freenode/#devuan/ Sunday, 2018-11-18

furrymcgeeExcuse me, the devuan qemu image hangs in ssh-keygen, do you think this a problem in host or guest?
KatolaZfurrymcgee: you just need enough entropy for the key to be generated, I guess11:34
furrymcgeeyes I think qemu-system does this already but i dont know how to do this with kvmtool11:40
KatolaZno idea11:44
KatolaZI was just answering your question11:44
furrymcgeewould it be possible to boot devuan with no entropy?11:46
furrymcgeeif there is noacpi parameter it could have noentropy boot parameter as well12:23
gnarfacei don't think that would accomplish what you want12:26
gnarfaceyou can boot the VMs to read from /dev/urandom instead12:26
gnarfacei think that would accomplish what you want12:27
gnarfacei think disabling entropy would be actually the opposite of what you want12:28
gnarfaceunless you're deploying these into production12:28
gnarfacein which case i have to strongly advise you find a solution to the insufficient entropy problem12:28
gnarfacesince urandom will work but sacrifice some security to do so12:29
furrymcgeefor production I would try rkt
furrymcgeeit turned out it was just a random message at the end15:06
* man_in_shack randomises furrymcgee15:08
meowschwitzanyone knows if cloud-init works w/o breakage on Devuan? I'd like to produce a digitalocean image, which kinda requires it15:57
Centurion_Danmeowschwitz: there is a devuanised cloud-init package in ascii-proposed.20:02
meowschwitznoted, thanks20:02
meowschwitzI imagine noone here is a maintainer for proxmox ascii template?20:03
meowschwitzcause the recipes are there but the image itself hasnt been published to public repos20:03
Centurion_Danmeowschwitz: feel free to submit a patch...20:06
Centurion_Danand let me know if you try cloud-init from ascii-proposed... I should push it into ascii but haven't yet had much feedback.20:07

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