freenode/#devuan/ Saturday, 2018-11-17

freehckHello. Cannot find the list of packages to be forked/maintained. Cannot find Beowulf release goals. Anyone help?02:22
freehckThis seems to be outdated:
freehckAll the links give 40402:23
freehckXenguy: What does it mean? Does libsystemd.txt contains all the remaining packages which still were not repacked into devuan and still depends on libsystemd?06:09
richardonnaymy bad lol06:23
systemdletedoes devuan have a package for sqlite browser, or do we build it ourselves? thanks08:33
Humpelstilzchensystemdlete: did you try apt-cache search sqlitebrowser08:40
systemdleteactually, I'm trying to figure out the package name for centos, thinking it might be similar (as package names sometimes are)08:41
systemdleteyum search sqlite | grep browser    churns out tons of packages, but not any of them a browser08:41
systemdleteI realize this is a very clumsy way to find out the package name, sorry08:42
systemdlete(probably lazy too!)08:42
systemdletenvm.  I've restored the .thunderbird directory to my ascii VM and I can use the sqlitebrowser there.08:49
systemdletethanks for the response, and sorry for my silly inquiry08:49
golinuxsystemdlete: ^^^08:52
systemdleteuh, yeah.  And I just remembered:  I don't backup the sqlite DBs.  I think they get quite large, and they can be rebuilt automatically anyway.08:54
systemdleteso, I'll just have to copy them...08:54
* systemdlete slaps himself08:54
systemdletenifty program, that.  Found out what I wanted to know.  Looks like there's a bug deep down in Thunderbird's bayesian filtering algorithm maybe09:10
systemdlete(or maybe just how they store info about user filters; prob more likely)09:11
systemdleteI've got a bug open on it:
systemdleteI'm only posting this in case anyone has run into this also and knows why/how to fix09:12
KatolaZconcatime: you are using a wrong base URL11:22
KatolaZthe correct baseurl is
KatolaZand works perfectly11:25
meowschwitzwhy is this broken19:58
KatolaZmeowschwitz: what is broken?20:01
meowschwitzI just realized there's a load balancer, I must've dropped on a misconfigured endpoint20:02
meowschwitzyeah it's showing me certificate name mismatches20:04 IS the canonical host for default sources.list is it not?20:05
KatolaZmeowschwitz: does not work on https20:05
KatolaZmeowschwitz: if you need https, please use one of the mirrors that support https20:06
KatolaZthe list is here:
KatolaZnot all of them are on https though20:06
KatolaZwe should add this info there20:06
KatolaZanyway, supports HTTPS20:07
meowschwitzyeah I figured it out, should've been using a local mirror URL instead20:10
meowschwitzI'm trying to use proxmox DAB to build a devuan template20:10
KatolaZmeowschwitz: list updated20:15
KatolaZwith indication of the supported protocols20:15
KatolaZanyway, this information is available in the ASCII Release notes ;)20:15
furrywolfI don't remember what i5 my other laptop has...  just that it's a lot faster than this 1.5ghz c2d.  :)22:48
furrywolfgrr, wrong window22:48
xrogaanthe wtf database should be expanded.23:32
xrogaan(from the bsdgames package)23:32
xrogaanit's that file: /usr/share/games/bsdgames/acronyms23:34
Xenguyxrogaan: agreed, it most often doesn't find what I'm searching for23:36
XenguyBut who will put the bell on the cat?23:36
furrywolfwhile we're at it, let's add a bunch of anti-systemd quotes to fortune and have .bashrc run fortune on every interactive terminal.  :)23:38
Anselmothat or systemd error messages :P23:38
Anselmojust inserted randomly everywhere23:38
XenguyDevuan could become the BitchX of distros 8 -D23:39
MinceRit would need colorful ansi art for that23:40
XenguyAnd annoying aphorisms23:40
* furrywolf uses bitchx, amusingly...23:40
Xenguyfurrywolf: don't do it23:40
XenguyIt's horrible23:41
XenguyHard to believe so many of us suffered through the experience :P23:41
MinceRit could display a randomly chosen colorful ansi art of the "devuan" text, followed by something like this:23:41
MinceR> :~# reboot23:41
MinceR> Write failed: Broken pipe23:41
MinceRor the two lines from
XenguyEsoteric error messages23:43
furrywolfheh, I've used bitchx for about 20 years...23:43
Xenguyfurrywolf: I misread your original statement there23:44
furrywolfit is not dead, despite rumors to the contrary...  still very occasionally gets new features (like sasl) and bug fixes.23:44
Xenguydidn't mean to be a dick, use w/e we like23:44
XenguyAmazing to hear, I just assumed BX was long gone23:44
XenguyI tried BX, and used it for some time, then I think I tried something like Epic w/e, then finally Irssi23:46
XenguyWas curious about weechat, but somehow was just too happy with my Irssi setup to bother...23:47
XenguyWhich is probably where you're at furrywolf , works great, why change?23:47
furrywolfirssi is evil.  :P23:47
XenguyOh come on23:47
XenguyIt's a bit of a pain to get configured properly, but that's half the fun ; -)23:48
XenguyAnd a one time effort23:48
furrywolfit's designed to look like ircii/epic/etc clients, but everything works just differently enough that nothing you try actually does what you expect it to.23:48
XenguyI expect that's true23:48
XenguyIt's its own beast23:49
XenguyI can never remember the 'proper' commands to issue, I always end up editing the config file by hand...23:49
XenguyTo each their own23:49
furrywolfit's like getting in a car, then realizing that the gear shift is actually a tiller, and turning the steering wheel makes the car speed up and slow down...23:49
furrywolfif you're never driven a car before, it might be fine...  but when you're using to every other vehicle on the planet, it drives you nuts.23:50
XenguyMuscle memory mania23:50
furrywolfused to23:50
MinceRirssi is still the best client i could find23:51
MinceRweechat had automatic reconnection issues23:51
MinceRbitchx has no support for utf-8, afaik23:52
furrywolfsure it does...  it doesn't have enough brains to care what text format you use.  lol23:53
furrywolfheh, someone was speaking in...  arabic?  in another channel I'm in earlier today.23:54
furrywolf"רועי: יהודי דעטעקטעד."23:54
furrywolfI have no idea what variety of gibberish that is, or what it says.  lol23:55
Xenguytranslation needed23:55
furrywolfno clue.  just showing that not only did bitchx show non-ascii text, but I can even copy and paste it back into it.  heh.23:56
Xenguythose are hebrew characters AFAICT23:56
XenguyI see23:57
furrywolfhrmm.  google says it's yiddish, and translates it to...  "Sheep: Judy Detected"23:57
furrywolfin any case, non-ascii works perfectly in bitchx.23:57

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