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gnarfacefilipdevuan_: `apt-get install [packagename]` implies to upgrade the package if it's already installed00:02
gnarfaceit doesn't distinguish between the actions of replace and install at the interface level.  the packages themselves figure that out00:03
filipdevuan_yeah they say its newest version but theres newer one on the website available thus online playing this game not possible ;p00:07
gnarfaceoh, what app is it?  maybe there's a newer version in backports?00:07
filipdevuan_its hedgewars game 0.9.22 in repos but 0.9.24 on website ;d as well as debian repos have 0.9.2400:09
gnarfaceah, but there is a newer version in backports.  you're in luck00:10
filipdevuan_i have no idea whats backports and how to use them00:10
gnarfacethis one should work00:10
gnarfacei don't know where there are devuan-specific instructions for this, but the instructions from debian here should work, just remember to use "ascii-backports" instead of "stretch-backports":
filipdevuan_ok thx00:12
gnarface(after you've upgraded the package, i recommend commenting the backports line out again, to prevent accidents)00:12
gnarfaceno problem00:12
filipdevuan_ok ill try00:12
filipdevuan_why jessie not stretch??00:13
gnarfacewhat?  cause their example is old.  i said use ascii-backports.  don't get confused by the fact they're showing you stretch-backports and jessie-backports examples.00:14
gnarfacedo i need to clarify that you need to use the devuan repos, not the debian repos in their example lines too?00:15
gnarfacei just meant that they're showing you the same process00:16
filipdevuan_still get the same thing00:16
filipdevuan_hedgewars is already the newest version (0.9.22-dfsg-11+b1).00:16
filipdevuan_i typo apt-get -t jessie-backports install hedgewars00:16
gnarfaceyou forgot it is "-t ascii-backports"00:16
filipdevuan_sorry lol im tired00:17
filipdevuan_i thought u said jessie instead of stretch00:17
filipdevuan_my bad00:17
gnarfaceit's ok00:17
filipdevuan_now i think i failed cuz W: The repository ' ascii-backports Release' does not have a Release file.00:19
filipdevuan_fk it it doesnt matter i only need newer version of hedgewars to be able to play multiplayer00:19
filipdevuan_im just checking various open source games00:19
gnarfaceyou gotta think a little bit less literally here00:21
gnarfacei just told you not to use the debian hostnames in the line00:21
gnarfaceyou don't see a problem with that?00:21
gnarfacei only gave you the debian instructions because i thought you'd be able to interpret them if you'd read what i said00:22
filipdevuan_so devuan instead then00:22
filipdevuan_hahah sorry im too tired to think i been on computer all day today and yesterday didnt even go out00:23
gnarfaceyes, you're adding devuan backports.  i just gave you the debian instructions because it was the only example i knew of00:23
filipdevuan_its okay i think im too stupid for this today, its okay, thanks gnarface.00:26
gnarfacefilipdevuan_: i assure you though, it will work if you do it right.  by all accounts, the version you need is standing by.00:27
gnarfacemaybe it'll make more sense if you got some sleep first.00:27
filipdevuan_its not just sleep i have been in for two days my brain misses oxygen00:30
golinuxNO! get it from devuan-backports!!!00:34
golinuxNot stretch!!!00:35
debdogbut oxygen even is in ASCII :P00:35
debdogoops, OT00:36
arminok so a friend of mine has the problem to find the -live or -minimal-live images perfect, APART from the fact that it auto-starts services and auto-starts X when booting the media. is there any cure? we would be fine with building our own custom iso files for that matter.01:31
gnarfaceit is probably easier to build your own minimal live iso with whatever component of refracta does that than customize the existing live image but i'm not sure01:37
gnarfacethe amd64 and i386 live images don't just start a GUI, they contain a lot of GUI tools taking up space you wouldn't want on a headless server01:38
gnarfaceyou could just modify it to stop Xorg or remove the login manager, but then you'd still be stuck with a bunch of graphical utilities wasting space01:39
gnarfaceand then there's the question of whether you're really sure you want a "live" image actually01:39
gnarface(since in most cases it's better to run it off the harddrive if you have one)01:39
Jjp137there's some refracta-related documentation here; in particular refractasnapshot might be useful:
golinuxTry too.02:52
TurBo_biTHi guys...12:34
TurBo_biTcan anyone tell me please where can I find the OpenPOWER ISOs?12:34
KatolaZTurBo_biT: hi12:34
KatolaZwhich ISOs?12:34
TurBo_biTjust found the x8612:34
gnarfacehe means power912:34
gnarfacewe don't have any TurBo_biT12:34
gnarfacenobody does12:34
TurBo_biTfor Devuan powerpc12:34
KatolaZTurBo_biT: there are no isos for ppc as yet12:35
TurBo_biT:P :(((12:35
gnarfacethey need some build hardware i think?12:35
TurBo_biTok, thank you so much12:35
KatolaZwe do have a build host12:35
KatolaZTurBo_biT: we might have a mini.iso with the unstable installer soon12:36
TurBo_biTKatolaZ, nice!12:36
KatolaZTurBo_biT: please stay around for testing it then :)12:36
TurBo_biTI will have a TalosII next week, so, now I have a work to do...12:37
TurBo_biThope help you to release12:37
KatolaZwe do have access to a Talos12:37
KatolaZand might get access to another one12:37
TurBo_biTwhat percentage of development the ppc version is?12:38
TurBo_biT(sorry for my english..., really I'm tarzan...)12:38
KatolaZTurBo_biT: quite low atm12:40
TurBo_biTKatolaZ, do you know where is most necessary help?12:40
KatolaZTurBo_biT: rebuilding the packages we have forked12:42
KatolaZand testing12:42
TurBo_biTok, when I have it I will came back and we will see what can I do12:43
TurBo_biTthank you KatolaZ12:43
KatolaZsure TurBo_biT12:44
KatolaZthank you12:44
esrHello, just had a Davuan installation failure on an Intel NUC due to kermel's falure to see the NIC.  It's not a gundamental problem, just a missing alias.  When is the next kernel refresh expected?17:40
djphwhenever you decide to update it...17:46
esrdjph: Not that simple. I mean kernel refresh *on the install image*.17:58
djphnext release probably ... whenever that may be.17:59
esrSure, I have Devuan running live on another box and can update that kernel, but that doesn't help unless there is a canned preocedure for making an install image from a live instance.18:00
KatolaZesr: which image are you using?18:06
esrKatolaZ: 2.0.0 AMD DVD18:08
KatolaZesr: why the DVD wants the network at all?18:08
esrThe live image runs OK without it, but I'm going to need the installed OS to talk to that NIC.18:09
KatolaZesr: at which point does the install fail?18:09
KatolaZif the live sees it, the installed system will see it as well18:09
esrLive image complains of not being able to see the NIC.  I can run locally or use WifI but for prdoction use I prefer a gard link.  Less snoopable.18:11
esrIt's not a driver problem, the NIC works with the stock e1000 driver.18:11
KatolaZesr: then I don't understand what is the problem18:12
esrBut the NUC NIC presents an ID that the kernel does not recognizeas a valid alias for the driver.18:12
esrMissing entry in a table somewhere.  A trivial thing to fix in source.18:13
esrA more recent kernel would very likely fix this.18:14
KatolaZesr: just modprobe the driver18:14
esrEr, can modprobe tell it about an ID it doesn't know?18:15
KatolaZesr: if you don't need the nic at install time, you can install a more recent kernel from -backports18:16
KatolaZso you just finish the install18:16
KatolaZand then get a kernel from backports18:17
esrKatolaZ: OK, I'll try that next time.  This time the NUC has been put in production as my wife's desktop - running Mint - and she will be displeased if I futz with it without good reason. (Righly so I might add.)18:19
* KatolaZ shrugs18:19
esrBut I might well get another NUC.  They're cute.18:19
esrIntel NUC.  Small-form-factor system, I like to call them "compute bricks".18:20
esrNUC = Next Unit of Computing.18:20
KatolaZesr: are you the esr "from wesnoth"? :)18:20
esrKatolaZ: Yes.18:21
KatolaZnice to see you here ;)18:21
esrYou...might have heard of me from elsewhere... (ducks and runs)18:21
KatolaZyeah, maybe, I don't remember though18:22
esrIf Devuan lives up to its billing I'll move my whole hoise to it.  I haven't made a lot of noise about not like systemd in public, but I want to be well clear when it blows up.18:23
KatolaZesr: we are trying our best18:24
KatolaZsurvived against the odds for four years now18:24
esrWell, if it passes my acceptance tests you'll have me in your corner.  Which is not an entirely trivial thing.18:26
KatolaZesr: the most important thing is to have Devuan around and alive :)18:28
esrKatolaZ: Quite.18:34

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