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saraviahello, i'm download the devuan iso for first time, i will install on my laptop ×D!!00:20
saraviasomeone else there?00:20
fsmithrednobody ever answers that question00:22
saraviaups sorry00:25
saraviadevuan is 100% free/libre?00:26
fsmithreddepends on how you install it00:27
fsmithredyou can have it with or without contrib and non-free00:27
fsmithredyou got an installer iso or a live iso?00:28
saraviadvd iso00:28
saraviaof 4gb00:28
fsmithredok, choose expert install and select a mirror when asked00:28
fsmithredand you will be asked about contrib and non-free00:29
saraviaplease past me this mirror00:30
fsmithredsorry, what?00:30
fsmithredchoose for a mirror00:31
fsmithredit will select one near you00:31
fsmithred(near is relative - there aren't a lot of mirrors)00:31
* man_in_shack reflects fsmithred00:35
fsmithredlol, thanks00:35
saravia×D, donwloading now00:36
ErRandirMy devuan ASCII install put into the sources.list, but the web page of dev1fanboy has Which one is best?11:44
gnarfaceErRandir: use (it is the mirror round-robin)11:54
gnarfaceit might be faster11:56
gnarfaceno problem12:10
* man_in_shack problems gnarface in the no12:26
SegFault01I am a Slackware user. I want to use Devuan.13:01
SegFault01Any suggestions for smooth transition?13:02
Digitmy suggestions would be wrong.  dont listen to me if i try suggest "bedrock".  ;)13:03
SegFault01Don't want to package management. I want automatic dependancy resolutions.13:03
Digitsomeone more slackware & devuan savvy will have better suggestions momentarily, probably.13:03
DigitSegFault01: if should be quite a smooth transition already then.13:04
SegFault01And no more compiling packages13:04
gnarfaceSegFault01: did you try out the devuan live image?13:04
Digitapt-get update && apt-get upgrade && echo easy joy13:05
SegFault01I want binary packages13:05
SegFault01compiling is time consuming13:05
SegFault01But binary packages should be available. How big is Devuan repo?13:06
SegFault01I haven't tried Devuan live image13:07
Digitas big as debians.  basically pretty much the biggest, near enough.  wide package availability.  rare that you need step outwith the repo to compile something.13:09
SegFault01You seem to suggest Debian also has a huge repo. Then I guess I won't have to compile tarballs anymore.13:11
SegFault01Ok. What is the init system?13:12
SegFault01Like you guys, I hate systemd.13:12
SegFault01Is it sysvinit?13:12
Digitsysvinit, i think.  i barely ever pay attention to it.  not systemd.  yay.13:12
SegFault01Ok. That is cool. I use the KDE 3 Trinity desktop. They say it is available with Devuan.13:13
SegFault01Is Trinity available in live image?13:14
Digitand then there's always the likes of runit. ;D  (see, i warned you about my suggestions, hehe.)13:14
Digiti... think trinity is available.  if you have a connection and install it.  i'm not sure.  that might be a 3rd party repo to add.  good taste, my old fave, but have not used for a while.13:15
SegFault01Ok, is the following packages availble (cannot live without them): gcc, clang, gdb, valgrind, perl, vim, latex13:15
SegFault01and also ruby13:17
Digiti tried install those, n it complains it cant find latex package, but that's prly just because i need to specify a specific meta-package for it.13:17
Digitbut yeah, all that basics will be available i'm sure.13:17
SegFault01Gotta go. Work. Thank you for your help.13:17
Digiteep.  i'm helping.  devuan, look out.  n_n13:18
targzVery happy using an iso of Devuan ASCII It is good to have that option in a server :)16:53
xrogaanGot a ton of updates today, one being grub. And it scared me telling me that grub wasn't directed to be installed anywhere.17:05
xrogaanhow do I check if grub is properly installed and configured?17:06
gnu_srsdpkg -l grub17:51
xrogaanI didn't mean the packages, but the state of grub on my drive.17:53
gnu_srs1xrogaan: Check the date+contents of /boot/grub/grub.cfg?18:14
gnu_srs1That file is created when grub is installed/updated18:14
fsmithredxrogaan, was grub already installed and working?18:16
fsmithredthe debconf dialog for grub when the package gets installed will warn you if you don't select a location for the bootloader18:17
fsmithredif you get that on an upgrade, I wouldn't expect it to matter, because you already have a bootloader18:17
fsmithredeither in mbr or in efi partition18:18
xrogaanfsmithred: yeah, it's for my main desktop. The message at upgrade is a bit scary.18:41
gnu_srsapt-get install --reinstall grub?18:43
fsmithredor even grub-install...18:44
fsmithredbios or uefi?18:45
telmichgood evening18:46
telmichIn which state is ceres at the moment? I.e. if I feel adventerous, should I already give my notebook a try to dist-upgrade?18:46
fsmithredtelmich, are you running ascii or beowulf on the laptop?18:47
telmichfsmithred: ascii atm18:48
xrogaanWell, it updated grub fine, then later on told me "you didn't designate a place to install grub". I quit the screen and it updated grub yet again.18:48
fsmithredhere are some accounts of upgrading to ceres:
fsmithredxrogaan, did it show you a list of drives/partitions and ask where to put grub?18:51
fsmithredthen I know you're doing bios boot and not uefi18:52
fsmithredI usually select my boot drive when I get that window on an update18:52
fsmithredjust in case they changed the boot code18:52
kekePowerpowertop tells me I'm down to about 10w battery discharge now21:21
dormitoI notice that the devuan webpage says ASCII supports installing with openrc, however I didn't notice it as an option when I did an ASCII install a couple days ago. When/how do you select the init/rc for the install?22:50
golinuxdormito: I think you can only chose openrc during an expert install.  But you can also switch after installation. Check the forum and DNG archives for instructions.23:01
Jjp137dormito, choose the expert install, and during the "load installer components from CD" step, select the "choose-init" component, then later on you'll be asked to select the init23:02
dormitook thanks :023:02
dormito* :)23:02

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