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DocScrutinizer05even while it might look OT, it actually isn'T, perticularly regarding FN receiving sponsoring of PribateInternetAccess VPN that is known to not eavesdrop / log
DocScrutinizer05>>Using a free VPN? Why not skip the middleman and just send your data to President Xi?<<01:06
systemdleteNo keyboard input to my ascii VM after reboot.  All my other VMs are fine, though.02:56
systemdletevirtualbox 5.2.22; I made no changes to the vbox config over the reboot, so I am not sure what is wrong.  I can't even get a console use the HOST+Fx combo, which still works fine in other VMs02:57
gnarfacecan you ssh into it?02:58
systemdletedidn't think of that.  But I did reboot into maintenance mode, and exited at the prompt.  Then it let me log in.  But this time, I got a full screen, not the lower "resolution"03:00
systemdleteI'll try rebooting default, the way I usually do, then try to ssh03:01
systemdlete(unless the flakey thing has disappeared...)03:01
systemdleteaccccch.  Yep.  Now, it lets me login again.03:03
gnarfacei don't really like virtualbox03:04
gnarfacei recommend qemu-kvm for the same purpose03:04
systemdleteI used qemu back in the day... before I discovered vbox03:04
systemdleteI'll be testing some stuff on my test box anyway, so maybe I'll try it out there.03:05
gnarfacethe command-line interface hasn't gotten any friendlier since back then, but it has eclipsed vbox in stability and performance03:05
systemdletethere's a gui for it I think03:06
systemdleteat any rate, all is happy in devuan land now... :D03:21
XenguyThe land of milk and honey, yay verily04:10
Xenguygnarface: You generally always seem to be right.  Would you consider yourself a self-admittedly, proverbial, 'know-it-all' ?04:11
Xenguy^^ Ob: Yes I am a bot entity04:12
XenguyNot true either, but how are we to know?04:12
Anselmoif you're a convincing bot, you may as well be not04:14
XenguyBut, bot, but04:15
Xenguygnarface: I meant that in the best of ways, just so you know04:19
XenguyIt's not so easy in these days of AI04:22
XenguyOT, np04:22
gnarfaceXenguy: it's something i'm used to being accused of04:29
Xenguy: -)04:29
XenguyCould be worse04:29
XenguyGreat to have you here, speaking for myself04:30
gnarfacethanks, i appreciate that04:30
XenguyI think part of Devuan's experiment is to see how far things scale04:31
XenguyAnd sometimes, every volunteer counts04:31
XenguyI'll let you know when I've taken my own advice04:32
Xenguy: -)04:33
Anselmoalso I've lately been running into a fun thing with, during boot, a message of ''waiting for lockfile on /run/something/ifstate.eth0'', which usually isnt a problem but sometimes seems to prevent my system from booting05:52
man_in_shackyou're not doing anything crazy like ata-over-ethernet or nbd, are you?05:53
Anselmoits a laptop, I did a netinst using ethernet on eth0, but as a laptop I dont always have ethernet plugged in, do any of yall know an easy fix ?05:53
mooseface420i'm getting screen tearing in devuan. not even in games. in firefox05:54
Anselmoman_in_shack, no, though the first time I noticed this it was on a sytem running as a xen dom0,05:55
Anselmoits appeared elsewhere, too05:55
Anselmoare you running some fancy gpu mooseface420 ?05:56
Anselmothat sounds like an issue that might arise from using some drivers or other, but its not a domain I know much of05:57
mooseface420fancy monitor05:57
man_in_shackhow fancy?05:57
mooseface420i switched from Auto refresh rate to 144 and it seems better. gonna keep an eye out for it05:57
Anselmoyou're sure its plugged in righ ? :P05:58
man_in_shackand yeah, i've had problems with nvidia on linux tearing05:58
man_in_shackthey just don't care enough05:58
Anselmomine is working fine under a nuveau driver (however its spelled)05:59
Anselmobut way out of date gpu05:59
mooseface420no GitHub Desktop for linux? I need my red and green diffs06:01
gnarfacemooseface420: i'm searching around and it looks like someone has made a fork that's available on github and in arch linux but otherwise you are probably better off relying on something native07:13
gnarfaceit doesn't look like they're prioritizing linux support, in fact it looks a lot like the point of their project is to mimic native linux tools in windows07:14
gnarfaceyou were doing Java development, right?  i think people migrating from windows usually use eclipse for that07:15
gnarfacei'd juse use emacs but eh... i doubt you'd like that one07:16
gnarfacei'm sure everyone in here has an opinion about something you could use instead though07:17
gnarfaceit looks like the github desktop is based on Electron, which i'm also not familiar with, but maybe you could use that instead07:19
gnarfacenope, electron is just a javascript framework07:20
gnarfacenevermind that07:20
gnarfacethat won't help at all07:20
gnarfacemooseface420: (the screen tearing thing can probably be fixed by just enabling vsync, it's not on by default everywhere)08:06
gnarfaceif you're using a desktop compositor, it may have a separate vsync setting of it's own, but the nvidia drivers do not enable vsync in opengl apps by default i don't think, and firefox is an opengl app now by default08:07
gnarfacei think mesa enables vsync by default now though in current versions?  maybe i'm wrong about that and it's only on intel or something08:08
gnarfaceAnselmo: my best guess is that it's got something to do with your DHCP server not responding, or not responding fast enough.  i think it's possible that changing ethernet devices could be related, but that's not conclusive.08:15
gnarfaceAnselmo: (if you changed physical devices, the system would not have replaced eth0, it would have by default just added it as eth1 for you, which google searches suggest may have caused this for some people in the past)08:16
gnarfaceas far as i can tell, /run/network/intefaces.eth* is the lock file08:16
gnarfaceer, /run/network/ifstate.eth*08:16
gnarfacecontents of mine is just the device name08:17
mooseface420wow my refresh rate keeps going back to Auto11:19
gnarfacei like to manually set my max and min for vertical and horizontal both to the manual spec ones11:20
gnarfacethat seems to work better for me than auto usually11:20
gnarfacenot everyone has a problem with it11:20
gnarfaceyou can create an xorg.conf or partial snippet for that11:21
gnarfaceit's no longer required to have a config but i find it still is preferable for me11:21
mooseface420when I change refresh rates my screen gets radically dimmer or brighter11:22
mooseface420as for git, my only real requirement is color-coded diffs11:23
mooseface420unified and split11:25
gnarfacethat should be a pretty easy feature to find11:27
mooseface420how do I get testing packages with apt-get. gradle is way out of date on stable12:41
furrymcgeeadd the testing repository to /etc/apt/sources.list12:49
KatolaZmooseface420: please do not use "testing" (the string)12:50
KatolaZuse "beowulf" instead12:50
gnarfacewell, but check backports first to be sure...12:50
KatolaZand be careful, maybe pin it down, since beowulf is still under working12:50
gnarface... and he's gone12:50
KatolaZsometimes I wonder why one should be bothered to answer :D12:51
KatolaZ9 minutes12:51
TwistedFatePhoneWhich KDE version comes with current Devuan stable?13:34
mooseface420so I add "deb ascii beowulf" ?13:41
gnarfaceTwistedFatePhone: not sure, but it looks like 5.8.6 to me13:41
KatolaZno mooseface42013:42
KatolaZdeb beowulf main13:42
mooseface420Getting permissions errors with apt-get and gradle. I've been using root to install gradle and trying to use gradle with the normal user.14:30
furrymcgeeme tried gradle once it was annoying14:38
mooseface420compared to maven or just generally annoying14:39
TwistedFatePhonegnarface: ah, shame that kde 4 was dropped.17:00
xrogaanany of you nice people have a trick to start a new urxvt console in the same working directory?18:15
Leanderxrogaan: you can have a look at something like this:
xrogaani've been googling for a while18:44
mooseface420in osx i wrote a script so i could right click on dir and open it in terminal18:45
mooseface420good times18:46
Leanderwell, what about it? you found it but don't like it?18:47
xrogaanIt's all too hacky for my taste. cwd-spawn requires something to execute every time you change directory.18:50
xrogaanI just need to be able to have urxvt ask the WM to start a new urxvt.18:51
xrogaanBut I don't understand the keysym stuff.18:51
devoid_you can use xdotool to get the title18:52
devoid_and get the path from it18:52
devoid_works as long as nothing replaces the title the shell sets (vim for ex. does)18:52
devoid_and then just bind the script in the wm18:53
Leanderlook at all the answers, there's a bash script that you can reuse18:54
xrogaanthe bash script requires to be launched from the WM thing, like with a shortcut. Beside, that bash script is a glorified "urxvt -cd `pwd`&"18:56
Leanderso, what are your actual requirements? you want  to write down a command in your current shell?18:57
xrogaanI'd like to have urxvt ask the WM to start another urxvt in the same directory. The request comes from the terminal, not from the WM. It's silly, I know :P.19:00
xrogaanI was hoping that mate had some kind of cli tool to launch applications, like the run dialog usually mapped on alt+f219:01
xrogaanbut that's integrated to the panel.19:01
Leanderthen just use an alias in bash? it should work19:02
xrogaansomehow, that clones the pseudo terminal. Uses the same /dev/pts/19:05
xrogaanactually, that's wrong. It simply creates a subshell of the current one.19:07
xrogaanI'd like to avoid that.19:09
Leanderwhat if you use exec? something like:    exec urxvt -cd `pwd`&19:15
Leanderit should prevent the creation of a subshell19:15
xrogaanIt's that simple.21:48
* Hurgotron admits to be a tad underwhelmed with the ascii images... maybe minor nipicking, but still22:51
HurgotronSo I have this machine assembled from junk and I want to install Devuan, but firt test memory. My old Devuan install stick had a mentest option. OK, let's download... minimal-live. No memtest. OK, fair, it's minimal.22:53
Hurgotronso I install netinst.iso. memtest option is there, but just beeps. huh.22:54
* jonadab keeps a memtest CD around as a separate item.22:54
HurgotronSo I download desktop-live.  memtest option is there, but "file not found". WTF22:54
Hurgotronjaromil: I have several ways to get memtest running. And it's fine if the images don't inclide memtest for whateber reason. But at least the menu entries should reflect that, IMO.22:56
HurgotronI guess I need to get involved and bei doing QA. Looks like I'm prone to hit the not-working buttons.22:59
* ErRandir cannot remember when he last ran memtest...23:07
* nacelle has memtest on a pxe menu23:08
koollmanErRandir: you should test your memory, then, obviously. It's missing data that was previously there ;)23:09
HurgotronErRandir: After having had bad RAM two times already, slowly corrupting some of my data, and memtest taking 18 hours until it showed errors - I'm a little bit paranoid about that issue.23:26
gnarfacethe ascii netinstall is missing memtest but has a menu entry for it anyway?23:32
gnarfacei'm not calling you a liar, but that does stretch credibility a little23:32
gnarfacei remember trying it myself....23:32
gnarfacei could be wrong but... Hurgotron did you checksum the image before you used it?23:33
gnarfaceyou wouldn't be the first person to get a corrupted image download that was partially/mostly functional23:33
gnarfacewe've seen that happen at least twice before23:33
Hurgotrongnarface: I did.23:36
Hurgotrongnarface: ok, I just verified my images again (this time with qemu) in case I got something mixed up with my USB stick writing.23:43
Hurgotrondevuan_ascii_2.0.0_amd64_desktop-live.iso: no such file or directory23:43
Hurgotrondevuan_ascii_2.0.0_amd64_netinst.iso: no memtest menu23:43
Hurgotrondevuan_ascii_2.0.0_amd64_minimal-live.iso: memtest menu just beeps23:43
gnarfacei wonder how long it's been missing23:44
gnarfacemaybe something has just gone wrong with the build recently23:44
HurgotronThe images I got have timestamps from June 6 and 723:45
xrogaanThe memory stick is so bad that it scares memtest away.23:47
gnarfacei might just be remembering testing the jessie one23:47
Hurgotrongnarface: the jessie one worked for me, right.23:48

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