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haxmeister_I need some help with new install. is anyone active?05:42
haxmeister_it seems that after installing using the netinst from USB I suddenly do not have working wifi05:42
haxmeister_the hardware switch is a lighted button that indicates that it is "off" and will not come on when pressing it05:43
haxmeister_the laptop was working fine before this install so it must surely be some tweaking to do05:43
haxmeister_can anyone offer guidance?05:43
rrqmaybe it's missing installed firmware for the wifi device05:46
Anselmocould also try the rfkill program, some laptops I've seen default to locking out wifi devices under linux05:47
Anselmoand some have like, hidden software switches that dont get handled easily05:48
haxmeister_is rfkill on the standard install?05:48
haxmeister_I'm familiar with rfkill05:48
Anselmouh, I dont think it is05:49
Anselmohave you run this laptop under linux before and not hadthis  issue ?05:49
haxmeister_rfkill available as root05:49
Anselmoor, cause I dont think that particualr issue is distro specific05:50
Anselmooh, kay05:50
haxmeister_I'm moving over from funtoo05:50
haxmeister_a source distro05:50
haxmeister_looks like I got it05:52
haxmeister_so glad rfkill was there05:52
haxmeister_yes sir.. connected right up05:55
haxmeister_gotta do something so I don't have to do that every boot05:55
haxmeister_maybe  a startup script.. but that kinda dodgy05:55
haxmeister_first time using the gui to install a package... pretty intuitive05:58
haxmeister_hexchat installing05:58
haxmeister_is chrome available or we just doing chromium on this distro?05:59
haxmeister_here we go06:02
haxmeister_now on actual machine06:02
haxmeister_this is exciting06:06
haxmeister_I hope you guys don't mind me asking stupid questions until I get to know devuan06:06
Anselmohehe, well, that seems like it might be the poiint in part :P06:08
haxmeister_devuan have completely separate repo from debian?06:08
Anselmothe repos are seperate, I imagine some of the packagebuilds are rather directly lifted from debian but I dont really follow specific details of development06:10
haxmeister_luckily there's this nice GUI to get me started until I learn the package manager from the term06:11
fsmithredI was just trying to figure out the times in the irclogs18:56
fsmithrednobody said anything in here for 12 hours18:56
unixmanSo, no problems for 12 hours = Best Linux Distribution! ;)18:59
fsmithredI've always claimed that debian is boring, and that's one of its best points. Too bad it got interesting in the last few years.18:59
AnselmoI think you want problems per user-hour19:00
unixmanHow does one determine "per user-hour" without spying on users? :P19:02
fsmithredjust go by the user list in this channel and extrapolate to the rest of the world19:03
Anselmowell, I suppose the easiest might be to force it to zero by never releasing anything :P19:03
Anselmomore realistically I'm not sure, could probably guess number of active users by like,repository access, and then maybe run some surveys to try and characterize the userbase voluntarily19:04
KatolaZmaybe we don't need to know how many active users are there (unless they actually want to let us know, e.g. via popcon)?19:34
DocScrutinizer05((without spying)) *some* users will appreciate deliberate participation in such "spy program", reporting either their installation instances or even continuous uptime hours reports20:11
DocScrutinizer05I think an opt-in would be conceived as welcome feature20:12
_abc_Hello. I'm on ascii. I have a problem also seen with ubuntu?! gnu maxima seems to be broken, the errors it throws are related to lisp.20:12
_abc_Can anyone confirm this?20:12
KatolaZDocScrutinizer05: it's already there20:12
DocScrutinizer05oooh :-)20:12
KatolaZit's called popularity-contest20:12
_abc_my maxima is: Maxima 5.38.1 http://maxima.sourceforge.net20:12
_abc_using Lisp GNU Common Lisp (GCL) GCL 2.6.1220:12
KatolaZ_abc_: I used maxima on ascii20:13
KatolaZI am now on beowulf and it works just fine20:13
_abc_To see the bug, simply start maxima, then type: (%i1) ? integrate -> this throws the error20:14
_abc_Interesting KatolaZ what version do you have please20:14
KatolaZ_abc_: on beowulf it's 5.42.120:14
KatolaZit looks like you are missing the doc package20:15
_abc_Hmm good one.20:15
KatolaZapt-get install maxima-doc20:15
_abc_did it, fixed20:16
DocScrutinizer05apropos popularity: inmaemo we counted number of unique IPs in access logs of repo during a typical check-for-updates-periodically timeframe20:16
DocScrutinizer05sure it has quite some error rate, but nevertheless gives a good rough idea about number of installations20:17
KatolaZDocScrutinizer05: pretty poor way of estimating it20:19
KatolaZanyway, in every fortnight that number has been well over 30K for pkgmaster20:19
KatolaZ30K unique IPs20:19
KatolaZon each 14-days period20:19
KatolaZ(these is excluding bots and including only IPs that request packages or release files)20:20
KatolaZmy guess is that the actual number of Devuan installation is somewhere between 60K and 90K, at least20:20
_abc_How does one refer to a previous result in maxima cli again? rationalize(%o3); fails20:21
_abc_I retract that. Did write %03...20:21
_abc_Wow I forgot the little I knew. What's the output converter/formatter to get a numeric value? Semantically opposite to rationalize() ?20:24
amnesia_hey! I need some help, can I ask here?20:24
amnesia_I'm stuck after upgrading to beowulf, I can't start X. Any guesses?20:25
Centurion_Danamnesia_: upgrade to ceres.  Beowulf is probably still in a broken state...20:26
Centurion_Danwhat were you running before the upgrade?  ascii of jessie, and what DE and login manager?20:27
amnesia_I was running ascii, with both XFCE4 and I3wm20:27
Centurion_Danand slim?20:27
amnesia_I log on slim and presents me a black screen20:28
amnesia_on console I can see the following error: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.Spawn.ChildExited: Launch helper exited with unknown return code 12720:29
Centurion_Danyou probably need consolekit ...20:29
Centurion_DanI've just pushed a new version to experimental last night ... you could try that:20:29
Centurion_DanAdd 'deb experimental main' to your apt sources and install consolekit20:30
amnesia_Should I leave the 'deb ... beowulf' part to?20:32
Centurion_Dan we only want consolekit from experimental.20:33
Centurion_Danbut I do suggest ceres as more likely to be working at this stage20:33
_abc_What is the role of consolekit? Login manager etc?20:33
_abc_Does *bsd use consolekit?!20:34
amnesia_Which consolekit version should I be looking for? It says i'm already on the newest version (0.4.6-6)20:34
Centurion_Dan_abc_ yes, *bsd would use consolekit (although elogind might be an option these days)20:34
Centurion_Danamnesia_: you did `apt update`?20:35
Centurion_Danand you'll need to install it this way:20:35
Centurion_Danapt install -t experimental consolekit20:36
amnesia_it says experimental is invalid for APT::default release, not available in this source20:37
Centurion_Danpaste your /etc/apt/sources ??20:39
amnesia_Sorry, i'm translating the errors because my terminal language is not english.20:39
Centurion_Danthat's fine...20:40
debdoguse "LANG=C command" to make 'em english20:40
amnesia_to change to ceres, should I keep the three separate lines for main, security and updates, like for ascii?20:47
_abc_Fwiw installing and deinstalling octave, which unfortunately now has a windows 3.11 style gui instead of pure cli (octave-cli is also installed), and now maxima seems to work fine.20:54
_abc_Which has me stumped but my goal was reached, maxima works...20:55
golinuxBeowulf desktop is still broken.  That should help you sort things20:59
amnesia_thank you for the link <golinux>21:03
amnesia_So, one last question. Anyway to downgrade do ascii from the broken beowulf state I am now?21:31
Centurion_Danamnesia - possibly, but it means hand picking packages from ascii and forcing them.21:35
Centurion_Danyou could try to follow the path in that post... or wait a few hours while I fix the situation in ceres.21:37
amnesia_Since it is kind of a new install I think it will be better to nuke it all and start again. Anyway, thank you for your help, i'm very happy with how helpful this community is everytime21:40
Centurion_Danyour welcome ;-)21:47
Centurion_Danis great to have people willing to try and run the bleeding edge and help us polish it ;-)21:48

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