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Xenguy.oO( Amsterdam, tempting ... )02:50
xrogaanYup, cinnamon is superior to mate in term of polish. It's just all too sluggish because of all tha javascript.09:08
devoid_so thats why its so slow09:13
xrogaanthe interface is javascript yeah.09:14
* jordila is trying to install - leap ( Bitmask ) VPN client , à la
furrymcgeewhat is required to build libdevuansdk package?13:25
debdogdoes XFCE4 log stuff? and if yes, where?15:03
r3bootdebdog: to stdout/stderr, check ~/.xsession-errors15:07
debdogok, thanks r3boot15:13
fsmithredfurrymcgee, I don't think there is a libdevuansdk package. You planning to build arm images or live isos?18:48
fsmithredyeah, but I don't think you get that by itself. For live isos, you clone live-sdk and libdevuansdk comes with it. (If you use the right commands - explained in the readme)18:50
KatolaZfurrymcgee: don't use libdevuansdk alone18:53
KatolaZstart with one of the sdks18:53
KatolaZeither live-sdk18:53
KatolaZor arm-sdk18:54
fsmithredor vm-sdk?18:54
KatolaZeven if I don't know if vm-sdk has been updated18:55
fsmithredPaulTheNeko, I saw your questions in the scrollback yesterday, and I think I have an answer18:55
KatolaZI might be wrong on that18:55
PaulTheNekoOh I solved thay18:55
PaulTheNekoTurns out I were using the wrong image18:56
fsmithredoh, ok. for the record, it is possible to install to lvm from the live isos, but you have to do some of it manually18:56
fsmithredbut they don't contain the debian-installer that you're used to18:56
PaulTheNekoRight know I'm having trouble with my installed system (said minimal install with Xen) where it seems to ignore my wireless interface18:58
fsmithreddid you install the wireless firmware?18:58
PaulTheNekoNo, I don't think so18:59
fsmithredalthough I don't know how that works with xen18:59
fsmithreddoes xen tell the installed system what the hardware is?18:59
PaulTheNekoMost of it, yes18:59
fsmithredok, then I don't know. If you install directly to hardware, you need to enable contrib and non-free in sources list to find most of the wireless firmware19:00
fsmithredbut the interface should at least show up with lspci before you install the firmware19:01
PaulTheNekolspci worked I think19:02
fsmithredwhat wireless nic you got?19:02
PaulTheNekoYou mean "44:00.0" (the first number)19:02
fsmithredno, the name19:03
fsmithredor model number19:03
fsmithredrealtek, intel xxxx,19:03
PaulTheNekoNetwork controller: Intel Corporation Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 (rev 35)19:03
PaulTheNekoChecked in rescue mode19:04
KatolaZPaulTheNeko: it should be an iwlwifi, I guess19:04
fsmithredinstall firmware-iwlwifi19:05
fsmithredhere's the wiki page:
PaulTheNekoIt's in contrib/non-free right? Do you know where I can find the repo addresses for those?19:06
fsmithredand if you're using wicd, make sure wlan0 is set as default in preferences19:06
KatolaZit's the same address19:06
KatolaZjust add " contrib non-free" after "main"19:06
fsmithrededit /etc/apt/sources.list19:06
PaulTheNekoOk, thanks a lot19:06
Guest46012mmm, hi?20:23
KatolaZmmm, hi!20:25
Guest46012heh :)20:25
DonkeyHoteimmm mmm, hihi20:26
Guest46012im a noob exploring, so is this like a forum? or chat?20:26
debdog()Internet (R)elay (C)hat20:27
Guest46012ok, so no threads and stuff i guess20:29
KatolaZno Guest46012 no threads20:30
KatolaZonly "channels"20:30
debdogno threads, sometimes threats20:30
KatolaZsometimes treats20:30
KatolaZsometimes rats20:30
KatolaZsome other times rants20:31
KatolaZand the occasional pranks20:31
Guest46012i'll hang out a bit20:32
furrywolfif you're going to use IRC, you should select and register a nickname - something other than Guest46012.20:32
Guest46012my name got rejected, im too late :/20:33
furrywolfthen you'll just have to pick another one.20:33
Guest46012fyi: im here cause i wanted to mess with linux a bit for fun and ran into the systemd issue. Luckily im in mx 16 which i guess is ok for now,, and the fun is just not really fun at all,, atleast im not that bored :/20:35
Guest46012and i don't hate systemd, im too tired,, it just makes me more tired to think about it20:37
Guest46012how do i pick a username?20:39
furrywolftype /nick <your new nickname>20:39
furrywolfnow type /msg nickserv help register20:40
sofasurferoh, ok20:41
sofasurferREGISTER spam1234 sorenpeder@hotmail.com20:47
furrywolfdon't forget the /msg nickserv part....  also, don't use that password.  :)20:56
sofasurferim trying to setpass,, what is key my password?20:57
furrywolfif you need more help, you'll have to try the channel #freenode20:58
sofasurferso key = password?20:59
sofasurferbtw, thx furry. ...sendpass help did the trick21:22
furrywolfglad to help.  :)21:22
sofasurferany advice on a good Devuan forum or msgboard?22:14
Tom-_isn't there dev1galaxy or something?22:35
sofasurferthx, i'll check that out22:42

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