freenode/#devuan/ Sunday, 2018-12-23

se7enI forget who I was talking to about the ML ban, but I just sent a message03:33
golinuxse7en: I have released your email from moderation.03:43
se7enthank you03:43
se7enIs the message in the ML now?03:43
golinuxShould be03:43
se7enI just discovered I am behind in my emails03:43
se7enFetchmail has a 100 fetch limit03:44
golinuxYes, I got it.03:44
se7enSo I am going to have to repeat this command a couple times03:44
se7enI am not in a tor enviornment so I'm very displeased03:44
se7enI found another report, golinux03:53
se7enThis is similar, not identical03:53
golinuxHahahaha . . . not.  Another wontfix03:57
golinuxFeel free to fork, fix and maintain it for Devuan.03:57
se7enI don't have the resources for that04:02
golinuxWell then, open another Debian bug report04:04
se7enI'll have to go to mainline?04:04
golinuxDon't quite understand the question.  If the bug is in Debian. that's where it needs to be addressed.04:05
se7enBut Devuan is a fork. Shouldn't it address these issues independently?04:06
golinuxMaybe someone here will join you in lobbying for a fix.04:06
se7enWhy rely on Debian to fix it?04:06
golinuxWe fork and repair systemd deps.  We don't have the (wo)man power to fix everything they are screwing up.04:07
golinuxIf upstream fails to fix something then someone here has to do it if they want/need that particular function.04:10
redrickse7en: Devuan Project (for whom I don't speak) concentrates limited volunteer time/talent in areas most needed for its signature differences from Debian.07:40
se7enI get that07:40
se7enIt's just very annoying to have these issues, especially since I left Debian07:41
se7enAnd now use a system that I thought was more or less a full fork07:41
golinuxYou would have them if you hadn't left Debian too, right?07:41
se7enThe problem is reported in Debian proper07:42
se7enBut since I'm using a fork, isn't it the responsibility of the fork maintainer to fix bugs as well?07:42
golinuxAt least you don't have systemd as PID107:42
redrickAgain, speaking only for myself, so don't blame Devuan for my sense of humour:  Only the monarch of the kingdom of idiots would fork more than 50,000 packages without extremely compelling reason.07:42
redrickI get that torsocks is important to you, though.07:43
golinuxWe fork a single digit percentage of those 50,000 packages07:44
golinuxTalk to the upsteam devs (if there is an upstream)07:44
golinuxand plead your case.07:45
redrickse7en:  You'll find that every distro pushes all possible bugs upstream, too, and this certainly includes Debian.07:45
redrickIt's the right thing for everyone, actually.07:45
se7enredrick: should I forward my email to Debian?07:45
redrickBenefits a lot more people, for one thing.07:45
se7enMaybe you could07:45
se7enMy mail setup hardly works right rn and I'm supprised my bug report even was sent07:46
redrickIf there's a bug in, adding your details would IMO be the right course of action.07:46
golinuxI'd deal with one issue at a time in a very detailed manner that they will have to take seriously.07:47
redrickAs to my forwarding your mail, I probably don't even have it, as I tend to delete most of my local copies of Dng mail as I go.07:48
se7enI sent it three hours ago07:48
redrickAnd you really don't want me as an intermediary, anyway.07:48
golinuxRants and complaints will get you nowhere with the Debian crowd.07:48
redrickActually, to correct that, I do have your 'Multiple problems with upgrade' post, but what golinux said is the important bit.07:50
redrickse7en:  BTW, nothing wrong with the 'lo' portion of the interfaces file you posted.  'lo' being down isn't being caused there, IMO.07:56
se7enSo why do I have to bring it up07:58
redrickI'm trying to assist you by telling you what you do _not_ need to check.08:02
redrickI am not, nor have I ever been, a Magic 8-Ball.  ;->08:03
se7enwell ok08:03
redrickOdds are, since we don't have about 200 other people complaining about loopback being broken after upgrade, it's something different about your host.08:04
redrickEither that or cosmic rays.</facetious>08:04
redrickOn the torify mutt problem, any chance you have AppArmor enabled?  (To my knowledge, that is not a normal Devuan thing.)08:05
se7enI never installed, nor configured apparmor08:07
se7enI seem to have it installed though08:07
redrickIn searching on your error, I found this, which unfortunately states the remedy in systemd terms:
se7enAlso, is Pulseaudio supposed to be installed in Devuan?08:10
se7enWhen I installed devuan, it seemed to have it08:10
se7enI seem to still have traces after removing it08:10
golinuxyes. pulseaudio is installed.   Even in jessie I had to keep one lib08:11
golinuxNow FF quantum has it as a dependency08:11
se7enI don't use that08:12
golinuxTry with apluse instead.  It's like a shim that fools FF into thinking pa is there.08:12
golinuxRight . . . tor08:12
se7enI installed apulse08:13
se7enIt doesn't work right08:13
golinuxDid you read how to configure it?08:14
se7enIt doesn't work out of box?08:14
se7enThen I'm dumb08:14
golinuxDon't ask me though.  I'm still on jessie so haven't crossed that bridge.08:15
golinuxThere are posts here and there that discuss it.08:15
golinuxQuite a few things in Linux don't work OOTB.08:16
redrickse7en:  Still on the torify mutt thing, I suspect you have to set the relevant AppArmor profile to 'unconfined' or something.  Stuff here about Debian implementation:
se7enWill look into that, redrick08:28
redrickGood fortune to you!08:32
redrickOr, as the YA book said, may the odds be ever in your favour.  ;->08:34
role3Anybody here with experience on keyboard layouts?14:31
role3I am having trouble making the accent keys on my portuguese keyboard work.14:31
aggrorarole3: maybe this would help you
aggrorait is notes that I wrote down when I wanted to make so that my switch-page keys would work as pgup and pgdn15:21
role3aggrora: I'll keep it. Thanks.16:14
enycwhat is the state of ascii+1 anyway?21:17
premobosshi dudes, there is a way to set a permanent image background (aka: wallpaper) on pure CLI interface? tghe best will be to place different wallpaper on different teminame (ALT-f1, ALT-f2, ecc)22:03
KatolaZpremoboss: you might want to give a look at fbterm maybe22:07
KatolaZbut it's not exactly what you are looking for22:07
KatolaZyou can run fbterm from each console22:07
KatolaZIIRC fbterm allows you to have different bg colors22:07
KatolaZit looks like it has also bg images22:08
premobossok i wiull have a look, thanks,.22:09
premobossfrom terminal 1 (alt-f1) is it possible to launch a program (let say, mc) onto terminal 2 (alt-f2)?23:34
XenguyI've never heard of such a thing...23:42
XenguyHow about tmux or screen?23:43
KatolaZno premoboss23:44
KatolaZterminals are controlled by getty23:44
KatolaZwhich spawns a "login" process for each instance23:44
KatolaZso you first need to login on a console before using it23:44
KatolaZuse screen or tmux23:45
premobossalso "linux magic" has some limit :-)23:45
KatolaZthere is no magic around23:45
KatolaZthere are incantations23:46
KatolaZbut no magic :)23:46
premobossmaybe i can set some tricks to make all consoles to do autologin?23:46
premobossfinal gol is to make background image on all consoles (alt-f1, alt-f2, ecc)23:46
premobossso i i do autologon on all of them mayby then i can activate fbterm (already done) with background.23:47
* Xenguy notes that incantations are spells of a sort...23:51

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