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furrymcgeePublic Money? Public Code?08:24
Centurion_DanDocScrutinizer05: perhaps it's offtopic for here09:07
Centurion_DanAnyone know what the state  of merged /usr is for Debian Buster & Sid??09:31
DocScrutinizer05Centurion_Dan: yes, sorry. It's OT10:17
Centurion_DanDocScrutinizer05: what I didn't say (because of the OT nature) was, at least that guy can claim objectivity :-P10:18
DocScrutinizer05faintly on topic and for sure interesting:  Bringing the Android kernel back to the mainline
furrymcgeeandroid take over of linux mainline10:30
poeinklumI have this issue with mate-panel, which I'm not sure is Devuan-related or just general; perhaps you could tell me which it is.11:21
poeinklumSo, on my system, a binary named nsight is installed under /usr/local/cuda/bin ; and that folder is _not_ in the PATH.11:22
poeinklumI also have symbolic link, /usr/local/bin/nsight -> /usr/local/cuda/bin/nsight .11:22
poeinklumNow, if I'm in my Cinnamon desktop's mate panel (in fallback mode),11:23
poeinklumand enter just "nsight" - nothing runs,11:23
poeinklumbut entering the full path of the link target, /usr/local/cuda/bin/nsight - runs the binary11:23
jyriI don't think that you have /usr/local/bin in your $PATH11:26
jyriI mean, you probably have it in your shell set up correctly but not in the window manager11:29
poeinklumjyri: Ahh.... interesting11:29
poeinklumjyri: But there's the thing: even if I try to "execute" the link with its full path, i.e. "/usr/local/bin/nsight" - it still doesn't work.11:30
jyrihmm, that should work11:33
poeinklumjyri: Also - I just checked, and /usr/local/bin _is_ in the PATH of mate-panel (checked in /proc/$(pgrep mate-panel)/environ)11:33
jyriI assume that you have triple checked that the symlink is correct and your user has rx permissions to /usr/local/bin, then I'm out of ideas :(11:41
gnarfacepoeinklum: no errors when that happens?11:43
gnarfacesome programs just need to launch from a terminal... there's some ways to fool them...11:43
poeinklumgnarface: No errors that I know of11:45
poeinklumIt's a launcher shell script, though11:45
gnarfacemaybe the problem is some other environment variable11:51
errandir_is /usr/local/cuda/bin on the same filesystem as /usr/local/bin? And are they not remote FSs?12:43
FatPhilHow can I undo this: [UPGRADE] palemoon:amd64 27.6.2~repack-1 -> 28.2.0~repack-113:01
FatPhilthe upgrade is as buggy as fuck, and is basically unusable.13:02
FatPhillooks like I still have a 27.6.2 .deb in my /var/cache13:06
furrymcgeeapt install palemoon=27.6.2~repack-1, you know?13:08
FatPhilwill aptitude get confused by my doing that?13:08
FatPhilit doesn't seem to acknowledge existence of that version of the package.13:09
furrymcgeeapt policy palemoon13:09
furrymcgeethis list all known version13:10
FatPhilE: Version '27.6.2~repack-1' for 'palemoon' was not found13:10
FatPhilE: Invalid operation policy13:10
furrymcgeeyou could dpkg --purge and reinstall the package13:11
meowschwitzdont you need to escape ~?13:12
meowschwitzoh wait nvm13:12
FatPhilI was considering a --remove, I'm not sure what kind of config might be lost by a purge.13:13
furrymcgeeme neither but i believe it deleted everything from dpkg --listfiles package-name13:16
furrymcgeemaybe there are some package specific hooks for de-/installation13:18
FatPhilwhere do the package's de/installation scripts reside?13:18
KatolaZFatPhil: apt-cache policy palemoon13:18
FatPhilI just found /var/lib/dpkg/info/pale*13:20
FatPhilnot sure how to interpret the policy - it shows only the broken version13:21
FatPhilI was holding 27.6 quite religiously, as I didn't want some new mis-features. But I just got sloppy a couple of days ago when doing an upgrade of the whole system, and said yes to all, not noticing palemoon was on the list.13:22
FatPhilI guess going off piste and using my 'own' deb might help persuade aptitude to stop offering me such upgrades.13:23
furrymcgeeyou can pin package version with apt config13:23
FatPhildid the remove and dpkg -i, and it seems to work. aptitude now marks palemoon as upgradable.13:28
FatPhilsanity has been restored, hopefully. thanks for the pointers.13:28
FatPhilweird. it remembered all my passwords, but forgot all my cookie settings.13:36
meowschwitzFatPhil: probably cache folder location changed13:46
meowschwitzthough if it is really a derivative of firefox iirc it should keep the jar in the same folder as the sec database13:46
FatPhilmeowschwitz: I think there's a more boring explanation - I think I accidentally blatted my cookie white/black-lists yesterday whilst thrashing around, and didn't notice the change because newer pale moon doesn't offer me the choices that I was used to.14:08
FatPhilback to old pale moon, and I've got the lovely "ask me every time" back again.14:09
meowschwitzI've never actually tried it14:13
poeinklumgnarface: Like, which other environment variable?14:18
gnarfacepoeinklum: no idea14:18
rrqpoeinklum: probably the targeted program looks at its $0 verbatim (rather than resolving to the canonical path), expecting to find sibling configuration files or whatnot.14:31
rrqyou could make /usr/local/bin/nsight be a script to exec with canoncal-path.14:33
poeinklumrrq: Just a sec14:33
poeinklumrrq: Here it is:
poeinklumand it does indeed look at its $014:34
poeinklumThat's kind of silly14:35
poeinklumOk, I can replace this script with something less smart-ass'y14:35
filipdevuan_hey yesterday i installed 32 bit linux mint and after this when i wanted to boot into devuan i had initramfs crash or something like this and i wonder why14:45
rrqprobably magic. or that the mint installation did something cute with the partitions.14:59
filipdevuan_yeah im gonna install mint again 64 bit this time hopefully nothing would happen cuz i can't function without devuan, but i use mint to play diablo 3 on optimus nvidia gpu i have on the laptop its easier than devuan to set up15:01
filipdevuan_yesterday i set 7.1 sound and high quality (128) and i conencted my nice headphones and damn i had fun ;P. i don't know why sound feels better on win10 and newer linux distros than here on devuan15:02
filipdevuan_but its not a bad thing cuz listening to music from laptop is not my favourite activity15:02
errandir_maybe they have an equalizer on by default?16:13
ejrhow can i change the audio output in devuan to a particular device/sink?16:44
ejri can manually set it with vlc for e.g. bluetooth headset or speakers, but i don't want to do that for each individual program (vlc, mpv, browser etc.).16:45
meowschwitzpavucontrol etc16:53
* nemo nods17:28
concatimeOne mirror is not set properly.18:57
KatolaZconcatime: ?19:47
KatolaZcan you elaborate on that, please?19:47
concatimeI sent a message to koddos19:59
concatimeThey do not redirect /merged/pool/DEVUAN/(.*) -> /devuan/pool/$119:59
KatolaZit works as though20:01
KatolaZhold on20:01
KatolaZand works with the IP20:01
KatolaZit fails if you use the FQDN though20:02
KatolaZI wil contact the admin immediately20:02
KatolaZit must be a glitch20:02
KatolaZconcatime: done20:04
KatolaZI guess we will get a reply soon20:04
concatimeThank you20:05
KatolaZsorry for the inconvenience20:08
KatolaZbut we routinely check the IPs and the correct redirect behind deb.devuan.org20:08
KatolaZwe should probably also check the FQDNs20:08
KatolaZthanks for pointing that out20:08

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