freenode/#devuan/ Tuesday, 2018-11-20

XenguyTrip report (in this case from the trailing edge ; -) :00:34
XenguyInstalled Jessie on a fresh hard drive last night...00:34
XenguyMy plan was to do the install, then: apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade00:35
XenguyUpgrade to ASCII I mean00:35
XenguyIt chose the Expert Install option, and all was good until the Boot Loader phase...00:36
XenguyI got some error message (which I stupidly did not write down) that basically said GRUB couldn't write the MBR, and it was EFI-related...00:36
XenguyWhen the install went forward, it was clear I had no boot loader configured...00:37
XenguyThen I noticed an option for LILO of all things, so I tried that and it seemed to work, where GRUB had not...00:37
Xenguy(The only problem with LILO is that while it boots up OK, it is very slow, like maybe a pause of like 45 seconds while it completes some 'BIOS check' or w/e...00:38
Centurion_DanXenguy: Anything on the edge like that, if it's not in the console to be captured, have a camera handy or better still a video camera to capture the messages.00:38
XenguyCenturion_Dan: Makes sense00:39
XenguyAnyhow, I'm wondering if I'd have any better luck just installing straight to ASCII:  would it play any nicer with EFI than Jessie would?00:39
XenguyOh BTW this is my first time using an SSD hard drive...00:40
Centurion_DanIt makes it easier for debugging and being able to reproduce given issues.00:40
XenguyAnd also the first time I've ever had a problem writing to the MBR00:40
Centurion_DanXenguy: Ascii should be better with EFI then jessie, but Jessie worked fine too..00:40
XenguyCenturion_Dan: OK, maybe I'll see if I can snag Ascii with this install, then try installing it...00:41
XenguyI'm also wondering if maybe I need to tweak the BIOS settings for EFI at all?00:41
Centurion_Dan(U)EFI does require an EFI partition - I'd suggest atleast 10MB, and recommend gpt.00:41
Centurion_Daninstead of mbr00:42
XenguyI'm a bit allergic to messing with those areas of the disk honestly00:42
XenguyIf I have to I could, but I try not to00:42
XenguyDuly noted, in any case00:42
XenguyI may just try setting 'Legacy Mode', if there is one, to ON00:43
* Centurion_Dan dreams of getting paid to setup a complete automatation test harness for virtual and physical system installs00:43
XenguyThat's a lovely vision00:44
Centurion_Danjust do manual partitioning...00:44
Xenguycfdisk, or ...?00:45
Centurion_Dan(one day I'll get around to fixing the partitioning templates to properly do UEFI)...00:45
Centurion_Danin the first partition menu on the installer you get the option to select "manual partitiioning"00:45
XenguyAre you suggesting I use that opportunity to configure this 'EFI partition' you referred to?00:46
XenguyTaken under advisement00:47
Xenguythank you00:47
XenguyI can't IRC while I'm installing, so I'll be offline00:48
XenguyGonna try an install of Ascii if I can, and will capture any error message this time00:49
XenguyTrip Report Update:04:25
XenguyInstalling Ascii directly solved the EFI problem.  GRUB was happy, and so was I04:25
XenguyNow going to massage the file generated by dpkg --get-selections04:26
XenguyTo get my software back04:27
XenguyBTW, the standard install worked just fine for me, whereas the 'expert' install I found especially fussy.04:34
XenguyBut I suppose that's what it's for04:35
Centurion_DanI pretty much do an expert install - setup network console to continue installing via an ssh session - select only ssh-server in the package manager, and just before reboot execute a shell to drop in my ssh pubkey so I can ssh back in after reboot.05:00
Centurion_DanI tend to hand pick what I need just to keep things light - especially when running vps's05:02
mooseface420hello i am new06:39
mooseface420I am looking to run IntelliJ IDEA on Linux which requires GNOME or KDE desktop. Can I use one of these with devuan jessie and also not use systemd06:41
gnarfaceseems like it:
mooseface420nice. thanks06:43
gnarfaceno problem06:44
mooseface420do you how how I would go from the torrent to a USB stick using windows 10?06:55
gnarfacei'm sorry, no06:56
mooseface420then install to an NVMe06:57
richardo1naymooseface420: look at etcher.io06:57
gnarfacei don't know anything about windows, i'm sorry06:57
richardo1naymooseface420: its a cross platform GUI for writing images to usb06:58
mooseface420richardonnay: thanks07:04
mooseface420should i do CD or DVD iso07:08
gnarfaceuse the netinstall07:08
gnarfaceunless you are installing to a computer without an internet connection, the netinstall is usually faster07:09
gnarface(because you don't have to copy everything twice)07:09
gnarfacethe CD/DVD isos are only really more useful for machines without an internet connection07:10
man_in_shackas if you even HAVE the internet07:36
nacelleonce upon a time companies sold the internet in a box...08:00
mooseface420Installing GRUB boot loader failed. I have another drive with encrypted windows plugged in. What do i do?08:44
gnarfacemooseface420: don't install grub to that one10:41
mooseface420it doesn't let me decide where to install GRUB (or the other one, LILO or something)10:46
gnarfacereally, it doesn't give you any choices at all?10:47
gnarfaceif you have two drives as you've inferred, you should at least see options for /dev/sda and /dev/sdb10:48
mooseface420if I don't force EUFI it simply won't install?10:48
gnarfacei would think10:48
mooseface420I unplugged all other drives10:48
gnarfaceis there a uefi and non-uefi image?  yes, you need the right one.10:48
mooseface420but firmware has boot info for windows. if I force uefi will that delete my win10 product key. will I even be able to boot windows?10:49
gnarfacei'm not 100% sure that's what this problem is, i thought the installer wouldn't even boot if you had the wrong one...  but i could be mistaken10:49
mooseface420doing net install this time10:49
gnarfacei see10:49
gnarfacesecure boot is tricky10:49
gnarfaceit depends on your hardware vendor10:50
gnarfacesome of them will let you put your own keys in, some won't10:50
gnarfacesome will even let you just disable it10:50
gnarfaceand some won't interfere with unsigned boot images/hardware by default10:50
mooseface420I have boot compatibility mode on in my BIOS10:51
gnarfacebut other vendors try to use it to force you to keep windows on there10:51
gnarface(or punish you for taking it off)10:51
mooseface420what the heck. yeah it's a z-170a mobo10:51
gnarfacez-170a, asus?10:51
gnarfaceasus usually has sane default settings, but i don't know what win10 may have done to it10:52
gnarfacehow'd you get all the way to the last step of the install if it couldn't find your harddrives though? something still doesn't add up here10:52
mooseface420I guess I could reset to defaults. Been tweaking the bios for the last year or so10:53
gnarfacedid you actually look at the secure boot settings?10:53
mooseface420when i did DVD both boot loaders failed to install10:53
gnarfacethere might be something in there about it protecting the MBR too10:53
gnarfacei would go into advanced mode and see if you could figure it out10:54
mooseface420secure boot was greyed out because compatibility mode on to support other non-microsoft OSes10:54
gnarface"compatibility mode" i'm not sure what that does10:54
gnarfacelook, here's the short version, you do have to be careful10:54
gnarfaceand i don't know exactly what you need to do10:54
mooseface420Compatibility Support Module10:55
mooseface420resetting bios to defaults. I'll redo my overclock settings later10:56
mooseface420Secure Boot Violation, lol10:57
gnarfaceso you're either gonna have to add keys or disable secure boot10:58
gnarfaceif you have some keys in there for win10 you need, you should probably back them up first10:59
gnarfacejust to be safe10:59
mooseface420my windows drive not even plugged in I guess that would be an insecure boot lol11:01
mooseface420usb stick booted when i clicked ok11:02
mooseface420I think it skipped the force uefi screen this time now with the default bios settings11:04
gnarfaceanother thing that may be wrong is you might not have the SATA drives set to AHCI mode in the bios?11:05
gnarfaceit could matter what they're set to, they could show up in a weird place i think in some cases if they're set to something strange11:05
mooseface420unplugged all my sata devices. only storage is usb stick and NVMe11:05
gnarfacehmmm. i wonder if there's even a driver for it11:06
gnarfacefor the NVMe11:06
mooseface420everything is fine until boot loader step11:07
gnarfaceyea that is interesting11:07
gnarfacei wonder if you try it again, pick expert mode this time, and do manual partitioning, and don't encrypt it, if it still fails at the boot loader step?11:08
gnarfacedon't use lvm either11:08
gnarfacejust do a plain manual partitioning layout as a test to see if that works11:08
gnarfacehopefully it'll ask you where to install grub and you can pick the right spot even if the default is wrong11:08
mooseface420yeah grub failed to install again. gonna try expert and manual i guess11:09
mooseface420LILO won't install either11:09
gnarfacethis is the ascii version you're using?11:09
gnarfaceor jessie?11:10
gnarfaceyou might want to try ascii.  the kernel in jessie is a lot older11:10
gnarfaceunless you have a specific reason to need that old of a version of everything11:10
mooseface420hmm yeah11:10
gnarfacebut whatever that reason is, it may be compatible with such new hardware11:11
gnarfacesorry, *incompatible11:11
gnarfaceit may be incompatible with such new hardware, i meant to say11:11
gnarfaceit could be as simple of a glitch as it being named strangely11:12
gnarfaceso maybe expert mode will give you luck11:12
gnarfacei guess, try expert mode first, and if that doesn't work try the ascii version11:13
mooseface420my first run through i did expert mode with encrypted lvm. same boot loader failure11:17
mooseface420trying ascii11:17
mooseface420how do I select the stupid checkboxes when not in graphical mode11:25
mooseface420pressing enter is continue11:25
mooseface420oh space works. dumb11:25
mooseface420partition table type msdos looks to be the default will try that11:29
mooseface420"no root file system"11:31
mooseface420I missed something11:31
mooseface420dunno. did the guided instead11:32
Centurion_Danmooseface420: what are you trying to achieve11:53
mooseface420dual boot windows and linux on separate drives11:59
mooseface420currently trying to install grub for devuan ascii without overwriting master boot record with windows on it12:00
Centurion_Danso it's UEFI?12:01
Centurion_DanDoes Win10 run ok with secureboot disable.12:01
mooseface420Centurion_Dan: yeah. tried installing GRUB to second usb stick but my comp didn't boot (windows drive unplugged but NVMe with devuan plugged in)12:01
devoid_uefi is simple12:02
devoid_just create a fat32 partiton12:02
mooseface420then tried installing GRUB to "NVMe-" and a bunch of numbers12:02
devoid_and make sure you have BOOT/BOOTX64.EFI under it12:02
devoid_i think12:02
Centurion_Danascii or jessie?12:02
mooseface420there are two NVMe partitions listed. one is swap i guess. I guess I need a free partition for grub?12:03
mooseface420ascii now12:03
Centurion_Danuse gpt, you'll have to manually partition...12:03
mooseface420not sure how to manually partition from installer. last time it said "no root file system"12:04
Centurion_Daneasy enough, I can walk you through it.12:04
mooseface420ok i'm on the manual partition screen12:05
mooseface420options are RAID, LVM, encrypted volumes, and iSCSI volumes12:06
mooseface420also my NVMe is displayed12:06
mooseface420and my usb stick12:06
Centurion_Danso select the bare NVME and12:07
man_in_shackoh fun12:07
mooseface420ok now it has empty partition table, free space12:07
Centurion_Danit should prompt for creating a new partition table - select gpt12:07
mooseface420I click on free space, it gives options of create a new partition, Automatically partition free space, and SHow Info12:08
man_in_shackthis the devuan installer thingy?12:09
mooseface420how many MB does GRUB need12:09
Centurion_Danclick on the nvme disk itself to select the start with a clean slate12:09
Centurion_Danand select gpt12:10
man_in_shackyou need to make sure you have a gpt-type partition TABLE, not just get the partition right12:10
man_in_shackdos-style partition table won't help you12:10
mooseface420"You have selected an entire device to partition"...12:10
mooseface420All current partitions will be removed12:10
mooseface420did that. now there is 480GB free space12:11
man_in_shackand it's definitely gpt now? :)12:11
Centurion_Danman_in_shack: technically UEFI will work with mbr, but windows 10 will probably barf...12:11
mooseface420I opted not to force UEFI12:11
Centurion_Danyou in compat mode?12:12
mooseface420so I can still boot win1012:12
Centurion_Danor you mean secureboot... yes that should be off.12:12
Centurion_Danbut not legacy mode.12:12
man_in_shackinsecureboot lyf12:12
Centurion_Dananyway back to partitioning12:13
Centurion_Danin uefi grub will use the uefi part for it's bootloader.12:13
filipdevuan_devuan is too good to be true is it real or just a dream??12:14
mooseface420secure boot state is enabled but greyed out. I have z-170a12:14
Centurion_Danmake part1 100MB, and set the type to UEFI12:14
mooseface420Launch Compatibility Support Module is enabled12:14
mooseface420OS Type is Other OS to support non-secure boot OSes12:15
Centurion_Danyou need to put it in UEFI mode and turn off secureboot.12:15
* Centurion_Dan goes to find specs on z-170a12:15
mooseface420honestly can't figure out how to disable secure boot12:17
mooseface420done it on a laptop before but this bios is weird12:18
man_in_shackthat's backwards12:18
man_in_shackusually it's harder to configure laptop bios12:19
mooseface420Yeah I'm 99% sure setting to Other OSes disabled secure boot12:19
mooseface420got no secure boot violation and devuan installer came up12:19
man_in_shackthat sounds right to me12:20
mooseface420what do i need to put in UEFI mode?12:20
man_in_shackwhat manufacturer is your mobo?12:20
man_in_shackthey're meant to be GOOD12:20
mooseface420dick pain overclocking too12:21
man_in_shackuseful info12:21
man_in_shacknot that i give a fuck about overclocking (:12:21
mooseface420i really don't want to have to force UEFI mode12:21
man_in_shackso bios sounds like it's already looking for uefi stuff12:21
man_in_shackyou also need gpt-type partition table, and a fat32 partition marked as "uefi system" type12:22
mooseface420do I need to partition my drive using something other than the devuan netinstaller?12:22
man_in_shackif it wasn't for windows randomly deleting stuff, you could try putting your uefi bootloader in the windows 10 system partition :P12:23
man_in_shackmooseface420: Centurion_Dan seems to think there's an option for it in the devuan installer12:23
man_in_shacki honestly have no idea12:23
man_in_shacki converted an existing debian system to devuan12:23
mooseface420ok I always select no for Force UEFI installation so I can still boot win10 from SATA ssd12:24
mooseface420100MB partition should be Logical or Primary?12:25
man_in_shackso fun thing, if devuan installs in mbr mode, then the worst thing that will happen is your bios won't boot to it and you'll have to start the installation over again12:25
man_in_shackmooseface420: gpt doesn't have logical or primary partitions12:25
Centurion_Danmooseface420: page 2-54 in the manual12:26
mooseface420Haven't seen gpt option12:26
man_in_shackat first i was like "wwaaaaattt that's 52 pages of manual" and then i realised it's section 2 page 5412:26
mooseface420where is the manual lol12:26
man_in_shackmooseface420: you might need "force uefi installation" then12:26
Centurion_Dan(106 of the pdf)12:27
mooseface420oh the mobo manual12:28
mooseface420ok so secure boot is disabled i'm 99% sure. else how would I be booting from usb stick12:29
Centurion_DanIt's not explicit, but I think you need to set advanced mode.12:30
Centurion_Danto turn off CSM.12:30
mooseface420CSM should be off?12:31
Centurion_Danunless your running old hardware it shouldn't be needed.12:31
man_in_shackcsm = legacy bios boot mode12:31
mooseface420does it matter? should i reboot and change it12:31
mooseface420and maybe gpt is only an option if you Force UEFI, which I'm not doing12:31
man_in_shackyah that's what i'm thinking mooseface42012:32
Centurion_Danthat will allow you to turn on and off secureboot I think..12:32
Centurion_Danmooseface420: won't effect selecting gpt.12:32
man_in_shackmooseface420: i'm gonna guess that turning csm off will make it harder to boot the usb stick :)12:32
Centurion_Danascii installer is uefi enabled.12:33
man_in_shackoh good12:33
man_in_shacklisten to the guy who's done this stuff before :D12:34
Centurion_Danyou'll may need to select expert install to change the part type12:34
Centurion_DanI helped build it ;-)12:34
mooseface420I set CSM to disabled. 'Secure Boot state' is still greyed out, saying 'Enabled'12:35
mooseface420I can never get it to not be greyed out, unselectable12:35
man_in_shacki helped demolish it :P12:35
gnarfacemooseface420: you have the bios interface mode set to advanced, right?12:36
Centurion_Danyou in advanced mode?12:36
mooseface420yeah. WIndows UEFI mode executes secure boot check. Other OS mode doesn't say either way but that seems to imply no check12:37
mooseface420Also, I don't get the Secure Boot Violation when it's in Other OS mode12:37
man_in_shacki think you want "other os mode"12:37
man_in_shackjust check if your win10 still boots with that on (it should)12:37
Centurion_DanAh, Other OS mode should be fine.12:38
mooseface420it does, i think it's been on that for a while12:38
Centurion_Danso boot the installer...12:38
Centurion_Dan /me starts a vm to follow along...12:39
mooseface420ok doing expert install12:39
mooseface420going to select cfdisk-udeb component12:39
Centurion_Dandon't need to.12:40
Centurion_Danjust work through the to the partitioning stage... you'll get more pages... but12:41
Centurion_Dannothing too difficult, and the defaults should be ok.12:41
mooseface420ok going to select No for Force UEFI12:41
mooseface420partitioning manually12:42
mooseface420NVMe still has old partitions from previous installation attempt. 463GB primary, 17.1GB logical (swap)12:43
mooseface420what i do12:43
Centurion_Danany lvm?12:43
gnarfacethere should be an option to remove partitions12:44
mooseface420Creating new empty partition table on this device12:44
mooseface420ok now 480.1GB FREE SPACE12:44
gnarfacewas it supposed to be a gpt partition, not msdos?12:45
Centurion_Dando it again and select gpt12:45
mooseface420that screen12:46
mooseface420ok did gpt12:46
mooseface420creating 100MB partition12:46
mooseface420at beginning12:46
mooseface420naming grub_part12:47
mooseface420select done?12:47
Centurion_DanThen I'd suggest a 500M /boot part (ext2 is fine for this)12:47
mooseface420ok 500 now12:48
Centurion_Danthen lvm for the rest (leaving space for if you want to install windows on the nvme later)...12:48
mooseface420lvm will include swap space for ssd?12:48
mooseface420or i need three partitions12:49
Centurion_Danthe 100m needs to be set to EFI volume type.12:49
man_in_shackwhy lvming?12:49
Centurion_Danmooseface420: yes, swap on lvm is fine...12:49
Centurion_Danman_in_shack: Eases future expansions, migrations etc.12:50
mooseface420how do I do EFI volume type12:50
Centurion_Danselect the partition and the second line: "Use as"12:51
mooseface420Mount point?12:52
mooseface420oh above that12:52
mooseface420Reserved BIOS boot area?12:52
Centurion_Danshould be UEFI or EFI option12:53
mooseface420Ext4, Ext3, Ext2, btrfs, JFS, XFS, FAT16, FAT32, swap area, Reserved BIOS boot area, physical volume for encrypting, physical volume for RAID, physical vol for LVM, do not use this partition12:54
man_in_shack"reserved bios" is used for legacy pcbios thingies12:54
mooseface420I didn't force UEFI mode12:55
Centurion_Danyou need to force uefi mode...12:56
mooseface420how will I boot win1012:56
mooseface420there is a master boot record or whatever12:57
Centurion_Danhmmm hangon ...reading mb manual...12:58
man_in_shackdid you disable csm and test win10 boot?12:58
man_in_shackwell that will be the way to make sure it will still boot12:59
man_in_shackbut short answer: win10 has its own uefi system partition12:59
man_in_shackand you can have however many as you like12:59
man_in_shackthere's a set of tools to manage the uefi boot menu and select which partition it loads its bootloader from and stuff like that13:00
man_in_shackoh shit i just realised13:00
man_in_shacki need to replace my mobo because faulty and i gonna have to go through this shit13:00
Centurion_Danwindows10 will be uefi...13:01
mooseface420ok maybe the MBR is from previous installation or something13:02
Centurion_Dancsm should be forced enabled... (stupid manual written in chinglish)...13:02
man_in_shackmooseface420: mbr on the nvme drive you formatting?13:03
mooseface420not sure where it is honestly. firmware or something13:04
man_in_shackmbr is on the hdd/ssd/wherever13:04
man_in_shackyou'll be fine13:04
mooseface420plugged my win10 sata ssd back in13:04
mooseface420can't get BIOS or windows13:04
mooseface420black screen or no signal13:04
man_in_shackcan't get to bios with your win10 plugged in?13:05
man_in_shackmake sure you haven't knocked your gpu13:05
gnarfaceoh yea, you reset to bios default mooseface420, remember? you probably gotta set the add-on gpu to boot first13:06
mooseface420but if it's gpu then shouldn't my mobo hdmi out work now13:08
mooseface420it's not13:08
man_in_shackmooseface420: does it work when you take the sata drive out again?13:08
mooseface420wow, no13:11
man_in_shacki get this sometimes with the gpu not sitting right13:11
man_in_shacktry reseating thaat13:11
man_in_shackor is it integrated into cpu?13:12
mooseface420no it's gtx1070. screwed in tight. never had any issues before13:12
man_in_shackother troubleshooting: reset cmos13:12
mooseface420actually lemme plug usb stick back in and try13:13
man_in_shackoh sheet13:13
gnarfacehe already did reset the cmos, that's what i'm thinking caused this13:13
man_in_shackhope the usb hasn't shorted out13:13
gnarfacei'm still thinking he may need to put some bios setting back...13:13
gnarfacei guess i could be wrong13:13
man_in_shackeveryone is always wrong13:14
devoid_no im not13:14
mooseface420switched monitors. weird. working now13:15
mooseface420with usb stick in13:15
man_in_shackoh good13:16
mooseface420pluggin sata in again13:16
man_in_shackdid the first monitor decide to turn itself off completely? :P13:17
mooseface420no, weird tho13:17
man_in_shacki vote gnarface stop breaking everything13:18
gnarfacei didn't mean to13:18
mooseface420something is screwy13:20
mooseface420drive not showing in bios13:20
man_in_shackit's your graphics card that's screwy13:21
man_in_shack<mooseface420> no it's gtx1070. screwed in tight. never had any issues before13:21
mooseface420i suppose i could enable CSM again13:21
man_in_shackshouldn't need it13:21
mooseface420not sure what to do13:22
man_in_shackmake sure all your cables are firmly in the drive/mobo13:22
man_in_shackis the sata drive ssd or hdd?13:22
mooseface420should probably go back to defaults or something13:22
man_in_shackcan try that, see if the drive comes up13:23
man_in_shackor try a different sata port13:23
mooseface420tried two ports. they all three worked an hour ago13:23
mooseface420only diff in BIOS from default is Launch CSM is disabled13:24
mooseface420and EZ mode off advanced mode on13:24
man_in_shackgive default settings a try then13:25
man_in_shackand make sure the cables are all firmly in place13:27
mooseface420my sata hdd not showing either13:27
mooseface420my hdd is spinnging13:28
mooseface420on default settings13:28
mooseface420not sure if it was before13:28
man_in_shackstill not showing on default?13:28
mooseface420my drives showing up now13:29
man_in_shackso now do that "other os" boot mode thingy13:29
mooseface420ok Other OS is on and windows booted13:32
mooseface420one of my USB sticks with ascii installer on it freezes my bios13:34
man_in_shackoh fun13:34
mooseface420other one is fine. booted into installer now13:35
mooseface420dunno what i'm gonna do13:35
man_in_shackpoke Centurion_Dan in the eye until he comes back and helps you again13:35
man_in_shackforce uefi, format your nvme with gpt partition13:35
mooseface420i don't need a separate partition for swap space?13:41
man_in_shackthat's the usual way to do it13:42
man_in_shackyou need at a minimum, uefi boot partition, and a / (root) partition13:42
mooseface420usual is with swap partition or not13:42
man_in_shackusual is with swap13:42
man_in_shackit's easier (and nicer) to set up swap on a partition13:43
man_in_shackyou get the boot partition working?13:43
mooseface420fat32 for the big partition?13:45
mooseface420with OS on it13:45
mooseface420physical volume for LVM?13:46
man_in_shackCenturion_Dan recommended lvm13:46
mooseface420default is Ext413:46
man_in_shackext4 will work fine for you13:46
man_in_shackor btrfs if you're feeling a little adventurous13:46
mooseface420ok 20GB swap, 500MB for boot, 460 ext413:47
man_in_shackseems fine to me13:47
man_in_shackhow much actual ram do you have?13:48
Centurion_Danman_in_shack: hell no ... don't use butterfs..13:48
man_in_shackmargarinefs instead13:48
man_in_shackCenturion_Dan: why not btrfs?13:48
Centurion_Danyour sure to slip in that greasy mess..13:49
Centurion_Danexperimental... forever...13:49
Centurion_Dansorry, fell asleep at the kb13:49
man_in_shackdepends who you talk to :P13:50
Centurion_Dan  /boot and efi are real parts not lvm...13:50
Centurion_Danman_in_shack: btrfs will never be ready for prime time.13:51
man_in_shackworks for my /home13:51
Centurion_Danit's just unreliable....13:51
man_in_shackfine then, i'll just write my own filesystem13:52
Centurion_Dannearly 2am here... need to go to bed...13:53
mooseface420software 80% installed13:55
mooseface420Cleaning up...13:56
mooseface420Force GRUB installation to the EFI removable media path?13:57
mooseface420wow linux booted13:59
mooseface420thanks guys13:59
Centurion_Danyay... and goodnight....13:59
man_in_shackdoes it dual boot properly?13:59
mooseface420goodnight. i should check that my win10 boots13:59
mooseface420windows boots still14:01
man_in_shackmooseface420: now, what did you do to youtube?14:01
mooseface420down again?14:01
man_in_shack"A team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with this situation."14:01
Centurion_Danafter plugging in windows drive and making sure the nvme is booting first, then you can run as root update-grub and it will detect and add windows to the grub boot menu...14:02
man_in_shackhe says it's already dual-booting (:14:02
mooseface420works for me14:02
Centurion_Dancool.. ;-)14:02
* man_in_shack drops Centurion_Dan in a volcano14:02
man_in_shackcool enough for you?14:02
Centurion_Danof to bed before head hits kbd....14:03
mooseface420now i just have to figure out how to use linux, haha14:05
mooseface420how do install IntelliJ14:07
mooseface420looks like plasma kde is working so intellij should run14:08
gnarfaceyou might have to get their installer, i don't see it in the repo14:09
gnarfacei just see these two packages which i assume are related: libintellij-annotations-java, libintellij-annotations-java-doc14:10
gnarfacelooks like it's just a tar.gz file14:11
gnarfacefrom here maybe?
mooseface420i extracted but how do i run14:13
mooseface420oh there's a txt explaoining14:13
filipdevuan_is there something like tweaking with sound on devuan so everything sounds better??14:14
mooseface420devuan comes with jdk8 right? how do I get it on the IntelliJ IDEA classpath14:16
mooseface420meh, i'll do that tomorrow14:18
gnarfacemooseface420: find out where it is by default for openjdk.  i forget where it is14:18
gnarfacejava uses openjdk by default14:19
gnarface*devuan uses openjdk by default14:19
mooseface420ok i think i found it at usr/lib/jvm14:20
mooseface420how do i add JAVA_HOME14:20
mooseface420to environment vars14:20
gnarfaceif you want it permanent, add it to your ~/.bash_profile14:20
gnarfaceif you just want to test it you can just set it with "export"14:21
mooseface420oh yeah bash profile. haven't done that since college14:21
mooseface420oh no, the vi nightmares are coming back14:22
gnarfaceyou can use nano instead, it is nice and friendly14:23
mooseface420what the heck. there's java-1.8.0-openjdk-amd64 and java-8-openjdk-amd6414:24
gnarfacei'm sorry i don't know what the difference is14:25
mooseface420there's only one java 5 maybe i use that hehe14:26
gnarfacetry this: apt-cache search ^openjdk14:26
mooseface420lol how do i backspace in vi my mind is blown14:28
filipdevuan_yeah nano is great14:29
filipdevuan_i use it as well :P14:29
nemomooseface420: vim would already make that more pleasant14:31
nemobackspace I mean ☺14:31
mooseface420how to save and exit in nano14:32
filipdevuan_ctrl x14:32
filipdevuan_then it asks you if u wanna save and u press y14:33
filipdevuan_then enter and done14:33
filipdevuan_no worries my pleasure :P14:33
mooseface420meh. java setup is its own can of worms. i should sleep or something14:34
mooseface420is gvim still a thing14:35
mooseface420I hated them all. I used mousepad for c++ or whatever the basic bitch ascii editor was14:35
gnarfacei think gvim is still a thing14:36
mbufI am using "dd if=devuan_jessie_1.0.0_armhf_chromeveyron.img of=/dev/sdb bs=1M && sync" on a 16 GB sandisk with one partition of type 83, but, after the dd command, the USB disk has two partitions, p1 with 16M for the ChromOS kernel and the p2 with only 1.7GB that says "Microsoft basic data". The image boots with Devuan fine though. Why so?18:45
mbufWhy is p2 not taking the rest of the 14GB that is available? What needs to be done for the same?18:46
aggroraI think you need to manually extend the partition to use the unallocated space with a tool like gparted. At least that is the instructions I got here some time ago, and it worked fine :)18:52
mbufaggrora, after the completion of the dd command?18:53
aggroraWell, I used it for a month in my rpi. But yes, after dd.18:54
aggroraBut I guess you can just open up any disk utillity you got and extend the partition18:55
aggrora*in my rpi before exteding*18:55
mbufaggrora, just did that using gparted18:56
mbufaggrora, now the USB does not boot on the Asus C201. I just get a beep sound if I try to boot it using Ctrl+u18:58
mbufaggrora, I am able to mount the resized partition fine on a Parabola system though19:00
aggroraHmm, ok. But you said you had chromeOS on the stick as well?19:02
aggroraWhat is a Parabolla system? :)19:02
mbufaggrora, Parabola GNU/Linux-libre distro19:02
mbufaggrora, no, the img setups the ChromeOS kernel in the first partition19:03
aggroraooh ok19:03
aggroraWell, I merely knows what worked for me. Maybe it's diffrent with sd-cards? I missed you used a usb-stick at first19:06
aggrorastrange though19:06
KatolaZmbuf: you need to resize the partitions after you boot into that19:06
KatolaZ(there is no way to know in advance which size your USB stick/SD card will be...)19:07
mbufKatolaZ, I see19:08
KatolaZmbuf: be careful: you need to use gparted or gdisk19:11
KatolaZthe partition is a gpt one19:12
KatolaZfdisk will get confused and will bork it19:12
mbufKatolaZ, cannot use resize2fs directly?19:15
KatolaZmbuf: you need to resize the *partition* first19:17
KatolaZand then the *filesystem* afterwards19:17
mbufKatolaZ, okay, they are two different things19:18
KatolaZyes, they are19:20
mbufKatolaZ, in gdisk, have to use "x" (experts only) and then s (resize partition table)19:20
KatolaZyou first need 'x'19:23
KatolaZthen 'e'19:23
KatolaZ(to relocate the backup structures at the end19:23
KatolaZand then you just remove the second partition and re-create it19:24
mbufKatolaZ, will try19:24
KatolaZand then resize2fs19:24
KatolaZyou don't need 's'19:24
KatolaZ's' is to resize the partition table, not a single partition19:24
KatolaZ(and I am referring to gdisk above)19:24
KatolaZwe did the same some time back for somebody here19:25
KatolaZI asked the person to write a post on DNG or on dev1galaxy19:25
KatolaZdunno if they did it19:25
KatolaZthat would be helpful, I guess19:25
mbufKatolaZ, when you say remove second partition and re-create it, what commands are for them?19:25
mbufRe-formatted the disk with the .img and now it is booted19:27
mbufKatolaZ, I have done 'x' and 'e'19:35
KatolaZmbuf: good19:36
mbufKatolaZ, used 'm' to go to the previous menu, 'd' to delete the second partition19:36
mbufKatolaZ, 'n' to create a new second partition. What should be the Hex code or GUID? 8300?19:37
KatolaZ'n' to create a new one19:37
mbufUsed 8300 as it is Linux filesystem19:38
mbufShould I now use 'w' to write table to disk and exit?19:38
KatolaZhave you printed the partition table?19:38
KatolaZdoes it look right?19:38
mbufKatolaZ, yes, the second partition now says 14.5 GB19:38
KatolaZwrite a howto about that19:39
mbufKatolaZ, how to save?19:39
KatolaZand then live happily ever after19:39
mbufKatolaZ, I did that; now I need to reboot?19:39
KatolaZ(maybe not)19:40
KatolaZbut it is safer to19:40
* mbuf reboots19:40
KatolaZmbuf: write an howto about that please19:41
KatolaZand post it on dev1galaxy19:41
KatolaZand/or on DNG19:42
KatolaZso other people can use it19:42
mbufKatolaZ, will put it in my blog19:42
KatolaZnope mbuf19:42
KatolaZplease post it in dev1galaxy19:42
KatolaZand/or DNG19:42
mbufKatolaZ, okay19:42
KatolaZso that people who look for it, can actually find it19:42
mbufKatolaZ, now I have to do "resize2fs /dev/sda"?19:43
mbufor /dev/sda219:43
KatolaZ/dev/sda2 I guess19:43
KatolaZbut I am not in front of your computer, remember...19:43
mbufKatolaZ, now "df -h" says / is 13G19:44
mbufKatolaZ, awesome!19:44
* mbuf saves the IRC conversation19:48
fugitiveHi everyone. Wanted to ask, what is your prefered way of resolving dependency hell to say. My colleagues at work uses aptitude, but wanted to hear your opinion if someone is in mood :) can't give any concrete example atm, but let say, how do you solve if there are requirements to fix dependencies for some package that is from testing f.e.22:00
debdoga) do not mix repos (not even backports). compile stuff yourself if it's not there.22:02
fsmithredwhy would a package in stable require something from testing?22:02
debdogb) if there is a problem aptitude gives the most useful outputs (IMHO, not have tested apt yet)22:02
fsmithredif you're running the stable release and you need a package that's newer, get it from backports if it's there, or else backport it yourself22:04
fugitivewell, some of the recent ``issues'' were, that devs required mariadb-10.3, and it is in /testing still, some other case, colleagues usually update only critical pkgs at system, and that might require sometimes dependency issues22:05
fsmithredonly if you update to versions that are not in the current repo22:08
fugitivewell yea, that would be one of the common cases22:09
fsmithredyou might need to backport the dependencies, too22:09
fsmithredwe talking about servers or workstations that have a desktop?22:10
fugitive'raw' servers :)22:11
fsmithredthen you might get away with running beowulf (currently testing)22:12
fugitivesorry, maybe you missunderstood me, not problem in using testing or stable, i wanted to hear, is aptitude prefered over apt-* utils for handling those kind of issues? tbh, i haven't experienced some major issues with dependencies since i used devuan (desktop) personally , all  i was doing was update/upgrade, and in 99.9% of that would work22:17
fsmithredchocolate or vanilla?22:17
fsmithredaptitude has better ideas when things don't go smoothly22:17
fsmithredaptitude automatically removes the deps when you remove the package, apt-get puts them on the autoremove list22:18
fsmithredapt has a pretty green progress bar, and apt can't be used in scripts22:18
fsmithredaptitude -s blah... uses a better format for its output than apt-get -s blah...22:19
meowschwitzif a Debian package (in e.g. sid) has no dependencies on systemd, how does it travel into Devuan? I'm looking at amanda, it builds from Debian sources under Devuan without change, so sid is like 3 releases ahead of ascii - how and when does an update on devuan side occur, what do I need to read?22:21
fsmithredevery couple of minutes, amprolla updates the repo22:21
fsmithredwhatever is in sid is in ceres22:22
fugitiveyea, that's what i thought, maybe once i had some local nvidia issues, and someone from here helped, maybe it was you, can't remember :) but it was via apt-* stuff, and from what i recall, was bit messy, not to say pain in the *** to fix it. And since i have habbit to not use frontend for pkgs (even thou they make your life easier), but since i recently started with aptitude, figured it is noobish easy22:22
fugitiveto fix dep issues22:22
meowschwitzfsmithred: so non-infected packages do not require devuan maintainership and are merged automatically?22:22
fsmithredmeowschwitz, yes22:22
meowschwitzfsmithred: I am assuming devuan policy matches debian policy wrt packages and so nothing is filtered out? e.g. there's no case a non-infected package from Debian is missing in Devuan?22:23
fsmithredfugitive, you might need to specify the package version in some cases22:23
fsmithredmeowschwitz, they should all be there except for the ones we banned22:24
meowschwitzfsmithred: is there a list of those?22:24
fugitiveokay, just wanted to hear about it from someone of devs :-) Cheers!22:25
fsmithredtake care, fugitive22:25
meowschwitzfsmithred: is it public?22:25
fsmithredmeowschwitz, I have to remember the link. It might be at pkginfo.devuan.org22:25
meowschwitzgoogle shows nothing22:25
fsmithredI think there was a list at pkgmaster.devuan.org22:26
meowschwitzthanks, I'll look22:26
fsmithredyou beat me to it22:27
meowschwitzwhat's the rationale for banning?22:27
fsmithredneeds systemd22:27
meowschwitzand assumingly unfixable? or just not cleaned?22:27
fsmithredwe're not banning libsystemd0 at this time22:27
fsmithrednot necessarily unfixable22:28
meowschwitzso if they were fixed in upstream, they'd be unbanned?22:28
fsmithredpretty sure22:28
Centurion_Danfsmithred: elogind provides an equivalent to libsytemd0 - elogind022:28
meowschwitzI'm also assuming anything that hard depends on banned packages is also either fixed or banned22:28
meowschwitzokay, this is something to look at22:29
fsmithredCenturion_Dan, I haven't tried that yet. I can remove libsystemd0 if I have that?22:29
meowschwitzthanks for the help22:29
Centurion_Danfsmithred: if you install elogind it will replace libsystemd0 (i believe)22:53
Centurion_Danfsmithred: oops, no... I'm wrong on that...23:33

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