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XenguyMinceR: If I were to try only one, it would be OpenBSD.03:22
MinceRit's on my list03:22
XenguyI am biased in favor of the 'security' orientation03:23
XenguyNowadays I think security is paramount, to the extent it is even possible03:24
XenguyMost of us are already boned with Intel ME03:24
XenguySo there's that03:24
DocScrutinizer05and happy solstice everybody!05:36
redrickHappy Festivus.  (God jul og godt nytt år.)05:39
XenguyIs Saturnalia here yet?05:53
golinuxSolstice is tomorrow!06:04
rwpWishing you a happy whatever doesn't offend you! :-)06:26
golinuxDepends on what the "whatever" is.06:29
_abc_Hello. Reading about being purged out of debian for name impoliteness reasons. Does pc cancer spread by upstream also automatically affect devuan? Does devuan have a policy on deviations from "we do free software which works", regardless of other (naming and not only) considerations? Do devuan users have to mainatain their own out of distribution package systems in case one of the "banned"08:16
_abc_packages is removed by upstream? Imo debian is fast becoming a political enterprise kowtowing to something yet to be defined.08:16
golinux_abc_: This08:20
golinuxDo devuan users have to maintain their own out of distribution package systems in case one of the "banned"08:21
golinuxOr maintain them for Devuan.08:21
_abc_I assume this is the official position and has been discussed before, right?08:22
golinuxNo.   But if somebody wants a package that has been removed from Devuan, it's up to users to maintian it if they want it available.08:28
golinuxI can't imagine anyone here would object.  Heck!  I'm female and think the whole uproar is ridiculous08:31
golinuxPoor snowflakes08:31
debdogwhere did all the humor go to?08:43
debdoghas there been an alien invasion? invisable aliens, feeding off human humor08:43
terraAnyone running sssd with Devuan?11:46
r3bootI run sssd with Debian, if that helps11:54
terraI'm trying to login via AD but never able to run SSSD properly.11:54
r3bootWhy not?11:55
terrar3boot: did you follow any howto? I followed
r3bootNot really, just read up on the docs, but I do have some 10+ years of experience with network-based authentication, so I've got a head start11:56
r3bootDid you check the logfiles for sssd?11:56
r3bootYou might want to run sssd with -d 9 to turn on debugging. That'll give you information about the calls sssd will make to AD, and will likely tell you why it cannot authenticate11:57
terraI'm able to join domain but ssd service doesn't launch. It says "Becoming a daemon" but actually not. No any process.11:57
r3bootWhat happens if you run sssd from your terminal (as root)?11:58
r3boot(out for lunch btw)11:59
terraservice doen't give any output. I get this on console with debug enabled (-d10)12:00
terraThis is debug log:
r3bootterra: hrm, that all looks good, except for this line (and I'm not a 100% sure this is an issue btw): (Fri Dec 21 14:02:24:143632 2018) [sssd] [sss_ini_get_config] (0x0400): Using only main configuration file due to errors in merging12:48
r3bootterra: however, in that output, it looks like the process is daemonizing. Do you have a running sssd process once this command completes?12:49
terrar3boot: thanks for checking the log. Unfortunately there is no sssd process running.12:56
terraWhen I launch sssd with "-i" (interactive) it segfaults.12:56
r3bootYou might want to run that trough strace then, to see why12:56
r3bootEg, strace -f -o /tmp/strace.log /usr/sbin/sssd -d 9 -i12:57
r3boot(something like that)12:57
r3bootthen, we should be able to see why the segfault happens, because that's what you want to fix12:57
terrar3boot: Unfortunately no useful info except "killed by SIGSERV"13:11
r3bootterra: Could you paste /tmp/strace.log? The -o parameter to strace will write all it's output to that file13:16
r3boot(and it'll be a *lot* of logging)13:16
r3bootFirst thing I notice, the parameter you pass to sssd -d must be in the range of 0..913:22
terraok, but output is same.13:28
r3bootHmm, no cause to be seen in strace.log; There a 2 processes being started; The parent (pid 4152), which forks it's child (4153). Next, process 4153 waits for a timer event, and is killed b/c a segmentation fault13:28
r3bootjust to check. This is devuan with all the latest updates installed right?13:29
r3bootIs there an additional security framework configured on top of this? (apparmor, selinux, etc)13:29
terraI have to notice that this is a nfs-root system13:29
r3bootOh boy :)13:29
terrathis is bare minimum devuan13:30
r3bootIs this the only issue you're experiencing on this setup?13:30
terraclient boots via pxe. then mounts required partitions as tmpfs13:31
r3bootThing is, I have worked with both nfs-roots and sssd, but never the combination via the two13:31
terra*required folders as /var/log /run etc.13:31
r3bootwhat about ulimit? Could it be that you, eg, have locked-in-memory or address space set to fixed (low) values?13:33
terrabut /var/lib/sss is a disk partition in rw13:33
terraI don't think so because it is 69mb for now13:33
terrabtw I launched desktop session + browser and memory rised up to 250mb ..result is same13:36
arminhi, i want to make my laptop suspend on lid close. i already tried this config with elogind, but to no avail:
arminany help much appreciated, ty14:15
terraarmin: did you install pm-utils?14:41
terramaybe it uses pm-suspend command.14:42
relo3Do you guys know a way to make keyboards accents work?14:46
relo3I make use of both English and Portuguese layouts.14:46
relo3After adding the second language through the xfce options, it doesn't places them over the letter, but beforehand.14:47
salsburyhi relo314:53
salsburyI also use PT keyboard14:53
salsburywhich layout are you using?14:54
salsburyPortugues (No dead keys)?14:54
salsburyI think I remember doing exactly that once, but it was either because of the compose key (which should not be set) or the dead keys layout14:57
salsburywhich is no good14:57
relo3I tried all of them, none worked. Right now, it's set to "Portuguese (Brazil)".14:59
salsburyyou want pt-pt or pt-br?15:00
relo3The versin: Esperanto (Portuguese, Nativo), is the closest to my layout.15:01
salsburydo you have any compose keys set?15:01
salsburyI believe the Portuguese (Brazil) is just fine15:02
salsburywhat's the keyboard module you've set?15:02
salsburygeneric 105-intl?15:02
salsbury"Generic 105-key (Intl) PC" to be precise15:03
salsburykeyboard MODEL not module15:04
salsburyhaven't had my coffee yet15:04
relo3I tried this one, then I changed to one which seemed more close to my device: Dell Laptop/notebook Inspiron 6xxx/8xxx15:05
salsburyI've got an asus laptop with the generic 105-key set15:06
salsburyI'd recommend you try the generic ones instead of using a model-specific one, specially if it's not your model series15:07
relo3Just switched to that one, the issue remains.15:09
relo3U have not had lunch yet (me neither)?15:09
salsburylunch, yeah it's about time... :)15:10
salsburyso, do you have another layout set? like english?15:10
relo3Yup, english and portuguese.15:10
salsburyis english above portuguese?15:11
salsburyit should be below15:11
salsburybut I've noticed that to make sure the correct layout is loaded it's best to delete the other (in this case, english) layout to force xfce to set the one we want. after that you can add the english layout again if you want15:12
relo3I did it some minutes ago, didn't work.15:13
salsburywhat, dele the english one?15:13
salsburyohh bugger...15:13
salsburyI'm running out of ideas here15:13
salsburylogout and login again15:14
relo3Also, english is my default keyboard. I only use the pt version occasionally.15:14
relo3I will try it.15:14
relo3Didn't work.15:21
relo3I tried rebooting too.15:21
salsburythat's weird15:22
salsburybut, wait15:22
salsburyso your keyboard has a US layout is that it?15:22
salsburyno ç or ´ ~15:23
relo3Not really. The keyboard is a portuguese one, but I spend most of the time using the english layout.15:23
salsburyoh ok15:24
relo3That's why when I installed, the first added language was english.15:24
salsburycan you write a ç ?15:24
relo3linguiça fritaaaaaa15:26
relo3Let's eat man.15:26
salsburyI dunno man, this is what I've got:
salsburyand frankly, I'm not very experienced with keyboard setups over the command line15:27
salsburyI'd eat some linguiça right now though :315:28
relo3I'll be back.15:32
salsburytry removing the "Change layout option" to nothing15:32
salsburyand put portuguese on top15:32
salsburyeven if you use the english one most of the time15:33
arminterra: i have that installed, yes.15:34
arminterra: my current solution is to run xfce4-power-manager with any desktop session i use15:35
arminterra: but i don't to have to run Xorg just to be able to have suspend on lid close, of course...15:35
relo3I'm back16:36
relo3Null "Change layout option" also didn't work.16:37
relo3Nor removing the US keyboard.16:38
relo3Could you run the following command please: setxkbmap -query17:36

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