freenode/#devuan/ Saturday, 2018-10-27

gnarfaceE: Repository ' ceres InRelease' changed its 'Label' value from 'Master' to 'Devuan'01:23
gnarfacethis was supposed to happen, right?01:23
Jjp137I think so, see:
ham5urgHi all, has anyone got wireguard-vpn running? I'm looking to switch to devuan but can't find any package at
ham5urgNeither at unstable.12:50
gnarfaceare you sure it's not just the one called "wireguard?"12:54
gnarfaceit is in ceres, anyway12:57
jordilaUmh... May i add 'deb stretch-backports main' to my Devuan GNU+Linux sources.list ?13:07
enycjordila: no, in short13:08
enycjordila: BUT devuan has stretch-backports13:08
enycjordila: just dupliciate the devuan  stretch-updates  line,  and change 'updates' to be 'backports'13:08
enycjelly: well ... ascii to ascii-backports13:08
enycerr argh13:08
enycjordila: you get idea =)13:08
jordilacrystal clear enyc13:09
enyce.g. deb ascii-backports main contrib non-free13:09
jordila... we have our-own-backports  .13:09
enycsomethinng like that, depending on  contrib but, mirror used, tec.13:09
enycjordila: they seem to be imported from debian, then release in devuan,  like most packages13:10
ham5urggnarface, yes you are right, I just entered '-vpn' as an info. Wireguard for devuan is what I need. It's available in FreeBSD.13:11
* jordila devuan backporting/sources.list ... re-making ? -
gnarfaceit could be13:17
gnarfacein theory13:17
jordilaenyc , as per your suggestion , sources.list ...  à la ?13:20
enycjordila: yes though.... ntoice 2 lines below your highlighted lines...13:22
enycjordila: it already has ascii-backports waiting to be un-commented!13:22
enycjordila: oh, its changed now ;p13:22
jordilasure ... LOL , just noticed . Telepathy ?13:22
enycjordila: then you   apt-get -t ascii-backports install <package>    ....13:24
jordilanice to know, enyc ... does 'apt -t ascii-backports install <package> ' do the job too ?13:25
enycjordila: very likely, not played with the 'apt' however13:25
enyci was wondering similar things13:25
jordilaenyc , 'apt install <package> ' did the job .13:30
enycjordila: aaah that may work, if the <package> doesn't exist in ascii at all13:31
enycjordila: but otherwise -t ascii-backports  is required to explicitly install the backported/newer version13:32
PinkBellyNaggeranyone know how to exclude column headers in sar reporting?13:53
PinkBellyNaggerNevermind I'll just pipe it to awk13:57
rafalcpplolz, debian's apt-get stopped working for me17:28
ejrwhat could be the reason for my wireless mouse lagging in devuan? the battery is definitely not empty and it does not happen on other systems.21:25
fsmithredejr, it might need a blow-job21:52
fsmithredseriously, mine gets laggy because of dust in the hole21:53
ejrfsmithred: as i said, it works on other systems.21:53
fsmithredwell, that was the only idea I have21:54
fsmithredyou played with the mouse settings?21:54
ejrthe funny thing is that the longer i dont move it the more likely it is that it is slow to react (and only react if moved hastily)21:56
rafalcppNew SystemD Vulnerability Discovered -  "can be exploited over the network to, at best, potentially crash a vulnerable Linux machine, or, at worst, execute malicious code on the box" by a malicious host on the same network segment as the victim.
pankeriniI'm not surprised.22:58
Wonkarafalcpp: because of 4 bytes from the DHCP6Option header?22:58
rafalcppWonka: I guess? this is the fix apparently
Wonkalooks like23:01
rafalcppthough Debian NOT vulnerable by default, since that part of systemD is not enabled apparently. test is:  systemctl status systemd-networkd23:02

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