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Xenguygolinux: Are you a librarian?  You sure have the skills to be one!02:52
XenguyOh, and thanks the gawds you're here02:52
aslan8649devuan gpm complains that /dev/input/mice does not exist05:36
aslan8649does gpm mouse work in devuan?05:36
gnarfacei haven't tried it recently05:40
gnarfacedid you check to see if /dev/input/mice exists?05:40
gnarfaceby default you probably will need to add yourself to the input group to read from it05:42
gnarfacedo you find that gpm works for root but not regular users?05:42
gnarfaceit could be disabled at a kernel level too though i think05:43
gnarfaceare you running a custom kernel?05:43
gnarfaceit's just supposed to be an aggregate of all the mice so, you could test by just symlinking it to your mouse probably05:44
gnarfaceor maybe just configure gpm to read your mouse directly05:44
aslan8649gnarface, /dev/input/mice did not exist. i created it with mkdod /dev/input/mice c 13 6305:45
aslan8649still complains that /etc/init.d/gpm cannot open the device.05:45
aslan8649this is on a Raspberry Pi 3B+05:46
aslan8649the kernel is whatever Devuan provides with ASCII 2.005:47
XenguyIIUC, a workaround is screen (i.e. on the console) for copy/paste06:08
aslan8649after much digging around in /dev i found the answer. there is no /dev/input/mice the mouse is on /dev/input/event006:09
man_in_shack<aslan8649> does gpm mouse work in devuan?   << yes06:09
man_in_shackand yeah, /dev/input/mice got deprecated aaaages ago i think06:10
man_in_shackor at least became more optional06:10
man_in_shackevdev is nicer06:10
aslan8649man_in_shack, the file /etc/gpm.conf installed from Devuan ASCII had the device as /dev/input/mice06:11
aslan8649Devuan fault not mine. I am just trying to get it working.06:12
aslan8649that is what i really dislike about Devuan. you always blame the end-user. God Forbid it is Devuan Fault.06:13
gnarfacehere's the thing though, aslan8649, i have /dev/input/mice here on all my systems, including the raspberry pi. so i don't know why you don't have it, unless the rpi3 image is different...08:10
gnarfaceit does strongly suggest you did something different08:10
gnarfaceif the rpi3 image is actually missing /dev/input/mice it probably isn't on purpose, since the others aren't08:19
gnarfaceanyway it might be important to find out for sure exactly why you don't have it, because whatever reason it is might delete it again at an annoying time...08:22
gnarfaceor move/rename it08:22
m3ttihi anyone having issues in devuan stable with lxqt and the extract here functionality08:59
gourafter spending some time with fedora i went back to debian (sid) havingtoo many kernel-related problems (system freezes) with fc28. now, few days go i also migrated from gnome to kde which i haven't used since 0.9.x time :-)12:01
gournow i wonder how does devaan work with kde, in general?12:01
gnarfacefeedback seems good from what i've seen in channel12:05
man_in_shackew fedora12:09
gourman_in_shack: after many years of using rolling releases (spent >5yrs with both gentoo & arch), the fedora's (smooth) upgrades sounded nice, but fc28 was disaster12:38
man_in_shackyah, ubuntu has the same problem12:40
man_in_shackdebian be like "we only do releases when stable"12:40
man_in_shackubuntu be like "we release every 6 months and break everything"12:40
gourwell, i'm thinking about sid12:41
gouris the process of installing devuan's unstable same as with sid?12:41
gnarfacebut it's called ceres12:45
gouris this "Devuan supports working with just the ext2/3/4 file systems." ( ) true=14:20
man_in_shackdepends how you define "supports"14:34
man_in_shackand "working with"14:34
man_in_shackand "just"14:34
gourwell, i expect to be able to use xfs/btrfs..without even thinking about it...14:37
man_in_shacki expect it will work14:37
man_in_shacki mean, i use btrfs on my /home14:37
man_in_shackwhich is a raid514:37
gourok...just curios what is the meaning of above sentence then14:38
man_in_shackprobably bullshit14:38
man_in_shackor possibly the interactive installer only has options for ext* filesystems14:38
man_in_shackcos i remember debian was like that, at least for a while14:39
furrymcgeecan you paste a link to the source of devuan installer please?14:48
gnarfacei think it's on git.devuan.org14:53
filipoohey yesterday i upgraded ascii to beowulf and i cant get to GUI i only can get tty1-tty6 please help :/15:22
filipoois format the only option15:27
furrymcgeecan you startx from console? whats in /var/log/Xorg.*.log?15:31
gnarfacefilipoo: you could continue upgrading to ceres, which might ironically give you better luck15:37
fsmithredis filipoo still here?15:40
gnarfacefilipoo: (there might be workarounds for beowulf already, i don't know)15:42
fsmithredand for the record, the distrowatch reviewer did not understand how to use the installer in the desktop-live iso.15:43
gnarfacealso, devuan is not different enough from debian to be able to stop you from using an unsupported filesystem in any new or clever ways15:47
fsmithredsome of the polkit stuff for beowulf is not ready. That might be an issue.15:47
fsmithredyeah, the installer isos use the debian installer, so all the same filesystems are supported15:48
fsmithredthe live installer will only format ext2/3/4 but you can pre-format and tell the installer not to do it15:48
fsmithredI've done btrfs with it.15:48
filipooyeah im here15:49
filipoohow to upgrade to ceres??15:49
fsmithredwhat desktop and login manager are you using?15:49
filipoowell if i managed to log in to internet in bash i could just upgrade but i dont have internet connection as well15:50
fsmithredfilipoo, my last question was for you15:50
fsmithredso is my next one15:50
filipooyeah i used lightdm15:50
gnarfacefilipoo: fsmithred might be able to help you get beowulf working15:50
filipooif i type startx i get error not found folder15:51
filipooor something15:51
fsmithreddid you keep ascii repos in sources.list when you upgraded to beowulf?15:51
gnarfaceupgrading to ceres would be the same as upgrading from ascii though, fyi15:51
filipooyeah i kept i only added one beowulf repo in sources.list15:51
filipooand i rebooted15:51
fsmithreddpkg -l | grep libpolkit15:52
filipooand even if i press apt-get autoremove i get errors15:52
filipoowell i live booted antergos now here from usb stick so i cant type that in bash but well i can type the commands in notepad15:52
filipooand try to write them later15:52
filipooafter i reboot15:52
filipooyeah that post inspired me to upgrade15:53
fsmithredyou might need to pin a few packages from ascii15:53
filipooso dpkg -l | grep libpolkit and what that will create??15:54
fsmithredit will tell you what packages are installed that have libpolkit in the name15:55
filipoooh ok15:55
filipooand whats libpolkit ;/15:55
fsmithredthere should be a 'backend' and 'gobject' that match either consolekit or elogind, whichever you are using15:55
fsmithredlibpolkit is part of the policykit rat's nest15:56
fsmithredgenerally, when that stuff is not right, you still get a gui, but you can't do some things you'd like to do (reboot, shutdown, mount external)15:57
fsmithredto upgrade to ceres, add another line to sources.list and replace beowulf with ceres15:58
fsmithredif you want to be selective about taking packages from ceres, you could pin it to a lower priority.15:59
fsmithredI don't know if that will fix your xorg issue15:59
fsmithreddid you look in ~/.xsession-errors?16:01
fsmithredand /var/log/Xorg.0.log16:01
filipoono i havent16:15
filipoookay im gonna reboot and type this command and see what happens16:15
filipoook brb16:17
filipoo_yeah i typed it and had 5 kits xD16:22
fsmithreddid you check to see if you have consolekit or elogind or both?16:24
fsmithredthere's a section in the ascii release notes about this16:24
fsmithredsee ### Session management and policykit backends
filipoo_ok ill check brb16:26
filipoookay well i have only policyki insstalled16:31
fsmithredyou'll probably need ascii versions for those things16:31
filipoowell it seems like i cant do anything16:32
fsmithredwhy not?16:33
filipooi juist wanna get into gui and i only get bash shell i tried ctrl alt f7 but nothing happens16:33
fsmithredis lightdm running?16:33
filipoonah i dont think so16:33
fsmithreddid you try installing any missing packages?16:34
filipooand startx doesnt run16:34
filipoowell yeah i tried but it says it cant fetch em or something i havent got internet connection16:34
fsmithreddhclient eth016:34
fsmithredif you're on a wired connection16:35
fsmithredand you normally use wicd?16:35
fsmithredor is wireless configured in /etc/network/interfaces?16:36
fsmithredstartx without a display manager requires either elogind or xserver-xorg-legacy with an edit in Xwrapper.config (see release notes)16:45
fsmithredI have to go16:45
* man_in_shack stops x16:58
DocScrutinizer05anybody with a clue about CUPS and printers to help me fix this issue: Brother MFC5720. double-sided printing messes up with uneven number of pages to print: it prints [#3 #2] | [#1 <blank>] so #1 is left side of a long-side-binding book which is as incorrect as the blank cover page (usually should be #1)19:33
Centurion_DanDocScrutinizer05: check your print queue settings and make sure it's not reverse collating20:31
DocScrutinizer05Centurion_Dan: I can't disable reverse as soon as I select doublesided printing. Must be a bug in my printerdriver, on top of that bug with the missing blank padding page to reach an even page number to print22:12
DocScrutinizer05what a PITA22:12
DocScrutinizer05I printed a 3p document in 10 permutations of settings now, none being useful22:14
DocScrutinizer05my last option: load a different printer driver.
\0xc0ffeeI kind of expect printer drivers to have bugs, particularly with a "but it works in Windows" culture.22:24

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