freenode/#devuan/ Tuesday, 2018-12-04

Xenguynemo: I don't know if this is relevant to your situation, but when I first installed Ascii on a new SSD drive, the expert install wasn't able to set up GRUB, but then falling back to LILO worked (albeit slow to boot up) ...00:54
XenguyI tried another install and just went with the normal (i.e. non-expert) install, and for some reason GRUB got set up normally and worked this time.00:55
hyperion_hello someone up in here08:33
golinuxhyperion_: Yes08:54
hyperion_Do you have template for init script for docker?08:54
golinuxI don't.  But there have been recent discussions about docker.  I can't quite remember where though.08:56
golinuxYou can check here: Chanlogs:
golinuxand the forum and the DNG mail list archives -
golinuxOr someone may stop by with an answer.08:58
hyperion_ ok thanks09:02
WaspSomehow stupid question but where the hack do I find startx or xinit?12:50
* Wasp already runs xorg with kde12:50
Waspapt-cache search xinit -> null12:50
Wasppackage xserver-xorg is installed12:51
r3bootstartx is part of xinit12:51
Waspyeah i know but there is not xinit too12:52
r3bootDid you modify anything in your sources.list?12:52
Wasponly have startkde but it doesn't work and also a *brief* look into the script doesn't let me understand either12:53
Waspnot really but yes I added external vivialdi and fish12:53
Waspand opera12:53
r3bootget that repo in sources.list, and you're good to go12:54
Waspthe most confusing thing is that KDE/plasma acutallly runs already12:54
r3bootthats because kde comes with it's own way of initializing the X server, from kdm. Startx is yet another way to start it, designed to be called from the cli12:55
devoid_isnt it sddm now12:56
Waspit's sddm yeah but would like to get rid of it anyway12:56
devoid_not that it matters12:56
r3bootmja, sddm, kdm, gdm .. the graphical login manager :)12:57
Waspthought it would make life somehome more convinient but actually it doesn't12:59
r3bootDepends on what you're trying to achieve :)13:00
Waspyou linked me the info page for xinit13:00
Waspif I get it correctly it is just "ascii main" ..? That's what I already have in /etc/apt/source.list13:01
Waspdeb ascii main13:01
Waspisnt it?13:01
devoid_maybe it isnt in path?13:01
devoid_i had a similar issue once but i simply forgot to install xinit :d13:02
r3bootcurl: (60) SSL: no alternative certificate subject name matches target host name ''13:02
r3bootso maybe apt is refusing to pull updates from this repo b/c the above error13:02
Wasp`apt update` ; echo $status -> 013:03
Waspactually I can update to packages13:03
Waspbut your right13:04
Waspcannot see the in the "get" list13:04
Waspactually I don't know where "Get:1 ascii InRelease" for exmaple comes from13:05
WaspIs it some kind of defautl?13:06
r3bootAh, yep, this seems to be an error with the ssl cert13:06
r3bootif I look at the repo content ( and grep for startx, I find this:13:06
Waspdid: `grep -iR " ascii" /etc` but no hit13:06
r3bootso the repo does have the package, but I think your apt is refusing to download the package files.13:07
gnarfaceWasp: the package is xinit.  the statistical chances of the problem being something other than your sources.list are nearly 013:10
gnarfaceWasp: try changing your sources.list to this:
Waspapt-cache search xinit | wc -l13:13
gnarfaceWasp: then re-run "apt-get update && apt-get upgrade"13:13
gnarfaceyou have to re-run "apt-get update" after every change to sources.list13:13
gnarfacei can't vouch for de.deb.devuan.org13:14
Waspyeah did that .. however removed de now it is really fetching something13:17
Waspeven though I cnanot recall the details anymore but the funny thing is: somehow I've installed my system. ;)13:18
Wasp.. before13:18
Waspokay that looks a lot better now .. and there is xinit13:18
r3bootyw :)13:18
Waspmy suspicion: I saw local repositories for debian and then I just tried the address did `apt update` and didn't see any error (withouht noticing that it just silently skipped the faulty address)13:21
gnarfacei think there may be outdated DNS records13:22
gnarfaceor outdated information about them13:22
gnarfacefloating about13:22
Waspwget says, it exists ... but I guess that's what r3boot already said .. guess I am just catching up ;)13:25
Wasp"This server could not prove that it is; its security certificate is from"13:25 just has fubarred TLS certificates:13:27
r3bootfirst one should have atleast in either the CN or SAN field. And the 2nd is just badly configured13:27
r3bootbut it all depends on why is pointing towards that mirror. It might be a lack of DNS maintenance. It might be a lack of TLS maintenance13:28
r3bootall in all, something that should be resolved IF is a valid mirror13:28 is a round-robin across multiple servers btw13:30
r3bootand is listed as an official http+https mirror13:31
r3bootbut, the admin of that mirror botched the certificates. You might want to try a different mirror ( for instance)13:32
r3bootwait .. I am being fooled bu this round-robin dns setup :)13:34
r3boot.. do I care enough to track it down? e_dunno, work calls13:35
KatolaZr3boot: what's the problem?13:38 does not have any tls cert13:38 has only HTTP13:38
KatolaZif you need https, please use one of the mirrors which support HTPPS13:38
KatolaZfull list at:13:38
r3bootKatolaZ: I am trying to understand the mirroring architecture of devuan ;)13:38
r3bootthe server-side of that to be precise13:39
KatolaZjust ask13:39
KatolaZit's a DNS RR13:39
KatolaZthere is no TLS support13:39
KatolaZso it does not have any "foobarred" TLS certificates13:39
r3boot <-- I beg to differ ;)13:39
KatolaZsince it does not have any certificate at all13:39
KatolaZhabe you read through?13:40
r3bootOr are those isos only?13:40
KatolaZhave you read through that?13:40
KatolaZthose are ISO mirrors13:40
r3bootBut check; No https on the package repo's13:40
KatolaZthey mirror files.devuan.org13:40
KatolaZas I said above13:40
KatolaZno https on deb.devuan.org13:40
KatolaZfor a list of mirrors with HTTPS support look at the URL I posted above13:41
r3bootI dont use devuan, so I'm fine ;)13:41
r3bootI was helping out someone else13:41
KatolaZso why are you interested in its infra?13:41
KatolaZjust point them to the ASCII Release notes13:41
KatolaZeverything is explained there13:42
KatolaZWasp: does not support HTTPS13:42
r3bootbecause that's kind of what I do day in day out, maintain infrastructure13:42
r3bootso having an interest is just natural13:42
r3bootjust like I track freebsd/openbsd/archlinux/centos and a bunch of other distro's13:43
KatolaZyou must have a lot of spare time13:43
r3bootHell, even HP/UX and OpenVMS are on my radar13:43
KatolaZthat's very good13:43
r3bootnope, enough experience to work with those distro's13:43
KatolaZbut you just said you don't use Devuan...13:43
r3bootI dont tinker about with them a whole lot more anymore. I just make sure they work, and are uptodate13:43
r3bootI dont use devuan, that's correct. I am in the progress of migrating all my debian boxes to centos to be precise13:44
r3boot(because they come with full SELinux profiles)13:44
KatolaZgood luck with that13:44
r3bootalready implemented ;)13:44
nemoXenguy: well... even grub-install inside chroot seems to be failing.13:56
nemothis is an efi disk, although I created a grub_bios partition13:57
nemo  current disk layout14:03
nemoI'd settle for either legacy boot or efi working14:04
nemoif I run grub-install /dev/sdb  says "Installation finished. No Error reported"14:04
nemobut still can't boot using either EFI or legacy from the manual boot menu14:05
nemolegacy boot is enabled14:05
devoid_selinux is horribly complex14:06
nemough. I'm gonna guess the base problem is I need a devuan image that supports EFI to even see if an efi install works14:24
nemosince it seems I can't just toss efivarfs onto the existing install image14:24
nemoI'd just as soon do a legacy grub boot, except it doesn't seem to actually work14:25
nemohm. no. just rechecked the desktop-live devuan ISO seems to have efi support wtf14:27
nemomaybe this Dell Latitude E7450 just sucks14:30
gnarfacenemo: does it have an option to disable secure boot?14:38
gnarfacei thought the issue was you have to disable secure boot, or create and add your own keys14:39
nemognarface: secure boot is not enabled14:40
nemolooks like 32 bit grub efi was what was installed14:40
nemoswitched to grub-pc14:40
nemotrying to run install. now it is complaining is missing14:40
nemoindeed no /boot/grub/device.map14:40
nemono grub shell installed to recreate it either14:40
nemoguess I could do it manually ☹14:40
nemooverall rather painful installation so far14:40
gnarfacewait, 32-bit?  did you get the right image?14:41
nemognarface: it's 64 bit14:42
nemoit comes with 32 bit efi14:42
nemoit copied grub-efi-ia32_2.02~beta3-5_amd64.deb14:42
nemoand grub-pc_2.02~beta3-5_amd64.deb14:42
nemoto the root of the filesystem14:43
nemono efi64 bit that I can see which could explain why the UEFI boot completely failed14:43
nemobut I'd settle for legacy14:43
nemothere's no utility in efi on this system14:43
nemoor ever 😝14:43
nemobut yeah at moment I seem to not have a 64 bit efi package, and a non-functioning traditional grub-pc due to lacking device.map14:45
nemoand no grub shell to recreate it14:45
gnarfacenemo: wait, you're only using the live image?  you haven't tried the netinstall?14:45
nemoyou do like saying "wait, " ☺14:45
nemognarface: yeah, I just wanted to do the install off the live image14:45
gnarfaceit's not the same installer14:45
nemognarface: on there I have a web browser if there's problems14:46
nemolike now14:46
* nemo sighs and switches ISOs14:46
gnarfacethe real installer is a much more complicated thing14:46
nemowhy on earth would it not be same installer on both O_o14:46
nemooh god14:46
nemohm guess I might as well grab the "dvd" one14:46
gnarfacethe live image's installer is just a convenience feature for easily cloning the live cd14:46
gnarfaceno no14:46
nemowhy not?14:47
gnarfaceget the netinstall image unless you don't have a working network connection14:47
gnarfacethe dvd image will take much longer14:47
nemoyeah but I have a few machines to install14:47
nemoseems dvd would save time in long run14:47
gnarfaceprobably not, really14:47
nemo6 machines14:47
nemoeh. gonna grab it anyway14:48
gnarfaceyou could try it, but i suspect that you'll just end up having to update all those pacakges after installing anyway.  with the netinstall at least you don't download everything twice.14:48
nemowould be rather nice if debian was so up to date as having to update entire system anyway ☺14:48
nemobut thaaat's pretty rare 😉14:49
gnarfacewell there's actually a lot of security updates and such14:49
gnarfacejust because the major versions don't iterate doesn't mean there's no updates14:49
gnarfacewhat i'd advise if you have a real bandwidth problem is making the first of the 6 machines a caching proxy for the other 5 with "apt-cacher-ng" or something like that14:50
gnarfaceand if you want more installer options don't forget to try expert mode14:51
nemoshould be a big warning on that live cd installer14:51
gnarfacei know14:51
gnarfaceit's not really my call14:51
nemognarface: I'm kinda used to ubuntu where they are essentially identical14:51
nemoexcept the live CD lets you run the installer w/ a web browser handy14:51
gnarfacethe live installer is based on refracta14:52
nemoand nice desktop for shells14:52
gnarfaceactually i think the whole live image may be based on refracta14:52
KatolaZgnarface: nope, the devuan live images are obtained through live-sdk15:09
KatolaZthe live installer is refractainstaller15:09
r3bootdevoid_: it is, but the problem it's solving is terribly complex as well15:10
r3boot(that is, how do you turn a UNIX which has discretionary ACLs into something that has mandatory ACLs)15:11
nemor3boot: just put everything in separate VMs15:15
nemothat's what microsoft is doing15:15
nemoaaand those dudes whose name I'm blanking on... ones w/ a linux-based approach to that15:16
nemoactually surprising just how many levels of jails there are these days15:16
nemoJS jail → web browser container → web browser's VM container15:16
nemoand then the OS itself may be on a VM ☺15:17
MinceRmaybe you mean the joke known as "qubes"15:17
nemoMinceR: THAT ONE YES15:17
MinceR(because running a massive NSA backdoor in every vm makes the system SO SECURE)15:17
MinceRalso, in protected mode, every process is kind of a vm of its own anyway :>15:17
r3bootnemo: nice way to waste resources15:18
nemoMinceR: more info on this backdoor?15:18
MinceRnemo: it's called systemd15:18
r3bootplus, it will still lead to compromized data if your service is compromized15:18
nemoMinceR: true15:18
nemoMinceR: was gonna say that it can't actually run devuan unfortunately15:18
nemognarface: anyway, everything went totally smoothly with the real installer15:27
nemointeresting. another devuan install (with MATE) and once again closing laptop lid does not trigger suspend in mate-power-manager15:37
nemoI mean it's not critical, but it's a nice to have15:37
MinceRmaybe it's just not enabled by default?15:38
nemoMinceR: hrm... kernel flag?15:38
MinceRi tend to disable it so i can close and carry my laptop without having to suspend it15:38
nemogotta search that15:38
MinceRusually not15:38
MinceRif there's some sort of gui to set power manager settings, it's probably that15:38
nemoyeah. gui is setup right... and MATE uses upower under the surface15:40
devoid_if nothing else you can write an acpid script15:41
devoid_i think15:42
KatolaZnemo: there was a thread on dev1galaxy about that IIRC15:44
KatolaZI have always used acpi scripts though15:44
KatolaZyou just need to install acpid and acpi-support15:45
nemomanually suspending using power button works just fine15:45
KatolaZhere is also a tutorial on using acpi events:
nemoit would just be nice to have it happen on closing lid too15:45
KatolaZit's for brightness, but you can just associate the lid event to the pm_suspend script15:46
KatolaZalong the same line15:46
KatolaZI guess the script is called sleep_suspemdbtn.sh15:46
KatolaZjust set the event15:47
KatolaZyou actually also have lid.sh15:47
nemooh hm. speaking of out of date things15:48
nemothat's wrong right?15:49
nemohm. no. is fine15:49
KatolaZwhy is it wrong?15:49
nemoold one was "mirror"15:49
KatolaZ* would do15:49
nemoI'm getting a load error. thought it was that rename thing15:49
KatolaZpls post the error15:49
nemoTemporary failure resolving ''15:50
nemolemme see if my network is broken first ☺15:50
KatolaZit works15:50
nemostrange. wifi is set to autoconnect15:50
nemough. what the heck. side effect of suspend?15:51
r3bootHow is your network configured?15:52
r3bootYou are confusing us by being online here, btw, since that usually implies a working network connection15:53
nemor3boot: well. it's not like I have just one computer 😝15:53
r3bootI suspected something like that :P15:53
nemomy exp in past is doing linux setup without having a 2nd computer is often not something you want to do15:53
r3bootiig, temporary failure resolving points to a DNS issue. Did you check if your resolvers are reachable?15:53
nemor3boot: it's fine. I manually reconnected15:54
nemofor some reason wicd did not reconnect automatically after unsuspending15:54
r3bootAha, check15:54
nemobut I'll be switching to mate's network manager shortly15:54
nemoit's a bit... prettier/more integrated15:54
nemoand works essentially the same15:54
r3bootbrr, networkmanager .. isnt that poetteringware? ;+15:54
nemois it?15:54
r3bootdunno tbh15:54
nemor3boot: but it's not like devuan has eliminated pulseaudio15:55
nemofrankly, userspace scares me less than systemd15:55
r3bootI should not comment on the political side :)15:55
nemoalthough I do have a poettering ban on my gentoo machines15:55
nemosince it's easier to do there15:55
WaspKatolaZ: okay thanks. I cannot comprehend anymore how where I got .. or who I came up with the the address15:56
KatolaZnp Wasp15:57
nemoyay. acpi_listen does say "button/lid LID close"15:57
nemothat's good news15:57
nemoand "open"15:57
nemoso now I just have to figure out how to hook these up to suspend15:57
KatolaZnemo: just bind them in /etc/acpi/events15:58
nemoand I wonder why MATE's config is failing to trigger on this evfent15:58
r3bootnemo: you could write a handler for it:
KatolaZnemo: you should have a lidbtn event indise there15:58
KatolaZit would call /etc/acpi/lid.sh15:59
* Wasp shoudln't re-read his own sentences after hitting enter already :/15:59
Waspjust shocking16:00
nemohmmm sleepsuspend has an exit right at the start of it16:09
nemoeh. that wasn't it16:09
KatolaZnemo: it's lid.sh16:10
nemoKatolaZ: yeah they both have that16:10
nemoKatolaZ: I'm reading through lid.sh16:10
nemothe CheckPolicy || HasLogindAndSystedm1Manager was not the problem (sure hope it wouldn't be)16:11
nemoafter that there's a grep of /proc/acpi lid state that seems to return the right values..16:11
nemothen checks for a variable LID_SLEEP16:12
KatolaZnemo: just run it :)16:14
KatolaZand see what happens16:14
KatolaZyou might need to remove the CheckPolicy thing16:15
nemoKatolaZ: tried removing that no luck16:15
nemotried removing lid_sleep thing16:15
nemonow I'm just going to add some logging16:15
KatolaZnemo: just run it with set -e set -x16:16
r3bootWhat does CheckPolicy do btw?16:16
KatolaZr3boot: just read through it :)16:17
KatolaZit looks if there is any other "power manager" running16:17
r3bootI will16:18
nemointeresting acpi loads a helper function that does some wicd stuff. maybe wasn't getting triggered properly on suspend/unsuspend16:18
nemoshouldn't have to manually rejoin network16:18
r3bootAh, found a copy on one of my debian boxen. Why would you remove that?16:19
nemohuh. exits really early16:19
KatolaZnemo: just run it with set -e and set -x16:19
KatolaZyou'll see what happens16:19
nemoKatolaZ: I did16:19
nemoit wasn't clear enough due to all the sub stuff it calls16:19
KatolaZit's exiting due to CheckPolicy, quite possibly16:19
nemoI'm adding some echos to clarify where exactly it terminates16:20
nemoKatolaZ: I tested with that removed though ☹16:20
KatolaZit;s the last line16:20
nemoand the last line is not something in the file16:20
nemowhatever that is16:20
nemosome XFCE thing16:20
KatolaZnemo: that's in CheckPolicy....16:20
nemowelp. will remove checkpolicy again16:21
nemobright side, maybe this explains why suspend is broken on all my devuan laptops16:21
nemo(up to 3 now)16:21
nemook with that removed script worked16:21
r3bootor just disable dalston-power-applet so CheckPolicy does not return non-zero return code16:21
nemofrom commandline16:22
lnxmntadolhi, have anyone tried cinnamon de on Devuan (ascii)?16:22
r3bootRemoving standard functionality b/c a configuration error is never a good idea, imho16:22
nemor3boot: I have no idea what that thing even is16:22
r3bootI have, to an extent16:22
nemor3boot: it's not in process list16:22
nemoI see16:22
nemothey are checking for mate-power-manager too16:22
nemoif you're running mate-power-manager they abort16:22
nemohum hum hum16:22
KatolaZnemo: it's the right thing to do16:22
nemowelp. guess I do have to override it16:22
KatolaZsomebody else is taking care of acpi events in that case16:23
nemounless all of mate-power-manager is broken maybe16:23
nemolet me see if the other things work16:23
r3bootSo in principle, you can only have one 'app' that manages your power. Before the time of the GUI-based managers, you had acpid, which uses scripts to trigger events. Now this can bite with other power managers, so CheckPolicy() was added. Now if you remove CheckPolicy, and you (accidently) install another power manager, your system has a good chance of strange behaviour16:23
nemor3boot: I think I transitioned pretty quickly from appearance of acpi to just using gnome2 ☺16:24
nemoso not too surprising I don't remember any of this16:24
r3bootSo the 'correct' way would be to ensure that you just use a single power manager. If that's acpid, thats fine, but be sure to disable the rest.16:24
nemowell my ideal would be to have the pretty gui one work :/16:24
r3bootyeah, agreed, this is imho legacy functionality (but flexible and useful tho)16:24
r3boot(where this == acpid)16:25
KatolaZit is not just legacy16:25
nemor3boot: I guess my assumption was the pretty guis just called this16:25
nemoas is often case w/ pretty linux GUIs16:25
KatolaZit allows you to do without a power-manager which uses memory just for a nice GUI... :)16:25
nemohm... welp. I just set the screen off timeout in mate-power-manager to 1 minute and that isn't working either16:26
nemosetting power button to suspend worked though. hm16:26
KatolaZnemo: are you sure you have the correcr elogind stuff?16:26
nemonoooo idea.16:27
nemoKatolaZ: I just completed the default devuan install16:27
nemowith MATE selected16:27
nemoKatolaZ: I guess it's possible MATE doesn't play nice with elogind ?16:28
KatolaZnemo: please have a look at:
KatolaZMATE has been tested with consolekit, IIRC16:30
KatolaZand slim16:30
nemoahhh ok16:30
nemowelp lemme change that asap16:30
KatolaZbut I am not good at desktop things16:30
KatolaZmaybe Irrwahn could help16:30
r3bootTIL elogind16:30
KatolaZor somebody who actually runs a desktop16:30
nemoconsolekit is installed16:30
nemoelogind is installed16:31
KatolaZnemo: you also need the polkit-backend stuff16:31
nemoso now I have to figure out how to switch from one to the other16:31
KatolaZnemo: I told you, there was a thread about that on dev1galaxy.org16:31
KatolaZjust about MATE power manager16:31
nemokinda would be nice if installer picked "consolekit" if that's what MATE needs ☺  but oh well16:31
KatolaZI am sure it has the information you need16:31
nemoKatolaZ: cool16:31
nemooh. links to
nemohm. that first thread is not useful16:33
nemo2nd thread is not useful either16:34
nemo  ←  exactly same thing I get16:35
nemoexclamation mark16:35
nemolet's see if arch has documentation on this16:35
nemothey are often useful for guts of system16:35
nemohm... ck-list-sessions shows my session.16:38
nemothat means consolekit right?16:38
r3bootCK == ConsoleKit, yes16:38
nemoand /etc/X11/Xsession.d has a consolekit launcher too16:38
nemor3boot: I mean, that implies consolekit is running right?16:38
nemotrying to figure out which I'm using16:38
nemodon't see elogind anywhere under /etc/X11 soooo16:39
nemono ck anything in process list16:42
nemodoes anyone here know which one devuan installs by default?16:42
r3bootnope, dont have a devuan box nearby (but getting the feeling more and more that I need to atleast run a devuan vm somewhere :P)16:43
nemobut eh.  implies that if list returns something, consolekit is running16:43
nemoso. I probably am running consolekit. and yet mate-power-manager is clearly very very broken on devuan16:43
nemosame as all devuan machines, the power thing shows ⚠ instead of battery (the separate battery applet does work)16:44
nemoand absolutely no automatic functions work16:44
nemoalthough keybinds do16:44
KatolaZnemo: the one activated by default depends on the DE you selected16:45
* nemo goes back to hunting dev1galaxy16:45
nemoso far I've found threads complaining about broken power manager, but no fixes :/16:45
KatolaZnemo: Irrwahn can probably help you16:46
nemo  no love here16:46
nemo  this one is similar issue but just complaints + switch to acpi16:47
nemoI guess I could do the scripts, I usually never change power settings16:47
nemobut it's nice to have gui if possible16:47
nemoesp for things like screen birghtness16:48
r3bootPoeh, if memory serves me correctly, to get CK to work, you need to ck-launch-session <your chosen DM startup binary>, to bind the DM session to CK, but it's been a loooong time since I needed to do that and the details are muddy16:49
nemor3boot: I'm starting to think consolekit is running fine, it's just that mate-power-manager is broken, for some reason16:50
nemo  ← known bug with older versions of mate and upower16:50
r3bootCould very well be16:51
nemoand jessie16:51
nemo'course why would that break laptop lid - unless they use upower for that too somehow16:51
nemothe arch bug says mate-power-manager 1.8.0-4 fixes the issues, but that could be an arch specific patch16:52
r3bootthe lid-switch event is generated through the APCI framework, so it would make sense to have that in upower as well16:52
nemohm. there *is* a version in backports16:52
nemolet's see what that one does16:52
nemough how the heck did wicd lose my passphrase. sooo replacing this with mate network manager once I solve the power manager problem16:59
nemook. updating to ascii-backports mate-power-manager 1.20 did not fix anything17:05
nemohm. the arch guys made a bunch of fixes to mate-power-manager17:35
nemobut they are all upower 0.99 flagged since that's what arch uses :/17:35
nemo$ apt-get source opensc19:37
nemoE: Failed to fetch  404  Not Found [IP: 80]19:37
hyperion_I found something21:32
hyperion_on docker on Devuan21:32
hyperion_the init script I got one21:32
hyperion_still not working21:33
hyperion_sudo service docker start21:33
hyperion_Cannot connect to the Docker daemon at unix:///var/run/docker.sock. Is the docker daemon running?21:33
hyperion_Creating 'docker' container...21:33
hyperion_docker: Cannot connect to the Docker daemon at unix:///var/run/docker.sock. Is the docker daemon running?.21:33
hyperion_See 'docker run --help'.21:33

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