helps07:47
debdogwell, too slow07:47
golinuxmchasard: When you ask a question it's best to stay logged in so you can see an answer if one is posted.07:48
hollaor leave the keys to your sshd under the footmat so we can help ourselves ;)07:52
mchasardok sorry for that07:56
man_in_shackyou're ot sorry :P07:56
mchasardi already did this dpkg-reconfigure locales07:58
man_in_shackdid you then log out and back in?07:59
man_in_shackwhat does running "locale" say?08:00
mchasardcan i paste here ?08:01
mchasardsorry for the paste08:04
mchasardso locales seems to be right08:04
mchasardso no more help for me please ?08:13
gnarfaceit says you're using french unicode08:14
mchasardand whats the matter?08:14
gnarfacethis is just the default, you can have more than one available.  it's possible you have some programs that support french but not unicode.  presumably there was a character set for french before unicode08:15
gnarfacefor english it's iso-8859-108:15
gnarfacei think for french it's something similar but i'm not sure08:15
gnarfaceit should be pretty self explanatory if you look at the other options near this one in the `dpkg-reconfigure locales` panel08:16
gnarfaceit might ALSO be a good idea to include iso-8859-1 in case you have programs that are not properly internationalized.  if they're not, they're usually using that one.08:16
mchasardyes i already did this command and choose the right08:16
mchasardits may be due to this new distro crowz based under devuan08:17
gnarfacei can't tell you for sure, but yea unicode support is still a tripping point in a lot of places08:17
gnarfacei think some stuff may be able to be forced to behave just by specifying LANG=C08:19
FatPhilunicode is now just a clipart library. LANG=C forever!08:20
cousin_luigiThere's something I don't get: do devuan mirrors contain all (or most) of the debian packages? Or am I supposed to add those as well?09:37
KatolaZcousin_luigi: you just need devuan repo09:38
KatolaZthe repo does the magic09:38
cousin_luigiKatolaZ: As in bridging the connection toward debian mirrors?09:39
KatolaZcousin_luigi: as in "magic"09:39
cousin_luigiKatolaZ: I'm curious about such magic:)09:40
KatolaZdevuan repos serve devuan-forked packages directly and redirect to a debian mirror for the packages that have not been forked09:40
KatolaZthe answer to your question is: you just need Devuan repos in your sources.list09:41
KatolaZand avoid to mix repos, for your sanity09:41
cousin_luigiKatolaZ: Actually I worried about devuan mirrors having to foot the bill for that traffic:)09:42
cousin_luigiBut if it's a mere redirection, no trouble.09:42
KatolaZstill fail to see your point, but i think I can live with that :)09:44
* jordila yeah ... am i always late on joining the party ?11:19
jordilaNewbie here ... i'm trying to install from Live USB, yet i'm not being able to put /home on a dedicated partition, eventhough i selected that option. What am i missing ?11:50
* jordila installer summary says, ' -->/home will not be installed on a separate partition '11:52
jordilaok ... now. jordila was too impatient .12:15
fsmithredjordila, did you figure it out?13:16
jordilayay fsmithred ... i'm now enjoying Devuan installer's user experience ?13:27
* jordila ... i feel, like being back home ?13:27
fsmithreddid you get the live installer to do what you want?13:37
fsmithredjordila, ^^^13:44
PinkBellyNaggerfucki i hate systemd14:02
PinkBellyNaggeri'm angry14:02
jellyPinkBellyNagger: you do realize I just kicked you from the other channel for doing this shit14:15
jellyhow does repeating the same "oops wrong pix" schtick feel like a good idea14:16
PinkBellyNaggerjelly you redhat14:20
PinkBellyNaggerjelly you jelly14:20
PinkBellyNaggerhey jelly why don't you jelly and jelly yourslef14:20
jordilafsmithred ... not yet . Probably due to missing EFI partition ?14:21
fsmithredjordila, at what point did it fail?14:21
PinkBellyNaggerHey how about linux become strong and not be fags to sjw bs. huh?14:21
* jordila BTW, according to ... i might "You may use your account at to login to the Dev1Galaxy Forum." and i'm not . What am i missing ?14:22
PinkBellyNaggerHow about we write a good ass, solid OS and stop being pussies14:22
fsmithredyou starting with a new hard drive?14:22
jordilayes fsmithred .14:22
fsmithredare you logged into
jordilai am logged onto14:22
fsmithredI don't know. I'll stick to helping you with the installer14:23
fsmithredso yeah, if you booted in uefi mode, you need to have efi partition14:23
jordilasure fsmithred . thanks for14:23
fsmithredfat32, maybe 100-200mb, flagged as esp,boot14:24
fsmithredor ef00 if you're into gdisk14:24
fsmithredif you're missing that partition, the installer should tell you that14:24
fsmithredshould also tell you if you forgot to put a filesystem on it14:24
jordilayes , i like it's guidance & verbosity14:25
fsmithredyou doing it again?14:28
jordilayes, from scratch .14:28
fsmithredyou're using ascii, right? (current stable)14:29
* jordila created a fat32, 200mb, flagged as esp,boot partition for EFI purposes14:32
fsmithredyou can partition the drive before you run the installer14:32
jordilai am doing so .14:32
fsmithredis this the only hard drive on the computer?14:33
* jordila would like to enjoy the 'Experimental' à la ' bring your /home with you ' 14:33
* fsmithred is scared14:34
jordilait is a USB Disk , i like enjoying it's portability  ?14:34
fsmithredso make sure to use uuid in fstab and... uh-oh14:35
fsmithredis there an efi partition on an internal hard drive?14:35
jordilanice to know .14:35
jordilano, there is not .14:35
fsmithredok, that simplifies it14:35
fsmithredactually, if there was one, installer would have used it14:36
fsmithredare you encrypting it?14:36
jordilaah . Live installer says ' There is no EFI partition. You will need to create one ... '  .' Continue' ?14:36
jordilaNo encryption.14:37
fsmithredare you before or after it asks if you want to run gparted?14:37
jordilaBefore it .14:38
fsmithredwell, I guess run gparted and check to make sure you really did what you think you did.14:39
fsmithredoh, did you use gpt partition table?14:39
jordilaIn the USB Disk ?14:40
fsmithredpretty sure that's required for uefi boot14:40
fsmithredif you want portability, you might be better off with live-usb plus persistent volume14:41
fsmithredthen you could boot uefi or bios14:41
* jordila created a a GPartitionTable + fat32, 200mb, flagged as esp,boot partition for EFI purposes14:44
* jordila re-launches Live installer14:44
* jordila Live Installer founded EFI partition 14:45
jordila(found (sic))14:45
* jordila selects 'Experimental' à la ' bring your /home with you ' 14:46
jordilaHow would i proceed with ... ^^ ?14:47
fsmithredwhat home are you bringing??? It's a clean drive.14:48
fsmithredif you have one somewhere else, just rsync it over later14:49
fsmithredthat experimental option is nuts. If you want to re-use a home, it's better to do it manually.14:49
jordilai'll rsync later ...14:49
fsmithredyou get to mess with config files if they're different14:49
* jordila selects [x] create a a14:51
* jordila ... new separate /home partition '14:51
jordilamaybe... [x] Use filesystem labels (disk labels) in /etc/fstab ... for USB disk portability purposes ?14:53
fsmithredthat's easier than uuid if you have to do anything with it14:53
jordilamore user friendly... sure14:54
fsmithredif you're going to add labels in gparted, then also check 'do not format'14:54
fsmithredbecause normally, the installer formats the partitions you choose14:54
jordilamay i choose '[x] Use UUID ... ' and / or [ ] Use filesystem labels (disk labels) in /etc/fstab ' ?14:55
fsmithredone or the other14:55
jordilais '[ ] Create a separate /boot partition ' needed in our scenario ?14:56
fsmithredthat's there if you want to encrypt the root partition14:57
fsmithredbut it's no longer necessary - grub will handle encrypted /boot directory14:57
jordilafsmithred , GPartitionTable + fat32, 200mb, flagged as esp,boot partition for EFI purposes is not being recognised by the Live Installer now ... when re-launching it.  what am i missing ?15:19
fsmithredI don't know. Can you past the log somewhere for me to see it?15:19
* jordila re-created GPartitionTable + fat32, 200mb, flagged as esp,boot partition for EFI purposes and re-launches Live installer15:22
jordila... EFI partiton is not being recognised15:24
jordilahow to share the log fsmithred ?15:25
fsmithredlook at /var/log/refractainstaller_...15:25
fsmithredpaste it someplace like or email it to me15:25
jordilaMaybe as  ?15:29
fsmithredwhat locale are you using?15:33
fsmithredrun 'env LC_ALL=C fdisk -l' and see if it shows EFI System15:34
jordila' env: ‘fdisk’: No such file or directory '15:36
fsmithredthen just run 'fdisk -l'15:36
fsmithredwithout the quotes15:36
fsmithredyou need to be root15:37
jordilasure ... se updated :
fsmithredI'll have a fix for you in a minute or two15:39
* jordila found a second EFI partition on /dev/sdb2 . Being sdc1 the for installeation target (USB) disk ? 15:40
fsmithredI don't know why your fdisk output looks different. Mine says EFI System and yours says EFI(FAT12/16/32)15:41
fsmithredsed -i 's/EFI System/EFI/g' /usr/bin/refractainstaller-yad15:44
fsmithredyes, use sdc1 if that's the target usb15:46
fsmithredrun the sed command I posted and then re-run the installer15:47
fsmithredyour fdisk output doesn't contain the test pattern in the code15:47
fsmithredwhat linux are you running?15:47
jordila... i'm writing you from a Debian 9 GNU Linux system .15:50
* jordila not Debian 9 GNU/Linux but Debian 9 GNU+Linux ?15:51
jordilaok... now (both)EFI partitions are recognised . Proceeding ...15:52
fsmithredyup. bad test15:52
fsmithreddifferent versions of util-linux.15:56
jordilait copied files to partitions ... and now i'm being, in a graphical interface , being prompted for 'username / passwd' which i haven't been prompted before . Umh16:03
fsmithredright, because you never got that far16:04
fsmithredyou'll also get to set a new root password16:04
jordilai' bein prompted for a username and passwd.16:05
fsmithredyour choice16:05
fsmithredor keep it user/user if you want16:05
jordilaI make my choice.... and i'm not being able to go further .16:06
fsmithredwhat message you getting?16:06
jordilanor with user/user . Any message is shown. Just username prompt again16:06
fsmithreduse TAB to change fields16:07
fsmithredor mouse16:07
jordilathere are no fields. Just one box.16:08
fsmithredasking for password?16:08
jordilaand a big login text on a nice image , as background ?16:08
fsmithredyou rebooted?16:08
jordilaasking for username16:08
jordilai didn't16:09
jordilaafter username, in the same box, i'm being prompted for a password16:09
fsmithredyeah, you should be able to change hostname, user name and password there16:10
fsmithreddid you change the user name?16:10
jordilano i didn't16:11
man_in_shack  << if anyone wants to look at something batshit crazy :P16:11
jordilawhat puzzles me is that this time i was'nt prompted for setting user and rooot usernames/passwds ... as i was in previous iterations ?16:12
fsmithreddid you check the box that says "keep the old password"?16:12
jordiladon't remember to do so... nor having the chance to ?16:13
fsmithredif you don't want to create a new password, you have to check a box16:13
fsmithredso give it the same password if you want16:13
jordilai feel like i'm not on the Live Installer application itself... but a big login text on a nice full screen image , as background ?16:14
fsmithreddescribe the image16:15
jordilaviolet/cyan coloured ... Devuan logo ... . Big Login text . And a (username) 'prompt' box16:17
fsmithredsounds like you rebooted into devuan16:17
fsmithredlogin devuan, password devuan16:17
fsmithrednot user/user16:17
* jordila again was too impatient ... ?16:20
* jordila quitted the 'big login text on a nice full screen image , as background ' stage via Alt-PrtScr REISUB magic keys 16:20
fsmithredok, so what are you booting into?16:20
jordilai'm trying to boot Devuan from the USB Disk , without success16:21
fsmithredyou did get a window that had a button that said "install bootloader"?16:21
fsmithredand you pressed that button?16:21
fsmithredno to both?16:23
jordilanot to both .16:23
jordilano to both. Sorry for my english .16:23
fsmithredwell then, look at the error log again16:23
fsmithredneed food. back in a few minutes.16:27
Artemis3booyah, nice pic. Are we a meme already? Sad...16:36
fsmithredjordila, are you trying again?16:50
_abc_Hello. Trying to see some old cds and dvds under ascii. I have a mounted cd which gives a "permission denied" error on directory listing in Nautilus and also on root cli.16:53
_abc_The mount was done by nautilus.16:53
_abc_Is this a known problem? Some udf permissions honored in despite of root mount?16:53
_abc_I can list the dir as root, just not as user.16:54
_abc_Note xine opens the volume fine. What could be the reason?16:55
_abc_The mount shows it is mounted with uid=1000,gif=1000 yet it does not work16:56
buZz_abc_: you just said within 1 minute that it -doesnt- work as root, and then that it -only- works as root16:56
_abc_Inspecting permissions of the mounted media as root shows everything is okay16:56
_abc_buZz: yes it only works as root, i.e. ls etc16:56
_abc_Nautilus gives a permission denied although it mounted it and ls etc as user devuan on the same volume mounted gives the same error16:57
buZzwait, so nautilus mounted something with automount? weird, should just work16:57
buZzcould you check owner of the actual mountpoint?16:57
_abc_ls etc as root works. ls -l shows the volume mounted uid=1000,gid=1000 and owned by devuan.devuan, the mount and all files and dirs under it16:57
buZzyour username is devuan? :D16:57
fsmithredthat's the default in the live isos16:58
buZzah, its a live iso16:58
_abc_I just don't understand why xine can see it fine. Is there a special group?16:58
man_in_shackx permissions?16:58
_abc_buZz: it's a live iso written to hdd but yes same thing16:58
buZzwhats xine actually?16:58
_abc_man_in_shack: ?16:58
_abc_buZz: dvd cd and media player16:58
buZz_abc_: huh? why would you do that instead of just installin16:58
buZz_abc_: i dont get what that means16:58
_abc_buZz: because refracta works nicely16:58
buZzwhat does xine have to do with mounted filesystems?16:59
_abc_buZz: you never watched a dvd on a pc?16:59
man_in_shackpost the ls -la16:59
buZz_abc_: i dont even have optical drives16:59
_abc_buZz: it seems to have magical powers and sees the files nautilus fails to see16:59
buZzlol nice, as what user is it running?16:59
_abc_Is xine normally suid?16:59
buZzor, maybe its not looking at the files , but treating it as raw device?16:59
buZzyou mean a dvdvideo , right?17:00
buZzmplayer etc use libdvd to do that, nothing to do with mounting at all17:00
_abc_Then there has got to be some magical group which permits this to any other program too?17:00
_abc_Normally user mode programs do not do anything wit devices, there are helpers for that17:00
buZzyes, like libdvd etc17:00
* man_in_shack stares at _abc_17:01
buZzwhich mediaplayers use for 'dvd'17:01
man_in_shacklibdvdread, libdvdnav, libdvdcss17:01
_abc_The helper in this case is udisksd17:01
man_in_shackin particular libdvdcss17:01
_abc_I do not have libdvdcss17:01
* man_in_shack flails17:01
man_in_shackhave fun with this buZz17:02
buZz_abc_: could you try a normal cd? a non-movie dvd17:02
man_in_shack_abc_: it's 2am here and you're not giving enough info for what you're trying to do17:02
_abc_Other cds and dvds work fine but this is mounted udf17:02
_abc_I played a different dvd before it works17:03
buZzits a osx filesystem cd?17:03
_abc_Mount type says udf on this17:03
man_in_shackbuZz: udf is the dvd defacto standard17:03
man_in_shacknot osx17:03
buZzah right17:03
buZz_abc_: is the session closed on that udf disc? :)17:03
* buZz gets flashbacks from burning cds in 199617:04
buZzwell, its just 1 disc17:04
_abc_This has nothing to do with format, the disk is ~10 years old and works17:04
_abc_Yes but it is an important one.17:04
man_in_shackspeaking of 1996, _abc_ is using goddamn XINE17:04
buZzthen mount it by hand17:04
* telst4r inserts a coin into buzz' disc player17:04
buZztelst4r: i just said i have none :P17:04
_abc_I would like to understand why Nautilus does not honor kernel permissions displayed on a mounted udf volume at this point17:05
* man_in_shack continues flailing17:05
_abc_I could mount it by hand but the outcome will be the same17:05
buZzmaybe ask in #nautilus then17:05
man_in_shack_abc_ is hurting my brain17:05
buZz_abc_: i ment as root17:05
_abc_This is a devuan problem. Or debian too, I don't know.17:05
man_in_shackand i've spent the week setting up a dvd/bluray ripping system17:05
buZzlike how you normally mounted something before this automount hipness17:05
_abc_buZz: as root I can see the files, that is not the problem.17:05
buZzthen you have the data17:05
buZzall good?17:05
_abc_Even if automounted17:05
_abc_buZz: no, I would like to see the files in Nautilus if possible17:06
man_in_shackis it a dvdvideo or not?17:06
_abc_I just wanna. Are you serious?17:06
man_in_shack<man_in_shack> post the ls -la17:06
_abc_The permissions are stumping me. The mount is as guid= uid= user devuan (1000), and it still does not work. what is not honoring the permissions?!17:06
_abc_ls -la of what?17:07
buZzof the mountpoint17:07
_abc_Right, you lost me.17:07
* man_in_shack not sure if typos or trolling17:07
buZzso, not inside the mount17:07
_abc_ls -la /media/devuan/SONATA_VOLUME :: ls: cannot open directory '/media/devuan/SONATA_VOLUME': Permission denied17:07
buZzyes, not that17:08
buZzcd /media/devian ; ls -la17:08
man_in_shackbuZz: or ls -ld /media/devuan/SONATA_VOLUME in that case17:08
_abc_sudo ls -la /media/devuan/SONATA_VOLUME :: d--x--x---  3 devuan devuan   88 Nov 16  2005 . \n drwxr-x---+ 4 root   root   4096 Oct 13 17:51 .. \n dr-xr-xr-x  2 devuan devuan  560 Nov 16  2005 VIDEO_TS17:08
* man_in_shack glares at _abc_17:08
buZzd--x--x---  <-----17:08
_abc_So the automount script screwed up?17:09
fsmithred_abc_, what desktop, what display manager and what *kits are installed?17:09
man_in_shackin other words: everything is "honouring" the permissions correctly17:09
man_in_shackfix your damn permissions already17:09
_abc_fsmithred: kits? I have ordinary desktop, fvwm4 from ascii live, nautilus, nothing changed in system settings17:10
buZzsudo chmod a+rx /media/devuan/SONATA_VOLUME17:10
_abc_It was installed with refracta from a live system17:10
_abc_buZz: that ends in read only fs17:10
buZzfsmithred: its a live iso he copied to hdd17:10
buZz_abc_: nope17:10
_abc_buZz: no, not copied, refracta installed17:11
buZz_abc_: a) dvds are already readonly17:11
fsmithredwhich iso? refracta iso, devuan iso?17:11
_abc_fsmithred: devuan ascii iso17:11
fsmithreddid you remove xfce?17:11
buZz_abc_: and b) that just changes the permissions on the mount17:11
_abc_fsmithred: no17:11
fsmithredstill using slim login manager?17:11
_abc_buZz: I tried it, it results in what I said. The mount point's permission cannot be changed after mounting17:11
_abc_fsmithred: yes17:12
_abc_the syslog mount message is: devuan udisksd[2438]: Mounted /dev/sr0 at /media/devuan/SONATA_VOLUME on behalf of uid 100017:13
_abc_udiskd uses some script in user land or not?17:13
_abc_Also is the mount point created by the kernel or by the user/devuan daemon set17:13
buZzprobably in userland yes, udiskd isnt a kernel component17:14
_abc_The mount does not set umask= option on the volume, that's all I can see17:14
_abc_Trying to remount with umask= option17:15
_abc_sudo mount -o ro,nosuid,nodev,relatime,uid=1000,gid=1000,iocharset=utf8,uhelper=udisks2,umask=000 /dev/sr0 /media/devuan/SONATA_VOLUME :: result: the umask= option is not honored17:18
_abc_What the.17:19
_abc_After the mount above, mount -a results in a line with all options excepting the umask one17:19
_abc_Is there a known bug in mount as shipped with devuan ascii?17:19
man_in_shackwon't be in mount17:20
man_in_shackmount just passes flags to the kernel modules17:20
man_in_shacksomething else is fucking with the permissions17:21
_abc_mounting without option uhelper= has the same outcome17:21
man_in_shackpossibly udisks17:21
_abc_There's nothing in dmesg or syslog17:21
man_in_shackman mount, check options for udf17:21
man_in_shacksee if you can force permissions17:21
_abc_I did. umask is supported17:21
_abc_In the manpage at least17:21
man_in_shackumask also doesn't do what you think17:21
_abc_I think it does what I think but maybe you can tell me?17:22
man_in_shacksets permissions to mask out17:22
man_in_shackdoesn't change permissions of the files17:22
man_in_shacktry unhide, or session options17:23
_abc_nostrict,unhide did not help17:25
man_in_shackis it a physical disc?17:26
_abc_mount -t udf -o ro /dev/sr0 /media/devuan/SONATA_VOLUME/ -> same outcome, even root can't ls then. It is mounted 111 and nobody.nobody17:28
_abc_man_in_shack: yes of course17:28
_abc_Something is very wrong. I would like to say it's just mount which gets confused but it is not that.17:28
buZz_abc_: did you delete the SONATA_VOLUME dir in /media/devuan after umounting?17:28
buZzand remake?17:28
_abc_buZz: I did yes. Why. Also re-created it, and played with options on it too17:29
man_in_shackhave you played around with session option?17:30
buZzso you didnt remake it with --x--x--- like before, but doing the mount changed it to that?17:30
buZzor you forgot to look17:30
man_in_shackbuZz: i expect the mount will change it to that17:30
buZzman_in_shack: you ever seen something get mounted like that?17:30
_abc_I remade it with 777 and it still gets downgraded to 111 on mount17:31
buZz--x--x--- isnt 111, fyi17:31
_abc_Sure just saying.17:31
buZzso, it changed? from 110 to 111?17:31
_abc_110 etc17:31
man_in_shackbuZz: only when the filesystem itself has fucked up permissions17:31
_abc_buZz: no, it changed from 777 to 11017:31
buZz_abc_: then why did you say 111?17:31
_abc_typo. You are really picky. Been typing commands here while you are chatting.17:32
_abc_fsmithred: any ideas on what portion of the dvd headers would be helpful to debug this? Or how to get at them?17:32
_abc_I assume it is that. No?17:32
man_in_shacktry: apt install udfclient17:33
man_in_shackcd_disect, cd_sessions programs17:33
man_in_shackand udfdump17:34
fsmithred_abc_, I was afk. I don't know. I would normally use pmount to bypass all the polkit stuff.17:34
_abc_I'll take some notes on this and do it some other day. I need to know what I am really looking for. Also I'll try another dvd to see if it's headers or whatever. I'll try that now.17:34
_abc_pmount is what? New to me?17:34
_abc_Is this mess generated by polkit?!17:35
fsmithredlets user mount removable drives17:35
buZzpmount/stable 0.9.23-3+b2 amd6417:35
buZz  mount removable devices as normal user17:35
fsmithredyes, I suspect a polkit issue17:35
buZzreplacement for automount/udiskd i guess17:35
fsmithredon general principle17:35
fsmithredprobably some desktop stuff is not running, since you're just using a wm17:36
_abc_Does it collide with polkit? If I try to install it, will it bump polkit?17:37
_abc_fsmithred: why should it not be running?17:37
_abc_So I got a backup dvd with knoppix on it and it mounts fine.17:37
fsmithredwhy should what not be running?17:37
_abc_Trying another original media/dvd one in a few17:37
_abc_18:37 < fsmithred> probably some desktop stuff is not running, since you're17:37
_abc_                   just using a wm17:37
_abc_Loading a dvd, unprotected one17:39
_abc_And yes I can mount it.17:39
_abc_So that was a snafu or a copy protection crap thing.17:39
fsmithredmaybe not - I don't see any candidates in what my jessie xfce is running17:39
_abc_The dvd which refused to mount was commercially made, it is a copy of a dvd with an interview of a family member of mine, so we have copyrights and all.17:39
_abc_It is possible that the turds at the copying house set some flags to make it copy protected / rip protected, but I don't see why.17:40
_abc_Paid good money for it too.17:40
_abc_I paid.17:40
_abc_Probably muppets running the automated machine chain.17:40
man_in_shackinstall udfclient and check cd_sessions17:41
_abc_I've never seen anything like this so far. I am sure it is a copy protection scheme now, commercial dvd mounts fine under nautilus, can see files.17:41
_abc_man_in_shack: I will do that some other time, now I know there is no bug to search for, although poisoning the system with copy procraption things may have other security implications. If it can inject this kind of flags, what else can be injected?!17:42
man_in_shackquit bitching about things you don't understand17:42
_abc_Yes, sir. I will use the hammer method quietly.17:43
_abc_udfclient has no manpage? Do I need udfclient-doc ?17:43
* man_in_shack stares at _abc_17:43
man_in_shackdpkg -L udfclient | grep /bin17:43
djphman_in_shack: the old "laser is dirty" protection scheme?17:44
_abc_udfclient /dev/sr0 on the good dvd spits out a lot of data. What am I looking for.17:44
_abc_integrity \n marked closed?17:45
man_in_shackthis isn't a copy protection thing. it's either a session that never got closed properly  or some other mastering error17:45
man_in_shack_abc_: fucked if i know. i've never used it17:45
_abc_lol. Good one.17:45
man_in_shackbut there is a tool called cd_sessions in there17:45
man_in_shackso check to see if it's a multisession disc17:46
man_in_shackand if it is, mount a later session17:46
buZz_abc_: why not use a dvdripping software for that video clip?17:46
buZzlike dvd::rip17:46
man_in_shackcos the iso9660/udf modules only mount session 0 by default17:46
buZzdvd::rip would show all sessions in one interface, i think17:46
_abc_I don't need to rip it, it is already ripped/copied. I need the cretin copy to be readable under normal user id17:47
man_in_shackbuZz: or dvdbackup which is what i'm using on my box17:47
man_in_shackcretin == asshole17:48
buZzgee > a stupid, obtuse, or mentally defective person.17:48
buZzwhy not burn a new copy of the data you have ;)17:48
_abc_The data is on the disk. Can you please stop this.17:49
_abc_Ok the faulty disk has roughly the same data as the good one.17:49
_abc_Session is closed17:49
* man_in_shack flails17:49
man_in_shackhave you checked for multisession yet?17:50
_abc_The dvd internal root permissions are drwxrwxrwx for both the good and the bad disk17:50
_abc_There is only one session17:50
_abc_On both17:50
man_in_shackok crazy idea17:52
man_in_shackdoes it mount as iso9660?17:52
_abc_I can try17:53
_abc_It does. And with normal permissions.17:54
_abc_I am stumped by this. Completely stumped.17:54
man_in_shackbuggy udf master17:54
man_in_shackyou said the disc is 10 years old?17:54
_abc_Yes but the good one is 10yo too17:55
_abc_I'd call it copy protection. More worrying is, what exactly is fubar'd in the kernel17:55
man_in_shacki'm gonna take a guess that it was mastered with a buggy version of nero17:56
_abc_No, it was mastered with a copy machine, vhs to dvd17:56
_abc_In a shop.17:56
_abc_SONATA is one name it has.17:56
jordilafsmithred you already mentioned it ... 'a window that had a button that said "install bootloader"? , i missed it in the previous iteration . Now i got it and installed it . When rebooting onto installed Devuan i'm being prompted at 'grub> ' . What am i  missing ?17:57
man_in_shackwell that pos has a buggy firmware or something then17:57
fsmithredjordila, for some reason, it sounds like update-grub did not run17:57
_abc_And it's a SONY machine, and this guy had this exact same problem years ago: skip to SONATA therein, on a Mac
_abc_man_in_shack: ^17:57
man_in_shackhahahaha sony17:58
_abc_In any case, SONY is well known for adding free rootkits to their media17:58
fsmithredjordila, do you know your way around grub command line?17:58
_abc_So I am not surprized if a little poison from there leaked into their firmware17:58
man_in_shackit's not affecting your kernel though17:58
_abc_How would we cure the kernel from such poison, that is the question17:58
man_in_shackyou could try cdemu17:59
_abc_There is NO way the umask= option to udf should be ignored at any time no matter what, especially when run by root17:59
man_in_shackbut that's really overkill17:59
jordilafsmithred ... no to so used to, is never to late i guess fsmithred ?17:59
man_in_shack_abc_: it's not being ignored17:59
fsmithredok, let's go to pm17:59
_abc_No, at this point I need to know what other failures the sony rootkits/protections can induce.17:59
man_in_shacksomething about the way the disc is mastered, it has no read permission on root of the disc17:59
man_in_shackthere's no way to fix that without recreating the filesystem18:01
man_in_shackor you can bypass the udf thing entirely and just mount it as iso966018:01
man_in_shackwhich doesn't have a permissions system to fuck up18:01
_abc_I just did yes. That is not the problem anymore, I want to know what other poison can be fiddled into the system by playing a dvd from the shops!18:02
* man_in_shack gives up18:02
man_in_shackyou're not listening18:02
man_in_shackand it's now fucking 3am18:02
_abc_You realize that people play dvds on their systems all the time. Also 10 years ago we were at 3.x kernels and now it's 4.9+ and it still possible to screw it. This is a serious bug.18:02
_abc_man_in_shack: It's just 7pm here.18:02
_abc_I am listening, thanks to all who tried to help, I know much more now.18:03
man_in_shack1) this is not a kernel bug. it's a "bug" in your particular udf filesystem instance18:03
_abc_That is a kernel bug! udf is a kernel subsystem, or module.18:03
man_in_shack2) dvd playing software doesn't need to mount the fucking disc at all18:03
_abc_man_in_shack: I am aware they use raw access yes.18:04
man_in_shackit's not a udf bug, it's your disc fucking around with permissions18:04
man_in_shackit's a bug in the INSTANCE, not in the driver18:04
_abc_man_in_shack: in any case, umask= MUST override anything coming from the disk.18:04
Human_G33kKatolaZ, there is somewhere a road map for devuan (something like issues on the gitlab) ?18:04
man_in_shack_abc_: that's not how umask works18:04
_abc_Or should there be a perm= option to mount to force the mount point perms18:04
_abc_Sounds like a valid feature request to me?18:04
man_in_shackthat would be a security hazard18:04
man_in_shackthink about it18:05
man_in_shackudf has a permissions system built in18:05
_abc_Only root can mount normally, and it is totally unacceptable for media to override the mount options of the host18:05
_abc_man_in_shack: and?18:05
man_in_shack"mount normally"18:05
man_in_shackkeep. your. story. straight18:05
_abc_So far udf is the only fs I've seen that has the gall to override system mount options as root, with no recourse!18:06
man_in_shackit's not overriding mount options18:06
man_in_shackthe mount options are working entirely as expected18:06
_abc_This is not reasonable. Maybe we can talk about this some other time?18:06
_abc_Forcing a read-anything option is available on several fs's18:07
man_in_shack_abc_: on filesystems that don't have proper permission systems18:07
_abc_mount has the general option x-mount.mkdir[=mode] for all fs's18:09
_abc_The perms default to 755. Clearly this is not honored.18:10
_abc_Note that the faulty disk, when mounted by root, mounts as nobody.nogroup and is NOT ls-able by root!18:10
_abc_When mounted with uid= gid= non root, then root can ls etc18:10
man_in_shackx-mount.mkdir allows mount to mkdir a mountpount that doesn't already exist18:12
man_in_shackonce a filesystem is mounted over that directory, it adopts the permissions of the FILESYSTEM, not the mkdir18:13
man_in_shackonce again, EVEN IF YOU USED THAT OPTION, it would behave exactly the same, and still be working exactly as expected18:13
_abc_Well then there will have to be a force-mode= option for udf mounts which does what the mode= does for iso9660. This is ridiculous. Any ext2 ext4 whatever with strange permissions can be mounted and manipulated as needed and viewed by root. What now, write to Sony for permission to read your own files? Seriously.18:15
_abc_Fortunately the uid= gid= hack permits root to read the files.18:16
man_in_shackyah i do concede that root not getting access to nobody.nogroup files is weird18:16
man_in_shackbut the proper workaround in this case appears to be to mount it as iso9660 instead of udf18:17
buZzis the /media/devuan folder itself --x--x--- ?18:17
buZz_abc_: 'playing dvd movies' does not require mounting them, fyi18:17
_abc_buZz: no, it is 75018:18
_abc_buZz: indeed, and DRM scum has no business being on open systems.18:18
man_in_shackok, and devuan:devuan too18:18
man_in_shackTHIS IS NOT DRM18:18
buZzok? i dont see the point :P18:18
man_in_shackHOW MANY FUCKING TIMES?18:18
_abc_man_in_shack: no, it is root.root; but mount dirs created in it by the mount system are devuan.devuan and 77718:19
_abc_It's a side effect of defaults baked into sony hardware viruses18:19
man_in_shackthat sounds very, VERY broken to me18:19
buZzi never used any automounting18:20
_abc_It's the way devuan works, I did not make it that way.18:20
buZzguess i'm missing nothing ;)18:20
* man_in_shack agrees with buZz18:20
_abc_buZz: clicked on a device/disk icon in nautilus?18:20
man_in_shacki gotta put up with gvfs/gio mount on my main box18:20
buZzi dont use nautilus either18:20
man_in_shackmy dvdbox, everything is manual18:20
buZzi just open a terminal, mount by hand, easy pz18:20
_abc_buZz: your input device is a morse key, and the screen is a single led?18:20
buZzsure, insult me all you want18:21
buZzthat'll get you help18:21
man_in_shackand i just answered 2 questions over in #weechat18:21
man_in_shacki'd seriously just dvdbackup that thing and burn it to a new disc18:22
man_in_shacki'm guessing that sonata device doesn't press dvds, just burn them to dvd-rs18:22
man_in_shackin which case, just replace the fucking dvd-r with one that has a filesystem that's not broken18:23
buZzwhich sonata though? this?
man_in_shackbuZz: apparently a sony thing18:23
man_in_shack_abc_ described it as a vhs-to-dvd device18:24
buZzah hehe > I can confirm that a SONATA file can be copied. I am an attorney, and I recently recieved such a file on a DVD that is an evidence video taken from a DUI stop by a police “in-car A/V recorder.”18:24
man_in_shackand also pointed out that someone else who had used the same thing reported the same problem18:24
man_in_shackthat feel when a goddamn lawyer has more technical proficiency than someone using devuan18:25
buZzit takes all kinds man_in_shack ;)18:25
man_in_shackit sure does18:25
man_in_shacknow, who wants to write an ata/atapi backstore for lio iscsi for me?18:26
man_in_shack_abc_: you up for it?18:26
man_in_shackbasically i just need TYPE_ROM supported by iscsi/iblock18:32
_abc_re. I ate fish and am much smarter now. Beware. Kidding.18:33
man_in_shackalternatively need vblade and/or aoe to support cdroms18:33
buZzage of empires?18:34
man_in_shackata over ethernet18:34
_abc_man_in_shack: not really, my kernel hacking days, drivers mostly, are back in the 20th century.18:34
man_in_shackdo it anyway18:35
_abc_Although I took usblp.c / .ko to hand just the other day, to make it do something I need.18:35
_abc_Does anyone here know something about ieee1284 negotiation? On the printer side firmware?18:36
_abc_Just fyi the pos that wrote that dvd looks like this

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