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DocScrutinizer05ttkv: you don't want to send that commend, even with correct leading /03:08
amarsh04I have plasmashell running fine on my i386 installation but not my x86-64 installation on another machine - do you think I'd be alright asking for troubleshooting help in #debian-kde ?07:47
golinuxThat might not work because devuan uses eudev not udev and the session management is tailored differently.07:51
golinuxYou might want to look a the release notes.
golinuxEverything is explained in there. Debian devs won't know a thing about that.  Of course your issue might be independent of that . . .07:53
amarsh04thanks golinux - given that aside from the i386 / x86-64 difference, the two machines are running the same versions of KDE-related software and this issue has persisted for several weeks in the x86-64 machine, I suspect it is more of a configuration issue than the actual executables / libraries08:08
amarsh04if I can see where the behaviour differs that might help08:08
amarsh04I tried in a different user account on the x86-64 machine and had the same problem08:09
amarsh04next I might create a completely new account to see what happens08:10
golinuxGood luck!  Sorry I know next to nothing about KDE . . .08:12
amarsh04that's ok, thanks for commenting08:19
premobosshello. devuan 2.0 here. When i do "dmesg" and i am unprivileged user, i got reply: "read kernel buffer failed: Operation not permitted". Shall i be forced to root just to read dmesg? is not a problem, but is annoing. what is the tecnical reason to dont allow to not-root user to see dmesg?09:44
golinuxThere are more annoying permission changes than that coming down the tubes in beowulf . . .09:45
premobossgolinux, "fun" wews never stop to came, i see.09:46
golinuxI've been trying to work through it for a few days.09:47
golinuxIndeed . . . it never seems to stop.09:47
premobossuntill devian take me far from systemd, is ok to me.09:49
KatolaZpremoboss: no you are not forced to be root09:53
KatolaZyou should put09:53
KatolaZecho 0 > /proc/sys/kernel/dmesg_restrict09:53
KatolaZin your rc.local09:53
premobossKatolaZ, thanks09:53
KatolaZif you execute that command as root, you should be able to see dmesg as regular user09:54
KatolaZaccess to dmesg has been disabled by default in the kernel09:54
KatolaZ(not by Devuan)09:54
KatolaZand I think it's a good thing overall09:54
premobossKatolaZ, why this... ah, by kernel. ok09:54
premobossmaybe they thin an attacker can find some clues into dmesg to do further attacks09:55
KatolaZpremoboss: i guess the reason is not J Random Hacker09:57
* man_in_shack hacks KatolaZ09:57
premoboss"J Random Hacker"... what do you mean?09:57
man_in_shackwhat DON'T you mean?09:59
premobossi dont undestand what KatolaZ what to say with the sentence: "i guess the reason in not J Random Hacker".10:02
* KatolaZ has been hacked....feels dizzy.....faints....falls on the floor...10:02
rrqpremoboss: I think it's blocked by default as it otherwise breaks the perceived isolation between "containers" (LXC); that a program in one container can gain information about other containers, which has a long-shot implication of badness happening.10:16
furrymcgeecontainer everywhere in kernel and on freenode10:26
* rrq back from washing my mouth with soap10:33
devoid_god damn11:15
devoid_what an edgy satanist fellow11:15
RebelCoderRUGuys, is there an ISO with Testing (beowolf) branch ? I have installed the ascii and changed repos to beowolf, but a fukll-upgrade actually broke the system.14:31
RebelCoderRUIs there an ISO I can install with Testing branch ?14:31
furrymcgeeNo, I dont think there iso beowulf already available, what went wrong in fukk-upgrade?14:39
xrogaanThere are some dbus calls with a --systemd argument in the files located at /etc/X11/Xsession.d/17:00
xrogaanone, for example, dbus-x11: /etc/X11/Xsession.d/95dbus_update-activation-env17:01
gnu_srs2furrymcgee: for i386 and17:02
gnu_srs2 for amd64.17:02
_abc_What's the upgrade paths from ascii 1.0.0 to 2.0.0 please?19:25
_abc_And is it worth it19:25
KatolaZ_abc_: ascii is Devuan 2.0.019:26
_abc_I am confused then? /topic : Latest19:27
_abc_          (2018-06-09): ASCII 2.0.019:27
KatolaZ_abc_: you asked:19:27
_abc_I think I'm on ascii release 1.0.0 ? Or is that not possible19:27
KatolaZ19:27 < _abc_> What's the upgrade paths from ascii 1.0.0 to 2.0.0 please?19:27
KatolaZI am telling you that Devuan 2.0.0 is called ascii19:27
KatolaZwhile Devuan 1.0.0 is called "jessie"19:27
KatolaZso your question is ill-posed19:27
_abc_But is ASCII 2.0.0 one and the same with devuan 2.0.0 ?19:27
KatolaZ19:30 <+KatolaZ> I am telling you that Devuan 2.0.0 is called ascii19:28
KatolaZascii is the *codename* for Devuan 2.0.019:28
_abc_ls there a place to put a /etc/Release file on devuan? A standard one?19:29
_abc_Or a high level upgrade/update log? A la "$(date): upgrade from ascii to xxx" ?19:29
KatolaZ_abc_: what do you mean by a "/etc/Release" file?19:31
_abc_Just a file which documents what the presently running system is called and versions and such19:31
KatolaZbut the most important thing is what you actually have in /etc/apt/sources.list19:32
KatolaZthat determines which distribution you are actually running19:33
_abc_version is ascii/ceres19:33
_abc_I assume that is the "latest" then19:33
KatolaZ_abc_: what do yu have in /etc/apt/sources.list?19:35
_abc_deb ascii main contrib non-free etc etc19:41
KatolaZthen you are on ascii19:45
mchasardi  installed crowz devuan distro under vbox it works fine20:23
mchasardbut when i try to install really under another 32bits machine20:24
mchasardwith liveusb the install stop cause it doesn't find any  cd ....but its an usblive key20:24
mchasardits the same iso file that i used20:25
mchasardi really wanted to install it20:25
mchasardis it due to the usb live key ?20:26

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