freenode/#devuan/ Thursday, 2018-11-22

mooseface420trying to push to github from linux when you have 2FA on is literal AIDS05:23
mooseface420i'm becoming radicalized05:23
nacelleyou make a special key and use it... whats hard about that?05:33
mooseface420all the documentation is for windows and osx. how am i supposed to store my password. is git config the same as Username for ?05:37
mooseface420I've done it on windows and osx before no problem05:38
mooseface420WTF if you copy the token manually it doesn't work05:40
mooseface420now I press the stupid copy to clipboard button and it copies correctly?05:41
mooseface420fuck javascript html and css into the ground forever05:41
mooseface420also, github recommends something called xclip to copy public key because select all + copy is such a shit experience in vi and nano05:45
mooseface420also, personal access tokens are hidden in "Developer settings" as if the other settings aren't for developers? Who do they think uses github?05:50
mooseface420I don't develop for the github platform05:50
mooseface420also, why can't I see hidden files in the command line? I thought linux was for the hardcore. why is it in bumper bowling mode?05:51
mooseface420i need to do ls -a every time to disable bumper bowling mode06:00
gnarfaceeh, alot of these complaints are sophomoric and have easy solutions06:01
gnarfacethe ls thing is because you don't want some stuff touching the .files by default06:01
gnarfacethey're not supposed to be just hidden from you, they're hidden from glob matches and stuff too06:01
gnarfaceso scripts rely on that behavior, etc06:01
gnarfaceif you want to override the ls behavior though it's easy to add -a as an alias06:02
gnarfacecheck out examples in /root/.bashrc and /home/*/.bashrc06:02
gnarface(there should be some commented out examples for common rm/cp/mv aliases)06:02
gnarfacethe copy&paste problem probably has something to do with your javascript-based IDE handling unix newlines or binary data wrong06:03
gnarfaceif you're complaining about the win32 builds of vim/emacs, i know the vim one copy&pastes them wrong but the emacs one doesn't06:04
gnarfacesimilarly notepad hoses them, wordpad might not though i think, if the file extension is .txt06:05
gnarface(at least in the old days; i've not used windows in a long time)06:06
mooseface420scripts can use a separate command from humans06:11
mooseface420separate but equal06:11
mooseface420Dolphin glitched on my and wouldn't show hidden files even after checking Hidden Files. On top of that it doesn't let me type in a file path to got to or even show the full path by default so I got enraged06:14
mooseface420inexplicably Hidden Files feature working again06:14
mooseface420Linux is the league of legends of operating systems. An exercise in memorization. Except in LoL you can do things with the mouse06:27
mooseface420I figured that files in the Desktop folder would show up on, you know, the desktop and vice versa. But that would make sense06:41
mooseface420the GUI is like a movie set or one of those fake towns in North Korea. It looks like a GUI, but is it really?06:44
mooseface420copyleft has achieved a state of absolute freedom from the oppressive kyriarchy of profit and market demand. Demand is so... demanding. Customers are so needy06:56
mooseface420imagine telling your secretary to put something on your desk and you find out later she put it in a closet labeled "Desk"07:05
mooseface420sweetie, no. just no07:06
mooseface420's what i'd say07:06
gnarfacewell the "Desktop" directory came much later and 1) i don't approve of it 2) on enlightenment, stuff you put in there does show up, so you gotta stop blaming one window manager's limitations on all of Linux07:08
gnarfaceyou're seeing a few independent and separately corporate-influenced desktop Linux movements sortof trying to work together but doing it badly07:09
gnarfaceand yea a lot of the drag&drop windows mimicry is just like you describe... feels like a movie set replica of a GUI.  i like that one, did you come up with that yourself?07:09
gnarfacethe best thing i can recommend is try a different window manager if you don't like the GUI you have07:10
gnarfacethey all actually tend to differ on a lot of the more subtle behaviors you've come to take for granted from Windows07:10
gnarfaceas for the memorization... eh, that's good for you.07:12
gnarfacestuff you use every day will stick in your head whether you want it to or not07:13
gnarfacestuff you don't use every day, save it in a script07:15
mooseface420yeah I was thinking of the scene from The Interview where they find out the storefronts and food is fake07:19
mooseface420IntelliJ says it requires GNOME or KDE. I have KDE Plamsa going07:20
KatolaZmooseface420: why should a java application require a specific desktop environment?07:26
KatolaZwasn't it "Compile once, run everywhere"?07:26
mooseface420I fully support shortcuts but when it's forced it's like a corporate app like Snapchat or Gmail where everything is a heiroglyphic or a gesture. They can't just have a button that says "Reply All"07:27
mooseface420KatolaZ: I know, right? IntelliJ doesn't even run on Java 9+07:27
KatolaZmooseface420: how is this connected with GNOME or KDE?07:28
KatolaZ(or even related?)07:28
mooseface420Snapchat and Gmail are too cheap to translate simple words into 30 languages so they stick a stupid double arrow thing there and make you memorize what it means07:28
mooseface420Java is supposed to be backwards compatible. intellij is written in java.07:29
mooseface420Java and UI don't have the best track record07:30
mooseface420It probably just means they only test it on GNOME and KDE07:31
mooseface420who knows07:31
mooseface420probably a lawyer told them to cover their ass07:32
KatolaZmooseface420: again, this is just BS07:32
KatolaZyou simply need a running X1107:32
KatolaZthere is no damn reason why an IDE should require a particular DE07:32
KatolaZunless you believe in fairies :)07:33
mooseface420"System requirements GNOME or KDE desktop" I'll take them at their word07:33
KatolaZmooseface420: doing stuff without thinking is why most of the software today is so damn wrong and bloated07:34
KatolaZjust install the jar07:34
KatolaZand run it07:34
mooseface420at least they won't get sued for false advertising07:35
mooseface420inb4 'requires systemd'07:39
KatolaZwhat is inb4?07:40
KatolaZanother java marvel?07:41
mooseface420it's kind of like saying 'first!'07:41
KatolaZintelliJ requires systemd?07:41
mooseface420lol no07:41
KatolaZsorry my sense of humor is still sleeping07:43
mooseface420by inb4 i mean I'm (jokingly) predicting that next they'll say they require systemd07:43
gnarfacemooseface420: a lot of times the reason they require a specific desktop environment is just to predict some shared libraries you could install yourself anyway, or some minutia of window/mouse focus and stacking behavior that you could configure other desktops to mimic, too07:49
gnarfaceif you can figure out what it's expecting, maybe you can make other stuff do it07:49
KatolaZyeah mooseface420, I got it in the end :D07:51
mooseface420it it correct to use apt-get to install on root then use those packages on normie user07:52
mooseface420i'm getting permissions issues with both apt and gradle package on normal user after installing that way07:54
mooseface420I tried purge removing and installing again but same thing07:54
gnarfacethe "normie" user is not expected to have access to everything by default.  i'm not familiar with gradle but apt would require root permission by default...07:55
gnarfacesome stuff requires you to add your normie user to some system group to get access by default07:55
man_in_shackjust run everything as root instead07:55
gnarfacesome stuff may require a filesystem permission change07:55
gnarfacekinda depends what it is07:55
man_in_shacklike how lindows/linspire did07:55
gnarfaceyea, you can run everything as root, lol07:55
mooseface420now i miss sudo07:55
man_in_shackeveryone always needs full write access to everything in /dev07:56
man_in_shackespecially nvram07:56
gnarfacei wouldn't recommend running everyting as root, but you can install sudo.  it's in the repo.  it will also require you to change your damned group though i think...07:56
man_in_shackset up sudo so only root can run it07:56
gnarfacewell that's silly07:57
gnarfacei just recommend don't set it up passwordless07:57
gnarfacethat's a real bad idea, security-wise07:57
man_in_shackkeep your /home in a ramdisk for added security07:58
mooseface420I planned on reinstalling the os anyway since the first time through I was just trying to get dual boot working. I'll probably choose the sudo option instead of separate root acct07:58
mooseface420separate root account makes me type password three times often. once to switch to root, once to switch back and again to refresh sources08:00
mooseface420have you ever used Run command... to run apt-get and lock yourself out of apt because it's hung waiting for user input? i did that the other day08:11
man_in_shackif i gotta run a command-line app, i Run a terminal first :P08:12
man_in_shacki did accidentally delete /lib once. that was fun to recover from08:12
mooseface420wow, no one told me about kate. screw nano08:23
mooseface420double screw vi08:23
mooseface420people who use vi should be branded and treated as cattle08:24
Centurion_Danmooseface420: are you a democrat?08:26
mooseface420no y08:26
* man_in_shack replces mooseface420's kate with emacs08:26
man_in_shackvim > vi > manually adjusting electrons with lasers > emacs08:26
Centurion_Danmooseface420: your rhetoric sounds awfully childish just like a typical lefty democrat...08:27
mooseface420my name is mooseface42008:28
mooseface420you were expecting?08:28
Centurion_Dannot that I care... but come on... really "people who use vi should be branded and treated as cattle" !!???08:29
mooseface420democrats are all into copyleft n shiet. not me08:29
Centurion_DanI use vim/vi pretty much everywhere...08:29
mooseface420vi is an affliction. there's a vaccine for alzheimers soon. why not for vi?08:30
man_in_shackthe fuck you both high on?08:30
Centurion_Danand I aint no cattle... you try to round me up and brand me, and I'll give you both barrels and then some.08:30
mooseface420with that attitude i might ban scripting languages too08:31
man_in_shackwhy stop at scripting languages?08:32
man_in_shackban all compiled languages too08:32
man_in_shackespecially C, and all software written in C, or uses libraries that depend on C08:33
mooseface420ban anything with grep or consecutive backslashes08:33
man_in_shackcos denis ritchie was such a fucking communist08:33
man_in_shack"hey guys, i just wrote a groundbreaking, world-changing programming language" "cool, how much you charging for it?" "nothing. also here's the source code" "KILL THE COMMUNIST"08:33
mooseface420Trump would run BSD. Why am I in GPL land lol08:34
* Centurion_Dan shoves a bar of soap in man_in_shack's mouth, and starts strapping on ammo belts..08:34
man_in_shacktrump would run trumplicense software08:34
man_in_shackevery time you copy, run, use, or think about the software, you owe trump $5000008:34
mooseface420deport -rf *.*08:35
mooseface420my professor said I should use vi because moving my hand to the mouse and back takes too long. like bish i'm an engineer not a stenographer08:37
mooseface420Nietzsche never used vi in his life08:39
mooseface420holy shit what if my professor just had really slow arms...08:44
mooseface420never thought of that. he did resemble an elephant08:45
mooseface420Centurion_Dan: do you have slow arms?08:45
Centurion_Danhonestly, I don't know... what do you consider to be slow??08:47
mooseface420< 0.5 m/s08:48
Centurion_DanI just detest using the crtl-key for every editor action.... otherwise I'd use emacs....08:48
Centurion_Danthen again vi is an editor whilst emacs is an operating system....08:49
Centurion_Dan(or pretends to be one)...08:49
mooseface420hating ctrl is like hating puppies08:50
Centurion_Dan< 0.5ms to punch you in the face??  Na, I can do that no problem :-D08:50
Centurion_Danwell I hate puppies...08:50
Centurion_Danso that sounds about right...08:51
mooseface420how do you throw grenades in videogames08:51
Centurion_Danwith a launcher mostly, better accuracy and distance, and less risk of being exposed and shot up08:52
mooseface420maybe my professor's mouse sensitivity was also stuck in the 70s08:52
mooseface420ball mice and all08:53
KatolaZmooseface420: use whatever you like08:53
KatolaZyour professor has become a professor using vi...08:53
mooseface420those who can do...08:53
Centurion_Danhi KatolaZ08:54
KatolaZlearn vi08:54
KatolaZis a god skill to have08:54
KatolaZhi Centurion_Dan08:54
mooseface420I probably type like 50 wpm08:55
KatolaZwpm? Wumps-per-millennium? :P08:57
mooseface420womp-womps per lewandowski08:57
KatolaZwhat would be wwpl08:58
mooseface420tomato tomato08:58
KatolaZ50 wpm are such only if there are 50 legible words at the end of the minute :P08:59
* golinux is using a ball mouse atm09:06
mooseface420terminals and file explorers are like east and west berlin and developers are the wall09:08
mooseface420right-click, select open in terminal. type 'open x', opens in explorer. but the technology just isn't there yet09:10
mooseface420the PhDs are working on it I hear09:12
mooseface420actually TempleOS had something like that09:14
xkr47mooseface420, :D12:24
xkr47had? :)12:24
furrymcgeein qemu-system-x86_64 -m 1G -nographic --enable-kvm -append 'console=ttyS0 r12:56
furrymcgeeoot=/dev/sda1 rw'12:56
furrymcgeethere is no login prompt after sshd started12:56
furrymcgeethis is devuan qemu running in a terminal12:57
furrymcgeeinittab can be changed to serial12:59
mooseface420xkr47: well the sole developer died, but the OS has a basically a terminal with GUI features. You can click on dirs.13:07
xkr47yeah it is cool13:08
jyrihmm, sorry about that13:21
xkr47it's a good number13:22
errandir1furrymcgee: the login prompt comes from an executable like getty/agetty/etc. Is your inittab starting that on the serial port?14:45
stripehi all, anywhere I can get information about Devuans compatibility with amd graphics cards? cheers17:01
KatolaZstripe: the same info available for debian will hold for devuan17:04
KatolaZ(if you consider matching releases)17:04
stripeKatolaZ: thank you, it looks like my gpu is not supported in debian-stable, cheers :)17:07
KatolaZstripe: sorry for that17:10
stripeKatolaZ: no worries, will try devuans development and unstable branches :)17:13
KatolaZstripe: beowulf is currently under work17:13
KatolaZsome stuff might not working perfectly yet17:14
KatolaZespecially session-related stuff17:14
* debdog is tad pissed at AMD, too17:14
stripeKatolaZ: perhaps I might be able to commit some fixes then :)17:15
KatolaZplease do17:15
KatolaZreport bugs/patches in the BTS please17:15
debdogmightâ„¢ be able to solve my issue with a newer, self compiled kernel. but building (AKA configureing) a kernel is much more tedious than it used to be17:15
KatolaZdebdog: start from an existing config17:16
debdogI know17:16
KatolaZno need to start from scratch17:16
KatolaZand yes, it is a bit more tedious than 15 or 20 years ago17:17
KatolaZit's bigger17:17
debdogso many options  do not have a proper help text anymore17:17
KatolaZand most of the stuff is useless17:17
KatolaZyeah but that's mainly for drivers17:17
KatolaZfeatures are still documented reasonably well17:17
stripedebdog I have found the later kernels tend to work with the amd gpu, but in debian you need to add the firmware-amd-graphics? package as well.17:18
KatolaZstripe: that firmware is available in devuan17:18
debdogstripe: my GPU might or might not work with amdgpu17:18
KatolaZcomes straight from debian17:18
debdogmayhap I can get a patch for fglrx for newer kernels from gentoo or such17:19
stripeKatolaZ: will give that a try first, I presume newer kernels will be available from a backports repo?17:20
KatolaZstripe: pkginfo.devuan.org17:20
KatolaZ(4.18 is in there, BTW)17:20
stripeKatolaZ: thanks very much, have fun everyone :)17:21
furrymcgeeerrandir1: there is no prompt in the guest unless inittab is changed from "getty 38400 tty1" to "getty -L ttyS0 9600 vt100"17:40

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