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systemdleteit appears that ipfire (fork of ipcop) will go systemd in version 3.0.   Rather than wait until I am forced to upgrade, I was wondering if any devuan distros have been created that are intended as router appliances?10:43
KatolaZsystemdlete: not specifically, that I am aware of10:53
KatolaZbut it id not difficult to get a tailored Devuan-based mini-distro for that10:53
KatolaZif your router has an arm cpu, you can just use arm-sdk10:54
systemdletethe "router" would simply be a vm10:56
systemdleteipfire is built as a specific-purpose appliance, namely a firewall.10:57
systemdleteendian firewall is another10:57
KatolaZsystemdlete: then just debootstrap a minimal image10:57
KatolaZand put only the minimal stuff for a router10:57
systemdletetrouble is, it seems that as quickly as I find them, they are moving on to systemd10:57
KatolaZgood morning systemdlete! :D10:58
systemdleteyes, I could do that, and I did that long ago before I encountered ipcop (later forked to ipfire)10:58
KatolaZI mean, what te heck does a firewall distro need in particular?10:58
systemdletejust install, configure, and go10:58
systemdletea nice ui?10:58
KatolaZin a firewall?10:58
systemdleteease of use10:58
KatolaZa nice ui?10:58
KatolaZin a firewall?10:59
systemdletewhat can I say?10:59
KatolaZso you put X11 and a ton of libs only to have a nice ui in a machine that has to work as a firewall?10:59
KatolaZ(I am asking because I am genuinely interested)10:59
systemdleteeither I am extremely lazy, or just like the idea of virtual appliances.  Ipfire always worked for me... until I tried to add a wireless access point.11:00
systemdleteeh... no, actually just apache (or any other web server)11:00
systemdletethere is also a command line interface, but that is just a one-shot, one-time setup pretty much11:00
KatolaZsystemdlete: I guess the web app they are using must be free software11:01
KatolaZhence, available11:01
systemdleteit's all free!11:01
systemdletenot sure what you are saying11:01
systemdleteipcop, ipfire, endian, etc... these are all open source, free software11:02
KatolaZI am saying that you could just install it in whatever image you like11:02
systemdletethe reason I prefer to use them11:02
systemdleteIOW, create my own custom firewall appliance.11:03
systemdletewhereas, I was hoping to continue using other people's work.11:03
KatolaZother people might be able to use *your* work, instead... :)11:04
systemdletethese are the perils of working with open source.11:04
systemdletePERISH THE THOUGHT!  LOL11:04
systemdleteit sounds like you are....11:05
systemdletesuggesting that I...11:05
systemdletesupport a distro?11:05
KatolaZanybody can11:06
KatolaZwhy couldn't you?11:06
KatolaZyou have a need11:06
KatolaZyou need to do some work to get around that11:06
* systemdlete knows why, but KatolaZ just doesn't get it... yet11:06
KatolaZand you could end up doing something useful for people in the same position as you are11:06
KatolaZoh I see11:07
KatolaZ"work" is fine only if it's done by somebody else :)11:07
systemdletelazy shit here11:07
KatolaZthen just use whatever you like11:07
systemdleteI have thought of doing that.11:07
systemdleteBut I think of all the times I needed tech help for some project's software.  I am guessing that the bigger the project and features and range of hardware etc supported, the effort to help all those people grows exponentialy11:08
systemdleteI mean, you are right that I should do something for humanity to improve computing resources11:09
systemdleteI suppose I could try forking (once more) one of the existing projects and take it forward.  But I might end up in one of those ugly religious wars over u-no-wat11:10
systemdlete"luddite!"  "old school"11:10
systemdlete"newer is better, even if it isn't"11:10
systemdleteI don't have a particularly thick skin, and I really hate fighting with people11:11
systemdleteI know why the systemd project is so undesirable, but for the "converted" there is little room to argue with them.  Everything on earth must be rebuilt to accommodate the newest empire, this time systemd11:12
KatolaZsystemdlete: Devuan does not exist just to make a point11:13
KatolaZDevuan exists because people need it, and work for it11:14
KatolaZirrespective of what the rest of the world thinks of them11:14
KatolaZlinux exists for the same reason11:15
systemdleteI actually agree with you.  But I do detest the endless cultural wars...11:24
systemdletelater.  Time for sleep.11:24
sicknesshi all11:53
sicknesscould this work on devuan 2.0.0 ASCII?
djphprobably not -- Debian 7 (Wheezy) is quite old.12:03
sicknessidk why in the url it is 7, on the page they write Debian 912:04
sicknessso I thought that maybe debian 9 packages could be installed on devuan 2.0.0 if they don't ask for systemd dependencies... =_)12:04
djphheh, yeah, if it's for debian 9 (Stretch), it should work fine (barring systemd deps)12:06
sicknessgood, tnx for the info :)12:06
gnarfaceit's still a bad idea to mix in packages from other distros12:07
gnarfaceyou might get away with it but it's a risk to the long term maintenance of your install12:07
gnarfaceyou could build it though, instead12:08
sicknessmmm, yeah... well since it is just an experiment I can even destroy the distro... but yeah on the long run it would be better to build... but this would defy the usefulness of prebuilt binary packages :\12:10
djphwell, "prebuilt binary packages" for redhat are pretty useless on Debian ;)12:12
sicknesseheh, those are prebuilt apt packages for debian =_)12:19
djphsickness: I was making the joke that sometimes the "usefulness of prebuilt binaries" ... well, isn't12:20
sicknessahahahah, yeah =_)12:21
furrymcgeecan you make debian-installer-20180414+devuan1/build ? it fails here
KatolaZfurrymcgee: why are you using that one?13:30
KatolaZthere is a newer version available13:31
KatolaZfurrymcgee: you should always use the latest available version of the installer for any given suite13:32
KatolaZotherwise it will not work13:32
KatolaZ(in this case, because the kernel modules are not any more in the repo)13:32
furrymcgeeit is not in beowulf?13:36
KatolaZthat's a very old installer13:38
KatolaZplease use the latest version13:38
furrymcgeethere is debian-installer-20181213+devuan1 in stable but i cant see in testing13:38
KatolaZfurrymcgee: see above13:38
KatolaZthe package in beowulf is 20180414+devuan113:39
KatolaZit's in unstable13:39
KatolaZand the version is 20181207+devuan113:40
KatolaZwe could actually move it to beowulf as well13:40
KatolaZhold on13:40
furrymcgeealright in ceres thanks KatolaZ13:40
KatolaZfurrymcgee: copying it to beowulf as well13:41
KatolaZit's there13:41
KatolaZshould hit pkgmaster in a couple of minutes13:41
KatolaZfor the latest testing installer please always check unstable13:42
KatolaZ(now they are the same, btw)13:42
MortirI just did an autoremove14:42
Mortirnow my system doesn't loads Xfce on boot.14:42
MortirI am on my phone.14:42
MortirCould anybody help me reverse this?14:43
Mortiri just did an autoremove14:45
Mortirmy system doesn't loads Xfce anymore14:45
furrymcgeedid it remove the xfce packages or sre they still there?14:45
Mortirxfdesktop4, xfwm4, xfconf, xfce4-terminal and xfce4-settings are still here.14:48
Mortirsome packages like power-manager have a [residual-config] mark14:49
gnarfaceMortir: check for consolekit or elogind, i think you need one or the other of those too14:49
gnarfaceand just fyi, it was probably slim you were seeing, not XFCE14:49
gnarfacemake sure that's not missing too14:49
gnarfaceyou were talking about the graphical login screen, right?14:50
gnarfacegotta check what will be removed before you let it14:50
Mortirboth consolekit and elogind are installed14:52
gnarfacei'm not sure you're supposed to have *both* actually14:52
Mortirslim has that same [residual-config]  tag14:53
gnarfacetry to reinstall it14:53
gnarfacei think that means it was removed but not purged14:53
gnarfaceincidentally, this isn't normal behavior.  you should know that it probably means something went wrong already *before* you ran the autoremove14:54
gnarface(this is the type of mess that can occur if you mix distros or repo versions)14:54
gnarfacethough, sometimes unstable will do this in the normal course of development14:54
gnarfaceyou're running ascii though, i assume, right Mortir?14:55
Mortiryup, ascii14:55
gnarfaceif slim won't install again, try passing --reinstall14:56
MortirI'm trying to install slim, but it is stuck at 0%14:56
gnarfacerun "apt-get update" first, then try it again14:56
gnarfaceyou might have outdated /etc/apt/sources.list14:56
gnarfacethat's been going around too14:56
Mortir--reinstall got the same result14:57
gnarfacethere's something about this in the release notes14:58
gnarfacewell, something about the consolekit/elogind dichotomy14:59
KatolaZMortir: apt-get -f install14:59
KatolaZapt-get install task-xfce4-desktop14:59
gnarfaceah, good plah14:59
Mortirupdate also doesn't work. It displays an "temporary failure resolving ''"15:01
Mortirwith all repos15:01
KatolaZMortir: are you sure the network is working?15:01
gnarfacewell that answers that15:01
gnarfacepoor Mortir, our time together was so short...15:01
gnarfacehe survived!15:02
Mortirthat phone connection is very unstable.15:03
gnarfacewe thought they were coming for you15:03
gnarfaceyour DNS is suspect15:03
KatolaZMortir: please check your network config (on the bok you are trying to fix)15:03
gnarfacemy current working theory as to the cause of the problem is a previous update went unfinished, unnoticed due to the flaky dns15:05
gnarfaceyou really gotta check the log, sometimes if it misses a package it can scroll off the screen and seem to have completed if you don't pay attention to the final exit status15:05
Mortirhow do I check that through a terminal?15:07
gnarfaceuh, i guess you were probably using the graphical tool for that, huh?15:08
gnarfacethere's a log...15:09
Mortirfor net connection yes, updates I did on the terminal15:09
gnarfacei assume it's the same one but i'm not sure, try /var/log/auth.log15:10
gnarfaceit might only list successful installs15:10
KatolaZMortir: route -n15:10
KatolaZand then try to resolve a FQDN15:10
gnarfaceno wait, /var/log/dpkg.log or /var/log/apt/*15:10
gnarfacesynaptic might have it's own one15:11
MortirWhat is that FQDN?15:13
Mortirthe auth log seems to list all commands I have run.15:14
gnarfacecheck the other ones15:14
gnarfaceand look for something in /var/log/ named like synaptic15:14
gnarfaceand check any FQDN15:15
gnarfaceany at all15:15
gnarfacetry google.com15:15
gnarfaceor deb.devuan.org15:15
Mortirthe dpkg one has all operations15:16
gnarfacei figured15:17
gnarfacesince apt uses dpkg15:17
gnarfaceoh, you mean it has the errors too?15:18
gnarfaceso, you can follow a log file as it happens with: tail -f [log file]15:18
gnarfaceyou typically don't want to do this as root15:19
gnarfaceyou typically want to do it as another user that has been given adm group access (and perhaps others) that is only used for reading log files15:20
Mortirat the history log I found all removed packages. there is one named "wicd-gtk", this is related to network connection right?15:20
amesserMortir: When using WLAN and Network Manager based GUI - thats most probably the case for you, the WLAN configuration ist stored per user by default. That means Networkmanager can not access the wlan config until you're logged into the system with your user account. Also the WPA key is stored in the wallet by default15:20
amesseryou probably have to setup your network connection again.15:21
amesserdo you have network manager installed?15:21
Mortiri didn't saw any errors on there.15:21
gnarfaceMortir: that's the uh... wifi setup tool, yea, you need that15:21
KatolaZMortir: is the box connected via wifi?15:22
amesseryou could try running "nmtui" from command line. kind of a user friendly text based ui to network manager15:22
gnarfaceyou need it if you were using it to configure your network (you can just do that manually by typing it into /etc/network/interfaces, too)15:22
amessersry, gtg now15:23
KatolaZMortir: is the box connected to Internet via wifi?15:24
Mortirit was connected through wifi.15:24
KatolaZwifi only>15:24
Mortirthe wicd has that same residual-config tag15:24
Mortiryes, wifi only15:25
KatolaZyou should see the network interface there15:26
KatolaZMortir: ^^^15:26
Mortirat that interfaces file, there is only: auto lo, iface lo inet loopback, allow-hotplug eth0, iface eth0 inet dhcp15:28
KatolaZMortir: but you don't have an ethernet card, right?15:28
KatolaZyou said you have only wifi15:28
Mortirthat iwconfig only shows info about wlan0, the other ones have a "no wireless extensions"15:29
KatolaZok Mortir15:29
KatolaZdo you have wpa_supplicant installed?15:30
MortirI have a card. I was using a cable when I installed the system, one week ago. Until them it has been only wifi.15:30
Mortiryup, wpa is installed15:31
KatolaZcan you use the eth card to connect to the Internet?15:31
MortirI can try. I have to look around for some RJ cables, wait a little bit.15:32
MortirI can't find any network cables.15:47
KatolaZMortir: do you have wpa_supplicant installed?15:48
KatolaZwe can configure your wifi from there15:50
KatolaZ(i.e., please run "wpa_cli"15:51
Mortiran interactive mode, I'm in15:51
KatolaZinterface wlan015:51
Mortirit said "selected interface wlan0x15:51
KatolaZ(if wlan0 is the name of your interface)15:51
Mortir(forget the 'x' at the end)15:52
MortirI typed that command15:52
KatolaZit should show some info about the interface15:52
MortirIt said it is connected15:52
KatolaZbefore scan15:53
KatolaZyou need to add your network15:53
KatolaZfirst do:15:53
Mortirit only shows some columns, e.g. network id, ssid. But no rows.15:55
KatolaZ(run "add_network")15:56
KatolaZthen run15:57
MortirThe add_network returns a 015:57
KatolaZthat's the network number you need to use15:57
KatolaZset_network 0 ssid YOURSSID15:58
KatolaZ(where YOURSSID is the SSID of your network)15:58
MortirI got a "Fail"16:02
MortirBy running "add_network 0 ssid SSID" it returned 1.16:03
KatolaZbut is "SSID" your "SSID"?16:03
Mortirno kkkkk16:03
Mortirit is Torres16:04
KatolaZno Mortir16:04
KatolaZset_network 0 ssid "Torres"16:04
Mortirthis results in a "FAIL"16:04
KatolaZtry with single '16:05
MortirWORKED \o/16:06
KatolaZwhich kind of authentication your AP uses?16:06
KatolaZI guess you have just a password, right?16:06
KatolaZ(I mean, no userid/password pairs)16:06
Mortiryes, WPA/WPA216:07
KatolaZset_network 0 psk 'YOURPSK'16:07
Mortirgot an "OK"16:08
KatolaZenable 016:09
KatolaZ(and it should connect)16:09
KatolaZenable_network 016:09
MortirI run the first and it displayed details about the connection with a "Connection completed"16:11
Mortirthe second displayed an "OK"16:11
KatolaZand then16:12
MortirGot a "FAIL" on the save command16:12
KatolaZsave_config /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_test.cfg16:13
Mortiralso got a "FAIL"16:14
KatolaZ(this should show your interface connected)16:15
Mortirindeed, it does.16:17
KatolaZdhclient wlan016:17
KatolaZ(and you should be online)16:17
Mortirwell, no errors were splitted out.16:18
MortirI guess it worked16:18
KatolaZapt-get update16:18
Mortirshould I try to install wicd and slim?16:21
KatolaZapt-get install taskxfce4-desktop16:22
KatolaZapt-get install task-xfce4-desktop16:22
Mortirit says "Unable to locate package task-xfce4-desktop"16:25
MortirI tried searching and also didn't find16:25
KatolaZhold on16:25
KatolaZapt-get install task-xfce-desktop16:26
KatolaZ(without "4")16:26
KatolaZyou had xfce installed, right?16:26
Mortirnow it found.16:26
Mortir934 mb, wow16:27
KatolaZyou had xfce4 before, right? <- Mortir16:27
Mortirit gives many "failed to fetch URL"16:30
KatolaZon which IP?16:30
Mortir185.26.197.8 8016:33
KatolaZremoving it16:35
KatolaZ(you have been really unlucky BTW :D)16:35
KatolaZthat's now out of the RR16:36
Mortirsame error but with IP 8016:38
KatolaZMortir: which arch?16:38
Mortirthe packages are listed as amd64, I also have a 64 bit intel i3 processor16:40
KatolaZMortir: the mirror looks OK16:40
MortirAfter installing. I wasn't being able to update 'cause it kept trying to reach for a "cd deb" repo. I commented it on the repos.list16:41
MortirAfter that everything worked ok16:41
Mortircould it have any relation?16:41
Mortirthat was last friday.16:41
Mortirthere was a repo pointing to the live cd image I used to install, it was preventing me from updating 'cause  it wasn't reachable since I removed it after the install finished.16:45
MortirI commented that repo on the repos.list file so it stopped checking  in it, following my apt began to work.16:46
Mortirthis was right after the install16:46
KatolaZbut you haven't added it again, have you?16:52
KatolaZso it is not related16:53
MortirI tried updating again and it says " ascii Release does no longer have a Release file.17:02
MortirIt also wasn't able to update a 3rd party repo for the megasync application17:03
Mortirdisplaying a "No route to host"17:03
KatolaZMortir: do you have any dns cache?17:08
KatolaZor apt-cacher?17:08
KatolaZMortir: can you please post your sources.list somewhere?17:09
Mortirwhat is a dns cache?17:13
MortirI will try to upload it.17:13
MortirI tried using curl, but got that "No route to host" msg again.17:35
Mortiri was able to pass the file to an USB17:45
KatolaZMortir: which file?17:48
Mortirthe sources.list17:58
MortirI passed to my phone then uploaded it.17:58
MortirKatolaZ: do you still there?18:13
KatolaZMortir: yes18:14
KatolaZthe sources.list looks OK18:14
MortirI tried doing a ping on the IP of the update repo, got 100% packet loss18:23
MortirIt sends but doesn't receive.18:24
leafwiz_Hey, just wondering about iptable. I would like to have an "open" server where the default is allow all, but I want to restict certain ports. The examples I have found is the oposite, deny all, open ports.18:28
leafwiz_So, I wonder if I have to deny all? For the iptables to work.18:28
KatolaZMortir: what is the "update repo"?18:29
Mortirany idea on what else to try?18:30
KatolaZMortir: did you reboot?18:32
KatolaZdid you reboot the box?18:38
KatolaZmaybe you lost the wifi config?18:38
MortirI didn't reboot.18:38
Mortircould it be 'cause of that save error?18:39
KatolaZMortir: do you still have a working internet connection there?18:44
KatolaZMortir: please consider that I am not in front of your terminal... :\18:45
Mortircorrect me if I am wrong, I tried doing a ping on google.com18:49
MortirIf I had connection, it would work, right?18:49
KatolaZit might18:49
Mortirgot an "temporary failure in name resolution"18:51
Mortirso, I guess I don't have a connection18:52
KatolaZI guess so18:53
MortirI reconnected19:10
Mortirit is downloading now19:10
MortirKatolaZ: are u there?22:09

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