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buZzlol from #reprap;00:51
buZz00:50:51 < mattwj2002> ubuntu?00:51
buZz00:50:51 < gthx> ubuntu is an ancient African word that means "can't install Debian"00:51
djphI kinda want to get a 3d printer, but all those kits look pretty jury-rigged00:57
buZzdjph: i guess :)01:14
buZzi've been 3d printing for lotta years now, its a fun hobby01:14
djphI mean, like why should I pay $500 for a janky-looking kit when I can pay $600 for the "official" kit from the original designer that's made of aluminum01:15
buZzno idea? typical chinese 'kit' printers are now under 200 usd01:15
buZzmostly just prefab with 20-30 parts to assemble01:16
djphyeah, I'm trying to find "not trypical chinese 'kit' trash"01:16
buZzppl at our hackerspace seem to like
djphyeah, I've been reading up on those01:18
djphbut every one I find the reviews on sounds like the seller's dicking around on amazon -- they talk about aluminum and acrylic ... and the picture is definitely not aluminum at all01:19
buZzhm? ender3 is aluminium01:19
buZzblack anodized aluminium01:19
djphyeah, like I said, the ones I've found thus far seem to be re-lists01:21
djphor rather, replacing a formerly good product with a cheaper crap01:21
djph*crap version01:21
buZzaha :) well ender3 isnt the latest creality printer, but havent heard good reviews of ender4 yet01:22
buZzthey followed each other within 4 months i think, so might take a while01:22
djphI like the looks of the prusa i3 mk3 ... but that's $500 for the kit, IIRC01:22
buZzprusa is good quality but you'll pay for it01:23
buZzender3 is good enough quality01:23
buZzi wouldnt go full-out on your first printer :)01:23
djphand I keep waffling on it, but there's something about it being METAL that keeps me looking to it01:24
djphI mean, I don't wanna get a "cheap" one and have it be a complete bitch and end up gathering dust01:24
buZzor, just go use the printer in local library/fablab/hackerspace/makerspace/that dude around the block01:32
djphyeah, we don't have anything lie that here anymore01:42
djphI got myself kicked outta the good one for trying to keep some "inmportant" fuckwit from killing himself.  At least the lathe only broke his arm the next day.01:43
buZzdjph: yeah? where is here?02:12
golinuxWant to take the 3d printer talk to #debianfork?  It's off topic here.02:13
djphbuZz: ::1?02:13
golinux(buZz should know better . . .)02:13
buZzfeel free to add a ontopic topic02:13
golinuxYup.  :D02:14
buZzgolinux: 'plz leave' isnt a topic , improve02:14
buZzyou should know better02:14
golinuxPlease do.02:14
buZzyes, i agree please do02:14
djphsory golinux :02:15
gnarfacenobody was asking anyone to leave.  they were just asking you to join another channel, too, and keep the signal clear here for support issues02:15
gnarface#debianfork is for kvetching02:16
buZzthe signal was crystal clear, it was 20 lines over a 2 hour period02:16
djphgnarface: I didn't read it as get lost, just "heyo, you in the wrong channel"02:25
buZzi'm just getting a bit tired of some ops dedication to prevent community from forming02:26
golinuxThis is a support channel not a social channel02:27
buZzits a discussion channel02:27
buZzits in the topic02:27
golinuxdiscussion about D-E-V-U-A-N02:28
buZzdevuan has 3d printer software in repo, so its clearly related02:28
golinuxYou are really in a mood.02:28
gnarfacecome on man the attempt isn't to stifle socialization it's just about organizational logistics02:29
gnarfacei'm guilty of violating the rules too02:29
golinuxIf I were coming here for the fist time, off-topic would be off-putting02:29
gnarfaceif they were trying to stifle socialization, there wouldn't BE a second channel for kvetching02:29
golinuxIt also fills up the logs with nonsense which wastes bandwidth on devuan infrastructure.02:30
buZzplease this is all clearly offtopic, plz move to #devuannobodycares02:30
golinuxbuZz: Try a nice cup of tea and maybe a hot bath.  Maybe pull out whatever is poking you in unmentionable places02:32
buZzno, sorry, your hand is too far up my ass to ever be comfortable02:33
Xenguy.oO( You should see #emacs, bwuha ... )03:29
James1138Question. I like to install Kodi 18 Leia onto Devuan. Any suggestions?03:46
gnarfaceJames1138: looks like you'd have to build it yourself or get a 3rd party package.  17.6 is the lastest available in unstable (and probably for a good reason - my suggestion is actually that you stick with it)03:52
golinuxYou get to keep all the pieces03:52
gnarfaceJames1138: (17.1 in stable:
James1138I am using 17.6 via stretch backport. However I hear Kodi 18 will let me watch Netflix03:53
gnarfaceinteresting, i had not heard that03:54
gnarfacei think that you can also watch netflix with chrome03:57
gnarfacei could be wrong about that, but if you're resorting to 3rd party packages anyway...03:57
gnarfacemight be worth a try03:57
gnarface(i'm still using my Nintendo for Netflix)03:58
James1138I am using Firefox but since it upgrade to 60 (Quantum) - many of the complete themes and addons no longer work. I am pissed. I would dump both FireFox and Thunderbird and use SeaMonkey - but Seamonkey as of this time does not support DRM playback like Firefox. If I get Leia working - so long firefocx04:00
golinuxJames1138: You should not use stretch repos directly.  Use ascii backport instead04:16
James1138ascii... that is a thought04:16
dethagnarface: google-packaged chrome (but not chromium) works for netflix08:20
kekePowergood morning. Does anyone here know where I can discuss Miyo, or is it and its bugs the same as Devuan?09:20
gnarfacekekePower: never heard of it09:26
kekePowergnarface: It's listed on the Devuan site as a spin off09:28
gnarfacethat entry label is linked to their sourceforge page09:29
gnarfacei would check that for more info09:29
kekePowergnarface: yeah, not much info there afaics09:30
furrymcgeethats why you dont do spin offs09:31
gnarfacewell if it's using refracta and based on devuan, then maybe the devuan pages do have some relevant info.  i can't say how much09:31
Jjp137there are several Miyo-related threads in Devuan's forum, so maybe you can ask there too:
kekePowerJjp137: thanks. will check it out.09:32
kekePowerthe main issue I had while installing was that I encrypted the home disk and I had to fix fstab after reboot to use the entry as mentioned in crypttab09:33
kekePoweris this a known issue in devuan as well?09:33
gnarfaceit sounds familiar.  i recall several people running into a problem like that.  maybe something to do with mixing luks, lvm and raid the wrong way?09:34
gnarfacei think the guided partitioning setup wasn't properly encryption aware09:35
Wonka.oO( I have LVM PV in LUKS in md-RAID - works fine for me )09:35
gnarfacehmm. i'm sorry i don't remember exactly what the trigger was.  you're right though, it didn't break for everyone.09:36
kekePowerit works fine now, but it didn't automatically do its thing during installation09:36
gnarfacei can't remember if the trick was you have to do it in expert mode or what09:36
gnarfacei know it was discussed in here, but there's very likely to be discussions about it on the forum too09:37
DocScrutinizer05/cmode q13:42
DocScrutinizer05oops sorry13:42
intx19/!\ ATΤN: Tһis ϲhaᥒnеl has ⅿoveⅾ tо іrc.frеenodе.net #/ϳοin /ⵑ\15:03
intx19With oᥙr ⅠRⅭ ad servіce you ⅽaᥒ reɑсh ɑ ɡⅼobal аᥙԁieᥒϲᥱ οf entreрrᥱneurs and fentanyⅼ adⅾicts wіth ᥱxtraⲟrⅾinɑry eᥒɡаɡement rateѕ︕ https:/⧸wiⅼliamⲣіtcock.сഠm∕15:03
nemohm. clearly freenode has not tossed normalisation into their filter yet since the message is unchanged15:42
nemoyaaaay my pinebook arrives tomorrow!  after that, time to figure out if I can get devuan on it15:52
nemoapparently I need the BSP kernel with mali to get graphics acceleration15:52
nemoand the main pinebook tweaks are in
nemothey are systemd oriented but on reviewing
nemothe systemd configs are literally thin wrappers around shellscripts15:53
nemoI wonder how often that happens15:53
nemoI guess systemd's start tree is a bit more nuanced than traditional init's sort by number, but I'm sure I can figure out about when it needs to start15:54
golinuxkekePower: Miyo is a popular Devuan derivative.  You can discuss it on the dev1galaxy forum in the Derivatives section.16:22
James1138Question. I want to upgrade Kodi 17.6 to Kodi 18 beta (Leia). I am now using Devuan ASCII. Any suggestions? My reason is that Leia has extra abilities including watching Netflix without having to jump out of NetFlix and go to a browser.16:55
kekePowergolinux: I've read the entire "[MiyoLinux] New Releases Uploaded" thread :-)17:15
buZzJames1138: yesterday the suggestion was moving from stretch-backport to ascii-backports17:17
buZzother than that , no clue17:17
buZzi just use videoplayers on local files17:17
Leanderkodi 18 has not been released yet, it's still in beta, I'd be surprised if you found official packages in any repository17:18
kekePowergolinux: It boots quickly enough after I disabled a few services and kernel modules. Ends up using about 130MB ram with tint2 and conky loaded.17:18
kekePowerJames1138: I write a shell script that will help you build Kodi Leia.
buZzyeah , building it yourself would be wise for unreleased software ;)17:19
buZzprobably only option17:19
kekePowerThe do provide pre-release packages for *buntu17:19
kekePowerafaik, it's in PPA17:20
kekePowergolinux: and getting a brand new ssd tomorrow will probably give me another boost as well compared to the old 5400rpm spinner I have now :-)17:28
furrywolfssds make a huge difference in my experience, for some workloads.17:29
furrywolfI'm never buying a spinnng drive for anything other than backups again...17:31
kekePowermy old workstation has an elderly 10k rpm disk that is awesome :-)17:32
kekePowerit's only 150GB, but large enough for a system installation and the popped in some extra disks for storage17:32
golinuxkekePower: Using PPAs is a nono.  Ubuntu is NOT Devuan.  Port whatever from the original source if you MUST have it.  As I said before . . . you get to keep the pieces.17:33
buZzfurrywolf: two ssds in raid0 is even nicer :D17:35
buZzalbeit massive overkill17:36
kekePowergolinux: I know. Just pointing out that there exists packages. My thought would be to use the build files from PPA to build from scratch locally.17:38
kekePowerbuZz: 6 ssds in raid6017:39
kekePowerif money is no issue, that is17:39
buZzmy next workstation is getting 2x nvme in raid017:41
kekePower906 Pro's?17:41
kekePower960 Pro's?17:41
buZzyeah 960's at least, probably evos17:42
buZzthe pros are just marginally faster17:42
* helios21 would not use RAID 0, but well… its not his data17:42
kekePowera bit cheaper, yeah17:42
buZzhelios21: no important data on it whatsoever :)17:42
buZzjust devuan, steamgames and ~/Downloads17:42
kekePowerI compile a lot of stuff a lot of the time, so I really want a faster CPU17:43
helios21buZz: ah okay. Using BTRFS RAID 1 spread across two SATA SSDs here, totalling almost 1,5 TB of flash storage :)17:43
buZz:) nice17:43
helios21(raw storage that is)17:43
buZzraid1 ? huh17:43
buZzso , they are 2x 1.5TB SSDs?17:43
furrywolfbuZz:  I don't have any workloads that would take advantage of it.  heh.17:43
buZzfurrywolf: you never read data from storage?17:43
kekePowermy thoughts are to use ssd's for the system and spinners for storage17:44
furrywolfnot enough data that the loading time of said data off a ssd is a significant portion of total runtime.17:44
helios21buZz: Yep and Nope. BTRFS RAID 1 yes, but on LVM logical volumes, and some less critical data is just on one, the larger SSD. 1x Crucial M500 (480 GB) and 1x Samsung 860 Pro (1TB)17:44
furrywolfnor enough processing power to do anything with data that quickly other than copy it17:44
kekePowerperhaps use ssds for databases if the workload is high enough17:44
buZzah, doesnt sound like any raid1 i know ;)17:44
skyroveRRHey guys, I'm using the devuan 4.9.0-6 kernel for my custom distro, which is compiled against musl libc. I basically borrowed the kernel and the initrd.img file, and the modules directory too, for my particular distro. However, I'm hitting some snags in loading the radeon driver in Xorg on my distro, which I compiled from xf86-video-ati. It seems to be falling back to vesa/nomodesetting drivers. Do I17:45
kekePowerraid1, mirroring17:45
skyroveRRneed the firmware-linux-nonfree package installed, to make Xorg to work?17:45
helios21buZz: BTRFS RAID 1 came in helpful twice already: 1) checksum corruption with some blocks on Crucial M500, probably due to sudden power loss 2) firmware bug of Intel SSD 320, where it said its 8 MiB and all data is gone17:45
helios21BTRFS RAID is *special* :)17:45
furrywolfbtrfs raid...  aka "randomly lose data"?  :)17:45
buZzhelios21: dont you mean raid0 then?17:45
helios21nope, RAID 1.17:45
buZzits a mirror?17:46
helios21It helped a lot as the Intel SSD went away.17:46
buZzhow can you mirror 1.5TB of data on 1.5TB total storage17:46
furrywolfbtrfs raid is continually _buggy_ from everything I've ever read.17:46
kekePowerbuZz: raid1 is mirroring17:46
kekePowerhence 2x1.5TB disks17:46
helios21again, not for *all* the data17:46
buZzkekePower: yeah, so how would 1.5TB of storage give 1.5TB of raid1 volume17:46
helios21Does Devuan also have a pastebin? :)17:47
buZzi dont think so17:47
helios21debian and home volumes are BTRFS RAID 1. data volume is single BTRFS (no RAID whatsoever)17:48
buZzi see no raid there ...17:48
buZzah wait, yes17:48
helios21BTRFS RAID 1 is no SoftRAID17:48
buZzok, so you have 350GB of raid117:48
buZzrest isnt raid17:48
buZzalright ;) bit less than 1.5TB :P17:49
helios21Well as said almost 1,5TB is *raw* data storage, not logical17:50
helios21btrfs fi usage is confusing, sometimes it displays raw, sometimes logical sizes17:50
buZzi have 2x 250gb samsung satas in here17:50
buZzmd0 : active raid0 sda3[0] sdb2[1]17:50
buZz      448956416 blocks super 1.2 512k chunks17:50
buZzgood enough for ~1GB/s17:50
helios21Not quite here... cause Crucial M500 can do SATA 600, but is connected to SATA 300 mSATA slot (limitation of ThinkPad T520 model)17:51
buZz:) yeah, same on my x23017:51
helios21oh, x230 is still limited to SATA 300 for mSATA?17:52
buZz-unless- you flash bios with something free17:52
buZzthen you can use the pcie slot of wifi for higher speed, afaik17:52
helios21ah, okay.17:53
helios21well, sequential throughput is still nice enough in that setup:
helios21And anyway, laptop has 16 GiB of RAM, so caching a lot (more than 9 GiB at the moment), and RAM is still faster than anything else :)17:54
buZzat a whole core of load?17:54
helios21what do you mean?17:54
buZz20-35% of cpu17:54
buZzthats in that vmstat output :P17:55
helios21well btrfs scrub checks the checksum of each block, and that with about 800MB/s17:55
helios21oh, but that is not it17:55
helios21kwin broke =>
helios21does not react to kwin_x11 --replace, so gotta get a SIGKILL17:57
helios21hmmm, was not the kwin_x11 from current session, but from the work session, I just logged out… probably intel gfx driver issues17:59
skyroveRRI'm using the devuan 4.9.0-6 kernel for my custom distro, which is compiled against musl libc. I basically borrowed the kernel and the initrd.img file, and the modules directory too, for my particular distro. However, I'm hitting some snags in loading the radeon driver in Xorg on my distro, which I compiled from xf86-video-ati. It seems to be falling back to vesa/nomodesetting drivers. Do I need the18:18
skyroveRRfirmware-linux-nonfree package installed, to make Xorg to work?18:18
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empty_string24Ꮃіth ഠᥙr IRC ɑԁ servicе you сan reacһ ɑ gⅼobaⅼ ɑ∪ԁіᥱnсe of eᥒtreprᥱneᥙrs and fentɑᥒуⅼ aԁdⅰcts ᴡith eхtrɑഠrⅾinɑry ᥱᥒgaɡᥱⅿᥱᥒt ratᥱs! һttpѕ:⧸⧸ᴡilⅼiaⅿⲣitcoϲk.cοm/19:26
system16do you think i can run Kodi on my little sftp server ? it has no GUI. no DE20:50
system16currently, i use VLC to stream stuff to my TV and i think kodi simplifies stuff a lot20:50
system16its CPU is a 1.66 ghz atom and 1024 GB of ram and Igpu20:52
Leanderthat's how I use kodi, I plugged my file server to the TV, I don't even have a window manager installed20:52
man_in_shacki run kodi on a rasbpi20:52
system16but how its gonna work w/o any GUI ?20:52
man_in_shackplugged into hdmi though20:52
system16i have to use VGA20:52
system16apt install Kodi ?20:52
Leanderthere's a startup script, it will do some black magic with X20:52
man_in_shackew vga20:53
system16Leander, what?20:53
Leanderbasically, the startup script launches X without a window manager, just kodi inside20:53
system16note : i do not want to lose sftp functionality20:54
man_in_shackyou won't20:54
system16and can i close kodi when i dont need it via ssh on the server ?20:54
Leanderlet me check how I actually use it20:55
system16apt install Kodi wont work . i guess its not named like that ?20:55
man_in_shacklowercase k20:55
Leanderthere's actually an init script, so it's like any other service20:56
system16cant locate kodi20:56
system16wait a sec. streaming into my chromecast will have better quality than using VGA20:57
Leanderare you on jessie or ascii?20:57
man_in_shackyah, vga gonna suck for you20:57
system16im pretty sure there is a command for that tho20:57
system16man_in_shack, so i guess using kodi is pointless ?20:58
Leanderwhat is your /etc/apt/sources.list pointing to?20:58
system16repositories ?20:59
system16which section ?20:59
* man_in_shack wonders how system16 found devuan20:59
system16# Devuan repositories20:59
system16deb jessie main contrib non-free20:59
system16deb-src jessie main contrib non-free20:59
system16i ran a apt upgrade a few weeks ago20:59
LeanderIIRC kodi was not available on jessie21:00
system16but i thought i upgraded it21:00
system16apt upgrade21:00
Leanderit upgrades the packages, not the distro's version21:01
system16how can i update the distro without nuking my files and configs ?21:01
* system16 does not know how 2 backup using terminal21:02
Leanderthere are instructions somewhere for going from jessie to ascii, I'm pretty sure21:02
system16without any GUI ?21:02
Leanderyou don't need a GUI for... pretty much everything, actually21:04
golinuxsystem16: Please use in your sources list21:07
system16i pushed my power button21:11
man_in_shackwelcome back21:12
man_in_shack<golinux> system16: Please use in your sources list21:12
system16in sources list ?21:12
system16# Devuan repositories ?21:13
golinux<system16> [13:47:09] deb-src jessie main contrib non-free21:14
golinuxttp:// jessie main contrib non-free21:15
golinuxhttp (dropped the "h")21:15
system16whats the difference ?21:15
golinuxdeb.devuan is a round robin of about a dozen servers21:16
system16ok but its downloading something rn21:17
golinuxThey are accessed with deb.devuan .org21:17
man_in_shackyou guys need to help me buy an australian mirror server (:21:18
golinuxThere already is a mirror in Australia21:18
system16wait what was the 2nd one ?21:19
golinuxThe server that the mirrors mirror21:19
system16where should i paste that ?21:20
man_in_shackgolinux: there is?21:20
system16effectively i have a 339 $ nas21:22
system16kodi capable...runs linux...21:22
system16can do things remotely (dydns)21:22
man_in_shackyeah buy how many optical drives does it have? :P21:22
man_in_shackhah, n00b21:23
man_in_shackmine has 521:23
system16why tho21:23
man_in_shackbecause why not?21:24
man_in_shackgotta rip all the discs21:24
system16u got me thinking. i can stream my huge collection of dvds to my chromecast !!!21:25
system16or i can use a normal dvd player21:25
system16but i can watch them remotely21:25
system16but im pretty sure it would rape my internet21:26
man_in_shackat least you're not as batshit crazy as me21:26
man_in_shackremote X11 server over gigabit ethernet to run vlc to play dvds21:26
man_in_shackcan play blurays over iscsi at least21:27
system16so i found a script in devuan that runs commands listed after #. (cant remember the name of it) can i put this command in it ? echo lol u r a crazy blyat21:28
system16on startup*21:28
system16this is how i mount my external 1 tb drive ( im scared of fstab021:29
nemoman_in_shack: heh. I was doing similar silly things over XSDL due to laziness21:29
nemocan't be bothered to get out of bed to actually do things on desktop, noooo21:30
nemoit's cold out there21:30
system16found it21:30
system16its called /etc/rc.local21:30
man_in_shackfound what now?21:31
system16can i put echo somethingblablabla in that ?21:31
system16 /etc/rc.local21:31
man_in_shackyes you CAN but just because you can doesn't mean you should (:21:31
man_in_shackfstab is easy21:31
* system16 is scared from fstab21:31
man_in_shackis eeeeeeeaaaaaaasy21:31
system16because one wrong word and it wont boot21:32
system16and i have to plug in a live usb and ...21:32
man_in_shackno, it's not that bad21:32
man_in_shackjust don't change the lines that are alread in it21:32
system16well /etc/rc.local works flawlessly21:33
system16i have to go. i will catch up later21:33
man_in_shackwelp that gonna be fun for him21:35

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