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amarsh04back in libc 2.2800:56
haxmeisterI seem to be having problems gettin the proper packages installed for golang01:33
haxmeisterthe tool godoc doesn't seem to be installed.. though I have installed it01:34
haxmeisteris anyone familiar with this issue?01:34
CriggieWhat's the command to install from a booted live CD ?01:34
Criggiehaxmeister: sorry I'm not familiar with golang01:34
Xenguyhaxmeister: What's your process for installing?01:35
haxmeisterusing synaptic gui01:35
XenguyBut you say it doesn't end up getting installed?01:35
haxmeisterwell the command isn't recognized01:35
XenguyAre you willing to give the command-line a go?01:36
XenguyIf so, get thee to a root prompt!01:36
haxmeisterI love the command line.. was just using gui to get my new devuan up and rolling01:36
XenguyI'd just try apt-get01:36
Xenguyor apt01:37
haxmeisterbut package name?01:37
XenguyDid you say it was 'godoc' ?01:37
haxmeistergodoc  is part of the go tools that are standard with golang01:37
XenguyThe package name here appears to be:  golang-doc01:38
haxmeisterI did that with gui.. maybe let's try at term01:39
Xenguy(There's also a 'golang-src' FWIW)01:39
haxmeisterwell I am a funtoo user..lol01:39
haxmeisterbut I want to use devuan the way it was intended01:39
haxmeisterso apt-get golang-doc ?01:40
Xenguyapt-get install golang-doc01:40
haxmeisterah ok01:40
haxmeistergolang-doc is already the newest version (2:1.7~5).01:41
Xenguyhrm, already installed?01:41
haxmeisternot sure what's missing here01:41
haxmeistersucks to be I'll figure it out01:44
haxmeisterthanks for your grace01:44
XenguyWish I could offer a silver bullet01:44
XenguyI'd say do further research on what packages are required for w/e you're trying to accomplish01:45
XenguyI'm not familiar at all with go01:45
XenguyThat kind of new installation method is news to me01:47
haxmeisterjust not in place in devuan01:48
XenguyIt's like they have an entirely different method of installing, from the usual devuan way for example01:48
haxmeisterno probs01:48
haxmeisterwell in go you can install packages/libs but they go to user space generally01:49
XenguyIf you decide to try compiling, check out an interesting util called (I think) chkinstall01:49
haxmeisternah no need for all that01:50
haxmeisterthank you though01:50
XenguyIt will conclude a compile by producing a .deb file, that you can then install as per normal(ish)01:50
Xenguynp, good luck01:50
golinuxCriggie: There is a readme on the live-iso desktop01:53
golinuxThere are several ways to do it - from the icon on the desktop, from the system menu and from a terminal.01:54
golinuxLook for refractainstaller'01:55
golinuxYou can also read about it here:
haxmeisterfound the devuan way01:57
haxmeisterXenguy: it was in a separate package called golang-golang-x-tools01:57
Xenguyhaxmeister: nice01:57
haxmeisternot sure why01:57
haxmeisterbut I'm also new to go still01:57
haxmeisterand devuan01:58
Criggiegolinux: chur - I ended up downloading the right ISO and installing already - all good thanks.01:58
XenguySeems like you found your way01:58
haxmeisterI'm mostly a funtoo/perl hacker..lol01:58
XenguyYou guys are hardcore01:58
haxmeisterit's not really hardcore man.. just learning yet another tool that someone else wrote01:59
haxmeisterfuntoo has emerge, devuan has apt-get02:00
Xenguygentoo/funtoo are pretty on about compiling, so that's hardcore for me : -)02:00
haxmeisterall the compiling happens automagically02:00
haxmeisterexcept you wait for it..lol02:00
XenguyBut need to learn various options, yes?02:00
haxmeisterthe options are set to work fine pretty much out of the box02:00
haxmeisterbut you can learn them and get all tweaky if you want02:01
haxmeisterit can be fun02:01
XenguyDevuan is much more 'automatic' (tho of course you can compile if you want too02:01
haxmeisterI had to switch to something because funtoo is a bit stale for almost a year now02:01
haxmeistermuch needed packages were missing02:01
XenguyYeah, I think funtoo is closer to the guts of things02:01
XenguyOh, didn't know02:02
haxmeisterlike freecad02:02
haxmeisterI use that at work02:02
haxmeisterbut I don't want systemd... so I found devuan02:02
XenguyIs it decently usable?02:02
XenguyFreecad I mean02:02
haxmeisterfirst class02:02
XenguyGood to hear, cos I was under the impression 'cad' could be hard02:02
haxmeisterI can imagine02:03
haxmeisterbut the software is heavily documented and easy to learn02:03
haxmeisterdevuan has old version in repo.. so I'm using an appimage02:03
XenguyIs it stable also?02:04
haxmeisterthe latest stable is yes02:04
XenguyGreat to hear02:04
haxmeisterthey added CAM to it.. so it can generate code for 3D printing and CNC machines02:04
XenguySounds active then, good02:05
haxmeisteryes sir.. good stuff.. I feel like it is one of the most important pieces of major software being worked on..02:05
haxmeisterin the linux community I mean to say.. since that field is heavily neglected otherwise02:06
XenguyOff to watch some Bill Murray documentary apparently : -)02:07
XenguyThanks for the chat!02:07
haxmeisterwhat in the world?02:07
XenguyYou too02:07
HurgotronThat was not a nice update experience...02:53
* Hurgotron gets himself a whisky02:55
HurgotronSo I had to update my server from Devuan jessie to ascii some day, and i decided today was the day.02:55
HurgotronDid backups first. Then
HurgotronReboot. Machine was fucked.02:56
Hurgotron1000 times "Failed to connect to lvmetad. Falling back to device scanning" then drop to initramfs02:56
Hurgotronturn out the root lvm wasn't there, because the md device was missing. The /boot md was there, fortunately.02:57
Hurgotrongot the root md running again with one disk. Keeps saying the other disk is too small. Huh.02:58
HurgotronTurns out I had HPA enabled and the new kernel didn't like it somehow. Last entry here was helpful:
Hurgotronnext step... ascii has its own remote-unlock-luks-with-dropbear mechanism now which interfered with my previos setup.03:01
HurgotronI think i got that running now. Mostly.03:01
Hurgotronnext step. Get the correct kernel running. grub2 is a Piece of Shit.03:01
HurgotronI now have   set default="1>2"   in my config. Which seems to mean "take the third (!!!!) enxtra from the first submenu".03:03
HurgotronCan't they even make up their fucking minds if they want to start counting from 0 or 1.03:03
HurgotronTook me 5 reboots or so to get that right. And grub install was slow as hell because raid was rebuilding in background.03:04
HurgotronAnd 4.9 seems to have isues with handling my crypted disks. When booting, I get a few times "Failed to connect to lvmetad. Falling back to device scanning" and at shoutdown "Stopping remaining crypto disks ... busy"03:07
HurgotronI'll look into that later. For now, worked around by using my old 4.4 kernel which is fine.03:07
HurgotronI would have been SO FUCKED without remote KVM...03:08
HurgotronI think eben the update from Ubuntun 12.04 to Devuan jessie has been more smooth.03:11
golinux<Hurgotron> I think eben the update from Ubuntun 12.04 to Devuan jessie has been more smooth.03:29
golinuxThat could be your problem right there. Devuan and Ubuntu are not compatible even though they are both based on Devuan03:30
golinuxDebian, I mean03:31
XenguyHurgotron: harrowing story; wondering if you took a wrong turn tho03:31
Hurgotrongolinux: I did that only out of curiousity. It went reasonably smoothly - but I did a clean install of Devuan jessie later anyway.03:32
XenguyI had a plan to upgrade from Jessie to Ascii, but ended up having to install Ascii directly03:33
XenguyThen things 'just worked'03:33
HurgotronXenguy: Most issues seems to come from the 4.9 kernel. Like, non-booting because of HPA, missing disk, nonfunctional RAID.03:34
Xenguyincreased complexity = increased risk03:35
Hurgotronmost annoying was the grub2 menu shit. Just telling the fucking thing which kernel to boot should REALLY be more straight forward.03:38
booyahand had nice security exploit with the backspace ;)03:42
booyah(it was grub2 was it?)03:43
LeanderI also have the "Stopping remaining crypto disks ... busy" at shutdown, which lasts maybe 30 seconds, and always assumed that it was because my root filesystem is a LUKS volume, and the service trying to close it still has open files in that volume (hence a deadlock)04:22
Gupso i've just updated a server from jessie to ascii, and all seems well, but sshd is giving me connection refused for 5 mins after boot, then it suddenly starts working, cant see much in logs, any clues?17:45
r3bootcheck the files under /var/log, maybe sshd startup is waiting for something17:46
Gupyeah I'm browsing the logs, first mention of ssh is "Server listening on port 22." about 5 mins after boot17:49
Gupis the normal on-screen boot messages logged anywhere? this is a headless server, i feel watching it boot would help, or even a log of that17:52
r3bootDepends on how you configured it. Usually, all bootup messages will be saved in /var/log/messages.17:54
rwpGup, You say server... Can you see console messages at boot time? If you have bootlogd installed then boot time messages will be logged to /var/log/boot18:00
Gupahha bootlogd was not installed, is now, i'll reboot, think that may be the log i'm looking for :)18:01
rwpI would also double check /etc/network/interfaces and double check the "auto" and "allow-hotplug" lines.18:02
Gupnetwork comes up fast, nginx starts serving the site18:02
rwpHmm...  That's good anyway.18:03
Guphehe yeah ;)18:03
rwpJust brainstorming here along with you...  Might be that sshd is blocking waiting for dns trying to log your incoming IP address?18:03
Gupno record of it in the logs, had that issue before, i think it hangs then after password is accepted18:05
Guplogs say not even listening right away18:05
rwpIn that case check /etc/nsswitch.conf and see what is configured for accounts.18:05
Gupjust waiting to get back in ;)18:06
rwpDo you have the ability to see the console while it boots?18:06
Gupbut /var/log/boot is very interesting :)18:07
Gupi see timeouts and waiting18:07
rwpGood deal!  Hopefully the problem will become apparent now then.18:08
Gupyeah thanks for the tip about bootlogd :)18:09
rwpGlad I could help.18:10
nemois Beowulf pretty stable these days?19:55
nemoI'm setting up a new laptop at work19:55
nemodon't want to make my life *too* painful19:55
nemoeh screwit. will stick w/ ascii19:58
KatolaZnemo: I have been using it for about 8 months now20:01
KatolaZif you need a full-featured desktop, with auto-mount and stuff like that, then it's better to hold your horses20:01
KatolaZand use ascii20:01
nemoalso my coworker probably expects stuff like that20:02
nemoisn't booting :/20:40
* nemo runs through the installer again20:40
nemotried both uefi and legacy, wasn't totally sure which one the devuan installer had picked20:41
nemoguess I'll have to try manually installing bootloader20:41
nemoshould maybe just do legacy20:41
nemobet it's doing UEFI, and incorrectly20:41
nemough. I setup a grub_bios partition but does not seem to have gotten installed20:57
* nemo reboots into installer again20:57
nemoguess I should just manually setup grub myself20:57
fsmithredtime check21:17
fsmithrednemo, are you still here?21:17
mchasardsomeone has already try to install crowz a derivative devuan22:01
mchasardwith virtualbox no problem but try to install via usblive and it doesnt work its like it doesnt find the cd installer22:02
mchasardwheni begin to install22:02
tomekdevHello all! After finally getting my brightness buttons fixed (not an ACPI issue) I have another, bigger problem. Too high RAM usage22:08
tomekdevOn Devuan Jessie with kernel 3.16 I could run Blender and my scene without any total system hangs22:09
tomekdevOn Ascii rendering single frame causes system freeze22:10
nemoguess I missed fsmithred22:39
nemobut I'm not near the laptop right now anyway22:39

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